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Found 28 results

  1. Hi! Im new in WoWs and I want to know how do I do that with my warships. If someone would answer me, I'd appreciate it. Greetings.
  2. RedRye95

    Lock on / Aiming Glitch

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the lock on bug that has affected the game for some time now where despite being locked on to the target you do not receive the corresponding accuracy buff. As a result your dispersion is as if you were firing without the target lock. On very accurate ships it is quite obvious when it happens as your dispersion should be wildly greater than the normal RNG. The only real way of combatting it seems to be manually unlocking and locking the target using your key bind. However, it used to be quite infrequent, but as of the latest patch it seems to be almost every other shot for me. I think it's one of those long standing issues that while irritating, didn't happen frequently enough to be a priority e.g. like how the camera can do a 180 sometimes when use use the free look button. I feel like this should be a bug report but I can't think of any way to gather evidence that it is happening more/less frequently than before. Has anyone else noticed a difference since the current patch went live or am I imagining it?
  3. Guten Morgen zusammen. Letztens ist mir in einem Gefecht ein North Carolina-Spieler aufgefallen, der sich nicht so einfach treffen lies wie ich es erwartet hatte. Bei den ersten Salven auf ihn bei ca. 12km fiel mir zunächst nichts auf. Einige Minuten später war er dann auf mittlere einstellige Kilometerzahlen heran gekommen. Ich stand hinter einer Insel mit meiner Edin und konnte so unentdeckt auf ihn schießen. Die Kugeln gingen jedoch durch die Textur der N.C. durch! Auf die selbe hatte ich kurze Zeit später bei einer Wladi keine Probleme! Die N.C. hatte den Halloween-Skin, vllt war es auch ein Bug des Skins oder so. Ich habe auch bewusst nicht "Cheat" oder "Hack" in den Mund genommen, da es ja auch einfach ein Fehler in der Einschlagsberechnung sein kann. Aber seht selbst, hier ist ja Replay! 20191103_081443_PBSC108-Edinburgh_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay Und bitte nicht über meine Spielweise diskutieren, ich weis selber das ich in den Gefecht schei*e gewesen bin. Viele Grüße, Paul
  4. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Lock On bug - 2.0

    Dear Forumites! I wanna talk about the Lock On bug 2.0. Lock On bug 1.0 was the bug where you had a visual Lock On, but the game didn't recognize this. For me it kinda felt like WG managed to fix this one after a couple of patches, however so now and than it still kinda feels like the Lock On symbol appears before the true Lock On, but well we can't have it to be perfect, can we. So, Lock On Bug 2.0, the new chapter. This one is really bugging me. What is it? Lock On bug 2.0 is when you aim at a ship, but your shells decide to go for the fishes. Most frequently noticed when your target decides to slow down, you aim for the citadel, but your shells decide to land a couple of meters in front of the entire ship. This is really annoying, because I am playing this game to hit ships not fish and because I want to hit certain parts of a ship. This bug made me so crazy that at this point I just aim for the ship and just pray for RNG to throw in a citadel hit (should I play German BBs again?). This bug is already in the game for a few patches now, for me it kinda felt like WG introduced this bug to the game when they introduced the UI scale to the game. For me it even feels like this bug got worse. I already mentioned the bug in a few patch notes, but I didn't get any dev reply to it. Some may say: "Hey, you need to sent in a ticket" I did my best with Lock On Bug 1.0, which was called "dispersion", despite hitting the entire enemy team with my Iowa at 16km. So that is why I am opening this topic. Looking for replies from other forumites that notice that the game is ruining their salvo's at ships. Hopefully it will gather enough proof to make it clear to WG that there is something wrong, again, with the Lock On. Greetz Lemon TLDR: Can't aim must be the game. Example from Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/flambass/clip/EsteemedHealthyMarjoramRaccAttack
  5. Hello, I just got my tax returns and started spending them on unnecessary stuff like the premium CV Graf Zeppelin, my first ever CV. (Yea, I know I'm a "tier VIII premium n00b pls uninstall game!!11!!") One thing that really bothers me is the reticle of the torpedo bombers. It is so grey and transparent that it is (at least for me) often very hard to see. Especially when I execute a hard 180º turn to re-engage a target and also if it's worst case scenario, I'm flying towards the sun. The light makes the sea grey-ish, basically exactly the same color as the reticle. There are tons of UI mods for WoWS, I use some of them myself but I haven't been able to find a mod that changes the reticle of the aircraft to more visible and easier to see. So now I'm asking you fellow captains, can you link me to one or tell me the name of such mod if there is any? I would be grateful!
  6. Hi all, Do you have difficulty aiming with torpedoes when your ship is on fire (i.e. huge smoke plumes obscure the aiming when enemy target is near-by)? Leo "Apollo11"
  7. I've seen many, many videos online of people shooting their guns before the aiming reticles are fully centered, while still firing accurately. A good example would be this video: So I'm wondering, what's going on here? Is this a bug or a feature? And if this is a feature, how can I do it myself?
  8. I have one easy solution to remember if you want to learn to aim better. It's quite easy if you can imagine 3D plane and straight lines on it ;) Idea is to imagine 2 points on each ship you are aiming. First point is at the back of the ship, where it touches water. Second point is in the front of the ship. Now imagine straight line that goes through those 2 points and aim along that line. Just learn how much it needs for your shells to travel and you will master aiming in no time. Here is the image to show what I meant. After you learn this you will get called an aimbot user quite frequently. ;) Let em soak in tears.
  9. Six_Cycle_Mind

    Why is it so hard to aim?

    I played in the USS Chester three games today and many times when I aimed dead center at the enemy ships at close range my shells would just dive into the water. When I try to aim higher, most of my shells go over the target and I still miss a lot. I played three battles and I lost two of them because I wasn't aiming at the right place. At first I'd like to blame the guns, but that's frustration talking and I know the problem is with me. At longer ranges, about 8,000 meters or more, I don't have this problem and hit my target just fine, but most of my fights are much closer than that. Especially since there are a lot of destroyers at tier 2 and 3 and it's important that I can hit my target before they torpedo me or my team mates! So I'm asking for tips on how to aim correctly. I watched the WOWS video and try to do it that way, but Is there some trick that I'm missing? I try to shoot broadside targets whenever I can and that's when this problem is most noticeable and most frustrating. Are the shells supposed to dip? Does it make a difference if I fire my guns all at once or just one at a time? Is it because I shoot HE mostly? I usually forget to switch to AP in the middle of a battle, so maybe that's the reason? Or is it just the USS Chester or all US ships? If they're all like this, are they worth playing? Sorry if this is too basic a question and thanks for any suggestions or ideas you might have.
  10. anonym_xoVCh3ghW9FC

    WoW official video on aiming and firing

    Hi there, I looked at all the lessons that are related to WoW, how to sail, ships types, guns etc. At a point it said in the next lesson I will learn how to aim. No lesson found. I searched web and I found a video of a guy. Quite impressive but the only issue is that still not clear how to properly aim when a ship is sailing away from you or is coming in an angle constantly changing direction. I also found an ineresting crosshair. It is numbered 12. I found that in most ocassions the ships that are sailing in an angle are positioned as the lines designed in that crosshair. Still I found difficult to relate the direction and the lead when alligning some lines with a ship's direction. Not to mention that in the YouTube video explaining basics of aiming the guy was playing with a Tirpitz and somehow the shells tended to stay grouped. When I am firing with my Gneisenau BB it is like I am firing using a sprinkler. It is true that on Upgrades section I choosed MAIN BATTERY MODIFICATION in order to reload main guns faster and to rotate them at a higher rate. But I doubt that the firing will improve if I would install Aiming Systems Modification 1. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway, is there an official video on how to properly aim on different situations? Not all the players are actually sailing broadside. Thank you. Sebastian
  11. Sonic_157

    Aiming problem after patch

    Hey guys! Has anyone noticed problems with aiming after the patch? I seem to miss a lot of salvos that would normally have been certain hits. Has anything changed regarding ship speeds or shell arcs??
  12. Legend1466

    How to not suck at aiming

    Recently i realized there is white line with numbers on aiming sight. So what does it mean and what does actually do? So i searched for answers and then i found: They are actually helpful. The numbers means distance between ships and aiming reticle. The another vertical line means height. So it makes sense. Let's say a scenario: You're a cruiser and a another cruiser appears. You and he goes the same speed. You are 14 kilometers close. You quickly grab the aiming and with the help of white line and numbers, you shot and hit him with 6 shells. The enemy hits you with 2 shells without the help of knowledge. You won. But how? Tell me what does these lines actually means and why is it helpful? Also, please reply
  13. Redcap375

    RNG, Is the WOWS Lotto getting worse?

    Chaps, Please read the following that was taken from a recent thread: With evidence.
  14. I am new to the game (less than 2 weeks of play) and run into couple of problems. 1. UI. Is there a way to permanently show rudder position/engine output/currrent speed diagram?. Is it possible to make it differnt colour to make it more visible? So far literally every match I run aground or do unintended manuvers like doing circles or moving at half speed when I need to go at max. 2. Controls. Is it possible to rebind Alt (manual drop for CV planes) and Shift (waypoints) to other keys. Without rebind I really dont see myself being able to play a CV in battles other than vs bots. How do you sreenshoot? Is it possible to lock some turrets (main battery) while having other free? (eg. lock on bearing for turrets that are on back of the ship while front batteries can still be aimed normally) 3. Binoculars and aiming. I have read and watched some guides about aiming and other topics. Is it true that scale on binocular sight is tied with projectile travel time against target moving at 20kts? (if I have 10s travel time vs not angled target at 30kts I should aim at 15th mark on scale?). How is static scale used then? Dynamic scales itself with zoom, so static only works properly at max zoom? Is it possible to make fligt time indicator and range finder to stand out more? They are really small and kind of blurred. Making them bigger and differnt colour (like HUD green for example) would make my life easier.
  15. Hello, After reading through numerous topics complaining about not being able to hit anything (mostly by BBs firing at max range), I though why not add the dispersion to the crosshairs. Add an oval/circle to the aiming UI which shows a graphical representation of the dispersion based on the dispersion of the ship and the corresponding range, such that when a BB is aiming at max range it can see the area in which the shells will land. This oval/circle changes in size depending on the dispersion of the ship at the range it is aiming at. Why? In comparison to WoT, aiming at max range in a ship is comparable to a tanks max dispersion and when a ship aims at a closer range it is more comparable to a tank that has aimed its gun. For example: A fully upgraded Fuso mounted with Gun fire control system modification 1, which decreases dispersion, has a max range of 21.8km and a dispersion of 224m. Thus when said Fuso is aiming at a target at its max range an oval/circle along with the current aiming UI which shows the area in which any shell fired by the Fusos main guns will land. When the Fuso is aiming at a target at 10km range the oval/circle shows the dispersion of the guns at that range. Implementation Options: Pros: Cons: Issues: What it does not do: TLDR: I'm looking for any feedback you have and if possible please expand on them. Edit: Say this was implemented as another option for a crosshair, would you consider it an unfair advantage or not? crazy5982
  16. Myrmix

    Citadels gone?

    Since the last patch I have huge troubles hitting citadels in my BBs. I never used any crosshairmod and got used to the base-crosshair. Before the patch I was aiming pretty well (also got my share of RNG-madness, but this happens). But now I struggle to hit citadels on broadside-ships even at <10km range. What I missed earlier thanks to rng, now seems turned around...I only get barely lucky to hit a citadel. I'm really confused and try my best...I use sequential fire, single shots and watch the grenades to hit the right positions and correct aim if necessary (waterline/slightly above, below the funnels)...but i get only overpen-dmg (~1024) This goes on for weeks now (this can't be just rng) and i'm kinda desperate.. I did only 6k dmg once on Amagai(!!!) during a whole 20min battle, a ship i really enjoyed before, just because overpens, nevermind good placed shots who just don't do damage. I have these troubles on all my battleships, and sometimes cruisers (i preferably use ap on broadside..worked great until recently)...anyone can tell me what i'm doing wrong? Edit: I added a poll to get a feeling, if it's only my personal impression, or if I'm not the only one who has trouble hitting stuff for good damage recently.
  17. I'm honestly not sure if this is my imagination or not but since I updated to 0.5.3 I've noticed a lot (and I'm talking across BBs, cruisers of multiple nations) of my ships now no longer seem to aim correctly. In previous patches / updates I would literally aim and hit the target (leading them and taking the angles into account) no problems, sometimes getting citadels sometimes not. But now, I use the same approach, same aiming and angles, same leading of ships based on speed.. and the shells tend to land short, completely missing. Every time, from multiple nation ships. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? It's worse when firing from a distance of course; the close up combat is pretty much the same but the aiming on long distance shots or at least the mechanic itself seems to have changed. What gives?
  18. would it be possible to get a 3rd turn setting added between half and full rudder that tracked with turret traverse? just sees like this would be a functional/quality of life change to keep a little more turn rate while keeping the guns on target without having to micromanage the turn rate on boats with slow turrets.
  19. dunrankin

    Guns Fore and Aft

    Please, Please, Please give a key to lock the turrets fore and aft. Gun training can be awfully slow if you choose the wrong side to aim your guns and need to train them to the other side of the ship. We need a key to lock the guns fore and aft and then to unlock them to aim the guns.
  20. Hello everyone, I've been playing my way up through all the US battleships and high tier cruisers, currently hovering at a freshly bought Iowa, upgraded from a fleshed out North Carolina. What I've stumbled across many times is the high error margin of long distance shots and aiming above the 18km-range, which is, of course only a problem for the extreme long gun ranges of Tier VII and upwards. Especially the fast japanese ships, but Tirpitz, Iowa etc as well, have it quite easy to evade incoming long range fire, thus forcing you into close combat - which is not the purpose of BBs (why would they carry such long range arty, then, hm?). Therefore, I have come up with some solutions to general aiming problems with BBs that might contribute positively to the gameplay. They are ridiculously expensive to maintain, and thus it is essential to keep the gameplay smooth and as far away from frustration as possible ;) My first and most important suggestion would be to introduce a "Sensory"-Upgrade-Slot. This might be made available under the other upgrades, like turret or damage party upgrades, or added as an additional upgrade slot. I. Ships behind obstacles Now this is a problem not only BBs are facing; it's quite hard to judge the waterline of the target from it's marker alone; if a spotting plane is not available, you're pretty much wild guessing, although you might, from the height of the obstacle, have a fair chance of hitting it. I'd therefore suggest three rough markers, an approximation, upon which to gauge the ship's proportions. Those markers still do not give you an exact representation of the ship silhouette and are thusl not overly compromising the balance of gameplay. Make the upgrade in a semi-expensive price category, like 500 000 credits, call it "Echo Search", and it is also going to take some effort to purchase it, as well as having to leave out another upgrade. Balance kept intact. II. Turning ships Aiming at turning ships might be another issue. Personally, I mostly get lucky, but I figure it might be tweaked a little bit. I'd suggest a "wavering silhouette" approach: you still don't get the exact impact point (now that would be too easy), but you are being guided a little bit closer to hitting "in the zone". Once your upgrade/consumable, in this case being called "Artillery Guidance System", say, at 1 000 000 credits, is activated, you get a wavering silhouette of the targeted enemy vessel. The closer you are on hitting it, the greener it gets. Balance is kept intact due to basically having no impact on the absolute accuracy of the guns. I'd make this consumable self-refreshing, like mana-based buffs in fantasy games: you activate it, a counter ticks down, you deactivate it, the counter fills up again. You can immediately re-activate it, and the counter will start to tick down from the consumable fill state it was. An elastic, smooth feature, that can be used to a player's content - if you have it turned on for a long time, you might see yourself having to wait till it's filled up again for precious seconds, but you could also only switch it on for a split second to reassure your shot. Suits many playstyles. III. Shot projection My last suggestion is thought for the reaaaaally long range shots. I have always been greedy of those beautiful, easy to gauge colour boxes for torpedo spreads, and why couldn't other ship classes have something similar? After all, aiming at long distances of 20km+ with shot traveling times of 15s+, is definitely one of the hardest bits of the game, and therefore feels a bit too hard if you think of all the credits and experience you have to spend to get your hands on those gun ranges: basically, it feels like you spend a shitton of effort for something you cannot effectively put to use, since the enemy can easily evade your fire. I'd suggest you call it "Radar Artillery Guidance", make it really expensive in the area of 5 000 000 credits to get hold of it. The basic principle would be similar to the torpedo guides: you are being projected a corridor in which your shots will impact, and you still have to gauge the exact impact points by yourself, it is just a small support to avoid the enemy ship hopping off your well aimed battery fire. Thus the player is being helped at aiming without totally screwing the balance. An attached solution would be an elastic haircross, like the artillery spotter features of strategy games: your aimpoint projects an impact point onto the water and turns the greener, the higher the probability of hitting the enemy. It's still not exact, but taking out a little bit of frustration. All my suggested solutions are canonical, meaning, it totally makes sense to give the high tier, hyper-tech battleships and cruisers the option put their high standard of technology (>> real life) to use. After all, the real world ships got state ofthe art plotting solutions, radar based counter fire, fire projection screens and various other tinky toys... and therefore offer enough space to adapt these features into gameplay features. Well, what are your thoughts? I love playing with the fatass BBs, but I think you get too little compensation gameplay-wise for the credits and XP you have to spend to reach the decent ships like NC or Iowa. Which is why I'd strongly suggest giving the players who spend so much time getting that far a little bit of balm for the nerves ;) Cheers ;)
  21. I created small application for Android which helps in aiming and aim learning. [edited] I am waiting for your opinion.
  22. kotysoft

    Batteries stuck, unable to aim

    Hi there, I came to report a critical bug happens me randomly (reason not investigated yet). During battle, sometimes my cannons stuck to specific direction. During this error: Can't move batteries Can't enter into binocular (zoom) view [mouse scroll and SHIFT] Details (% percentage of I made certain) Happens me with different ships, so it is not ship specific (100%) Lock/Unlock to sector/relative makes no result (100%) Changing weapon, opening big map, opening settings menu not removes this bug (90%) Bug disappears, when "a specific" ship dies in fire range (75%) Happens in server peak time, when server has minor/major lags (70%) Aiming looks like relative-locked, but the sign sometimes moving a little bit (70%) I'll try to collect and attach replay files. I hope the attached log file is relevant. The "first" one is uploaded now. 20150802_163734_PJSC005-Furutaka-1926_20_NE_two_brothers.zip
  23. Wischmob_von_Eimer

    [Guide] How to actually hit stuff!

    Greetings, Over last couple of days we had some debates going around on regarding Aimin Modifications and so on, and while most of the old guys surely know how to aim one has to wonder, if the same goes for every newbie out there. And yes, aiming is no rocket science, but still hard, especialy when trying to hit ships that go in an angle to yourself. I sadly did not find a single guide explaining how to actually hit stuff, most, if not all of them, only tell you where to aim for but most of this information can be summarized as: "Hit for the middle of the ship!" But how much do you actually need to aim in front of a ship? The answer is: Cupcackes! Ok, fun aside, lets talk about the basic stuff you need to know: 1. Speed of the enemy ship. This is the most important value you need to know, allthough you can narrow it down. Most Destroyers for example will do something between 35 and 40 knots, most Cruisers go from 30 to 35 and Low Tier US BB rarely break 25 knots, while IJN BB can go up to 30 knots. 2. Flight time of your shells. This is a value actually shown ingame. - Open your Setting => go to "Controls" => Activate "Alternative battle interface mode" In this mode, when in sniper view, you will see the flight time of your shells slightly left below your crosshair. It also shows you additional information about enemy ships like their HP value etc. but we only need the time. Now for some physics: Distance traveled = Speed x Time 1 knot = 0,514 m/s Put this in an excel sheet and you can get a graph with responding lines for different speeds of your target like this: The file itself is attached to this post. The lines are the speed of your target, How to use this: Target: Kongo Speed: ~30kn Flight time of shells: 10s Now we take a look at the table, follow the 10s Marking up to the dark red line for 30kn and can see, that we have to aim 150m in front of our targeted area in the direction it is traveling. Now that we know the preaim, what to do with the information? Here it gets kind of "icky", your best bet would be to memorize the length of ships but we can make it easy. For short ranges it does not matter if you hit 20 to the left or right to the middle of the ship and on longer ranges the gun dispersion is a way bigger factor. So luckily you can take 200m as a base asumption for 75% of all ships, give or take a little. Cleveland: 185,95m Pensacola: 175,51m New York: 174,7m Colorado: 190,27m Kongo: 222,0m Fuso: 202,7m Mogami: 201,6m So... yay ^^ , most ships are roughly 175-200m => You only need to remember the realy small ones like Destroyers and the big guys like the Yamato (well, when you have to fight the Yamato you wont need this guide anyway) and most destroyers are between 100m and 150m, again, small errors in your calculation can be ignored because of the big RNG-factor. Ok, back to our example from early on, the Kongo. Thanks to our graph we concluded that we had to preaim ~150m in front of it and given our knowledge that most ships are roughly 200m long we conclude that we have to aim roughly 0.75 shiplengths in front of said Kongo to hit it dead on. Where to aim in aerial view or when the ship is going in an angle? Its the same! Just increase the seen length of the ship by the "calculated" shiplengths and you have a reasonable high chance of hitting it. Because Physics does not give a crap on where you are looking from. Now all you need to do is: - print out the graph => place it somewhere whereyou can see it - remember that: => Destroyers have alength of 100-150m => everything else is somewhere around 200m => US ships are usualy a bit on the small side, so aim a little short. - ??? - Profit And dont even think about using Aim Mods or any crap like this ever again. I would appreciate if some of the old players could comment and give tips regarding improvements, maybe tips on how to memorize speeds or lengthsetc. or explain how they preaim. Happy Killing. Aiming.xls
  24. pun_za_kette

    AP vs HE

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share my experience in the matter of ammo used. At least on american Cruisers, this is what I found: On average (over the course of like 40-50 Battles) I did twice the damage with AP than I did with HE (including fires!) while only hitting half as many, resulting in an average damage of four-times the HE damage when hitting with AP per hit. So all this whining about HE being OP and the fires being too stronk... Nah! AP works fine! You just need to hit the citadels. Yesterday I had a really good start in my Omaha, hitting 31 shots and having 11 citadel penetrations amongst those... So learning to aim really pays off! But you have to start shooting AP in order to learn where the citadels are greetz, pun
  25. valkarianism

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    For reference regarding the latest Wargaming reply related to this, please read Ev1n's message on page 33 of this thread - Ectar Here's one mod that managed to ruin my game. Allow me to make my point. I sailed out in a Fuso, and the game was just starting. Thinking I'd go north and handle the flag that side, I raised my speed to full throttle and sailed on ahead. Enemies show up, two of which are opposing Fuso class ships, and we start engaging. I fire a ranging shot at him, and he fires a full salvo at me. He hits citadel, and this was over 15km away. "WOW! Great shot!" I thought to myself. "I'd better raise my game! Can't take too many more of those!" So I set rudder to half right, started an evasive pattern and began to return fire. I landed a few shots, and his next salvo came along. Another citadel hit, at approximately 13km! "Oh man! luck's just not on my side today! better get out of here and use some healing!" I then set full right rudder, and booked out of there, giving him as little to shoot at as possible. then, i exposed my other broadside, and returned fire. Immediately after, BANG! he lands another citadel shot. I did not last much longer after that, and sank on my way out. "Good shots there!" I said in response to his comment of "EZ Kill". I genuinely wanted to swallow my soreness and congratulate someone who had just landed multiple citadel shots. It had to be great skill. Then he said he was using an aimbot, and recommended me to this site. After which, all my illusions were shattered. Normally, a game in which leading markers were shown is all well and fine if the opponent was agile enough to continuously make it hard for you to hit. Well that's not how half of the ships in World of Warships works. Even when I was engaging on an evasive course, he could clearly see how I was evading, and plan ahead. This is not a feature of the game I have been playing and enjoying for the past weeks. Please issue a statement if the linked mod is illegal and if players will face dire consequences for using a mod that affects gameplay to this extent. Note: I support and love mods. But not those that will gave an unfair edge to those who have installed it. As proof of incident, player is seen in screenshot recommending site. Mod links and pictures have been removed by the gentle request of a fellow tester. To prevent unnecessary advocating of the mod. Jingles Covers the MOD quite aptly in this video at 25:55. WG Video Covering the use of firepower of your own ship.