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Found 4 results

  1. RedRye95

    Lock on / Aiming Glitch

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the lock on bug that has affected the game for some time now where despite being locked on to the target you do not receive the corresponding accuracy buff. As a result your dispersion is as if you were firing without the target lock. On very accurate ships it is quite obvious when it happens as your dispersion should be wildly greater than the normal RNG. The only real way of combatting it seems to be manually unlocking and locking the target using your key bind. However, it used to be quite infrequent, but as of the latest patch it seems to be almost every other shot for me. I think it's one of those long standing issues that while irritating, didn't happen frequently enough to be a priority e.g. like how the camera can do a 180 sometimes when use use the free look button. I feel like this should be a bug report but I can't think of any way to gather evidence that it is happening more/less frequently than before. Has anyone else noticed a difference since the current patch went live or am I imagining it?
  2. Guten Morgen zusammen. Letztens ist mir in einem Gefecht ein North Carolina-Spieler aufgefallen, der sich nicht so einfach treffen lies wie ich es erwartet hatte. Bei den ersten Salven auf ihn bei ca. 12km fiel mir zunächst nichts auf. Einige Minuten später war er dann auf mittlere einstellige Kilometerzahlen heran gekommen. Ich stand hinter einer Insel mit meiner Edin und konnte so unentdeckt auf ihn schießen. Die Kugeln gingen jedoch durch die Textur der N.C. durch! Auf die selbe hatte ich kurze Zeit später bei einer Wladi keine Probleme! Die N.C. hatte den Halloween-Skin, vllt war es auch ein Bug des Skins oder so. Ich habe auch bewusst nicht "Cheat" oder "Hack" in den Mund genommen, da es ja auch einfach ein Fehler in der Einschlagsberechnung sein kann. Aber seht selbst, hier ist ja Replay! 20191103_081443_PBSC108-Edinburgh_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay Und bitte nicht über meine Spielweise diskutieren, ich weis selber das ich in den Gefecht schei*e gewesen bin. Viele Grüße, Paul
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    Lock On bug - 2.0

    Dear Forumites! I wanna talk about the Lock On bug 2.0. Lock On bug 1.0 was the bug where you had a visual Lock On, but the game didn't recognize this. For me it kinda felt like WG managed to fix this one after a couple of patches, however so now and than it still kinda feels like the Lock On symbol appears before the true Lock On, but well we can't have it to be perfect, can we. So, Lock On Bug 2.0, the new chapter. This one is really bugging me. What is it? Lock On bug 2.0 is when you aim at a ship, but your shells decide to go for the fishes. Most frequently noticed when your target decides to slow down, you aim for the citadel, but your shells decide to land a couple of meters in front of the entire ship. This is really annoying, because I am playing this game to hit ships not fish and because I want to hit certain parts of a ship. This bug made me so crazy that at this point I just aim for the ship and just pray for RNG to throw in a citadel hit (should I play German BBs again?). This bug is already in the game for a few patches now, for me it kinda felt like WG introduced this bug to the game when they introduced the UI scale to the game. For me it even feels like this bug got worse. I already mentioned the bug in a few patch notes, but I didn't get any dev reply to it. Some may say: "Hey, you need to sent in a ticket" I did my best with Lock On Bug 1.0, which was called "dispersion", despite hitting the entire enemy team with my Iowa at 16km. So that is why I am opening this topic. Looking for replies from other forumites that notice that the game is ruining their salvo's at ships. Hopefully it will gather enough proof to make it clear to WG that there is something wrong, again, with the Lock On. Greetz Lemon TLDR: Can't aim must be the game. Example from Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/flambass/clip/EsteemedHealthyMarjoramRaccAttack
  4. Hello, I just got my tax returns and started spending them on unnecessary stuff like the premium CV Graf Zeppelin, my first ever CV. (Yea, I know I'm a "tier VIII premium n00b pls uninstall game!!11!!") One thing that really bothers me is the reticle of the torpedo bombers. It is so grey and transparent that it is (at least for me) often very hard to see. Especially when I execute a hard 180º turn to re-engage a target and also if it's worst case scenario, I'm flying towards the sun. The light makes the sea grey-ish, basically exactly the same color as the reticle. There are tons of UI mods for WoWS, I use some of them myself but I haven't been able to find a mod that changes the reticle of the aircraft to more visible and easier to see. So now I'm asking you fellow captains, can you link me to one or tell me the name of such mod if there is any? I would be grateful!