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Found 8 results

  1. I've seen many, many videos online of people shooting their guns before the aiming reticles are fully centered, while still firing accurately. A good example would be this video: So I'm wondering, what's going on here? Is this a bug or a feature? And if this is a feature, how can I do it myself?
  2. Six_Cycle_Mind

    Why is it so hard to aim?

    I played in the USS Chester three games today and many times when I aimed dead center at the enemy ships at close range my shells would just dive into the water. When I try to aim higher, most of my shells go over the target and I still miss a lot. I played three battles and I lost two of them because I wasn't aiming at the right place. At first I'd like to blame the guns, but that's frustration talking and I know the problem is with me. At longer ranges, about 8,000 meters or more, I don't have this problem and hit my target just fine, but most of my fights are much closer than that. Especially since there are a lot of destroyers at tier 2 and 3 and it's important that I can hit my target before they torpedo me or my team mates! So I'm asking for tips on how to aim correctly. I watched the WOWS video and try to do it that way, but Is there some trick that I'm missing? I try to shoot broadside targets whenever I can and that's when this problem is most noticeable and most frustrating. Are the shells supposed to dip? Does it make a difference if I fire my guns all at once or just one at a time? Is it because I shoot HE mostly? I usually forget to switch to AP in the middle of a battle, so maybe that's the reason? Or is it just the USS Chester or all US ships? If they're all like this, are they worth playing? Sorry if this is too basic a question and thanks for any suggestions or ideas you might have.
  3. Sonic_157

    Aiming problem after patch

    Hey guys! Has anyone noticed problems with aiming after the patch? I seem to miss a lot of salvos that would normally have been certain hits. Has anything changed regarding ship speeds or shell arcs??
  4. Hello, After reading through numerous topics complaining about not being able to hit anything (mostly by BBs firing at max range), I though why not add the dispersion to the crosshairs. Add an oval/circle to the aiming UI which shows a graphical representation of the dispersion based on the dispersion of the ship and the corresponding range, such that when a BB is aiming at max range it can see the area in which the shells will land. This oval/circle changes in size depending on the dispersion of the ship at the range it is aiming at. Why? In comparison to WoT, aiming at max range in a ship is comparable to a tanks max dispersion and when a ship aims at a closer range it is more comparable to a tank that has aimed its gun. For example: A fully upgraded Fuso mounted with Gun fire control system modification 1, which decreases dispersion, has a max range of 21.8km and a dispersion of 224m. Thus when said Fuso is aiming at a target at its max range an oval/circle along with the current aiming UI which shows the area in which any shell fired by the Fusos main guns will land. When the Fuso is aiming at a target at 10km range the oval/circle shows the dispersion of the guns at that range. Implementation Options: Pros: Cons: Issues: What it does not do: TLDR: I'm looking for any feedback you have and if possible please expand on them. Edit: Say this was implemented as another option for a crosshair, would you consider it an unfair advantage or not? crazy5982
  5. Myrmix

    Citadels gone?

    Since the last patch I have huge troubles hitting citadels in my BBs. I never used any crosshairmod and got used to the base-crosshair. Before the patch I was aiming pretty well (also got my share of RNG-madness, but this happens). But now I struggle to hit citadels on broadside-ships even at <10km range. What I missed earlier thanks to rng, now seems turned around...I only get barely lucky to hit a citadel. I'm really confused and try my best...I use sequential fire, single shots and watch the grenades to hit the right positions and correct aim if necessary (waterline/slightly above, below the funnels)...but i get only overpen-dmg (~1024) This goes on for weeks now (this can't be just rng) and i'm kinda desperate.. I did only 6k dmg once on Amagai(!!!) during a whole 20min battle, a ship i really enjoyed before, just because overpens, nevermind good placed shots who just don't do damage. I have these troubles on all my battleships, and sometimes cruisers (i preferably use ap on broadside..worked great until recently)...anyone can tell me what i'm doing wrong? Edit: I added a poll to get a feeling, if it's only my personal impression, or if I'm not the only one who has trouble hitting stuff for good damage recently.
  6. Legend1466

    How to not suck at aiming

    Recently i realized there is white line with numbers on aiming sight. So what does it mean and what does actually do? So i searched for answers and then i found: They are actually helpful. The numbers means distance between ships and aiming reticle. The another vertical line means height. So it makes sense. Let's say a scenario: You're a cruiser and a another cruiser appears. You and he goes the same speed. You are 14 kilometers close. You quickly grab the aiming and with the help of white line and numbers, you shot and hit him with 6 shells. The enemy hits you with 2 shells without the help of knowledge. You won. But how? Tell me what does these lines actually means and why is it helpful? Also, please reply
  7. anonym_xoVCh3ghW9FC

    WoW official video on aiming and firing

    Hi there, I looked at all the lessons that are related to WoW, how to sail, ships types, guns etc. At a point it said in the next lesson I will learn how to aim. No lesson found. I searched web and I found a video of a guy. Quite impressive but the only issue is that still not clear how to properly aim when a ship is sailing away from you or is coming in an angle constantly changing direction. I also found an ineresting crosshair. It is numbered 12. I found that in most ocassions the ships that are sailing in an angle are positioned as the lines designed in that crosshair. Still I found difficult to relate the direction and the lead when alligning some lines with a ship's direction. Not to mention that in the YouTube video explaining basics of aiming the guy was playing with a Tirpitz and somehow the shells tended to stay grouped. When I am firing with my Gneisenau BB it is like I am firing using a sprinkler. It is true that on Upgrades section I choosed MAIN BATTERY MODIFICATION in order to reload main guns faster and to rotate them at a higher rate. But I doubt that the firing will improve if I would install Aiming Systems Modification 1. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway, is there an official video on how to properly aim on different situations? Not all the players are actually sailing broadside. Thank you. Sebastian
  8. I'm honestly not sure if this is my imagination or not but since I updated to 0.5.3 I've noticed a lot (and I'm talking across BBs, cruisers of multiple nations) of my ships now no longer seem to aim correctly. In previous patches / updates I would literally aim and hit the target (leading them and taking the angles into account) no problems, sometimes getting citadels sometimes not. But now, I use the same approach, same aiming and angles, same leading of ships based on speed.. and the shells tend to land short, completely missing. Every time, from multiple nation ships. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? It's worse when firing from a distance of course; the close up combat is pretty much the same but the aiming on long distance shots or at least the mechanic itself seems to have changed. What gives?