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Found 7 results

  1. This post is about nothing/spam but I still wanted to share it on the forum. Funny thing, I'm a mediocre player in wows and maybe even a bad one in wot. I do enjoy both games and when I found out what a hidden account is for wows, I opted for one - I don't care for stats much and like to keep the judges guessing. (okay, we lost, as a team, still I was in the top two for what it is worth) Hidden account but not ashamed of almost anything and a vanilla noob from beta till present -I haven't used a mod ever in wows- I am since of today at '0' Karma. I saw this drop coming when I started unlocking and playing higher Tier ships and I made some screenshots the other day of an untypical game with typical reactions, that still keeps me grinning when I think of it (in this instance it is a shame that I didn't arrange to save replays). Karma is a Bit** they say? I hope it doesn't hurt in wows either. You play bad -reported-, you play well -reported-, go figure and a hidden account probably won't help. Call me anything and the 'Wallet Warrior' is deserved, I don't consider it name calling - I'm probably having a blast, we lost? Okay, too bad, maybe next game.. . I don't use aimbots - sry if you do. Karma says zero, yeah, as in ..seems broken. hf&gl
  2. Someone boasted in chat last night that the aimbot was back, and it appears the link they posted was valid... that there is a new, working aimbot for WOWS. Not posting the link here obviously... This is a: depressing, but b: means can we now at least have the Training Rooms enabled so we can do friendly clan matches and training?
  3. tomtom_timtrim

    aim bot ?

    Bonjour, J'ai lu 50 000 posts sur ce sujet, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de réponse clair ou récente. Si je suis passé à côté, et c'est tout à fait possible, je m'en excuse. J'ai 2 questions : 1 - J'ai vu plein de vidéos montrant son utilisation : d'un côté je trouve normal de connaitre la vitesse, la distance... de la cible (informations étaient communiquées aux artilleurs) donc c'est utile, pas contre pouvoir viser une cible derrière une îles ou "cachée" est totalement inadmissible. Pourquoi WG ne crée une assitance pour avoir ses informations sans qu'elles soient abusives ? 2 - Ces outils sont considérés comme de la triche par les joueurs, quelle est la position ACTUELLLE WG sur ce sujet ? tolérance ? ban ? P.S. je ne jamais utilisé de aimbot pour jouer, perso je joue PA ;)
  4. Hombredevyl

    como reportar un hack

    Buenas a todos, Alguien me podría decir si hay alguna otra manera de reportar a un player por el uso de hacks aparte de la de ingame (bot) ? hace un par de días me encontré con uno que estaba en mi equipo en un destructor y lanzaba 50 o mas torpedos cada segundo, sin tiempo de recarga y estos torpedos no tenían limite de distancia "de punta a punta del mapa" y ahora es la segunda vez que me encuentro a otro player pero usando un hack diferente, desde el punto de respawn disparando hacia los del equipo contrario y matándolos de 1 solo voley a todos el primero fue con un battleship y este ultimo a sido con un crucero pensacola. Alguno sabe como hacer un report y hacer que estos pringados no arruinen el juego? Gracias
  5. Ast3lan

    Dat moment...

    ... when i regretted having bought another Premium ship. Reason, sailing in my Atlanta out and being hit at 15Kms , full speed, not in a straight line by someone with an aimbot... err mod.. err whatever you call it these days..., by 1 guy firing salvo after salvo and hitting constantly. So that said, where can i get my money back? I quit WoT the moment WG made Gold ammo available for everyone, in this game im not in agreement with aim mods, sorry its just too gamebreaking and takes the fun away from the game.
  6. PictusCZ

    Aimbot - the solution?

    Hello guys, I understand there has been a lot of discussion concerning the "aimbot". My personal opinion is that it makes quite a difference in some situations and it can be a bit demotivating for people who spent some time to get a gunnery skill... And some may even call it a cheat... I used to play another naval game, called NavyField (maybe some of you played it too). From my experience with NF, I came to an idea how to solve the "aimbot case" here. Cause some ppl would say that this is cheat, some would say it makes almost no difference. So here is my proposal: - make it a part of normal UI - enable players to play with or without it, they will have to choose before entering battle (there will be no chance to change the option during the battle) - those who choose to play without "aimbot" will have the shell spread as it is now (about 250m for Kongo, if i remember correctly).. Those using it will have lets say double (x3, x1,5, x2 is only illustrative proposal) spread of shells. This way, you would enable people who have problems with precise shooting, to have some aid (however, at the cost of bigger shell spread), while enabling the non-users to have some benefit for the time they spent to get their gunnery skill - detect and strictly punish any attempts to use "alternative" mods providing the "aiming information" but not having the spread penalty In NavyField, this worked in a very nice way. Might work in WoWS too, what would you say?
  7. RoflStompa

    What if....

    alrighty then folks, here are my thoughts i would like to share with you since the usage of ambot increased dramaticly. how does such a program help wargaming to collect correct data for balancing? i got kinda used to it to get oneshottet with my battleship round about 15 second i got spottet from maximum range. (not to mention the lack of AAA power when you get swarmed by 4 torpedo squads who drop their torps round about 100 meters next to your ship...) so my question is: what if ppl stop playing the cbs until the mod is banned? what if the only data wargaming is collection is fake? is this what you want to have day by day? i know we are kinda choosen ones and have the privilege of beeing part in the balancing of a very good game. but in my oppinion it is our right and duty to demonstrate against all kinds of modifications who make it impossible to enjoy this game. what would you guys do? getting anihalated game by game or do you want to change something? this is no rant and neither whining. its my oppinion. Set sail for fail