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Found 4 results

  1. A small step for Wargaming, but a big step for the Aigle...? It's been a while since I played the Aigle, and with good reason - she's one of the comparatively few ships that I've never felt comfortable playing. The reason is simple: The horrible firing arcs of her gun turrets, which force her to give almost total broadside in order to bring all her guns to bear, turn the one thing she could otherwise do well - namely, kiting - into an exercise in self-abuse. A nice fellow on this forum recently gave me the tip to try out the Aigle in Operations, so I promoted her captain to a comfortable rank and set out to try to rescue the Raptor. It went rather well. Somewhat to my surprise, I had quite a lot of fun in this little Occitanian pseudo-cruiser, which was a new experience for me. Used as an opportunistic kiter , and backed up by a good team, the Aigle can actually perform. But even so, almost every time I went on an attack run, the same familiar thing happened - one or more of my gun turrets lost bearing on the target, and went silent. Wargaming is cautious when it comes to buffing premium ships, and this is a policy I support whole-heartedly. But I would still suggest that they take another look at the turret firing arcs of the Aigle. Being able to angle a bit more while still keeping all the guns firing, would make a huge difference to the "feel" of this ship, without - or so I believe - making her in any way overpowered. She's such a beautiful ship, and with this new French destroyer line coming, it would be nice to get her out of port a bit more! Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone! So as probably most of you already know, on the 24th/25th the coupons for the Arsenal section are renewed. Do you guys think that we will get new ship options then? I am in an awkward situation where I dont have enough for the T9 ships and I am thinking about getting Aigle or Oktyabyarskaya. I am not completely sold on either of those ships but I dont want to loose the coupon. Yet again if there going to be new ships in the Arsenal soon I would wait for them. Help guys. What would you do if you were in my position?
  3. Procrastes

    How do you feel about the Aigle?

    Hello, fellow destroyer captains! I've played a few matches in the new premium French destroyer, the Aigle, and I'm curious about how you all feel about her. I am trying to determine what role she should really play in a typical battle. Early cap contender? A big no. She has too large a detection radius for that, and she's also too sluggish to hold her own in a close range knife fight. Destroyer hunter? Again, no, for much the same reasons given above. Her slow turret traverse and horrible firing angles make her even less appealing in this role. Torpedo boat? I don't think so; she's neither stealthy nor - unless speed boosted - fast enough to shine in that role. Long range HE kiter? No, not really. Her shell velocity is way too slow for her to be very good at this. I've had trouble landing shots on battleships at ranges above 10 km; the amount of lead you have to give is frankly ridiculous. And the horrible firing angles cripple you even here, since you have to sail more or less broadside on in order to bring more than two of your guns to bear on a target. Medium range capital ship harasser? Good luck with that, since with the size and sluggishness of the Aigle, she's a fairly easy target for return fire from any cruiser or battleship that happens to take an interest. Especially when sailing broadside on, on account of the horrible firing angles etc etc. Damage sponge? I'm actually tempted to suggest this, since her huge HP pool (for a DD) seems to be her main selling point. But seriously, if you want to play a punching bag, you wouldn't get into a destroyer in the first place. Now I know that I haven't played nearly enough battles in the Aigle to make a definitive judgement on her. This is just a first impression. But it's a rather strong and undiluted first impression, I must say. But enough about my opinions, here - how do you feel about the Aigle? Is there any way to make this very nice-looking mini-baguette earn her money's worth? Edited: I just voted myself, designating the Aigle as a 'bad ship'. Her least redeeming side? The broadside! Did I mention her horrible firing angles?
  4. Tuccy

    Aigle Marathon

    09 February - 26 March: Aigle Marathon If Battleships don't float your boat, VI Aigle will also be available through her own mission chain - find out more below! Battleships not your thing? Get the new Premium VI Aigle for FREE! All you need to do is take part in the mission marathon and complete 18/26 of the missions. Unless stated otherwise, all "Aigle Marathon" are Tiers V+ and can be completed once per account over any number of Random battles. Each mission starts/ends on their respective start/end dates below at 06:00 CET / 06:00 CET (UTC+1).