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Found 8 results

  1. mosaic_dragon

    Friendly AI Torpedo Suicides.

    So you've targeted a ship in your destroyer, 2k away, perfect for a sinking. There happens to be a Friendly AI "Chasing it" as well. You fire a salvo of torpedoes. Your friendly Ai just keeps going, takes a full broadside of torps and sinks. It could stop, slow down, turn a little... But no... You are left without your kill and with a team kill penalty or even just being insta killed. I hope this is the right place to put complaints... What the hell am i meant to do? The AI just completely ignores friendly torps... Ive had AI run into torps that missed a target with many Km's of warning. I keep getting penalties, instant ship destruction, being stuck in co-op with MORE ai where i have to do NOTHING to ensure i dont extend a penalty. Just thought id offer some thoughts on the hideous friendly AI.
  2. Johnny_Moneto

    Co-op bots buffed?

    I haven't seen any announcement, maybe someone did: Bots in co-op seem to have received an intelligence upgrade. Now they actively drive into smoke and stay there. Therefore they are now better than 35% of the player base (was 29% before).
  3. - You are in Operation Aegis, sailing closer and closer to an enemy battleship, taking advantage of the fact that its captain is busy shooting at one of your hapless allies, and finally, you are in range - you launch your torpedoes. - Almost immediately, the battleship changes course, in a direction that ensures that it will not be hit with a single one of those torpedoes. It is almost as if the AI captain knew the exact moment when those torpedoes hit the water. Considering he was busy training his guns on another ship, in a completely different direction from you, that was no mean feat. Does this sound familiar? I should probably say, at this point, that I realize at least some of the difficulties that programmers are beset with. Designing an AI (or should it be VI?) captain that is capable of presenting a balanced challenge to human players, must be a very difficult task. How should you deal with, for instance, the threat that a well placed torpedo spread represents? If the AI captain never changes course until it actually spots incoming torpedoes as per normal spotting mechanics, AI battleships would be nothing but food for the Torpedo God. If the AI automatically registers any incoming torpedoes as soon as they are launched, the problem becomes the opposite - only those spreads that are undodgeable from the start, will have any chance of striking home. I obviously can't say for certain, but I have lately been having the impression that some variant of the latter of the two abovementioned AI builds is represented in the current Operations - enemy AI captains will instantly know when torpedoes are incoming, and take steps to avoid them. Only, sometimes they don't. I had a game in my Perth about a week ago, where I decided to try and trick an enemy AI König captain. I launched only one of my torpedoes, and waited to gauge the reaction. The enemy battleship didn't react in the slightest, but sailed straight on. This prompted me to launch the rest of my torpedoes, and they all struck home, one after the other, sending the König to the bottom. I have been trying to figure out what made that torpedo launch different from all the rest. Why didn't the AI captain take evasive action this time? There might of course be any number of possible explanations, but one thing that struck me afterwards was, that I had probably launched all of those torpedoes from within my smoke cover. If so, this might imply that the AI program is simulating the fact that you can, if you have sharp eyes (and a good screen resolution), actually see the little splashes when launched torpedoes break the water after going over the side of the ship. But this is obviously impossible if a smoke screen is in the way. In other words, the AI programmer is doing her best to be fair to us: The AI captain will indeed know when torpedoes are being launched at it - but only if this information would also have been available to a sharp-eyed human player with his wits about him! I don't know if I am on the right track, here. I might not even be close. But I thought this would be a good subject for a discussion, and so here are my two cents' worth to begin with.* So, any thoughts on this? * I haven't even started speculating about whether AI captain skills include the common torpedo evasion tactic of randomly altering course ands speed. How you would try to gauge that, is beyond me.
  4. Hallo zusammen!Ich spiele seit der Beta und hatte bis vor einigen Tagen nach einigen Patches damals das Problem, dass die Schiffe nicht dort angezeigt werden, wo sie eigentlich sein sollten. Von diesem Problem gibt es bereits einige Threads und ich habe mittlerweile wahrscheinlich eine allgemeine Lösung bzw. einen Anhaltspunkt für euch und das Problem gefunden.Mein damaliges System umfasste grob folgendes:Windows 8.1 64 bitIntel i5 auf Sockel 1156 (ASUS-Board)8 GB RAMAMD Radeon 6850Das heutige System:Windows 10 64bitIntel i7 weiterhin auf Sockel 1156 (gleiches ASUS-Board)12 GB RAMRadeon RX 470Das Problem war das gleiche wie zu Beta-Zeiten und machte das Spiel damit unspielbar. Mit dem Update auf Windows 10, ist ein frisches System vorhanden und gilt als Quasi-Neuinstallation. Die Hardware ist also größtenteils austauschbar, das Betriebssystem neu installiert -> das Problem wandert aber mit! Andere Spiele sind in keinster Weise betroffen. Ein Netzwerkproblem scheidet aus, da die Schiffe ja weiterhin treffbar sind, solange man deren Position richtig vermutet oder Teammitglieder auf dieses feuern. Der Abstand der Hitbox zum Modell wird clientseitig dargestellt und vergrößert / verschlimmert sich mit zunehmender Spieldauer. Grafische Einstellungen scheiden aus, da ich alle Kombinationen durchgemacht habe und sich in keinster weise etwas geändert hat. Was an meinem System gleich geblieben ist, ist das Mainboard mit seinen Zusatzprogrammen. Ein Zusatzprogramm ist hier die "ASUS AI Suite", die Systemkomponenten in kleinen Bereichen über- oder untertakten kann um bspw. Strom zu sparen. So auch hier, was minimale Änderungen der CPU-Taktfrequenz meines i7 zur Folge hat (in Zahlen: -3 (!) Mhz). Der Fehler tritt auf, wenn der Stromsparmechanismus aktiv ist! Er tritt nachvollziehbar nicht auf, wenn die Leistung auf 100% Grundtakt der CPU eingestellt ist! Checkt also eure Stromsparprogramme oder eure Übertaktung und stellt mal testweise alles auf Standardtakt ein. Wenn der Fehler dann weg ist, muss wohl was an der Leistungsprogrammierung seitens WG getan werden :) Bitte testen und Ergebnisse hier rein.
  5. Since BB players want the game to be "realistic" so badly lets add AI controlled planes and subs that randomly spawn and torpedo BBs. Just like real life!
  6. North: If an AI controlled BB spawns near the island at C4 it will be stuck on the eastern shore of the island for the entire match. Ocean: If an AI controlled BB spawns near the map border at C1 it will be stuck there for the entire match. This seems to be only happening when the teams spawn lower right corner and upper left corner facing to the center of the map.
  7. Webby2020

    AI Torp bug

    Started playing yesterday, loving the game so far. I was playing a CO-OP game using the T3 US Battleship and I sank like a stone when a full complement of 5 or 6 torpedoes appeared from the middle of an island I was using for cover. There was an AI Destroyer on the other side and I am assuming there is a bug with the map itself, (I cant remember which one it was, ) and that allowed the destroyer to fire its torps right at me while I assumed I was protected. Am I the only one who has seen this issue?
  8. Highway_Star

    Torpedo bombers dropping torps over land.

    Who trained these guys? Don't they know torps only work in water? I'd rather they just tell me "No can do, attack run aborted. Requesting new orders" if the attack run can't be performed. Right now if the attack run is blocked then the bombers drop their torps anyway.