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Found 26 results

  1. MrHappydiamond

    AFK solo warrior

    So, I've just had this match where out AFK fuso got solo warrior. I fell off of the chair laughing. P.S. pro level skills in censuring the names xD
  2. Hi everyone, in our clan we spoke about an AUTO AFK function for clan players which are afk. We have the problem not to know who is AFK (some people are logged in all day long not reacting to PMs or invites to clan battles). Our idea, (already posted somewhere), was to install an auto-AFK function or buttons in the harbour screen for: - AFK (no playing possible) - BUSY (solo playing possible, but no personal chat or invitations possible) - AVAILABLE (normal.) Again. (AFK, Busy, Available). But most important that additionally you get marked "AFK" automatically if not doing any input for 10 or XX minutes. - - Please tell me your opinions and join the vote above - - With kind regards, Admiral_Bayer
  3. Admiral_Bayer

    Auto AFK and status buttons

    Hi Wargaming Team, is there a plan to create an AUTO AFK function for clan players which are afk? In our clan we have the problem not to get clan battles going because people log in and have the game running all day long.We just don't know who is AFK. We have to invite 6-8 different people until someone accepts. My idea, (already posted somewhere), was to install buttons you can push in the harbour for [AFK] (no playing possible), [BUSY] (solo playing possible, but no personal chat or invitations possible) and [AVAILABLE] (normal.) Again. (AFK, Busy, Available). Most important that additionally you get marked "AFK" if not doing any input for 10 or XX minutes. Please tell me there is a plan for something like this? With kind regards, Admiral_Bayer P.S. The 6 vs 6 clan battles are great and easier to get enough clan members playing. An idea we had yesterday was that it would be great to be able to play with 6 OR 7 against same ammount of opponents or just with one less ship than the opponent. A more flexible system so to say. Maby think about it.
  4. Hello every one, The wargaming system of Karma is not very satisfactory. I come across whole bunch of Selfish people in the game which ruins team play and sportsmanship. I have seen BBs sniping ,camping , Damage farming. I have seen DDs chasing BBs and CVs and not capping or spotting , I have seen people Team killing each other and similar stuff for Cruisers and CVs. All of which mostly results in loss of sportsmanship. To discourage this attitude we get reports , which doesnt bother any one. and playing as a team gets you compliments which gives you no reward. In my opinion, there should be a daily bonus win, which you get denied if you get say 5 report a day. it could be the oppertunity to get your 3rd container, or 10 signals or anything. and similarly recieving compliments should have some good reward , may be a random signal or something , for each compliment , so people try to be better at team play and stop being SOLO warriors who just care about their Damage. I hope every one agrees. If any one has other suggestions, please post in the thread. Regards HMCite
  5. The game is very slowly but surely fixing all the glaring problems it has. But this one really grinds my steering gears and is absolutely game breaking. The match should not start unless all ships have loaded into the game: Lets imagine a match on "Two Brothers" (map with channel through the middle) for example. Two DD's either side one DD afk for the first minute or two gives the other team an astronomical advantage. Obviously this is not just exclusive to this map or DD's but weighted heavily towards them. Ways to approach this: 1. Matchmaking begins at loading screen. 2. 24 players have been found. 3. Everybody loads in as normal. 4. 1 ship is has not loaded after a balanced set amount of time, yet to be determined. 5. That ship is kicked from match. 5. That said ship, continues to load the map and in the meantime gets matched into another match of the same map. 6. Another ship who has already played this map since they have last logged in (map loads faster) is instantly added to the game. Even if this increases wait time by 1-2 minutes I would choose this method. Thoughts, improvements to what I said?
  6. Bonjour, Avez-vous remarquez une recrudescence des bots ou afk (à 0 points d'XP en fin de partie ou moins de 50 disons) ? Peut-être que je n'étais pas attentif avant ? J'en ai eu à chaque partie hier (13) (dans mon équipe ou dans l'équipe adverse peu importe). Question subsidiaire, quel est l'intérêt de lancer un bot qui prends 0 XP à fin ? Bonnes nav' PS : bien sûr il m'est arrivé d'être AFK (jeu qui crash, freebox qui fait une pause café...)
  7. Hi all, WG: Was there any breakthrough regarding AFKer with latest v0.7.4 (and implementation of new rules)? I am asking this because I see more AFKers nowadays than ever (and I saw them on Friday and Saturday in Ranked as well)... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update-074/ Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit:
  8. This is to mention a possible BUG (?) with the new Patch and the client. This may need a hot-fix minipatch, as I know its not just me. I know others are having these issues or see team mates (and probably report them); notably in ranked but also sometimes randoms and especially the first game with a new ship. Please let WG know, as it may not be the players fault when they do not connect at launch. Obviously this is crucial in ranked especially. Please speak up instead of just reporting any player who obviously clearly didnt load in. For many games now, the new patch game client does finish the queing and loading but then DOES NOT complete the load in, the circle just keeps spinning, while you can even hear the game going on. Many times I am failing to load in to the game from the in game client load-in screen even atfter the quieing and game has been loaded, and you hear the battle start, but you don't get into the game, the circle just keeps spinning. (Other times times the client sudddenly freezes mid game or just after the start; with unusual lag spikes.) Also I noticed This happens mostly to destroyers and at higher tiers, and often in ranked. At least 1-2 players fail to connect into the game. I have noticed some other players with the same issue; when I do get in a game; there is often a dd that seems to also only connect / load in late or never. Especially in Ranked mode. I did not have this issue b4 the patch; and nothing has changed my side. When this happens...: I always try to re-boot the client and get back into the game, but either have the same problem, the game loads, then the circle keeps spinning or else the reboot takes to long and the game is over... so then I get the new discipline punishment. Because of new game client load in bugs / issues. I have been banned and turned pink, for the client not letting me in the game. This is VERY frustrating. (I completely support the nes game discipline rules; but I think you should have made provision for context and reasons. CHeck the player's record.. surely an easy algorithm? Can you not pick up when the client fails to load in a player(s) or freezes, and that the player tried to re-connect?? Being "disciplined" for something that is NOT your fault , but a game issue or other player (such as a ship sailing into torps launched 8km away and visible for that long, even if you warn them). BTW : SUGGESTION: Please add Teamwork and assist/encourage team building and improved comms; command notifications & hot keys such as "LAUNCHING TORPS", "DEPLOYING HYDRO / RADAR NOW", or "SETTING SMOKE SCREEN" or "Launching Plane"" etc and a target designating flashing bulls eye on a grid on the minimap (just like in WOT for spgs ) for planned target zone for torps or bombs or even smoke and hydro. (there may be other better wording for different classes. ( as opposed to asking for a smoke screen). FYI I have never purposefully quit a game ever in wows or wot, ( I usually watch the to the end , even if I am sunk...) . Sometimes REAL LIFE actually does happen such as the doorbell rings or an important phone call, but even then I always try finish the game first!
  9. Admiral_Noif

    AFK'ers in ranked battle

    God, I hate these players who are afking whole ranked match and luckily they get cheapy way to get the star. I want to suggest that there should be some kinda minimal limit /requirement to gain a star than being afk. If you afking entire match, you gain nothing, not even star if your team win.
  10. Tier V alman zırhlısı oynuyorum kazanma oranımda %45'e düştü son oynadıgım yaklaşık 20 oyun yenilgi ile bitti toplam oyun sayım zaten 120 felan. neyse oyunuma sürekli sıkıntılı sorunlu arkadaşlar geliyor afk çok fazla oyunumda ve gelen oyuncularda çok kötü oyun baslamasından 3 5 dk sonra benim takımın yarısı yok oluyor. Karşı tarafa sürekli iyi oyuncular geliyor bunun sebebi nedir? bu sorunu nasıl aşabilirim ne yapmam lazım yardımcı olabilirmisiniz? farklı tierde farklı gemiler alsam bile takımıma sürekli bu insanlar geliyor bunlardan nasıl kurtulabilirim? filo geliyor takıma 4 kişi ama herkesden önce bu adamlar ölüyor filo olayıda yalan anladıgım kadarı ile. yardımlarınızı bekliyorum gerçekten bunaldım bu durumdan oyundan soğuttular beni. Edit: Bunu yazdıkdan sonra ki girdiğim ilk oyun win oldu :D
  11. Saranpaa

    Many afks, wow.

    Is it just me or has there been a sudden increase of AFK players recently? There almost seems to be one in every match. sometimes on both sides though. Some new issue from the new patch? Does anyone have any info on this?
  12. B4karra

    Nadie quiere cambiar esto

    Ayer por la noche me dispongo a seguir subiendo esta rama tan pobre que necesita un buff. Entré en mi tier V, como no, en tier VII y nada más entrar en partida un usuario (intentaré moderarme lo máximo posible, que están últimamente algunas personas con el dedo muy rápido) "Again against tier 7. I will make holiday on an island bye bye" A lo que yo respondo: "How about you do your best, and maybe we win? They also have tier 5" El usuario (porque para ser jugador hay que jugar) siguió con su cry post en el chat diciendo no sé qué al equipo contrario. Lo peor de todo es que el equipo, ni siquiera se molestó en decirle nada, sencillamente sudó y fue a lo suyo. En otra época no lo hubiese dudado y ese tío estaba en el fondo, pero es que resulta que este mes me lo he tomado como propósito de enmienda y no pienso ni ragear ni decir nada a nadie, da igual lo mal que lo esté haciendo y lo mucho que nos esté p... provocando Aquí el señor echando la siesta. Y una prueba de su actitud durante toda la partida La partida estuvo más o menos equilibrada. Llegamos a estar 7vs7 y este usuario no se molestó en ayudar a los 2 BBs, ni tan siquiera se molestó en rematar a ese Nagato, tuvo que hacerlo el Colorado cuando el Nagato comenzó a abrir fuego contra él. En fin, lo peor de todo es que esto no sirve para nada. De nada sirve que yo suba esto al foro porque soporte (si es que alguien si quiera llegar a leerme, ya no pido ni que me contesten) pedirá la replay, una replay que está activa de forma oficiosa en el juego y que si las activas, desestabilizan el comportamiento del cliente (culpa de nuestros ordenadores). De nada sirve que yo pida que reporten a este usuario porque todavía me gano yo el reporte del equipo, o peor todavía, tener que aguantar los lloros de ese g... germano. ¿Tan difícil sería que los reportes por AFK y por teamkill nada tuviesen que ver con el karma? Reportes infinitos totalmente justificados y comprobables 100%. Y que comportasen alguna penalización de juego (1 partida sin jugar, incrementándose con la reincidencia, porque seguro que no es la primera vez que lo hace). Saludos y muy buen foro.
  13. Moin zusammen, da es mein 1. Post hier ist möchte ich erstmal Hallo sagen! Habe hier schon oft gelesen und bedanke mich rückwirkend für viele tolle Ratschläge , die mir das Spiel erleichtert haben. So und nun zu meinem Vorschlag, den ich gerne zur Diskussion stellen würde. Freue mich auf eine kontroverse Diskussion: AFK Spieler in gewerteten Gefechten können die Runde negativ beeinflussen. Zwar habe ich in Unterzahl schon oft gewonnen, aber die Regel sieht meistens anders aus. Gerade eben war zum Beispiel der CV AFK. Keine Jäger, alle DDs wurden vom Gegner gespottet und schnell ausgeschaltet. Ich denke jeder kennt diese schönen Runden... Mein Vorschlag wäre, dass wenn ein Spieler nach einer bestimmten (kurzen) Zeit nicht in der Runde ist, sollte das Schiff von einem anderen Spieler übernommen werden können. Entweder ein schon versenkter Spieler spielt dann mit dem AFK Schiff weiter oder man hat Möglichkeit zu switchen, damit ein wichtiges Schiff schnell "bemannt" werden kann. Die "inaktiven" Schiffe sollten dann z.B. per Autopilot in eine sichere Ecke gelenkt werden können, um bei Bedarf wieder übernommen werden zu können. Ok, die Idee ist noch sehr grob, aber vielleicht fallen Euch ein paar ergänzende Vorschläge ein, die diese Runden noch halbwegs retten können. VG
  14. I would like to address an issue that I have come across quite often in the last few days. Unfortunately the existence of bots/afkers is undeniable in the game and it is the second worst to people causing intentionally damage to friendlies. More or less, people are used to afkers, yet catastrophic for the game experience. In the case the ships they spawn in are DDs, CAs or BBs, it is a situation that can be fairly managed. However, in the not so rare case where the afk ship in your team is a CV, the tide of the battle turns instantly towards the opposing team. The effect is ecxponentialy more drastic as the battle tier increases. In my opinion, there should be some mechanics introduced to address this issue, or even afkers in general. I will quote one of my clan mate's sentence with which I totally agree with. Of course this leads to the main issue "how the game is going to detect a player being afk". I will focus my ideas only in the case of CVs being afk from the start of the battle. check if there are planes launched after an X amount of time since the battle start (not less than 90sec, not more than 180sec) If the former holds, check if the ship is moving (motion check starts from battle start and up to 30sec after the aforementioned check). This could be a check by itself, but since there are many CV players who think they are airfields and not ships, I propose this as a second level check. In the case both checks hold, player will be warned for being given an afk status after 30sec. This status can be negated if the player launches planes during the 30sec time window. If after the end of this time window no action is taken, the player should be given the afk status and no further action can be taken by him/her. The battle is terminated ad maybe some kind of punishment should be implemented as well for the future games. This leads me to the ideas of what happens if a player is given the afk status as described above The CV players of the other team are negated the ability to manual drop, or/and The time needed to relaunch planes is increased, or/and The AA deference of the ships (in the team with the afk CV) is increased by an X amount (e.g. 10%-20%), or/and The cool-down of the ships with available "defensive AA fire" (in the team with the afk CV) is buffed. Let me know what do you guys think about this and if you agree or not. Regards, Deviloid
  15. Technically they're not bots (although they try to do the same "effortless XP grab" bots do) but then they're not playing poorly either as they're not playing at all. I think we need a separate afk report category.
  16. Ahoi Seemänner, es mag nur ein subjektiver Eindruck sein, aber ich habe den Eindruck das die Zahl der AFKler zugenommen hat, häufig sogar mehr als einer pro Team. Zu AFK zähle ich auch Spieler, die mit mehreren Minuten ( oft 5 und mehr ) ins Gefecht starten und dadurch auch Niederlagen verursachen können. Besonders ärgerlich, wenn die spottenden DD auf einer Flanke fehlen oder der CV bis zu seiner Zerstörung kein Flugzeug hochbringt. Es mag mal ein Disconnect dazwischen kommen, oder der eigene PC Mucken machen - keine Frage. Aber Spieler, die häufiger als AFK auffallen, durch Report oder Ergebnisse ( 0XP) sollten vom Spiel ausgeschlossen werden, gleich welche Ursache. Nun muss nicht gleich die "Todesstrafe" = Bann verhängt werden. Vielmehr denke ich an ein abgestuftes System, zb pro Tag mehr als 1x AFK = COOP- Gefechte bis man, min 1Kill erreicht hat mehr als 3x AFK = COOP- Gefechte bis man, min 2Kills und den min 3.höchsten Schaden erreicht usw. bis mehr als 10x AFK= Bann für einen Tag Wichtig ist das die Reportfunktion gebraucht wird ( mehrere Meldungen erforderlich um Missbrauch zu verhindern ) oder ( 1Meldung und 0 XP ) ! Vielleicht trifft es auch mal Spieler, die einen "Holzrechner" haben oder deren Traffic "mit Trommeln" übertragen wird, aber auch die schaden dem Teamplay. Das oft bemängelte fehlende Teamplay ist nicht nur an AFKlern festzumachen , aber ich halte solche neben Teamkillern für die übelsten "Saboteure" Selbst schlechtes Spiel ist besser als gar keins.
  17. thisheep

    Les AFK: Le vrai fléau

    Salut à tous! Malgré un titre un peu fort en gueule, je ne sort pas d'une session de jeu où je croise 1 ou 2 AFK. Mon post est totalement zen et décontracté. D'ailleurs si les gens pouvaient prendre le temps de la réflexion et prendre exemple sur mon infinie sagesse... Ok, je divague! Pour les gens limités ou pour ceux qui sont en croisade contre le hors sujet dans certains topics, je précise que je fais du second degré. De cette manière j'introduis avec humour (ou pas) un sujet à controverse. Car oui, des AFK dans une partie c'est un truc qui énerve au moins autant que les Team Killers de mon point de vue et je vais développer ce propos. Alors oui un TK ça fait grimper au plafond. Je suis le premier à rager lorsqu'un joueur allié qui doit rire et s'amuser me tue délibérément. Si je suis le joueur lambda de Warships, je vais probablement le couvrir d'insultes et peut-être même venir me plaindre sur le forum. Le TK est réellement un événement de jeu fâcheux mais soyons réalistes, c'est plutôt rare. Après consultation auprès de mes contacts et auprès de mon clan, j'ai constaté que ces actes de TK, bien que totalement condamnables, sont moins courants que la présence d'AFK. Ces Away From Keyboard (loin du clavier) partis casser la croûte ou appelés à table par leur cher maman quittent ainsi la partie laissant leur coéquipiers se débrouiller en infériorité numérique. Je comprend que l'on doive parfois s'absenter durant une game. Cela m'arrive parfois bien que lorsque je lance une partie multijoueur avec des gens, inconnus ou proches, je m'engage implicitement à ne pas perturber leur expérience de jeu en les abandonnant soudainement. Si la situation l'exige et bien j'AFK comme tout le monde! Mon sens des priorités est le même que vous les gens! On peut être un unicum accro des stats et rester un être humain vous savez! Dans cette situation je préviens de mon AFK, j'estime ça durée et je présente mes excuses. Pour moi, c'est un comportement normal, pas même civique ou digne d'un code de bonne conduite mais malheureusement nous le saurions si tous les joueurs se comportaient normalement. Je reproche donc à ces joueurs aux AFK réguliers un manque de respect total vis à vis des personnes. Car, outre, celui qui ne prend pas ses parties au sérieux qui pénalise systématiquement son équipe il y a aussi les AFK lâches. Ces couards qui ne sont pas satisfaits du Matchmaking décident de quitter ou de ne pas jouer la partie. Alors oui c'est pas drôle d'être low tiers mais ça arrive. Alors oui rencontrer Pape ou thisheep alors qu'on est en DD, votre partie peut être très courte mais cela ne justifie en rien cette désertion. Un Teamkiller qui tue involontairement un coéquipier lui au moins fait l'effort de combattre! Un Teamkiller qui tue délibérément l'allié qui le gêne servira au moins de cible pour l'équipe ennemie un moment. L'AFK, lui, est véritablement un point mort qui déséquilibre la partie et qui démoralise ses coéquipiers. Cela créé parfois un effet snowball, comme untel a AFK devant cet effrayant MM machin décide d'AFK aussi! Ecrire ce post s'inscrit dans la démarche de mesurer l'ampleur du phénomène grâce au retour d'autres joueurs et mieux connaitre l'action de Wargaming dans ce domaine! Alors oui je sais que vous ne pendez pas les fautifs sur la place publique mais j'aimerai tout de même savoir si des gens coupables d'AFK récurrents sont punis. D'ailleurs à part des nombreux et fastidieux tickets au supports ainsi que des report pour "bot" je ne vois pas trop comment nous les joueurs pouvons endiguer le phénomène. Et oui je parle bien de phénomène car je rencontre nettement plus d'AFK que de Teamkillers. Est-ce aussi votre cas? Le problème est souvent amplifié par les développeurs malgré eux qui introduisent dans une logique de bonne volonté des events à grande échelle pour récompenser les joueurs très actifs. Je pense au Kamikaze R avec sa collecte de perles ou au Grandes Batailles Navales. Mais QUE d'AFK durant ces périodes! Avec des missions où il faut jouer un maximum de partie, la tentation est trop forte pour des esprits malintentionnés! Wargaming commet cette erreur malgré son expérience de World of Tanks?? C'est triste et dommage pour les joueurs affectés. Je ne vais pas jeter plus longtemps la pierre à ces pauvres développeurs qui n'aiment pas lyncher les gens en public alors que c'est bien souvent ce qui leur arrive! Du bon boulot a été fait pour les report d'insultes, je l'ai expérimenté moi-même: On ouvre sa grande bouche trop souvent: on prend un ban chat, logique et efficace. Mais j'aimerais beaucoup voir apparaître une option AFK pour les report à l'image de beaucoup d'autres jeux multi. Pendant que j'y suis, personne ne serait contre un augmentation du nombre de report par jour je pense mais là je pousse le bouchon un peu loin! Allez les gens, le débat est ouvert! PS: Oui vous êtes sur un forum et vous avez l'autorisation de l'OP pour débattre!
  18. Hi all, How do you guys feel about level of fun / enjoyment in WoWs in past 3+ weeks (of "Great Naval Battles")? For me the past 3+ weeks were the source of greatest frustration ever... My experience: #1 In 1 out of 5 games (i.e. 20%) the MM is pretty balanced (sometimes gives small favor - sometimes gives small disadvantage) but generally it is OK. The teamwork exists, the chat is useful and tactical / strategic decisions are agreed upon. In short it is great to play such games and I don't really mind if I win or lose because it is great play and great teamwork - all is OK here! #2 Unfortunately 4 out of 5 games (i.e. 80%) are pure horror from the start. There is no teamwork and there is no chat. Usually the MM is terrible (in "Domination" we get 1-2 DDs and enemy gets 3-4 DDs), we also often get 1-2 Tier IX / Tier X capital ships and enemy gets 4-5 Tier IX / Tier X capital ships (like 1x "Montana" + 2x "Tirpitz" vs. 2x "Montana" + 1x "Yamato")... Also there are BOTs, AFKers and campers. I swear that I have never ever seen so many BOTs (I have seen DDs going straight to enemy base in "Standard" game without ever replaying in chat and, of course, dying instantly). I have seen CVs going in the middle of the "Two Brothers" at the beginning of the game (also not replaying in chat at all) and dying immediately. I also had a game where me in "Kamikaze R" and friendly "Hatsuharu" defended the base in new map ("Twins" ?) and we had "Furutaka" AFK in our base for 15 minutes. When it got long range torped it woke up and started to go straight (not firing at all) - then it died from gunfire (it presented more nuisance for us than the enemy - it prevented us from safe torping). In one other game I saw "Des Moines" BOT where it stood still for 15 minutes and only when enemy got close and when "Des Moines" got hit it started moving in straight line (not firing at all again except from secondaries) - and dying immediately. The AFKers are also ever present - they, apparently, just gather numerical number of required games for GNB and simply sap the strength out of the team (i.e. 100% dead weight)... The campers are terrible as well... for example I saw Tier X "Montana" hiding behind island - after several inquiries in chat why he/she is not helping us the replay was: "I am just waiting here for the game to end"... Again, in short, those game are absolutely terrible and disheartening... pure nightmare... What are your experiences? Leo "Apollo11"
  19. Hello forum First off I believe this section is appropriate since teamkillers have big impact on the gameplay It's been like 3 weeks now since the first time I wanted to write this but every time I was like not today. After losing few battles in a row and having nothing else to do now I'm in a mood to start this If a teamkiller starts shooting at you and you do not do anything(that what most people think you should do with wg itself) you 1) lose the fun of that game. 2) You letting your team down because your team has now -1 ship and a teamkiller who starts shooting another player. 3) If you try to fight back a teamkiller you get pink colour too... Are you for real bro? Seriously if someone gets pink then it's he's own fault if he gets teamkilled next battle Nobody gets pink for one accidental torpedo teamkill or few shells. And if you kill 2 or more friendly ships in one battle by an accident then maybe it's time to play co-op duno, not my fault that you do more damage to your own team than to the enemy. It's different when teamkiller is not pink yet and I would not mind to get pink too for shooting him back. But when someone is pink already and is still shooting teammates shouldn't be autokick for too too many friendly ship hits? Instead you can be pink teamkill or team damage and still not be kicked and use chat... How is this even possible wg? The only good thing is that it doesn't happen too often. In more than 1k battles I encountered pink players from time to time but only like 4-5 times when they were shooting directly at me or someone near me. TL DR If a pink player(teamkiller) shoots at you, you should not get pink colour for shooting him back.
  20. Hi captains, I would like to hear your oppinions and/or posssible solutions on frequent AFKers. Even better to get some "official" feedback from WG. Lately it feel as there more AFKers than I would consider nice (though sometimes it helps, when they are at enemy team and you may leech some free exp on them, still it is a problem). Not so long ago I got three of them in my team (got pissed off enough to go find some thread on forum, and since I found none concerning this issue, I'm starting one right now). Current situation: .. AFK players get no experience (and I guess they also get no credits while they pay for repairs, but have not tested it by myself), thus AFK is not a way to leech exp and it is definitely an easy way to do some botting .. It may happen your connection fails or you must urgetly leave your computer (important phone call, some accident, whatever). Since it may happen to everyone, there is no reason (or should be no reason) to severly punish player who was AFK once (no gain from the battle is enough in such cases). .. AFK ships are good-fo-nothing in battle (guess no discussion needed) .. There is no way to report player for being AFK. Since it is "punished" by system, WG should be able to identify AFK cases even withouth players reporting it (still I usualy report those for bot play or poor play, depending on how much i got angry). Solution? .. This may be bit harder, and maybe there is something already running on background, though we don't know about it. But I would suggest something as follows > "Accidental" AFK (say in case respective player have not been AFK for few days or say 50 battles in row) .. just no exp/credits as it works now > "Repetitive" AFK .. player should be banned from entering random/ranked (ne need to affect team battles unless player was there as mercenary and joined random understuffed team) for a period of time (the more frequent AFK, the longer ban); it should also not affect joining co-op so player will not be prevented from playing WoWs entirely Reasoning .. Above mentioned would not affect accidental AFK, while it would affect e.g. players with constant connection issues, frequent important phone calls etc. I don't feel even sorry for them, since i I have problems with connect or are expecting to have some work that would prevent me from playing, I should not be playing multiplayer where others are partially depening on me. .. Allowing the option to play co-op would offer even a frequent griefers to still play and farm exp, just only in co-op mode. There they won't hurt others who play co-op so much, AI ain't so tough enemy. .. Problem (related to co-op) might be negative game experiece (cause of AFKers) for newbies who are learning to play the game in co-op and yet will meet possible AFKers So what are your opinions captains? KRBeC
  21. Mittlerweile hab mich beinahe schon dran gewöhnt, in knapp jeder zweiten Runde einen AFK-ler im Team zu haben. Jetzt kommt sicher wieder die Leier von "Na und? Ich hab ein RL, was vorgeht" oder "Internet-Probleme" und "Der Hund muss Gassi..." oder sonstwas. Wisst ihr was? Das interessiert mich einen Scheiß. Euer egoistisches Drecksverhalten nimmt mir die Freude am spielen! Dann connectet doch bitte erst gar nicht, wenn ihr wisst das gleich der Paketbote kommt oder ihr 20 Minuten lang auf der Toilette einen abseilen geht. Ich hatte heute die eine Runde erst 2x AFK-Bobs, kurz danach sogar 3x. Da kann ich mich ehrlich gesagt gleich mit ausloggen... Das ständige Reporten von wegen "Spielt schlecht" oder "Bot" scheint ja nichts zu bringen, deswegen wäre es mein Anliegen, dass nach 30-45 Sekunden ohne Tastatur-Eingabe doch bitte die KI (künstliche Intelligenz - ein WoW-Bot) die Steuerung übernehmen sollte. Und zwar so lange, bis wieder eine Tastatur-Eingabe erfolgt. So hat das Team mit den AFK-Bobs wenigstens noch ansatzweise die Chance, die Runde zu gewinnen. Klar habe ich das ganze drastisch geschrieben, nur stößt es mir halt extrem sauer auf wenn ich in Reihe wegen solchen Leuten verliere. Immerhin zeige ich eine Lösung auf, vielleicht kann Sehales das ja ans Hauptquartier weiter leiten. Danke für's zuhören, weiter machen!
  22. Far too often someone leaves the game for some reason. Whatever the excuse is that they are not present (broken connection, answering the doorbell or whatever), I would REALLY like to have that marked for the team (not the enemy team ) Maybe one for AFK - connected but no action (key pressed or mouse movement for xx seconds) and one for completely without connection. It is not about giving players an "eternal mark of shame", but just to tell the team that right now theres a player missing. Then the team at least would know that - "no, this CA is not guarding the CV's " and "no, that BB is not carefully considering where to go next."
  23. hehe Trying to play ranked battles but 8/10 times i get some [edited]or afk players that manage to die in first 2 minutes........
  24. dblkion

    Didnt take long !

    Took me a whole 2 ranked games to get that afk guy on your team, resulting in a lose. What kind of punishement are they getting ? Also what are those moronic report options .. "BOT" so far there is no bot for WOWS "Plays poorly" Is that a bannable offense ? So yeah, does nothing "Misbehavior in chat" nothing is done.