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Found 4 results

  1. Hanse77SWE

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    Since Aegis is back on I thought I would share how I like to play the T6 premium DD Aigle in said Operation. I would like to point out that this tactic doesn't suit all DDs and I've had some success working this way in the Perth. This is a text that I wrote for my clan back in June but with the magic of Google Translate I can share it with you. I'll fix small errors as I find them. We start with the ship. Aigle is a T6 French premium DD and as I understand it, the T6 standard DD will be just as solid but without smoke. She is fast, has a lot of HP, powerful but slow torpedoes and the guns are very good against cruisers but turns slowly. Some important figures: The guns: Five of them, 2,600 on a cit with AP, loads on 4.8, 9% fire without help. The torpedoes: Reloads at 77s., does 18,400 damage, 57 knots, 8km range. Smoke: Works 20s., Lasts 81s. Speed: 36 knots, 37.8 with SM flag. Boost + 20%. Will be detected at: 6.8 km (full stealth), 3.1 km when shooting in smoke. Captain: Flags: Sierra Mike makes no sense because you will only rush between certain points and then the boost will be good. NF is a must as the smoke barely has time to reload between the "stations" Increased fire chance can help but I am full of economy flags so I ignore it. Ram-flag can be helpful. More on that later. Map. (Apologies, best I could find.) Red lines = my approximate course. White arrows = Shoots. White "circles" = Smoke. First wave: I start by rushing so far so I can put my first torpedo salvo between the islands where the first wave will appear. They may not always be able to be detected before I get into position, but it doesn't matter. The ships usually vary their speed so they are quite difficult to hit. It usually goes well with a blind salvo about where they usually come. Overlapping wide spread works fine. You learn. Not so important. Then I set course for NW to meet the second wave. You can shoot with the guns at the first wave, but it usually does not give much and you would rather not be spotted when the second wave comes. Second wave: Now you should be with the bow towards NW on a kind of parallel counter-course with the second wave. Here it is great if you can get someone to spot for you. Wait until they are almost down to 7 km away before you "smoke". You can shoot the torpedoes Before that. Since the ships are heading towards you at a fairly high speed, you get more "range" so to speak. Prioritize the battleships with the torpedoes. Now you are in smoke with a collection of T4-6 IJN cruisers at 3-6 km distance with the broad side towards you. AP-time! Just keep in mind that the nearest cruiser may be so close that he sees you in the smoke so focus on him if he gets too close. BEWARE! They can shoot torpedoes into the smoke. BEWARE! Here you can be tactical and either sink ships one by one or "grind" them down to low HP so your teammates can kill them easier. Ego or the team. You choose. When the smoke disappears, the torpedoes have recharged and if there is anything left of the second wave you may have to "dance" a bit with them at the end. By now, you should have made just over 100k. Third wave (Convoy): Here it is time for smoke no. 2. There should be no problem with spotting because your team should be straight south of the enemy and see everything. There are two enemy ships on the west flank of the convoy and these are your targets. It may be that the southern of them has come so far that the island blocks torpedo shots. If so, use the torpedoes on the northern ship. Shoot torpedoes, smoke on! Then it is time for AP in the side at about 6-7 km distance. They can change speed so don't rely too much on the torpedoes. Has even happened that I've sunk them with the guns before the torpedoes have "arrived". If you are unable to sink any of them or only one does not matter much, only they are weakened, your team will take care of them. Fourth wave (Battleships): Fourth wave is two-part. In the north comes two lone battleships (T4-5) and in NE comes a larger group of ships with a T6 BB as flagship. It is these three that are worth a star. Your targets are the two in the north. Go south of the island as it is drawn on the map, otherwise you will be spotted immediately when you get around the island and have to chase them from behind. Not good. Same as on the second wave. Shoot torpedoes, one set per ship, smoke on, but this time spamming HE. Also, keep in mind that they vary in course and speed some so they are not completely easy torpedo targets. Here it is very important that you have someone who spots. The idea is to start a fire or two before the torpedoes hit. They go out, and then the flood gets stuck when/if the torpedoes hit. Or, conversely, they fix the flood and then burn well. Both ways work. Just shoot! It is very unusual for the torpedoes to sink them by themselves. If they are not dead when the smoke disappears, you have a choice to make. Either shoot the next torpedo salvo and get out the back of the smoke or run the boost and rush on. (This is where the ram-flag can be good to have.) Can be a bit risky but they/it should be quite so "low" for a single torpedo to do the job. You can get sunk at this stage but it doesn't matter that much, usually this is the last thing you can do. You can rush east and help with the last group, but it is not always necessary. THE END! It's not always possible for someone to spot fort you, so be prepared not to see anything when the smoke comes on. It is not wrong to have a friend with you in the voice chat division for coordination. Some general tips about Aegis: * Work fast! The trick is to end every wave before the next one comes on. It also has to be fast at the end so that the transport ships do not run straight into the last enemy group. If you lose a transport ship, you have lost a star. Also, you have to get all the tasks done before the transports reach the "exit" Work fast! * You can't do everything by yourself! As you can see, I almost completely ignore the first wave, help a little with the convoy and do not have much to do with the last large group. I focus on the second group and the two battleships in the north. It's my job! The rest I have to trust that my team will fix. * If you see someone who seems to play as I have described here, do not hesitate to position yourself to spot. The whole team benefits from it. The thing is that you actually do the most with the guns. I usually rack up approx. 200-240k damage and then only 1/3 from torpedoes/flood/fire, the rest is pure gun. Since you have been so good and read so much, I will add a video. This can be a good "moneymaker" as you can see on these screenshot. these are 4 or 5-star games. Any questions?
  2. Right, so i have aready seen lots of effing potatos who have virtually no idea what do they do then die 2mins in, and people who just simply throw a garrenteed win away cause they are not in the right place in the right time, and a apparent serious lack of guides detailing on how to beat them. do please suggest improvements on the guides as well, since I’m not that good at remembering ship spawn positions. Guides to operations in wows: contents: General guidelines for all ops T6 ops: defence of naval station newport killer whale agies raptor rescue(on hiatus) t 7 ops: nari Ultimate frontier(on hiatus) special ops: Hermes(on hiatus) cherry blossom(on hiatus) operation dynamo(on hiatus) 1. General guidelines for all ops: Operations differ from PVP random battles as in you will only be fighting against bots, not humans. The bots however differ from the ones in co-op as the ones in co-op are powered by potatoOS while the bots in ops are powered by skynet’s younger brother, which means if you screw up or you are not up to standard, they will murder you. Also unlike in co-op you often find yourself fighting at a numbers disadvantage from the start on, but you will have a tier advantage or some form of help in the form of forts, other bot ships or just downright completeing the objectives ASAP. So here is some general guidelines: Read the objectives that appear at the top right of your screen, especially the main one. Completing the main objective will at least garrentee a win, but if you want more £££ then complete the secondaries as well. even though bots are powered by skynet, they will always spawn in the same place/same ships, and and roughly the same movement pattern towards you until further notice. DDs are usless in all ops except dynamo, as they have far too little HP and armor, guns often don’t do much against ships and bots evade torps as soon as they are fired, making torps useless except in point blank ranges. Avoid bringing Nuremberg to any ops. It has far too little armor and explodes just by someone looking at it the wrong way. OPs are not PVP, so you need to be aggressive and make the plays that count, foucus fire on the same ship, don't camp, and if you have to, eat a torp meant for a convey ship. for the same reason, avoid camping in repair circles unless you absolutely have to go and repair. All OPs have friendly fire turned off.
  3. Bonjour à tous et toutes, Pour ceux et celles qui sont intéressés, voilà un petit record à battre. Sur l'opération EGIDE, le joueur PAULON080 a atteint la bagatelle de 45 citadelles et 330k points de dégâts en Budyonny. C'était un défi entre lui et moi. J'avais atteint 28 citadelles, puis lui avait atteint 39, et maintenant il a encore battu le record... Peut-on mieux faire? L'avenir nous le dira. Ou pas.
  4. BlackYeti


    So, it's been a couple of months since the Operations release. There are a ton of tutorials online. A lot of forum posts. The difficulty has been toned down significantly. And today I get this... Ok, in the first game in QE I derped out too, repaired a double fire and then caught a flooding from a T-22 because I played too aggressively. But I am just one ship of seven. People still do things like torpedo boat divisions or hug the repair ships in the back so there is no one around to stop the destroyers in time from entering the base. /rant I seriously don't know what else can be done in this matter at this point, the operations have been dumbed down enough as it is and i am against skill-based MM. 7-man divisions also shouldn't be the balancing factor. On the other hand defeats should happen as they happen in randoms, the rewards have been tweaked slightly since release but the gap between victory and defeat is still too large. Maybe if the reward gap was smaller losses wouldn't be so goddamn frustrating and make me wish for 30mins of my life back :( EDIT: screenshot didn't show up EDIT II 4th game was a 0-star victory because I carried the hell out of this game being the last man standing