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Found 8 results

  1. Z-46 struggle

    So far the German DD line have been a blast. The Gaede is pretty good, I adore the Maas and the Z-23 is also a barrel of fun. But I just can't seem to get the Z-46 moving past the "meh" impression. On paper it should be good. Good guns with decent range and nice velocity, great torps, stealth is on par with most other same tier DD's, nice HP pool and Hydro. But there is some not so nice fineprint attached to the paper stats. The guns are good, but the turret placement is awkward with 1 turret in front and 2 in the back meaning chasing is annoying. The HP pool can easily vanish since it is so fat and loves to arm BB AP. The Hydro, while better than on the Z-23 is not that much better, meaning that even if you face a lower tier german DD for example the distance it has to cover to also spot you is neglible at best. Now it might look like I'm complaining, and in a sense I am. But I still think it is an alright ship. I just struggle to get consistent results out of it. One game you get blapped by radar/hydro/plane/BB AP and HE before you even have the time to consider popping smoke. And other games you run around torping and stealthcapping everything without competition. The Z-23 and Maas I could pull consistent results in, and it was fun to contest caps and chase down other DD's and torping what was left. In the Z-46 it feels like I have to be so very careful I sometimes don't even dare to go into caps since I'm not sure I can get out alive. So any suggestions? Or is just a big l2p issue when you hit tier 9 DD's?
  2. Hey there! So I recently decided to come back to the game after a very long break, that being that I mostly played in the alpha/beta and have only casually played the odd game since then. Since I moved to the UK recently I decided to totally remake my account on EU and start fresh - I've been having a lot of fun! ... But I have some questions and concerns I'd quite like to get some answers to that have been causing me some issues. Firstly, unless my memory fails me, it seems like there are oh-so-many more Battleships in every match than there was back when I used to play, like i'm talking at least 5-7 players per team will be battleships with maybe 1 or 2 cruisers max (like really where have all the cruisers gone? O.o) and a few destroyers. The thing is I like to play Cruisers but the whole "everyone's a battleship" is causing me a lot of headaches. As far as i'm aware Cruisers are countered by Battleships, so how is one wanting to play a cruiser supposed to be competitive when almost all the enemies are your counter? Am I playing wrong, is this an issue with me or are cruisers just in a naturally bad place with matchmaking like this? Are Cruisers struggling right now because of this or are they as good as ever? If this is the case, is there any reason for this Battleship spam and is it likely to subside? (I'm currently playing tier III-VI ships right now so i'm not sure if it's the same at tier IX to X). My second concern is that I'm currently on the Furutaka and i've read peoples suggestions and advice on how to play it but I just don't seem to be able to make it work. I hear this ship is actually a really good so It leaves me a bit disheartened for continuing the rest of the IJN cruiser line. Is this more-or-less the play-style of the rest of the ship line or does it get better? Is the Furutaka an oddball IJN cruiser that doesn't really play much like the others or is she a good indicator of the rest of the line of those ships? I have issues with the whole "you gotta keep your front towards the enemy at all times and never expose broadside thing." like how does one actually maneuver around the battlefield if you have to be head-on all the time? People say "you gotta play it like a Battleship" but I can't stand Battleship gameplay, it's far too slow and non-adaptive for me, so is the rest of the line like this ethos? Or could my issues be due to my aforementioned Battleship spam? Another thing is that I've been thinking of giving the Frenchie cruisers a go; However I recall when I was watching Jingles' review video of them on Youtube when they were in the test server that the tier 10 was rather underwhelming and not very competitive, did this change before release? Or is it still rather mediocre? I got the tier VI De Grasse premium cruiser and I really like how it plays, is the rest of the line similar? Also, i've been thinking of trying the German Destroyers. I love the guns on the Russian DD's and the amazing, long range, Torps' of IJN ones - and I hear the Germans are somewhat of a middleground? How is that line, is the tier 10 good? Sorry for the question spam - i'm just really getting into the game but feel a little bit lost on some fronts and would like to find a line of ships to really focus on as well as get some clarification on some concerns of mine. As I last played the game seriously in alpha/beta I think I had a Fubuki and Mogami (when those were tier 7) and remember liking the Myoko but not the Fubuki so much but I think that was mainly because I needed to learn how to play it xD. I remember wishing it had way better guns so I had something to do between torps' though. Thanks to anyone who can answer me i'll make sure to monitor the thread and I look forward to some responses :)
  3. Advice on how to spend 375k free XP

    Hello, made this poll to ask opinions
  4. [Advice] What could I have done better?

    Topic: 20170930_023758_PJSD708-HSF-Harekaze_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay After watching the above replay, what do you think I could've done to change the outcome of this match? I've had a long evening with a lot of ups and downs (more downs), and I just wonder if there's anything I could've done to just be better. Results screenshots (not edited to remove names because it's 3:15am and I need sleep):
  5. [LFA] FLINT build

    Hi, just got my flint and dont own an atlanta so i want to know a couple of things from flint/atlanta owners, that already have the ship for a while and are non-potato. so heres the build i plan on runing: Flint cpt. build my questions are: - would i go AFT or IFHE first? - should i drop demo expert in favor of vigilance? - is superintendant needed for 1x smoke charge (AA already unlimited) or is vigilance/BFT better? - how often do i loose ruder steering? -> last satnd mybe more worth than JoAT?
  6. T-22 seeking advice

    hi have been playing some greman destroyers recently. i had great fun and great success with tiers 2, 3 and 4 but now i have hit a "brick wall" which is the tier 5 T-22... literally a brick of a ship. it looks like straight down grade to previous ships? cant even launch torps from stealth, too clumsy to avoid shots, guns are meh... and tier 5 matchmaking isnt too kind either. so how to you play this ship? i need all advice i can get.
  7. Hello captains! A little backstory first... I've recently had a craving for some naval action and came back to this game after a really long break. Back when I played we only had IJN and US lines with 2 Russian premiums(aurora and murmansk), so you can imagine my shock when i checked the tech tree. I've always liked cruisers for their relatively quick rate of fire(im fine with 15s, but anything above is a little too slow for my taste), good speed and ability to weave dodge incoming shells. It was easy to pick back in the day, but now there is a lot more choice.... I just need some info on the new lines... Are there any BBs now that have relatively fast rate of fire ? Are there any BBs that are super accurate ? Is zao still relevant, compared to moskva and hindenburg ? Are there any amazing gun oriented destroyers ? (I want to be a destroyer that excels at killing other destroyers) What premiums are "must haves" for fun and credit making ? I really, really enjoyed Murmansk back in the day, haven't tried it recently. I've tried a bit of everything so far but i need to start focusing on 1 line to get better, thus im asking for help. Here are my stats, i don't have much experience(only what...300 something battles) but i feel like im pretty average right now. http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/kiteohatto/ <------you can also see what ships i own Thanks and I look forward to your input. P.S. What are those special missions now with Steven Seagal and arp ships ?
  8. Hello captains Today I realized, unfortunately, that JPN DDs keep complaining about not getting supported in caps and call us, the rest of the team, in many unpleasant ways I also sometimes feel the need to use. Scenario: 2 DDs in cap (Tiers 8 Fubukies in one game and Kagero vs Fletcher(far better guns)) spot each other Both start running and we start shooting at enemy DD (BB here) Enemy DD start shooting at our DD but our DD is too busy running away so he does not open fire As you can gues our DD dies in like 1 min (both games) because we didn't support So I will ask you guys. Maybe it's time to create a new Bad Advice and tell players that being a JPN DD, usually, doesn't mean you don't have to use guns to save your own [edited]. Especially when you have in front the same ship as you have. If you want to go stealth again you actually have to kill other DD before it's too late. Your team is not a god who can instakill all the enemies which are shooting at you. I personally believe that it's outraging to get at T8+ in a DD and never used your guns, because JPN DDs are TORPS ONLY. Did these guys ever use Fubuki with second hull to see how it works?? I would like to you guys to, at least, emphasize this in forums whenever you can. So we can save our mental health for the end of the battle and not lose it in the beggining arguing with pro ded DD players