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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, So I've started playing wows 8 weeks ago or something like that. I was a bit sceptical on the "depth" of the game at the beginning (having played quite a lot of NavyField back in the days), but I was actually surprised (in a good way), sure the personalisation of you ship is a bit "rudimental" compared to what I'm used to, but I really like some other stuff ( like damage management with angling etc...) . Anyway I'm looking for advices from experimented players on how to actually play well. I think I've been doing okayish but I might have trouble actually helping my team to win. I've been playing CL/CA mainly, but also BB, CV, and DD in that order. I'm an absolutely terrible DD player, bit I'm getting better. I'm kind of confused on what to do/where to go as a DD. Most of the times my torpedoes completely miss my target and if I get spotted by an enemy DD who wants me dead there's almost 90% chance that I'm gonna be dead in the next minute. I'm a bit better in battles with few destroyers. I also try to cap, but most of the time that just leads me to a quick death. i'm not a lot better as a BB... I'm legit happy when my damage exceed 35k. Which is ridiculous. I get A LOT of ricochet but i just refuse to use HE as a BB. Should I ? I tend to be better with cruisers, although i regularly receive extremely high damage from good BB players, then I have to be really careful on when to engage or when not to. I think I'm pretty good as a CV. That might because that's what I mainly used to play in Navyfield. Sorry about that, I hear you guys hate CVs. Although I don't really see why because most of the time they're not really a problem to me. Maybe the problems starts at higher tiers, I don't know... Also is there any website where you can see more detailed stats about your profile than the "official" website ? Thanks to anyone who wants to help a struggling new player. Maybe I should join a clan ? I don't know...
  2. I am a returning player(new account) and I have some problems. I almost forgot everything about this game and I wanted to try it again. After I reached Tier V with the German BB line and Tier III with German CA line my problems started. First my problems with BB: It seems like my shots are going everywhere except on my target. It feels like my enemys have some kind of "shield", so that my shots land right next to them My positioning sucks. Either i die early in the game or i am the last one alive vs 5 opponents I dont know which ammo type to use. It feels like that I have always the wrong ammo type loaded for specific situations. Now my problems with CA: I cant get in range to deal damage. There is always the one dd that spots me and I just die because of barrage or torps If i get in range my damage just sucks. My best game with Königsberg was something like 40k dmg and that just feels bad I don´t know if these are just normal newbie problems or i just suck. I would appreciate some help. And if someone want to play with me and explain to me what I am doing wrong/right I would appreciate it(Preferably in German, but english is fine too).
  3. A lot of this games settings are semi hidden, or not completely obvious. In this video I review and explain many in game settings that players may not be aware of that will help captains become better players. I hope it helps!