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Found 5 results

  1. Who are we and what can you expect from us? We are the Dutch Extreme Gaming Clan. A multi-gaming clan with only Dutch-speaking members who like to play games together and have fun. What do we expect from each other? - A good sense of humor - Likes to play together with others - Speaks Dutch - Are at least 16 years old - Have teamspeak installed and have a working headset - To keep it as fun as possible, we want you to come on a teamspeak when you are online in wows How does the clan work? When you register with us you will enter an initiation period of approximately 2 weeks. We use these weeks to see who you are. After this period you become a member and nothing else will change. Wanna join? Please visit: https://www.degc.nl/ for more information or be welcome to our teamspeak channel: ts.degc.nl:10467 When you join the new member channel someone will come to help you. (This can sometimes take a couple of minutes) Do not request to join us in game hoping we will accept is. We won't Wie zijn wij en wat kun je van ons verwachten? Wij zijn de Dutch Extreme Gaming Clan. Een multi gaming clan met alleen maar nederlands sprekende leden die voor hun plezier graag met elkaar gamen en slap lullen. Wat verwachten wij van elkaar? - Een goed gevoel voor humor - Speelt graag samen met anderen - Spreekt Nederlands - Bent minimaal 16 jaar - Hebt teamspeak geinstalleerd en hebt een werkende headset - Om het zo gezellig mogelijk te houden willen we dat je op teamspeak komt wanneer je online bent in wows Hoe werken wij? Wanneer je je bij ons aanmeld zal je een initiatieperiode in gaan van ongeveer 2 weken. Deze weken gebruiken wij om te kijken wie jij bent. Na deze periode word je member en zal er verder niks veranderen. Spreekt dit je aan? Kijk dan op: https://www.degc.nl/ voor meer informatie of wees welkom in ons teamspeak kanaal: ts.degc.nl:10467 Als je in het nieuwe leden kanaal gaat zitten zal er iemand naar je toe komen om je verder te helpen. (Dit kan soms even duren) Stuur geen verzoek om ons te joinen in game, zonder eerst naar ons toe te komen in teamspeak. Deze verzoeken zullen meteen verwijderd worden. Hopelijk tot snel bij DEGC! Gegroet, Subtitledsmile!
  2. HMS The Great British Fleet is now recruiting! [HMS] is looking for new casual and reasonably experienced players in the EU area. Welcome To The Great British Fleet. We play most evenings, and always play during Clan Battles seasons. We also play Ranked battles, Super divisions and run weekly Training sessions, for those who want to improve the skills they have and learn new ones. Our clan also plays a variety of other games. Our members are a friendly bunch of guys always looking to better the clan and everyone in it. Our motto is, 'IF YOU WISH FOR PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR'. Our membership requirements are detailed below: - Be 18+. - Be a member of the EU server. - Be fluent in written and spoken English. - Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship. - Have a Discord account to join the HMS server. - Have a working microphone to communicate. - Be willing to play clan battles . Clan benefits: +10% Steel +10% Coal -15% Post battle service -15% Cost of researchable Ships +5% XP per battle +25 Free XP +10% Commander XP Clan Treasury Maximum Clan Size (50) Meet new people and make friends Play as a team People to ask for help or help people If you are interested in joining please join our discord or apply in game. Few useful links Discord Link :-https://discordapp.com/invite/eEHrWjA Stats :-https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500141197,H-M-S-The-Great-British-Fleet/ Website :- https://awiggins7.wixsite.com/h-m-s APPLY NOW! https://forms.gle/9QDtCrkVL6ySwKHu9
  3. RDE Est 2017 ~ Page update 10th May 2020 Hello and welcome to RDE We are a Uk based mature and casual clan established in 2017. We have members from all over the world and our ages range from 21-67+ ish. For many of us gaming is a way to chill out after work and escape the real world and for some of us to put on our headphones and pretend not to hear the wife or even the tiny munchkins running amok around the living room. Most of us here have full time jobs, wife's, girlfriends, husbands, partners, kids, life commitments ect... We understand life comes first and not everybody has the time to commit to a hardcore clan with strict activity, yet want to have fun at a casual level and play hard at the weekend or during special events like clan wars. We are a very active clan and most of our members have been with us since our humble beginnings or have returned to us after a game break. Clan member benefits include New player friendly clan. We are all very friendly and have the time to help new players with tips or questions. Some our of members have posted some great guides on our Discord channel 50 member slot clan. You're never alone should you wish to team up and create a division or even be social and have a chat with us on our Discord channel Chance to win free stuff. Win premium account time, doubloons, steam games and more on our Discord giveaway channel giveaway The chance to play in clan battles. Clan battles can be very rewarding and the prizes range from flags, steel and coal, premium account time, doubloons and much more Fully researched dock, everything to the max: Academy +10% commander xp - Research centre +5% XP on all ships of all tiers, Design bureau +25% xp per battle, Shipyard -15% cost to researchable ships of all tiers, Dry dock -15% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers, Steel port +10% (3/3) and finely the best bonus the Coal port which gives a massive +10% extra coal. This really boosts the earnings made on each container(s) opened or special event. Just for fun social clan events. Join us in the RDE training room for an evening of Torpedo jousting, No shooting torpedo soup matches, last boat standing/battle royal. : Coming soon We use Discord. You do not need to log into Discord every time you log into the game. However, we are a social clan so stop by to say hello or just log in and sit in the back ground keeping up to date with clan chat Watch the clan battles live on Twitch or other games streamed by our members Low requirements needed to join us.... Age 21+ and able to communicate in English or broken English Minimum Win rate: 48% with at least 1000+ Random games played Hidden stats. Whilst we have relaxed rules regarding this. All new requests to join us must show their in game stats. You may hide them again after 24 hours after being a full member. Farm oil by collecting at least 50 oil a week or 200 oil a month. Each container comes with 10 oil which makes this a very achievable casual target . The most important requirement : You will be presenting a very friendly clan. You must be of a mature manner and respect ALL players friend or foe. Too much salt is unhealthy for you, all us oldies know this ;-) Simple and quick joining No need to fill out questionnaires or meet up with recruiters Just send an in game request to us at -RDE- to be accepted Previous clan results
  4. Hello captains! Allow me to introduce our clan. Want to actually earn steel with others who are interested in building up steel instead of mucking about with "special tactics"? Want to discuss numbers with people who actually know the numbers that aren't found in port? If you answered yes to these, we have already established a couple of things in common! SOG is a no-BS tight-knit, strong, active community of hardy individuals who spend plenty of time together shooting people in the face, then using their sinking ships as extra-thicc torpedo bulges. And when we feel the urge for some steel, we do that competitively. We push the limits of our play as much as possible and have a great laugh while doing so. If you want a competitive clan with proper ambitions and a strong, active and professional leadership structure, our doors are open to you. All you need now is to get to know us. You can find us at our Discord in http://sonsofglory.club . The ideal SOG member: - Doesn't make weird noises when someone attempts to constructively critique their play (preferably someone with more experience and a good all-around knowledge of the ship in question, doh) - Has a "can do" attitude in the face of strong adversity, even if the odds are clearly stacked against him - Avoids overly toxic rampages against teammates and behaves as exemplary as possible in random battles, embracing the potatoes rather than complaining about them. They're a source of amusement, not a source of frustration. - Doesn't faint when certain words are used in a lighthearted and appropriate context - Understands the difference between banter and attacks, and knows how to have a good laugh at himself - Understands why "he has 1100 PR but is a good teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem player" is utter horse manure and selectivity is necessary in competitive environments - Isn't afraid to come up with bold ideas and put them forth BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - Wants to draw some goddamn fun in this game What do we want from you? - 1500 battles minimum overall, in randoms - Familiarity with multiple T10 ships - WR 53% minimum, PR 1350 minimum - Active participation in Discord - Exceptions will sometimes be made depending on a detailed and profound analysis of other traits that determine whether the candidate has the wherewithal to meet these standards in the future What do we offer in return? - Competitive face shooting with a yummy side dish of citadel soup. - Distribution of prize earnings from treasury for assistance in completion of a clan battles season. If you participated, and we earned coal and steel as a result of that participation, a large part of that reward will be set aside for distribution, and you will get a share proportional to your own participation. - Nearly fully built naval base, with extra XP, FXP, coal, steel and other benefits galore. - The possibility of 1-to-1 consultation with people familiar with ships that you may be struggling with. Some of them are even ship monks and gurus that have spent eons in the Ship Temple meditating. - An SOG-exclusive academy where we uncover things that are hidden from port view, so you can master new lines from the outset like a goddamn Jedi. If this sounds good to you, and you too would like to be part of our Ship Jedi Order within Sons of Glory, come and get to know us! We might just rub off on you the right way. Our core members are highly valued individuals and we make the best effort to keep everyone's morale high. We can't wait to include more people in this! See you in our Discord!
  5. Ahoy and Welcome to our Recruitment details from the Clan [TATO] As in 'Potato' So who are we? Clan [TATO] started in early February 2020 with a small group of friends who wanted to start an English speaking clan of our own. We love to play Co-op Battles and we regularly play as part of a division. We also enjoy the Operations and again division up to play those as well. There are a few members currently that play in the Random battles though we will never move away from the Co-op Battles fully as the main aim of this clan is to be a group of people who have fun together in our Warships. What we can offer you. As stated the clan is currently small so what we can offer you really depends what your looking for. However here are a few suggestions on what you could benefit from joining our clan We are currently a new and small clan that is looking to grow, as a result you would get to experience the growth of the clan with us and offer any suggestions you may have to help the clan improve The clan promotes been a friendly clan and having lots of fun together with our fellow sailors There is a gaming discord channel you could join to be more part of our community Friendly Rivalry in extra challenges through the above discord channel Depending on game experience you could learn and or teach new tricks of the game to players as we do promote helping others where we are able also So though were a new and small clan does not result in us not been able to offer you and you offer us things in return. Don't forget these are just a few suggestions on what our clan could offer. What are we looking for from you? In simple terms activity! Having said that here is the general idea on what we are looking for. Active Players. By active we do not say you have to play every day but we do ask that you don't go dormant without letting someone know first Mature Players. No we do not say you have to be over 18 or anything, but please do not be like a child, even some adults act like children at times and that can spoil things for other members. Friendly. Just be friendly and have fun. This does apply to been friendly to other players outside the clan as well, after all we all started knowing nothing about the game at some point. Helpful. If you see a fellow clan member struggling, see what you can do to help. After all that's the best way to learn new things and get better at the game So that's basically us. Of course should you have any questions please feel free to message us either on here or in game and we will be happy to help where we can :) Gamer_Penguin Executive Officer of clan [TATO] As in 'Potato'