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Found 8 results

  1. ImperialAdmiral

    How many Krakens do you have?

    Just a fun topic. How many Krakens you got to this date? I got my 50th today.
  2. ItsTipez

    Just some ideas

    1: Add special effects when you detonate someone like guns flying off barbettes, lifeboats flying, hull ripping up ect... 2: new achievement; Detonating Strike. If you detonate someone who is over 50%hp, it will award you with this achievement rather than devestating srike 3:a blue name tag that is on your name, which is like violator or division tags. Its purpose will be to tell your team that you have a slow game, and the punishment for being afk wont be applied. 4: issues about he (keep in mind that this is if the player has ifhe through this and the next issue) . If a he shell hits the hull and shatters (like if you are bow on in a bb), there is no way that a he shell can start a fire that way. Another weird angle that can start fires is a shell hitting a deck at 95 degrees and starting a fire (correct me if i got the angle wrong). A bigger issue is he hitting super structure (like the hoods,and has ifhe skill) penning and constantly causing 1k damage each and never getting saturated (i will discuss this in the 5th problem). Also, PLEASE stop adding more he spamming ships or ships which specialize in he. By 2020, battleships will be impossible to play because cruisers are getting more popular and op. 5: fire/he saturation. Imagine a yamato, that got hit in the nose by he and caused a fire, losing 9k hp. Now imagine it again, but with less hp and fire causing the same amount of damage. This is the problem with playing bbs, especially high tier. I wondered why it dosent saturate the hull, like torpedoes do to ships. He hitting the deck in the same place realistically has to saturate it at some point. 6: a built in replay system. Just press a button if you think you liked the battle enough to see it again, drops into a tab and you can watch it infinite times (i know you can do this manually with a few lines of code, but im too paranoid to edit the code without breaking something)
  3. Zenthon02

    Zulu Signale

    Mir ist in letzter Zeit mal etwas aufgefallen, was mich interessiert. Und zwar die Zulu Flagge (wird erhalten durch "First Blood") Man bekommt eine pro Erfolg und es steht da, "einmal pro Tag". Mir ist aber aufgefallen, dass ich mehrere Zulus auf einmal in der Liste hatte. Kann man also doch mehrere davon an einem Tag bekommen, oder ist das lediglich ein Anzeigefehler? LG Zenthon
  4. BlackRocker95

    Summary gone, cant get any achievements

    Hi! On the last 1-2 months I didnt play WOWS because some Windows problems. But yesterday I downloaded the game again, installed, played a few battles than I noticed that all my battles before( 300 and a few, I know because it is visible only on the WOWS web page, I log in and I can see there, but not in the game!) with all my stats in the summary were gone. I only have my achievements(won before). From the moment I started to play again the counter works, it counts my battle, victory rate etc, but all my previous stats are gone. Another intresting thing, that I cant get any achievements, for example today after I was destroyed, I sunk a BB with torps, , and I didn't get the "Just a Flesh of Wound" achievement. Is this possible? Or maybe I'm right and I really have issues with getting achievements too?(Before that 1-2 month pause in gaming I got achievements, and I have those, but only those, and I can't get a new one! Please help! Thank you in advance!
  5. Takeda92

    Ideas for new medals

    Since the introduction of new statistics like spotting damage and potential damage, the potential of new medals appeared with it, and I think it would be fun trying to come up with new ideas for medals. One of the coolest ideas I have is "torpedobeat," by spotting and dodging a certain amount of torpedoes you get this medal. My first thinking is around 20 torpedoes, but it can be anything depending on how hard you want this achievement to be. The devs stated before they really like the videos of the original torpedobeats creator, and let's be honest here, torpedobeats moments are some of the most exciting in this game. Next are classics from WoT that can finally have a place in WoWS, Spotter and Patrol Duty. In WoT the first one is about spotting the enemy tanks while the latter is about spotting damage done to them by your allies. Personally, I think Spotter is too easy to get in WoWS but Patrol Duty is perfect for the new spotting damage stats. I think people who spots for their team should be acknowledged and, if you see someone getting this medal, you know they played for the team. The last one I thought about is about potential damage. I can't think of a cool, naval-related name for this one, maybe Careful Navigator? (doesn't make a lot of sense). Players who use their rudders and speed change a lot to juke enemy shells are rewarded this medal. Problem is, there is another tanking damage medal like Dreadnought, so this seems rather redundant, but it can be acquired by cruisers and destroyers easier than Dreadnought. What are your ideas? Do you have something for a new medal/achievement or better name and/or requirements for the above ideas? Even if this is just for fun.
  6. As the screenshot shows, only I got 30(+) air kills, but no clear sky badge. Normally it's awarded the moment a person gets his 30th air kill that match, but even when I got my 32th air kill and the match ended I did not receive it. I used my Myoko's anti-air skill periodically, but primarily manually selected priority targets for my AA gunners.
  7. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    Something like MoE for ships?

    Hey Guys ;) I'd like to make a suggestion. I'd like to have something like the Marks of Excellence (short: MoE) for warships, too. When people for example average a certain amount of avrg dmg, winrate, hit ratio or whatever (preferably dmg) they should be able to get some kind of achievement which would be visible for everyone. Would love to have that and I hope that I'm not the only one.
  8. Quetak

    Daily achievement overview

    Hi, Im missing overview of achievements which i have done today. It will be good to have it so we can focus on specific ones for daily signal rewards. When I play longer game session im losing overview what i did already. Some check marks in profile/achievements which resets daily or something like that. I know there is reward overview in port on left up but when you click on it then it disappiers.