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Found 9 results

  1. Flaz3

    Map Border abusing.

    So I have seen this in the game plenty of times by now and this is really getting annoying, I am talking about players abusing the borders of the map to throw off aim. If the borders of the map was not meant to be used this way I would request that colliding with the edge of the map would prevent you from moving to sides, like colliding with islands does for example. Simple fix for simple but annoying abuse.
  2. BCHood

    What's up today with Random?

    Just like every day, I queue Randoms, to farm some xp with my prems to convert them and research different lines. Today was no different. There's a heavy influx of loud mouthed players which are first to accuse the whole team of sucking just because they did no damage, or died unneccesary. In all of these matches - perhaps I could have done better, perhaps a better player would do twice as good as I - but I was in top 4 any of these matches. I wasn't terrible. I'd say sorry on the team for my performance if I was. The ingame community is just turning so whiny, and toxic it starts to remind me of WoT. This is really not good. Last but not least, the last match got me my first chat ban-ana. For calmly pointing out I did 4 kills and did okay damage. I guess that's offensive to some people. What are some of yours not-so-pretty experiences lately in the Randoms?
  3. Corvi

    Fix chat report abuse please

  4. Bosco_Boris

    Reporting Abuse?

    Hi all, I have been playing WoW for some time and this is my first time taking to the forums. This evening I encountered the first instance of seriously abusive behavior I've seen on WoW. It wasn't directed at me but it was very harsh and racist and not the kind of thing any of us want to see while having a bit of fun and blowing crap up! I took the player to task over it but battle was cut short (by crushing defeat). Unfortunately I didn't think to screenshot the conversation in the team chat, but is there a way of reporting this kind of behavior to Wargaming management? I wouldn't usually be much of a keyboard warrior but what I saw tonight was completely out of order. I'm not going to name and shame the player here, but I'm willing to bet its not the first time he's thrown his toys out of the pram. Any help would be appreciated, Bosco
  5. JG4_sKylon

    Do suiciders get punished?

    Hello, had a match right now where our Tier8 Lex did not like the matchmaking and decided to sink himself. Afaik he did not get pink or any warning for teamdamage. I am wondering if he gets around punishment for being AFK/useless in this match? Made a screenshot and opened a ticket, but i don´t expect them to really look into it.
  6. So what exactly is the logic behind this automated chat ban system? I understand in the perfect world where everyone is nice...there would be no need for such system..All I did was ask the enemy team why they are running and not capping/supporting their teams and BAM CHAT BAN FOR A DAY? The worst part now I can't talk in division chat or clan chat. Time to spam ping the map and cause more troubles. /rant done.
  7. D0dger_1

    Ingame chat

    There needs to be some decorum within in-game chat. Granted not a lot of chat occurs in World of Warships Beta currently, but it's only a matter of time before the intolerant and antagonistic players ruin the online gaming experience for newcomers as in World of Tanks. I'm amazed at the lack of common courtesy and respect players extend to one another within the War-gaming franchise. Those players that insult others frankly need to grow-up, after all it is suppose to be an enjoyable gaming experience; not a platform for you to abuse others. For the record, everyone at some point began as a beginner and yet the cowardly minority hide behind their computers and make derisive comments without thinking about consequences. I fail to understand the acrimonious behaviour of insulting chat. What are they hoping to gain? Inspiration...more like a desperate plea to gravitate negative attention to themselves which is frankly pathetic and their actions utterly deplorable. And for all this, the War-gaming community has volumes of informative content available online to improve the playing abilities of new players. (So it isn't all bad..neh) I would like to see more condemnation from team players in retaliation to insulting players.
  8. Colin_Neij

    Toxic ingame chat

    So I've been playing for more than 1500 games now, got my Yamato, learned what to do and not to do and tried playing well. But the chat has just gotten more and more abusive over time. I almost feel the need to run a chat hiding mod just to avoid getting annoyed and angry by other people venting their frustrations by accusing others of camping, laziness, lacking ability and so on. Of course you start doubting your own abilities sometimes, In one situation i'm accused of being a camper for defending the base in a bb in standard mode, if it was domination that would make more sense. I play primarily BB's, so i'm aware of the "camping max range bb" frustrations of other players, and the balance is hard to strike sometimes. If you go in ahead of your team you get targeted and shot to pieces in the first minute if you stay behind the team you're a camper if you go with the team and make sure to keep the same tempo, then you're in a lemming train of noobs I got so frustrated the last game at someone being an insufferable whiner at the game not going his way. When the usual angry accusations and insults started flying and some landed on me, then it just became a chat flamewar, I'm to easily riled up and have a hard time to just ignore them. What advice have you others got for situations like these?, besides trying even harder to ignore them. I don't want to blanket-ignore all criticism done in an angry tone, then i might miss lessons or learn more meta-game, etc.
  9. Corvi

    WG please fix chatreport abuse

    I couldn't find my old thread where i was posting so ill just make a new one. So, as always, WG please fix chat report abuse, im tired of constantly getting banned because of craplike this ... Took me 3 games with Midway without even typing anything remotely offensive to get chatbanned. Thanks a lot.