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Found 10 results

  1. this_simple_username

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    Hi, I've been playing my IJN cruisers and, bloody hell, the AA is atrocious. Thought I'd try a cruiser with some good AA, which leads to my question: What nations have good - very powerful AA? thanks
  2. Ich wollte einfach mal wissen was Ihr so von dem überarbeiteten Flakmodul AA Mod 1 haltet, ich selber finde es insgesammt gesehen nämlich schlechter als das Alte. Bei Schiffen mit schnellem AA Cooldown macht es nicht wirklich viel aus und bei BB wird man idR auch was anderes verbauen. Ich hatte das alte immer auf vielen meiner DD und Kreuzer verbaut, da die extra Wolken ja bedeutet haben das der CV mehr ausweichen muss. Gerade bei Schiffen die relativ wenig Flakwolken haben, hat das gefühlt schon was ausgemacht. Bei den DD natürlich nur bedingt, das man die Flak ja idR aus hat bis man entdeckt wurde. Das man die 2 Wolken jetzt auf das Slot 6 Modul verschoben hat und diese nur noch bei Def AA aktiv sind, ist m. E. eher ein nerf. Erstens wird man idR eher das Reichweiten oder Reloadmodul in den Slot einbauen, da man von dem mehr hat und es haben ja auch effektiv nur Hightierschiffe den entsprechenden Slot.
  3. Necro_von_Cortex

    AA and secoundaries

    I've looked through the game wiki, as anyone who likes to know the details about the game should now and then. But I found myself stumble over some details, or in some cases lack of details. If we start with the AA part. The game wiki stages all calibers over 85mm guns will have a Flak effect in the form of a flak cloud or clouds. This makes sense cause that's how AAA warfare works BUT... Why 85mm and not just 80mm? The reason I ask is because this means FlaK 88s dated as far back as 1905 will throw clouds at 4.6km, while "modern" 85mm 90-K and 92-K guns will be limited to 3.5km range and only do regular DPS. Eventhough in this specific case, the 85mm fires a heavier AA shell than the FlaK 8.8cm L/45 in question. Yes the 90-K will on average do more DPS pr gun onboard than an old FlaK, but it fires the heavier shell, it has the longer barrel and it is the newer design by over 30 years. I would suggest FlaK effect should rather have been based on available shell types for AA guns rather than "just" caliber, Alternatively, it could have 80mm as the threashold, as guns like the 8cm/40 type 3, is a 76.2mm gun, not a 80mm. (as far as I can tell, there are no such naval caliber) You could of course argue it would take a lot of time for the developers to figure out excatly how much a power a specific AA shell has for a specific gun. But once it was done, it would be copypaste as many of the ships use the same guns, even across nations/factions, with UK ordinance being the most common. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_88mm-45_skc13.php AA shells at about 9kg http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_85mm-52_90k.php AA shells at about 9.2kg Guns at 76.2mm only weight about 6kg pr shell at best. Secoundary batteries? While I find the ranges just fine and have little fear from DDs down to 4km range (as the smallest bit of manouver can get you out of the way) I've noticed under the page for Secoundary batteries, (which might have been removed from the wiki entirely), There is/was no notice of a minimum caliber. While in several cases BBs and protected cruisers have animated guns which are inactive. Sure, it might be a question about balance as it makes a lot of ships have an overall higher potential damage output. But this is already at close range where even Bofors 40mm guns would be targeting enemy surface targets, and in the game the inaccurate nature and somewhat short range wouldn't be a gamebreaker. It understandable they wouldn't add every single gun like 37mm guns, 47mm Hotchkiss and 5.2cm guns but there is no writen limit and it kind of denies some ships a minor boost to their stats and survival. An example where minimum caliber come into play would be the Tier V BB, Viribus Unitis, Unitis was equiped with nothing shorter than 12x Skoda K10 7cm guns + 3x K16 7cm guns (Ingame she has 4x K16 AA guns, and her sisters had 18x K10) These guns are 66mm in caliber and each projectile weighs 4.5kg fired at a rate of 15rpm. That's a total of 67,5kg ordinance thrown at the enemy pr gun. +BFT For referrance, the 3"/50 throws 88,5kg of ordinance at the same rate. (which is seemingly never noted as a DP gun for some reason) If damage calculation was a linear function, this would leave each HE shell with a potential damage of about 750-800 with a fire chance of 3% and a penetration of 11mm at a range of 3.5km +AFT & SBM1 I see a lot of cases, where the developers have added guns, but they are inactive, my best example being the IJN Ishizuchi. Now, Ishizuchi is nothing more than a paper project in the first place, so creative liberty is allowed BUT. She is equiped with 6x 8cm L/40 Type 3 guns, which are ww1 guns with a high rate of fire. They have also added what looks to be 10x 3" QF 18cwt or 20cwt guns, 2 on each turret. Is this important? eeeeh. But considering the cwt is better than the Type 3 and there are more of them... why the hæll wouldn't they be active? they share about the same rate of fire, though the cwt fires heavier shells, The cwt are L/45 vs L/40, the cwt can fire at a higher velocity or it can fire a heavier shell at lower velocity. All in it's favor both as an AA gun and as a secoundary. All this, would make ships like Viribus Unitis and Ishizuchi look more scary to DDs as they sail close to attack, but on paper it would maybe give 1 point in artillery rating.
  4. Aircraft Assassination Competition 1 ( EU Server Only. ) The Rules :- 1. Competition starts at 14:00 CET 15/01/20, and finishes on Sunday 19/01/20 at 14:00 CET 2. The person that kills the most aircraft in WOWS is the winner. 3. Only kills with in the competition time count. 4. Only accounts in the EU server can claim the prize. 5. Only aircraft kills in Co-Op or Random Count, no other mode is eligible. 6. the winner has to claim his/her prize ( hit me up in pm ) 7. you have to prove in this thread your claim. 8. Prizes are courtesy of NSF Clan. 9. The prize may be subject to change dependant on what is in the shop at the competition time close. 10. CV AIRCRAFT KILLS DO NOT COUNT. ( thank you J ) Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Boats only Count. AAC 1 Prize :- ( subject to change see rules ) Good Luck All. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Build Lenin
  5. Bonsoir à la commu, Je suis nouveau venu sur WoWs, et je me demande comment peut-on détruire un/des avion(s) sur le jeu avec un croiseur s'il vous plaît ? PS : savez-vous à quoi servent les touche O et P ? Pour les canons AA etc... Mais je n'ai pas compris le système et leur fonction. Merci par avance pour vos réponses !
  6. Artillery cannons have a limited range, torpedoes have it too, just planes from carriers havnt a limited range ... WHY ?! I am now since the start onboard and can say, CVs changed the hole gameplay but not just in the good direction. Battles without them are ... how should i discribe it ... they are just perfect, no damn torpedoes or bombs just fighters and scout planes, just perfect. Battles with them are mostly just frustrating, no matter if you loose or win this damn carrier park in a corner and are mostly at the end in the top section of the list, or you get a cv beginner and your team have at start 2 ships less. These things had never been included in WoWs, but we have them now in game and they sell them now also as premiums, so i think not they will remove them. My idea: Give the planes of CVs a limited range and mybe buff all aa on ships except CVs. I had some pretty frustrating games now and are a bit pissed off, so sorry if i am a bit harsh, ouh and please be faire in the comments below :)
  7. Guys. Lets make this Quick. The New AA Rework SUCKS. It has basicly Catapulted us back into 0.8.3 with CVs being Semi Godmode and there being 0 Counterplay against CVs. We are back to CVs being the Death itself. When I play as a CV right now. I dont need to Spend any Effort or have any Skill to completely Ruin someones Gameplay Experience. At the Beginning of the Round. I send out the Squads to look what Dishes the Matchmaker has Spawned for me. And then I decide which one I would like to feast on. The Dishes are not asked about this. They cant do anything about it anyways. I decide that I want to kill this Guy there. And so I am going to Kill him. He can Struggle and Complain. But he wont change the Result. His absolute BEST CASE SCENARIO. The absolutely BEST THING he can do. Is to try and waste as much of my Time as possible. Sacrificing himself for his Team while he wont get any Reward or any Fun in this Match. See Guys. I am an Average Casual Potato. My WR usually Sits around 49-51% And thats also what I would get if you extracted CV Games from my Statistics. Because for CVs its Different. For CVs despite having Played them a bit before the Rework. My Winrate is going Steadily towards the 60% Mark. Which is not Surprising. Because See. After the AA Rework my CV Matches are looking like this again. And I am not even Playing Seriously. I am just Fooling about. Abusing the Fact that AA has become completely useless. And just Blapping DDs and Cruisers out of the Match by keeping them permanently spotted and lavishing Torpedoes and Bombs on them. See Guys. As a CV. I dont even NOTICE the New AA System itself. 3.5% Instant Damage IS NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO FREAKING TURN A SINGLE OF MY PLANES YELLOW FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!!! I cant even Tell wether or not someone has actually Freaking USED the New System against me. Thats how Incredible Weak this new System is. In Exchange for this 3.5% Instant Damage which DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We lost 10-30% of the Continues AA Damage. (Depending on the Ship) Basicly making sure that even the most Potato CV which has no Skill Whatsoever. Will still be able to get one Strike out even if he Attacks a Pack of 3-4 Enemy Ships which are all Pro Players and which will all use the AA Sector 100% Correctly. See Guys. I was actually very Hopeful for the New AA System. I tought. The New AA System will basicly make it so. That we get some Actual Counterplay. AA Would become rather Weak when only used Passively. And thus unless the Player Pays Attention would not really do much. But when you Activated the AA Sector at just the Right Time. You would cause Quite the Losses to the Attacking Squadron and if you had several People use it at once you might even be able to Completely Deny a Strike. Of course if you activated it at the wrong time you might also castrate your AA and end up not doing anything to the Squadron for the next 15 Seconds because you messed up. That would have been Great. Because this way. We would have actual Gameplay and Counterplay in this again. The CV would need to take Care who he Attacks and when he Attacks. Like a Cruiser does against BBs. Or BBs do against DD Torpedoes. The CV could try to Bait the AA Sector from the Ship to then afterwards Strike with little Resistance. Other way around. The Surface Ship might wait for the right moment to Trigger the AA Fire to cause quite a Devastating Damage and really make the Strike Costly to the CV. But with the Current Way the System has been Gimped to uselessnes. This is Impossible. As the AA Burst is so incredible Weak. I cant even tell if someone has used it on my Squadron or not. Its doing absolutely nothing. And with AA having been Nerfed so Hard. That when the Surface Ships DOES EVERYTHING 100% Correct WITHOUT EVEN A SINGLE MISTAKE the AA will still not be as Strong as it was in 0.8.6 with the Player just having the Sector aiming towards the Enemy Fleet. Any and all Counterplay has basicly been Removed from the CV Gameplay. As a CV I completely Ignore AA by now. Most of the time I dont even bother Evading Heavy AA anymore. Because even if I get hit by a Black Puff. The Continues AA and the Burst Damage is just not Strong enough to really Exploit it and somehow prevent me from Striking again. Long Story Short. The New AA System is incredible Bad. Pls either Fix this System or Revert it back to the Old System. We had Ridiculously Overpowered CVs for Months now. And in T4 and T6 you basicly Constantly have 2 CVs by now. Heck in T4 you often got more Players waiting in CVs for a Match. Than you have other Classes Combined. Because everyone wants to have a ride on Godmode in the Game. Simple examples that could be done. 1. Double the Sector Reinforcement. Basicly when you Choose a Sector on a Cruiser. You Currently get 150% on that Sector. And 50% on the other Side. Instead make it 200% on that Sector and 50% on the other Side. This would at least give you back some actual AA Damage when you Actively Look out for Aircraft. 2. Increase the Instant Damage Burst. Without Manual AA Skill it should do 9% Damage to A Squadrons Remaining HP. So that at least on 12 Aircraft Squadrons it will Destroy ONE yes JUST ONE Aircraft. And on Squadrons which has 10 or less Aircraft it will NOT EVEN DESTROY AN AIRCRAFT. But at least Turn on Aircraft Red or Yellow. So you at least have ANY EFFECT AT ALL from this. With Manual AA Skill it should Deal 15% Damage. So usually Guaranteeing at least 1 Aircraft Kill. This would give the Instant Damage Burst some Effect at least. The CV would at least notice that he got hit by Something. it would of course still be more of a Lipservice than an actual Deterrent. But at least this way you would be able to prevent that a CV just keeps circling you in his Squadron for 3 Hours. Because he would at least take a a tiny loss each time you Activate the Skill. 3. Increase Catapult Duration and Effectiveness. Right now. Fighters are pretty useless. Their Area of Interception is so small that if the Enemy Ship Triggers it 5km before I arrive at him. I can Fly through it before the Fighters even Activate. And the Catapult Fighters are so Weak. That even if I trigger them. They will cost me like 3 Aircraft from my Squadron and thats all. So either A. You increase the Aggressiveness of these Catapult Fighters. So that they will Automaticly Intercept any Enemy Bomber Squadron in a 5km Range around your Ship and try to prevent it from Bombing you. Thus at least making it so that you can make it Cost an Enemy CV if he Attacks you. Or B. You increase the Duration of the Catapult Fighters. So that they Stay above your Ship for 3-5 Minutes instead of ONE minute. And thus actually can be used to Escort you for a bit. and then C. You could of course also keep them at 1 Minutes and with a Small Action Radius. And instead make them into an actual Threat. Giving them Sufficient Ammunition that in the rare case of them being activated by the Enemy. They actually at least Destroying the Enemy Squadron. And not just killing 3 Aircraft and Retreating.... 4. CV Fighters are just as useless. But since they can be used for Scouting they need extra Attention. A. Remove their Ability to Scout Ships. Seriously. They should not Spot Ships. Carrier Fighters did not have the Vision and Equipment to accurately Spot Ships anyways. At best they should give a Minimap Position of Enemy Ships but not actually Spot it. Similar to the First 20 Seconds of Radar. B. Make CV Fighters Homing instead of Guarding. CV Fighters when Spawned. Should just look for the Next Aircraft within 10km and Attack it. Not Fly Circles around a Micro Area where they got Spawned.... This way at least CVs can provide some Air Cover to Friendly Ships by Spawning Fighters which will then AT LEAST TRY to Intercept Enemy Bombers. And which will not be placed above an Allied Ship and then ONLY ACTIVATE AFTER THIS SHIP HAS ALREADY BEEN BOMBED. Greetz Sun.
  8. KingDisruptor

    Bug - AA manuel

    J'ai découvert récemment un bug assez dérangeant en rapport avec l'AA manuel et la compétence de commandant "Tir AA massif". En effet, lorsque j'utilise la fonction de l'AA manuelle durant une partie en pressant O, l'AA au lieu de se charger pour obtenir le bonus de pourcentage de dégâts, se met directement en cooldown sans passer par la phase de bonus de dégâts (voir images ci-joint). Ce bug fut trouvé suite au fait qu'il ne se produit que sur mon Minotaur équipé de ce commandant. Avec un commandant n'ayant pas la compétence, le bug ne se produit pas. NB avant de voir arriver les comments : oui je sais que cette compétence ne sert plus beaucoup sur un mino mais j'ai pas pensé à changer mon commandant depuis l'AA rework. Merci de votre compréhension. la compétence en question image de gauche : juste avant de presser "O" image de droite : juste après avoir pressé "O"
  9. Moin Warum zum Teufel ist denn die C Hull long range AA 7dps schlechter als die der B Hull? Gleiche Geschütze, gleiches Schiff ... gibt es nen Grund dafür den ich übersehe oder stimmt da was nicht?
  10. Mechanika i elementy wizualne priorytetowego sektora obrony powietrznej, jak obiecaliśmy wcześniej, zostaną zaktualizowane. Cel zmian - zgodnie z życzeniem społeczności, aby skuteczność obrony powietrznej była bardziej zależna od działań gracza, korzystanie z sektora priorytetowego stanie się wygodniejsze i bardziej zrozumiałe. Zwiększenie obrony przeciwlotniczej będzie aktywowane w znacznie wygodniejszy sposób: musisz skierować kamerę w pożądanym kierunku i aktywować ją naciskając przycisk. Jednocześnie, jak poprzednio, wydajność drugiego sektora zostanie zmniejszona. Obrona zareaguje natychmiast po aktywacji, obrażenia w postaci procentowego zmniejszenia punktów życia eskadry atakującej będą zadane natychmiast jeśli samoloty znajdą się w zasięgu obrony przeciwlotniczej. Jeśli w czasie aktywacji nie ma żadnych wrogich samolotów, nie zostaną zadane żadne obrażenia. Następnie rozpoczyna się etap stopniowego wzmacniania sektora, który trwa kilka sekund. W tym czasie sektor zwiększa swoją wydajność, a następnie pracuje na pełną moc przez pewien czas. Następnie wzmocnienie sektora jest dezaktywowane. Aby ponownie aktywować, należy poczekać, aż się naładuje, podczas gdy sprawność obrony przeciwlotniczej wraca do wartości standardowych. Siła, czas trwania i czas potrzebny na odnowienie zależą od okrętu. Wzmocnienie sektora obrony przeciwlotniczej wpływa tylko na stałe wartości obrażeń i nie wpływa na obrażenia spowodowane eksplozjami/wybuchami. Wraz z sektorem priorytetowym zmodyfikowano także umiejętność Ręczna kontrola ognia obrony przeciwlotniczej. Teraz zwiększy ona natychmiastowe obrażenia oraz zwiększy czas odnowienia sektora priorytetowego. Całkowicie usunie również efekty zastosowane do stałych obrażeń (zarówno stopniowe zwiększanie wydajności sektora priorytetowego jak i zmniejszenie wydajności niepriorytetowej strony sektora). Pozwoli to okrętom ze słabą obroną przeciwlotniczą zadać znaczące obrażenia samolotom wroga w momencie aktywacji, ale nie zwiększy ich zdolności do zadawania większych stałych, trwałych obrażeń. Niewątpliwie zmiana ta wpłynie na interakcję samolotów z okrętami i będzie wymagać dodatkowej pracy na balanse. Będziemy ściśle monitorować nowy system sektorów priorytetowych i wprowadzać korekty, jeśli uzna się to za konieczne. Pamiętajcie, że informacje na blogu deweloperskim są w fazie testów i mogą ulec zmianie.