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Found 34 results

  1. Why the USS Montana is perfectly fine as she is and does not need a buff ​I am bound to stir quite an argument with this, I am sure, but let me first present my arguments as to why I believe this. One thing is certain, the Montana is certainly not noob friendly, a welcome thing, in my eyes, in a game that is becoming increasingly noob friendly and bland. In continuation of this, the Montana caters to a different playstyle than her famed competitor - a playstyle which is far more dynamic than the dull bow-tanking playstyle of the top tiers. When taking apart the arguments most often thrown around on why she needs to be buffed, it becomes apparent that she is in no way inferior to Yamato. Neither does she seem to be to her german counterpart, though it should be said that I have no experience playing said ship. ​Like many battleship players, the first line I completed in the game was the Japanese battleship line, culminating in the Yamato. This was partly because the Yamato is undoubtedly one of the most famous battleships ever built, but also partly because more or less every forum post concerning the T10 battleships agree that the Yamato is a beast, albeit with weaknesses, as with all ships, and vastly superior to the dreadful Montana which is in dire need of a buff. (This was quite a while before the release of German battleships.) Thus I never bothered purchasing the Montana until recently, after having researched and played most ships in the game, and though I've had her researched for quite some time. The following arguments all assume that you're playing with a concealment build, which is in my opinion, playing to her strengths. Many of the points also tie in with each other. "I receive citadel hits too easily in my Montana" There is a reason for this. You are not playing her right. You should at no point show your broadside to the enemy when detected. Montana plays quite similar to the Amagi, a ship that I remember thoroughly enjoying. You have a menacing broadside, but it comes with a weakness. If you've reached Tier 10, there is no excuse whatsoever for not knowing this information already, as well as being more than competent at angling your ship. When angled, the Montana is surprisingly sturdy, taking minimal damage, even from a Yamato. Counter-arguments to this are of course that you're not able to fire your rear turrets when angling. Again, you've made it all the way to Tier 10, you should be familiar with wiggling your ship at this point. This is why the concealment build is so potent on the Montana: while undetected, you are able to show enough side to release your devastating broadside and being able to angle back before the enemy has a chance to return fire. Playing with the concealment build, get the rudder shift upgrade to aid in this - you don't need reduced repair on fire and flooding. If there are enemy battleships that have the opportunity to return fire instantly, let them fire off their salvos before you reveal your location with a deadly barrage of shells not even the Yamato can match. "The Yamatos guns are more accurate than mine" Yes, the Yamato has the most accurate battleship guns in the game, but the Yamato never really goes for a stealth build and often spends large portions of the game bow-tanking. Thus, the Yamato can only fire six shells at the time. That means that even with laser accuracy (which no battleships have), the Yamato is completely reliant on a substantial part of those six shells to hit. The stealth Montana on the other hand, doesn't have to depend on only six shells. Yes, she has worse dispersion, but the sheer volume of shells she puts out counters that. If you are bow-tanking in a Montana and only using your two forward turrets, or three turrets in case you're slightly angled, for the majority of the game, you're not playing her right. "Yamato is more manoeuvrable" Montana is actually quite comparable in terms of rudder shift and turning radius. This is assuming you're using the rudder shift mod as mentioned earlier. What mitigates the difference in favour of Montana is her detectability as well as speed. She has a much easier time disengaging and can trust her concealment to the point where she can turn undetected if not in the middle of the action (where you shouldn't strictly be as this leaves you vulnerable to flanking as well). The Yamato, for reasons unknown, is often more frequently targeted by enemy ships, including DDs, and suffers from worse concealment and might find turning and showing the side towards the enemy significantly more punishing. Not even the Yamato is immune from devastating blows to its sides. The Montana is 3 knots faster than the Yamato. This may not sound like much, and this might be slightly subjective on my part, but I find that I have a much greater ability to support my team in the Montana, owing to the superior speed, and I am less likely to be left behind by my cruisers (who often have an inclination towards advancing in the opposite direction the moment an enemy ship is detected on the horizon). This speed also lets you choose between more targets and as a Montana, nearly always on the move, you have a far greater selection of targets than the stationary bow-tanking Yamato, to which a torpedo attack or rain of fire is often inevitable. Fun-factor Finally, perhaps the most important point, the Montana is, in my opinion, infinitely more fun to play. She is a throwback to the fun of lower tier battleships while packing a significantly bigger punch. She offers an alternative to the boring and frustrating gameplay you often get with the Yamato, her vulnerable sides only offering more excitement, punishing the lousy players who shouldn't be sailing battleships in the first place. (It is also very satisfying to watch her shred enemy planes, though how she compares to the Yamato in terms of surviving aircraft carriers is debatable.) As you've probably noticed, none of the points above deal with one on one duels with Montana's counterparts. The thing to understand is that in many ways, the Montana plays similar to a Japanese cruiser or a stealth Missouri/Iowa. You are very vulnerable from the sides and you don't want to be caught brawling. Montana plays much more as a supporting ship and can play a much more significant role in aiding your team (by taking out cruisers and lower tier battleships more effectively than the Yamato). Your sea legs and concealment allow you to traverse the maps without too much difficulty helping your team secure capture points and strategic positions. However, and any tips are welcome to add to this, if you do find yourself in a one on one duel with the Yamato, your best bet is to close the distance and do a drive-by. This will negate the Yamato's superior armor and her turrets will be unable to keep up. As soon as you get close, lock your turrets to one side, pointing out from the middle of the ship, and as you pass the Yamato's citadel, let Montana's twelve guns tear her apart. This usually, if not always, results in a one-shot. I cannot give any advice against the Grosser Kürfurst as I have yet to end up in a pure one on one with one, but your best bet is probably to keep your distance and let your superior dispersion tip the battle in your favour. I have on numerous occasions completely wrecked enemy Grosser Kürfursts (including citadels at around 16 km range) by staying at range and angling between volleys, taking almost no damage in return. Again, any tips are welcome! Disclaimers: There are without doubt players out there far more capable than I am. I only play ranked to earn the commemorative flag every season. Playing intelligently and aiding my team are things I find more important than anything else. I have a 58% win rate in my Yamato and a 67% win rate in my Montana (along with a 2.5 destruction ratio and 1996 average XP). I have completed both the Japanese and U.S. battleship lines and I have the Bismarck from the German line without much interest in getting the Grosser Kürfurst for now. (I have also completed the US DD line, the IJN cruiser line and I am tier 8-9 in all other lines with the exception of the Russian and RN cruiser lines.) This post was not meant to say that the Montana is superior to the Yamato, but I would argue that she is not inferior either and can hold her own quite well when in the hands of a capable player (which I think everyone sailing a tier 10 should be). Also, a point often overlooked is that different ships suit different people and playing styles. If you are unable to make a ship work, you either stick at it or find another ship to play. It would be a shame if they buffed the Montana and that the fun of playing her somehow got lost in order to satisfy those who have no business sailing battleships at all.
  2. who_dares_wins

    The Ships: Yamato class

    Welcome to the pilot of "The Ships". "The Ships" will, hopefully, be a series of threads on various in game ships, showcasing their history and armament. Please note that the stats such as range are for the in game ship, not the real one. Yamato: Yamato, along with her sistership, Musashi, were the largest warships ever built. She was layed down on the 4th of November 1937, and launched on 8th August 1940. After completing sea trials she was formally commissioned on the 16th December 1941, one week after the Pearl Harbour attack. Yamato was the flagship of the combined fleet until June 1942. Yamato first saw action in October 1944, where she engaged a group of escort carriers in the battle of Leyte Gulf. Mistakenly believing that they were engaging the main carrier fleet, the crew of Yamato withdrew. In early 1945, she was sent to Okinawa with orders to run herself aground and fight to the death. She was spotted and sunk by US navy torpedo bombers on 7th April 1945. In Game: In game, Yamato boasts nine 460mm (18.2inch) guns housed in triple turrets. They take 72 seconds to rotate 180 degrees and fire two rounds per minute, up to a range of 26.6Km. her secondary armament consists of 24 127mm (5inch) and 6 155mm(6inch) guns housed in 12 double and two triple turrets respectively, firing up to 7km away. The 5 inch guns double as anti aircraft guns. Yamato's AA consists of 46 triple barrelled 25mm flak guns, able to fire at targets up to 3km away.
  3. blacklabpictures

    Ekonomia IJN na T10

    No i stało się, w końcu dorobiłem się T10 i mój Mighty Yamato stoi w porcie. Zacząłem grind IJN generalnie po to by zrobić Yamato, droga przez Izumo to była męka i w końcu pękłem i skonwertowałem całego ekspa z elitarnych okrętów wydając trochę funciaków. Czy się opłacało? Po pierwszej bitwie myślę, że tak: wszystko w tym pancerniku działa jak należy oprócz...ekonomii. Robiąc przeciętną bitwę (100k dmg) jesteśmy na małym minusie jeśli bitwę przegramy ;) Także do gry na T10 konieczny jest jakiś dobry okręt premium, ja mam Tirpitza więc myślę, że jedna gra na nim pozwoli mi na zagranie jednej gry Yamato. Jakby się ktoś zastanawiał ile kosztuje granie na T10 (z premką) to tu macie screeny. WG ma system darmowej gry tak do T7 potem wydaje mi się, że trzeba mieć premkę bo ze srebrnikami cieżko ;) Teraz wracam na Nagato i biję Rank Battles, jak tylko się przekonam by sie katować na Colorado skończę grind na pancerniki USN, chyba że wcześniej wejdą pancerniki KMR. Gra ktoś z Was na X tierze?
  4. The Yamato-class battleships (大和型戦艦 Yamato-gata senkan?) were battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) constructed and operated during World War II. Displacing 72,000 long tons (73,000 t) at full load, the vessels were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed. The class carried the largest naval artillery ever fitted to a warship, nine 460-millimetre (18.1 in) naval guns, each capable of firing 2,998-pound (1,360 kg) shells over 26 miles (42 km). Two battleships of the class (Yamato and Musashi) were completed, while a third (Shinano) was converted to an aircraft carrier during construction. Due to the threat of American submarines and aircraft carriers, both Yamato and Musashi spent the majority of their careers in naval bases at Brunei, Truk, and Kure—deploying on several occasions in response to American raids on Japanese bases—before participating in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944, as part of Admiral Kurita's Centre Force. Musashi was sunk during the course of the battle by American carrier airplanes. Shinano was sunk ten days after her commissioning in November 1944 by the submarine USS Archer-Fish, while Yamato was sunk in April 1945 during Operation Ten-Go. Yamato undergoing trials Class overview Name: Yamato-class battleship Builders: Kure Naval Arsenal Yokosuka Naval Arsenal Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard Operators: Empire of Japan Imperial Japanese Navy Preceded by: Nagato class (actual) Number 13 class (planned) Cost: 250,000,897 JPY Built: 1937–1942 In commission: 1941–1945 Planned: 5 Completed: 3 (2 battleships, 1 converted to aircraft carrier) Cancelled: 2 Lost: 3 General characteristics as per final plan (A-140F6) Background Design Ships Cultural significanceFrom the time of their construction until the present day, Yamato and Musashi have carried a notable presence in Japanese culture, Yamato in particular. Upon completion, the battleships represented the epitome of Imperial Japanese naval engineering. In addition, the two ships, due to their size, speed, and power, visibly embodied Japan's determination and readiness to defend its interests against the western powers, especially the United States. Shigeru Fukudome, chief of the Operations Section of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, described the two ships as "symbols of naval power that provided to officers and men alike a profound sense of confidence in their navy." Yamato, and especially the story of her sinking, has appeared often in Japanese popular culture, such as the anime Space Battleship Yamato and the 2005 film Yamato. The appearances in popular culture usually portray the ship's last mission as a brave, selfless, but futile, symbolic effort by the participating Japanese sailors to defend their homeland. One of the reasons that the warship may have such significance in Japanese culture is that the word "Yamato" was often used as a poetic name for Japan. Thus, the end of battleship Yamato could serve as a metaphor for the end of the Japanese empire. Visitors to the 'Yamato Museum' examine the museum's 1:10 scale model of the battleship in 2006
  5. 1dolo

    Possible Yamato turret bug

    Hello Captains, I love to play the Yamato but recently a strange thing seems to happen more often. First: I do not have any mods installed, i run the client on medium settings. Some times when I play the Yamato some of my turrets (especially front turrets) align with my aim but do not unlock to shoot at a target. This happens while aiming for diffrent distances not too close or too far. Its so frustrating because you lock a target and its a sink or be sunk situation and your alinged turrets wont shoot. They just stick loaded and return to normal after a salvo or two. Sometimes I have to switch amo to unlock them.... Anybody got the same experience? its really killing my fun..
  6. Muy buenas amigos... Soy MartinMarTal, Community Contributor de la comunidad Latina de World of Warships. Les traigo una cinematica a cargo de uno de los clanes mas grandes del Servidor NA. Y es orgullosamente Latino... Con mi tutela y mi produccion general, este grupo de personas, hizo una cinematica sobre el hundimiento del acorazado mas grande construido por la humanidad, el Yamato... Espero lo disfruten y lo difundan... Muchas gracias y saludo a toda la comunidad Española... Grandes amigos tengo por aqui...
  7. Zenthon02

    Tamiya Yamato 1/350

    Ich habe mir mal das Modell von Tamiya der Yamato im Maßstab 1/350 zugelegt. Hier werde ich immer wieder den Baufortschritt per Edit nachreichen. Ich werde mich bemühen, will aber, dass es ordentlich gemacht ist, zumal ich mit so großen Bausätzen nicht viel Erfahrung habe. Es kann also etwas dauern! Aber lieber langsam und (halbwegs) gut, als schnell und unordentlich. Ich melde mich hoffentlich bald wieder. LG Zenthon
  8. GvD

    Yamato, ich liebe sie

    Ahoy, Also ich wollte hier mal meine meinung zu der yamato kundtun. das ding hatt mir schon vor dem patch angefangen spaß zu machen, jetzt rockt sie einfach nur.
  9. blacklabpictures

    Kto z forum gra na T10?

    U nas w klanie nie ma na razie wystarczajaco osob na granie T10. Ja siedze codziennie od 6 do 8 i od 15 do 18. Ktos chcialby poplywac na dziesiatkach?
  10. Dear friends!The video shows the power of the Imperial Navy - Yamato (ru server) Result: Thank you!
  11. This is not a whine post. I'm just curious as I didn't expect this to happen. (Target player name blurred). Granted, I was playing Izumo, but I didn't expect to pen a Yamato and citadel it from the front like this. First image you see my salvo about to hit. There are 3 shells in particular. Two of them near the center of the aim (just above and below the center point). They fall just short of the bow and will miss. The 3rd shell is visible near the outer circle at about 1 o'clock. Now look at the second image as the salvo hits. Actually, only one shell hits. As it hits, I believe it strikes the deck, pens the 57mm deck armor, continues to the citadel deck armor which is 200mm and pens that as well, causing a citadel hit. That seems the most likely. Is this normal or did I find a "magical range" as I guess AP shells also lose a lot of penetration with distance but you need plunging fire. I mean is there a "sweet spot" range you need to be at to be able to pull this off?
  12. kountouriotis_gr

    North Carolina vs Yamato 1 on 1

    Tier vs Skill
  13. Die Musashi war das Schwesterschiff der Yamato und wurde am 24. Oktober 1944 durch US Luftangriffe während der Schlacht in der Sibuyan-See versenkt. Paul Allen, einer der Mitbegründer von Microsoft, hatte jahrelang nach dem Wrack der Musashi gesucht und es am 2. März 2015 endlich gefunden. Hier ein Link zu einer Story dazu: http://www.20min.ch/wissen/history/story/Mysterium-um-japanisches-Schlachtschiff-gelueftet-28555944 Und für den Fall, dass die Story mal archiviert werden sollte, hier der Link zum darin vorkommenden Video auf Youtube: Interessant sind auch die Facts zur Musashi auf Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musashi_%281942%29 Vor allem die Beschreibung der Probleme beim Stapellauf machen deutlich, was für Giganten die Yamato und die Musashi waren: "Der Stapellauf war mit einigen Problemen behaftet, da das Schiff auf einer Helling und nicht, wie die Yamato, in einem Dock gebaut worden war. Das Rutschen des großen Rumpfes auf seinem Weg ins Wasser musste künstlich verlangsamt werden, damit er nicht auf der anderen Seite des Hafenbeckens auf eine Sandbank lief. Trotz dieser Maßnahme löste das Eintauchen ins Hafenbecken eine 1,20 Meter hohe Flutwelle aus." Viel Spass beim Lesen und Anschauen!
  14. MA89

    Yamato or Montana?

    Anyone know which of the two is better overall?
  15. So I was wondering, german BBs also get AP for their casemate secondaries, which is up to Bayern at tier 6, but once they hit tier 7 with turreted 150 mms they get HE. I find this totally okay, but Izumo and Yamato's turreted 155mms doesn't get HE. Why is that? Also german BBs tier 7-10 has a much better secondary placement in terms of being able to fire straight forward or back, while Yamato and Izumo has to go broadside to make more than just one turret shoot. Yamato fortunately has a 3x155mm turret fore and aft, but since it shoots HE it is almost useless. I guess the thought was that german BBs should have the best secondaries as a trait of some sort, but even if Yamato and Izumo get their HE it won't make that much difference and german BBs will still have the best secondaries, but the change would make the game make more sense. Turreted secondaries=HE Casemate secondaries=AP I guess exceptions could be made for premium ships, such as Warspite, but in general why not just be consistent with game design?
  16. Jean_Bart79

    Yamato, Stealth Zao seriously?

    We could probably say OP for following ships.. 1. stealth Zao 2. Yamato is there, seriously is there any ship that can be treated as OP ship from USN? No I don't think so? What I want to talk here is that we do not want any OP ship for US, German and Soviet Navy ship tech tree, but we need the balance. so, let's discuss about those ridiculous OP ships. 1. stealth Zao - as we hardly see CV that can spot enemy ships around the field once Zao is invisible, nothing can stand against it. -Its armor is thick as BB(so funny hey? lol), it even protects itself from 16inch shells with just a little bit of angle.. -Hindenburg and Des Moines, according to the stats Zao definitely has the highest AVG dmg and win rate(At least one has to be at the top but you will know what I am saying here as you see how big the gap is between Zao and other T10 cruisers.) -It has lowest HP, but who the Fuxk cares seriously? It can even grind every battleships and cruisers alone with unbelievably high fire chance, range and shell travel speed... -Can, anyone say cons about Zao reasonably? Everyone who says Zao is not OP usually gives us funny [edited] 2. Yamato -What is the cons about Yamato? Slow turret turning speed? well I think that is it? -AS there are only two T10 battleship lets compare with Montana -compare what? If those two ships fight 1 vs 1 Montana will lose above 90% of chance <- and stupid MM makes this sad reality even worse lol -Some people say that Montana is stronger against other classes like DD and Cruisers <- this might be the worst [edited]ever. let me explain why Because Yamato has uncomparably strong Bulge armor that reduces torp damage and way better secondaries<- strong against DD's and CV torp bombers Yamato's 18inch guns can penetrate literally anything even though the target is properly angled <- OP against all battleships it has low concealment but has overpowered accuracy and range when Montana only has 23.6KM of range with ugly dispersion. At max range and any range above 15KM, Montana's 16inch shells cannot give satisfactful damage to Yamato but Yamato can give enormously high damage to Montana at its max range. -Someone said, we have to play Montana like cruisers -> how can I play this ship like cruisers? Yamato can turn faster lol -Montana should use HE for fighting with Yamato? Even though it sets fire on Yamato a lot, still Yamato is superior to Montana... -Montana's armor is underpowered, WG even nerfed it by ignoring historical fact -> please check the details of armor structure of real Montana and in-game Montana. -Yamato was born to be the beast and I know that.. however WG loves not giving a crapabout historical fact. My opinion is not only mine, I am very confident to say most of players could agree with me. for fair and fun game there has to be an adjustment with these ships. I always respect all other opinion, however if it's not reasonable or way far from the real fact I may think it as [edited]and I have seen a lot in the forum. Please do not waste reader's time.
  17. Hello, everyone. I'm now heading to Kure, where the Yamato Museum is located. I plan on taking lots of photos to document my visit, and if possible some videos too! I'll keep this post updated with the photos, links to videos and explanations. Hope you enjoy it! And also, on the 8th of December, I plan on visiting the Mikasa. I'll write another post for that then
  18. Number 1: Just because you have the best secondaries in the game does not mean you should try to use them every game thus dying way to early without contributing. Number 2: The focus fire is real. The amount of attention this thing attracts is nothing short of amazing. As soon as you get in range of the enemy team EVERYTHING will fire at you, my personal record so far is getting shot at by 8 ships at the same time on the Ocean map (see point 1 why someone would be dumb enough to put the ship in such a bad spot) It is a very powerful and above all fun ship to play, and in the right hands/position it is very beastly. To bad that the ship is not really at its full potential in my way to aggressive hands but hopefully I will get there.
  19. chamorro

    LEGO Yamato (quite impressive)

    This is not even gold, this is damm PLATINUM My biggest admiration for the builder They are detailed in the video, but I will post here some characteristics anyway: -6.6m Long -1m wide -150kg -200,000 pieces -more than 6 years to complete it -it is actually ON SCALE with the lego figures; so to say, the relation between LEGO Yamato/Lego soldier is extremelly similar to IRL Yamato/IRL soldier -Turret A moves -The builder made it WITHOUT any instructions, he was just guided by pictures and blueprints of the real Yamato (he scalated the meassures of course to keep it realistic) -Builder started when he was 15 years old Enjoy this masterpiece of LEGO model! PS: I don't know if this was already posted somewhere else (if so, I'm sorry for the extra post); I just felt the necessity to share this magnificent work (also, Arctic told me to do so )
  20. Greetings! First post here on the EU. For those of you who don't know me, I'm NoZoupForYou, a NA CC. Obviously I had to change my gamer tag a little for the EU. So this is the first video I'm presenting on the EU forum. It was a labor of love and a joy to create. I hope you all enjoy. Make sure to turn the volume up!
  21. Hello there With this post I try to say what needs to be changed in my opinion. As of now (5.15.1) there are some illogical things (Normal for WG) and unbalanced ships (especially at higher Tiers). I will start with the current Tier 10 Battleship Balance since that is one of the biggest problems right now. I will only talk about the Tier 10's since that is what matters me the most. Battleships Yamato is the absolute god of them all, Kurfürst is a playable but mostly inferior ship and Montana can't even be called a proper T10 BB. I'd buff the Montana in the following ways: -Increase maximum speed to 33kts -Increase secondary gun range to 7km (same for Iowa, keep 6km on North Carolina because reason) -Reinforce citadel front armor -Lower the citadel by a bit -Increase accuracy a bit more (just a tiny bit) Changes I'd make to the Yamato: -Decrease accuracy by a bit -Add the AA guns it had in 1945 (on the second turret for example) Kurfürst: -Increase accuracy -Decrease reload of 406mm guns to 28 seconds -Increase reload of 420mm guns to 35 seconds Some of these ideas are most likely controversial, but I think it would make the Montana a much more viable option when it comes to playing a BB. As of now the Yamato is superior to both the other BBs in so many ways. Cruisers Hindenburg -Increase secondary range to 5km (standard for cruisers, except Moskva) Des Moines -Decrease reload time to 7,5 seconds -Shorten citadel -Increase deck armor to 30mm -Decrease detection range by sea to 13,1 Zao -Decrease fire chance from 19% to 15% -Increase detection range by sea to 12,9km -Increase detection range by air to 9,7km Moskva -Increase reload time of main armament to 12 seconds -Increase secondary gun range to 7km Minotaur -Decrease AA damage -Allow for Radar+Smoke combination Destroyers I don't know much about them so I will keep my mouth shut. Aircraft carriers (Economy) This deserves an own forum, too many changes needed in order for good balance. The fixed repair costs should be removed from CVs since they don't take any damage in most games. At least lower it. Commander Skills -Remove/Rework Air supremacy -Fire prevention reduces the actual fire chance by actual 3% -Decrease the XP needed for the 19th skill point to a human level (like 450K) -Expert Loader allows to load different shells in different guns instead of faster loading when guns are loaded -Incoming fire alert triggers at 4 second shell travel time instead of 6 -Jack of all trades reduction increased to 25% -Preventive Maintenance reduces the chance of incapacitation by 70% instead of 50% That's about it. I will (probably) edit this post later on and add new ideas and changes I'd make. These are my personal thoughts, neither I know how WG agrees on them (probably not in a single way, because WG logic) and some changes are most likely controversial. Feel free to share your personal opinion below. Have a nice day.
  22. chamorro

    Yamato de LEGO (impresionante)

    Ya lo he compartido en el foro en inglés, pero también lo dejo por aquí; Realmente merece la pena verlo, es un trabajo impresionante, y prácticamente no tengo palabras para describir lo mucho que me ha impresionado Aunque ya están la mayoría de ellas en el vídeo, dejo algunas aclaraciones aquí: 6.6m de largo 1m de ancho 150kg de masa 200.000 piezas 6 años y 4 meses de tiempo de construcción El modelo está (impresionantemente) a escala con relación a los soldaditos de Lego (es decir, que la relación entre los soldados de Lego y este Yamato es muy parecida a la relación que había entre un soldado real y el Yamato original) La torreta A es móvil El autor ha construído todo ésto sin instrucciones y basándose en planos y fotografías del Yamato Lo empezó cuando tenía 15 años Disfrutad de esta obra maestra:
  23. geoffrey68200

    vaisseaux atypiques Japonais

    Bonjour à tous ! je vous propose une liste de quelques navires japonais n'étant pas présent dans le jeu et ce à mon grand regret désolé pour le sujet en pièce jointe mais je me retrouvais avec la moitié qui disparaissait et n'apparaissait pas pour une raison inconnue, que je le laissais tel quel ou que je le déplaçais dans un second message (qui apparaissais vide pour le coup). encore désolé pour ça et en espérant que cela ne vous gâche en rien votre potentielle lecture -_- navires japonais atypiques.docx