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Found 16 results

  1. Witam Chcę powiedzieć że często się zdarza że podczas gry, zostaje staranowany przez sojuszników czasami nawet 3x w jednym meczu. Dziś w nagrodę otrzymałem Team Killer, obecnie kara mi mięła, więc zacząłem grać dalej, jakiś czas grało się fajnie, ale jak widzę to znowu non stop ktoś na mnie wpada. Po takiej akcji przeważnie jestem stopiony i bitwa takiego teamu jest zawsze przegrana. Wiem że może się zdarzyć jak ktoś ucieka przed silnym ostrzałem i torpedami, wtedy może dojść do zderzenia, ale płyniesz prosto strzelasz do przeciwnika i nagle gość w bok ci ładuje. Nie raz tak miałem że odbijałem lewo lub prawo i gość jakby celowo doprowadzał do kolizji. Oprócz tego jest tak, że sojuszniczy okręt zbliża się do mnie i zaczyna równolegle bardzo blisko płynąć, że nie mam możliwości manewru , albo skończę na skałach albo pod torpedami. Miałem taką sytuację że sojusznik płynął dosłownie milimetr za moim sterem jak skręcałem w prawo próbując uciec to on też, w końcu po uderzeniu we mnie odpłyną - czy to jest normalne, nikt do nas wtedy nie strzelał nie było żadnego zagrożenia. Podobnie jest z pancernikami, albo spychają celowo pod lufy przeciwnika lub płyną na kartkę papieru obok nie pozostawiając żadnego ruchu, a może tak strasznie się boją walczyć, że się niektórzy chowają i żeby im czasem lakier na burcie się nie porysował. Nie dość że gra sama w sobie jest cholernie trudna,to jeszcze trzeba uważać na przeciwnika i sojuszników bo w końcu ostrzeżenie i może zostać konto zbanowane. Ręce kuźwa opadają.
  2. Zamuchryshkin

    First Gameplay - World of Warships

    Hello, fellows! I'm Zamuchryshkin living in Russia, Moscow. Usually I write interesting articles fro the Russian forum of the game but now... you can see my first topic for the EU Official forum! I offer you to watch a two-minute World of warships gameplay, and I hope you like it! Pay attention! You should know that this video is only a little joke :) * * * * * * My question is: what do you think - alpha coming soon?
  3. Can we get this stupid bug out of the game please???, multiple people have noted this "Critical Error" that occurs with the game, where the game UI will disappear then about 10secs later the game will freeze and for me it locks up the whole PC and have to press the reset button. Random things like this shouldn't happen, it stems from bad coding and should be a priority specially when multiple users have reported this, I've even used a different OS and graphics card and still get the problem(one user reported that it even happened after getting a brand new PC). Why isn't fixing the game a priority?
  4. I started playing WoWS more than 6 months. I play the american navy(british also). I have many IV tier ships, but then i got a V tier cruiser Omaha. Can american ships get better at higher tiers? Is the Iowa best Tier 9 battleship? DDD I have also last question: Are american ships better than others? Let me hear your opinions of american ships!
  5. Hello, I really like this game, so I downloaded it at my grandma's PC, however I get this error: I have checked the requirements for the game, and this PC exceeds. Requrements:Current Windows XP, Vista, 7:Windows 7 DirectX 9.0c or higher: DirectX 11 CPU: 2.2 GHz or higher:AMD Athlon™ II X3 445 Processor (3 CPUs), ~3.1GH RAM: from 2 GB:4096 MB GeForce 8600GT or ATI HD 2600 (shaders 3.0, 512Mb memory):ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series(1680x1050) (32 bit) (60Hz) Internet from 128 kb/s: Ping: 42ms Download: 27.75 Mb/s Upload: 2.07 Mb/s So these were the requirements. I have(hope) installed the newest drivers for the graphics card. I believe the driver is. Thanks you in advanced, Karol.
  6. _TheHoneyBadger_

    Zerstörer "DD" Kleine Frage / Beschwerde

    Jallo Liebe Community, ich weiß mit der neuen Version kamen einige "Nerfs" hinzu. Der "Rauchgenerator" der Zerstörer war in der CBT erm joa etwas lang das war klar. Ich bin jetzt noch nicht in den High Tiers 6 - 7 + wie vorher und weis also noch nicht ob sich daran was ändert aber die aktuelle Zeit der "Rauchwand" beträgt so um die 19 Sekunden? oder waren es doch 15? Das ist meiner Meinung nach doch schon zu wenig. Zusatz: (Wenn die ganzen CL dich mit HE selbst in nem Schlachtschiff auseinander nehmen dann hast du im DD überhaupt keine Chance.) Ja ich weiß jetzt werden bestimmt wieder Leute mit Ihrer Meinung kommen die so aussehen könnte: Dann spiel den DD halt auf MAX Range dann passiert dir nix... alter serious? Wenn es schlecht läuft trifft man überhaupt nix.. Bitte mal eure Meinung dazu
  7. txtspeak

    The dilemma of an otaku

    I am an enormous fan of arpeggio of blue steel and the content in game. I like having it there and I like being "the fog" and I really want WG to keep making AoBS related content for a while, eventually culminating in an AoBS gamemode where you can use all of the fogs signature weapons.. buuut,,, eh,. at the same time. I dont want that to take priority over the creation of real in game content, I dont want WG to focus solely on making world of arpeggio. if you get what I'm saying. I really dont know what to think at this point. what is your guys opinion. (and if that opinion is that anime content doesnt belong in WoWS then try to express that opinion as sensibly and politely as possible)
  8. gekkehenkie50

    Help for the Iowa

    So, I know there is already a post for this, and yes, I have been looking around internet, but I cannot find any help for the Iowa that seems to work for me. The problems I encounter: She turns like a brick Often I find myself in situations where it is simply impossible to angle towards every ship, and I must decide between angling towards that Nagato or the Amagi etc. When I do go head on I feel trapped, once commited, I'm on that path until I'm dead, there is not turning back because, unlike in the NC, Iowa takes MASSIVE damage to her broadside Often when fighting my team does indeed use me as a tank, which I'm fine with because that's my role, but then they take that as a bail out option; when 1 ship turns for whatever reason, my entire back-up just routes, they all run away whilest I soak up the damage... (But, of course, this is just asking for team work in a Random battle, which is very rare as it is) The guns do not seem to be more accurate then the NC, despite everyone telling me they are It's AA seems worse than the NC Usually when tanking I lose atleast 1 of my frontal turrets, sometimes both Overall, I would really like to be able to be of assistance to my team, but I have no idea how I should handle Iowa. I tried sniping one game (I know I shouldn't) and, it actually got me more xp and credits than when I tank. I did notice however, that I am less accurate in the Iowa because it shell flight times are different (I think) compared to NC. Any tips are welcome, but my main question is how do I tank efficiently, without taking too much focus fire from multiple flanks and angles? Tier Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Iowa 9 3 0% 16 24 460 0 2
  9. Rage_Unchained


    Hello fellow wolves of the sea, So I've just had an interesting battle. Well, disappointing one, but interesting in a way, I guess. It was a bad defeat, of course, why else would I be disappointed, right? Anyways, I had in my team a division made of Iowa and Yamato, map was "Warrior's path". Me, being in Hindenburg, and spawned completely away from team, I went for cap A, as it was closest, and kitted out for dd hunting and quite nimble (I use a specific build), actually went in, captured the A, fought off Moskva, made it run while dd had to restrain himself to torping from distance - which failed repeatedly. The team managed to cap C, as well, and things looked ok, for a while. I proceeded to try and help in B (the cluster of islands), and observed Iowa and Yamato division finally moving into A that was already capped, and positioning themselves at the edge of the biggest island, without doing anything for a while. So, while I was busy helping cap B and pushing off Friedrich der Grosse, I realized the division is moving against the Moskva from earlier on, and Iowa seemed to be taking damage - a lot of it. I decided to cut across from B and flank Moskva, while there was enemy Iowa coming to help it. At that time, the famed division has managed to kill a tier 9 DD, and that was pretty much all that they did the entire match. I have pushed into Moskva and Iowa, crippling Moskva and lighting up Iowa several times, only to notice that Yamato at full hp, and Iowa with some 30% hp, have opted for a tactical withdrawal, even though Moskva and Iowa were now fully open broadside to them. "Hard to hit a CA at 20km" was the response of Yamato when accused of being useless. I guess moving to 30km would make hitting it easier. Note: Moskva was using low speed maneuvers to dodge shots, while pumping these 2 specialists with HE. (enemy Iowa assisting the Moskva took almost no part in this exchange except that it shot me once it got near enough). I died soon after, and match was lost. The other side collapsed as enemy team had much larger numbers and their BB's were actually using their HP and guns, while we had 2 players less, guarding their HP and cap A from some fantom invader. This was 3rd or 4th match where I had nearly the same thing happen, and I actually told this to Moskva from enemy team, since he complained that I interrupted him from farming the famed division. Yamato captain noticed this. Post match, he opened chat with me and this was his message: [edited] Basically, the division of tier X and tier IX BB's managed to kill a tier IX DD, and this put our Yamato to top of standings by XP, whilst doing absolutely nothing regarding the map/battle situation.I was however reported by these 2 individuals, probably repeatedly, and I got chat-banned after match ended, so I apologize for the lack of sarcastic response in the above chat screenie. [edited] The second image is the battle result. He had a whopping 150xp more than me, and as you can see, we really didn't perform well as a team altogether, but once again, the division decided to detach themselves from the rest of the group, traveled nearly half way across the map to enter the already captured zone, and refused to budge when repeatedly asked by more than few team members. In the end, I'm not ranting, but I do regret having been tilted far enough to actually ASK them what in the hell are they doing all the way back - literally. I did call them bots, because their behavior was botlike for the most part. I earned my ban, I just wish I told them off properly for it at least. Oh yes, and I almost forgot the point - THE GUY SAYS THANK GOD FOR BREXIT... If someone could reach out to this unfortunate racist and biggot and whatever you call such folk, do tell him I am not from EU member state. IF he is so happy about BREXIT he must have missed the obvious point that he's still on EU based servers, playing with EU playerbase (well, AGAINST his own and enemy team members for the most part). But, thank god for brexit, indeed. Maybe, if it's hard enough, it might end up in severing the access of such creatures to the games with rest of us unfortunate enough to be in EU or next to it.
  10. Phlummi

    Ich suche die Replays

    Hey Leute, kann mir jemand sagen ob und oder wann die Replays in WoWS kommen.? Um schöne Videos zu machen ist es einfach besser aus den Replays herraus das GUI auszuschalten.
  11. highland9

    Collision bug

    Hello, i've recently found a bug regarding when your close to a island and the sirens go off when your near a island, that's all and good. But when you die when you have the sirens going off and your spectating other players you still hear this siren go off now and then with is quite annoying. Not sure if this is a re-post but thanks anyway.
  12. Maxcom_21

    Płatności przez SMS

    Czy będą dostępne płatności na World of Warship przez SMS- a ? Jeśli tak to kiedy i z jakiej sieci bo na przykład ja potrzebuję trochę miejsc na statki i mam trochę na koncie z sieci Orange.
  13. Legend1466

    British ships - All about

    Recently we had a new british tech tree. They are ok but there is problem: Why one cruiser line? Where are other ships, such as destroyers and battleships and carriers? What about Prince of Wales and Repulse? Don't worry, this is the topic where you can discuss about british ships not brexit, ok? 4sub for wargaming.net GL HF
  14. TheExitestPL

    "Lagi" czy może bugi

    Czy ktoś z was też ma takie problemy ? Nie wiem czy to lagi czy bugi ale uniemożliwia mi to rozgrywkę... (akcja od 0:00 - 2:15 potem juz dalsza rozgrywka...) A tu mój internet:
  15. Legend1466

    How to not suck at aiming

    Recently i realized there is white line with numbers on aiming sight. So what does it mean and what does actually do? So i searched for answers and then i found: They are actually helpful. The numbers means distance between ships and aiming reticle. The another vertical line means height. So it makes sense. Let's say a scenario: You're a cruiser and a another cruiser appears. You and he goes the same speed. You are 14 kilometers close. You quickly grab the aiming and with the help of white line and numbers, you shot and hit him with 6 shells. The enemy hits you with 2 shells without the help of knowledge. You won. But how? Tell me what does these lines actually means and why is it helpful? Also, please reply
  16. Introduction Carriers (CV) play an invaluable support and strike role to the main fleet. Carriers well protected by their task force can provide crucial reconnaissance, anti-strike defense, high damage output, and general direction sufficient to turn the tide of an engagement. Carrier aviation is essential to accomplishing these goals and as such flight groups must be deployed deliberately and cautiously. Most guides I have encountered are either short on content or did not adequately explain the details of carrier warfare to my satisfaction. Carrier combat is complex. It demands a high degree of attention to detail, micro-management, and real-time strategy skills. This guide seeks to shed light on these topics. The guide assumes a basic fundamental understanding of carrier controls and is focused on maximizing performance in combat to make carrier play more accessible and enjoyable for newer players struggling with the challenges and learning curve of carrier action.