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Found 15 results

  1. Uriens_The_Gray

    game freezes during random battle

    During randoms battles the game client occasionally simply stopps working. The only thing i can do is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then log out. i use WoWs via Steam. I checked the file integrity via steam client, but nothing was found. The file WorldOfWarships-2018-09-01_01-50-05.crash tells me this: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00652479) (Read @ 0x00000024) Can someone help ? thanks in advance WorldOfWarships-2018-09-01_01-50-05.7z
  2. Hi guys, here the solution for Big World Client error after updating Windows 10 to last big patch. This issue come after the last Windows 10 update (version 1709 build 16299) and is NOT related to directx, permission or visual C++ (not waste ur time) but with a single "bugged" option in Windows. Solution for Wows crash and for minimized games at startup: - Go to Control panel - Go to System - Go to Tablet Mode - Turn off the two "hide" options (generally u should have only 1 option enabled) Wows and minimized games now will work correctly.
  3. dily_u

    game crashes!

    what seems to be the problem with my PC, because the came is crahing while i am playing! i get this error.
  4. Stahlklang

    Mikro-Ruckler und das große Zittern!

    Seit dem Umstieg auf Windows 10 haben ich arge Probleme mit WoWs (alle andere Spiele laufen super). Das Spiel friert fuer seinen kurzen Moment und wiederholend ein, zusaetzlich kann es vorkommen, das fuer einen Moment die Schiffe hin und her zittern. Alle Treiber sind soweit aktualisiert und die 3-D Einstellungen, die hier im Forum vorgeschlagen wurden haben ich bereits umgesetzt und es hat zumindest ein wenig geholfen. Ist da etwas im Zusammenhang mit Windows 10 bekannt?
  5. Hello, my first post here, so please let me try and explain my issue... I have recently (in the last few days upgraded my operating system to Windows 10 Pro (x64) as I was tired of Windows 7 reminding me to update, and to be honest, I like the new look, plus my system is much more responsive and boots in less than 10 seconds! I have managed to install/update World of Tanks and World of Warplanes sucessfully, however I am having some trouble updating/installing World of Warships and I get the following error: I have run many Google searches for a potential solution and thus far, I have been unsuccessful. I am wondering if perhaps this is a known issue or indeed if there is a fix in the pipeline. I have been trying to do this for no less than 3 days thinking the update server may be having issues, but clearly, I was wrong. I even resorted to grabbing the updates from a backup of Windows 7 that I had on a portable hard drive and copied them to the updates folder on my Windows 10 system, still no success. Is anyone aware of a solution? NOTE: I have tried them all that I could find, and nothing worked as proven above., Thanks in advance.
  6. biggpete_Y_I_Y

    Windows 10 a WoWs

    jeden drobný dotaz, jak je to s podporou Win 10 a lodí? Ví to někdo?
  7. James_Ciastek

    Wywala przy zaczęciu bitwy.

    Witam, przed chwilą skończyłem aktualizację, gdyż wracam po pewnej przerwie do gry. Wszystko było ok, niestety po wczytaniu bitwy wyskoczyło mi takie coś: Po wyżej wspomnianym wczytaniu bitwy widziałem normalny obraz bitwy przez sekundę po czym wyskoczyło własnie to. Gram bez modyfikacji, mój sprzęt spokojnie spełnia wymagania gry. Proszę o pomoc.
  8. For people running Win10 Insider Preview. It seems wowslauncher.exe does not work anymore after u update to build 14251. First i thought wowslauncher.exe or cfg was corrupt, because i could still play the game using worldofwarships.exe But after i replaced both files with a copy of a friends files i still had the same problem. Only thing changed was i updated to build 14251 during the night. So i did roll back to build 11102 and now the launcher is working again. I suggest u don't update to build 14251, or roll back if u have this issue. And put receiving preview buillds on slow, at least untill next build gets released and this problem is hopefully resolved.
  9. MustaKiller

    WoWs unter Windows 10?

    Hallo, bin das erste mal hier und werde jetzt meine erste Frage stellen zum Spiel. Wie schon im Titel gefragt, funktioniert World of Warships unter Windows 10? Bitte schnell möglich um Antwort. Danke im Voraus. Gruß MustaKiller
  10. Anyone else experiencing this?: Upgraded to Windows 10 64bit recently and cannot get WoWS to launch properly ever since then. I've checked all drivers, s/w up to date and I've tried uninstall/reinstall of the game but the results are always the same... Get as far as login screen Try to login - screen freezes Cannot ALT TAB or CTRL ALT DEL out of it. At that point only resolution is a hard reboot on my PC Really hoping someone else has hit this issue and can suggest a fix/workaround. I've logged a ticket with WG but sometimes the forum is quicker.. here's hoping
  11. I've got a surface pro 3 upgraded to windows 10, I have tried a few resolution in full screen mode, but they all result in a black screen, with a slight flicker every few seconds. I have to kill the program, delete the preferences file and start all over again - its a tedious way to try and find if any resolution will work. With windows running at native resolution, the game is a bit slow (8 - 18 fps), and text is tiny. It would be really nice to run at a much lower res in full screen mode to get readable text and a decent frame rate without having to faff about changing windows resolution each time. Anyone managed to to run full screen? what resolution did you use? turning resolution down gets fps up to about 30 which is quite playable (on warships at least)
  12. Gormadoc

    Windows 10 and WOWS

    Hey I installed windows 10 today and now the "ctrl" click does not work ingame. So i cant target specific air squadrons or signal on map. Cant use the various tooltips for weapons ingame. Anyone else seen this and perhaps even know what to do?
  13. TheSquirrelchen

    Unterstützt WoWS Windows 10

    Ich wollte einmal fragen ob WG-Spiele und im besonderen WOWS windows 10 unterstützen. Ich habe nämlich heute morgen Windows 10 installiwert und wollte WOWS spielen jetzt buggt aber die Grafik so rum das es unspielbar ist. Ich habe mal zwei Bilder gemacht mal schauen ob das Forum oder der Support schneller ist Hafen und Einstellungen.zip
  14. Hi all, just wanted to report in that in windows 10 i'm unable to play fullscreen, if I do the screen flickers with either little or heavy banding, if left long enough the is a out of memory error from D3dd which I presume is the direct x engine. Fullscreen is either black nothing, flickering, corrupt with triangles appearing as I move the mouse over different elements. HOWEVER if windowed fullscreen works fine, no issues Any and all help welcome, if not ill post a screen shot tonight for the Dev's to look over. Thanks, Luke.
  15. Hacker_Vision

    How will WoWs handle Windows 10?

    Hi guys, Sorry if this isn't quite the right place for this but I'm sure a moderator will be able to move it if necessary. Anyway, now straight to the point. With the upcoming release of Windows 10 on the 29th of July I am wondering if all, if any of the 'World of...' games are prepared for the new OS. Ultimately I would like to now whether I will still be able to play after the update or will my computer throw a massive hissy fit and drive me to throwing into the incinerator. I would love to hear a reply from Wargaming as I personally feel that this is quite an important topic as evryone here will be using a Windows OS, unless, that is, you are a nerd and run a Windows virtual machine just to play WoWs. Lets hope for the best. Or watch our computers burn in the flames of incompatibility. HackerVision