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Found 1 result

  1. kbb07142

    British Cruisers

    1st off I hope the new British light cruisers are nothing like the shitlanta. I would love them to be somewhere between the kutuzov and russian DD's Size & health, Gun range, Manoeuvrability, AA etc should be inbetween the two of thse Radar. The british had probably the best radar in the world at that time so it would be a travesty if the cruisers did not get it. Smoke This one i am kind of iffy on. I think it would work perfectly on them but really the light cruisers are supposed to be fleet escorts and chasing down destroyers or providing AA cover. Maybe I am wrong but i just could not see them producing a smoke screen to cover a convoy...or maybe they did, I am not an expert on naval warfare in WW2 lol Without the smoke though i just cant see how these cruisers are going to work. You need the smoke to get out of trouble. They will have no armour to speak off and probably low health too. AA In order to make them not OP they should have the lowest health out of any cruiser and one of the worst, if not the worst AA rating for any cruiser. Torps & Concealment I have put these two together because WG has to be careful that with the right equipment and skills, the cruisers are not able to stealth torp. For the tier 8 cruiser (which is where you get the 1st concealment equipment correct?) I would like the lowest the detection rating can get to, to be around 10-11km. The torp range would be around 8-9km, with around 55 knots speed, average detection ability & damage. Guns (Range) The tier 8 should have around a 17km detection range (however WG should be careful that they are not able to stealth fire). The tiers 9 & 10 could get the equipment that increases this and so they would be able to stealth fire...hell if a zao & ibuki can stealth fire than so can these. Their role should be 1) To use their speed and radar to catch and kill enemy DD's 2) To use their small size and manoeuvrability to avoid getting hit at by long range fire by enemy battleships and cruisers. 3) To use smoke to get out of any problems, or sit in the smoke and stealth fire battleships and use their torps to nail anything trying to catch them in the smoke. Now people may say that they will completely negate DD's and that is kind of a yes and no answer. Russian DD's will still be smaller, more manoeuvrable, stealthier and with the right captain perk about the same gun range. And while they have less health, they also cant be citadel hit. So while the light cruisers will have better guns than the russian DD's, they will be more susceptible to being hit (and citadeled). Stealth torping DD's will still be able to stealth torp but you will just have to be careful not to get too close to the UK cruisers. However. towards the end game, DD's will not be able to sail around completely undetected, ninja torping battleships with no chance of ever being found So where as everyone says the russian DD's are small cruisers I would like to see the british light cruisers as big destroyers. Thoughts?