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Found 42 results

  1. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Ion_666, and I've been with World of Warships since the open beta, but only on YouTube since October 2018 (Ion_666). The channel was started as a way to keep old replays of games I for whatever reason enjoyed. In addition to the actual gameplay I talk about what I was thinking during the game, why I am doing certain things and potential mistakes from myself or other players in the game. I also feature games from other players (mostly from my clan, OFFS, but I'm open to showcase good games from any player). To learn more about our clan, please visit the recruitment page. Hopefully one day I'll become a CC (please help me with that?), but for now my aim is to both entertain and educate, so head on over, watch some good games and say hi if you see me in game. --- I'll start this off by posting a CW game we had against CR33D, who help us demonstrate an important lesson, that you should never assume.
  2. Hello I am thomaswp2706 or AssasinCreeper5 in game and i have recently started up my channel. I mostly focus on YTP and World of Warships content with the occasional dip into other games. I mostly do meme videos like with my World of Randomness series and YTP’s and i do occasionally livestream. I am always striving to improve my content in anyway how. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day and i will hopefully see you around. My latest video hope you like :)
  3. Hello Captains!! I create this post to present Pirates Army Youtube Channel in which you will find World of Warships videos and content related. I have been playing for two years and the Channel is not new, but I have been reading you and posting in the Spanish Community as Spanish CC. More than 200 videos with Gameplays in which I show how I play with all kind of ships, Streams for new ships (Premium or Tech Tree) and Events/Contest in which we let players get some kind of prizes, from Premium Accounts, Slots or Premium Ships for example. I try to do with the max quality I can to offer you the best experience, playing in 4K and recording in WQHD/2k/1440p Let me show any of the last videos, I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time. Youtube Channel Link - Pirates Army Youtube Channel Good Luck, Fair Winds and Following Seas Captains , I am sure we will see if still didn't.
  4. Greetings to all of you beautiful people, My name is Black Krait I'm a content creator and Twitch broadcaster mainly streaming World of Warships of course which I started playing since 2015! I am mostly doing live commentaries over my gameplay. Also we are having fun with my viewers as I am taking challenges from them and trying to achieve them in the game! Hope to see you on my live, I would be really glad getting to know you! In this topic I will post my Youtube content and of course some great clips from my streams! Hope you guys the best! A little bit of backstory so you can get to know me! My real name is Harry, and I am from Greece. My passion for gaming was something I could not hide so my personal angel (my mother) helped me get to London and study for 3D Artist. Making games is a dream for most of us, but for me playing the games is what led me to get to love them. Unfortunately I lost my personal angel due to cancer and the only way that makes me feel proud and good is to make my dreams that me and her fought for come true, gaming gaming gaming. For me being live and having fun with my community keeps me healthy and happy to keep going. Always feel happy and chase what makes you proud of yourself and your achievements! Twitch: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KIK2HZHO3zPTK3Cla-YGQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Krait-107548364242196/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackKrait Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/black_krait
  5. Tellsson

    Tellys WoWs-Videos

    Jo Leute, einige kennen mich schon von der WoT-Community, wo ich aktiv Videos mache. Nun, da ich jetzt auch WoWs spiele mache ich natürlich auch hier Videos. Meine Videos sind Action-Music-Videos, meist mit Metal- oder Epic-Musik. Ich mache keine Erklärbär-Videos oder lets play und How to, sondern schlicht und einfach Action-Videos in denen man aber auch so das eine oder andere abschauen kann. Am Ende der Videos werden auch immer die Band(s) und Musiktitel erwähnt. (Ausser im CATS Werbevideo) CATS Clan-Werbe-Video 2017 (nicht ganz soooo Ernst): CATS Clan-Werbe-Video 2015: Video Liste: 1: Telly is playing WoWs (CLOSED BETA) 2: Action Stations (CLOSED BETA) 3: Special: Telly Haxx (CLOSED BETA) 4: Steelgods (CLOSED BETA) 5: King Kongo 6: Nagato, the Citadel-Hunter 7: Just luck... 8: Amagi, the Beast 9: Izumo, the [edited](Leider hats GEMA geblockt, nutzt Proxtube oder so) 10: North Carolina, the Piercer 11: Fuso, the Pirate 12: Yamato, the Queen 13: Funny WoWs 14: WoWs WTF Moments 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVQYzdER_uU Russian BBQ 16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqJZvh58dwo Special: Merry Christmas 17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er3DuWnykuU Fuso the Pirate Part II 18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2X_U7xh5IM Leviathan: North Carolina (Special Video) 19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxPsX4IUwxI Telly in a DD 20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_PmWhSsqzY The Battle of the Giants 21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fHrLvV9xpg The Art of War 22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQwl_zY3iFk Special: Pool Party 1.April Event (ein absolut spezielles Video!) 23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3cVxq4RJrA Fight for Life 24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il7XoVWkCQA Special: The Pro`s (Telly Haxx!!11!) 25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=symUSxu-Oh0 Special: WoWs Yolo Porn (Adults only ) 26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_pPznrQMmM some Shorties 27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKc4xkU1ZkQ This is OUR Cap 28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gBOort-AKs Torpedo Tango 29. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqE6L-D1fI8 Fubuki Warrior 30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxGQTbRxXaU Special: Meowwy Christmas 2016 31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSlBYuIM2n8 Special: Funny WoWs II 32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRyugmGEeA The Moneymaker (Missouri) 33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP3g-l5QvzY It Hurts 34. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jEbEhPwFaM Deadly Battleships 35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi1OTGTnBFw Never give up 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. (Schöne Weihnachten 2017) 41. Fuso the Pirate III (eine schöne CATS-Division) 42. Vive la France 43. Torps FTW (Shima Torps only) 44. For the Lose Nr. 45 Russian Fun Schaut die Videos Fullscreen und 1080p ;) viel Spass, greetz Telly ^^ Edit: Ich werde immer wieder mal ein Video hochladen und dann in Posts in diesem Thread posten.
  7. Darcownova

    Darcownova's WoWs videos

    Hey fellow captains. I recently started playing Warships and I have started making videos out of it . Space Blaples , Torpedo beats , Very interestingly weird battles. Hope my videos bring a smile to your face and spark to your shells :D Posting this here caz untill i reach 1k scrubscribers I am on my own to distribute my content. Youtube atm shoves my videos into its "not monetized" pit and dosent recommend my videos at all. So it would be nice if i can break the magical algorithm wall . Step one is getting 1k subs :) The videos i have made so far: Feedback is much appreciated. Dont like some parts of the video ? Tell me and i shall fix it on the next one :)
  8. Rock_n_Rolf


    Hello there captains! My name is GrumpyRolf and im playing World of Warships for more than 3 years now. Im not the best player in the world but i think i can play decently thats why i started a YT channel (GrumpyChannel) about 2 years ago. Since that i started to make videos of all kinds, pure gameplay, some funtages, multiple commented games in Czech language (dont worry most of the stuff on the channel is in English) and recently i started to work on new series of cinematic videos. I know my editing skills are not perfect by any means but i hope that some of you guys will actually open this topic and find some of the videos interesting and hopefully you will have some fun while watching. Allright lets stop with the sellout and get to the videos! Lets start with some pure gameplay! In this video we kick with our Salem and Yamato division accompanied by Duke Nukem. (love that voiceover ) Moving on to the ''funtage'' from one cheeky game with my daring. And here we get to the new cinematic video, this was first attempt and freecam is a bit clunky... Thats all for todays sellout. Thank you for coming by and dont worry ill be back with even more sellout! Until next time may the RNGesus be with ya all!
  9. https://youtu.be/hvCj27KPIhs interesting game of smashing some potatoes at weekends (3vs8 - no problem for kamikaze)
  10. Intro: Der Clan [KPM] ist seit Dezember 2018 dabei auf Twitch und Youtube Clangefechte und andere Runden (Radom, Ranked, etc.) live zu streamen. In der nächsten Zeit werden auch im YT-Kanal Videos verfügbar sein. Dort werden ausgewählte Runden und CWs gezeigt. Ihr habt auch die Möglichkeit Replays einzusenden, welche dann von uns (evtl. zsm mit euch) kommentiert werden. Dabei ist uns wichtig das ihr vor allem Spaß beim zuschauen habt. Erwartet also von uns bitte keine hochwissenschaftliche Guides, Verbesserungen, etc. Feedback schadet nie, deswegen schreibt mir doch gerne eine PN wenn ihr Fragen, Verbesserungsvorschläge, etc. habt! Kanäle: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/parma_muc Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G5eOQWuGqtFTPlKw2pzBA Community: Schaut vorbei auf dem offiziellen Discord-Server des Clans [KPM]. Dort werdet ihr immer informiert über neue Videos, Streams, etc. und kommt in Kontakt mit vielen anderen Steamern, Clanmitgliedern, etc. https://discord.gg/fQ7tzNA Replay einsenden: Du hattest eine geile, lustige, … Runde und hast ein WoWs-Replay und/oder diese aufgenommen? Na dann schick sie uns doch! Wenn du Lust hast, kannst du sogar mit kommentieren. Voraussetzungen (Replay): Screenshot(s) des Endergebnisses Wenn möglich: Kaptein-Skills & eingebaute Module/Verbesserungen Voraussetzungen (Aufnahme): min. 1080p (HD) Auflösung Screenshot(s) des Endergebnisses Möglichst flüssiges Bild (kein starkes Ruckeln) Wenn möglich: Kaptein-Skills & eingebaute Module/Verbesserungen Voraussetzungen (Kommentieren): Discord Headset (o.ä.) Kontakt: Wenn du uns dein Replay schicken willst, kannst du es z.B. in einer Cloud hochladen und den privat Link teilen, du schreibst mich hier im Forum (Discord @Parma_muc#7824) und schickst dort dein Replay, oder du schreibst mich per PN an und wir finden andere eine Lösung.
  11. Hello Seabears and Mermaids About me: Yo, i`m Tellsson (Telly), an almost 50 Years old Guy from Switzerland. So, pls dont blame me for my bad English. Some ppls knows me perhaps from WoT, or knows my WoT-Videos. I dont make "how to do" or "lets play" Videos, my Style is more like Action-Music-Videos. I like Metal and Epic Music, and so, i use mostly this kind of Music in my Videos. Now, i started with WoWs Videos too.... here is my Youtube-Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/1b2en?feature=results_main And now the Videos, watch it on 1080p and Fullscreen, have Fun: my first Video-Tryout, not that awesome but i guess its ok (i try to make the Videos in the same "Telly-Style" as my WoT-Videos) Video No.2 i tried a new Crosshair and some Skins Video No.3 I made that Video for a guy who accused me of using Aimbot. Video No. 4: Some nice Shots Video No.5: A "Kongo-Special" Video No. 6 The Nagato Video No.7 Some short Scenes and a nice Fight with my Kongo Video No.8: Amagi, the Beast. A few short Scenes and a good Battle, all with Amagi. Video No 9: Izumo, the [edited]. (the Video is blocked in some Countries, use Proxtube for watching) Video No. 10 North Carolina, the Piercer 2 short Scenes and a nice Battle Video No: 11 Fuso, the Pirate Video No.12. Yamato, the Queen No.13: Funny WoWs No.14: WoWs WTF Moments No. 15: Russian BBQ No. 16: Merry Christmas (thx to all Players) No 17. Fuso the Pirate Part II No.18: Leviathan: North Carolina 19: Telly in a DD Video No.20: Battle of the Giants Video No. 21: The Art of War 22. Pool Party!! (1st April Event) Video No. 23: Fight for Life Video No.24: The Pro`s (or Telly Haxx!11!!) Video Nr.26: WoWs Yolo Porn (Adults only.... roflmao!!) Video No.27 some Shorties Video No. 28 This is OUR Cap Video No. 29; Fubuki Warrior Video No.30: Meowwy Christmas 2016 Video No: 31. Funny WoWs II Video No. 32: The Moneymaker (Missouri) Video No. 33: It Hurts No 34: Deadly Battleships Video No. 35: Never give up Video No. 36: The Hunter No 37: Destroyer Action No 38: No.39 Video No. 40: (Christmas Special) Video No 41: Video No 42. Video No. 43 I`ll make some more, add them to this Thread or post it in this Thread, thx for watching, greetz Telly ^^
  12. DJAngel

    SWPBC Youtube Channel

    Hey all it rare i post things here but I would like to announce the SeaWolvesOfthePacific now has there own Youtube Channel Of course I do listen to the feedback just try not to flame or spam it cause it will piss me off but yeah here the link feel free to check therm out and of course like and subscribe SWPBC youtube Link:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXNLeRIA4yRoh9OmEsUJwg?disable_polymer=true and of Course fancy joining US to become SWPBC apply here and i hope to see you on the Seas SWPBC website link:-https://www.seawolvesofthepacific.co.uk/join-us/
  13. PSChild

    Pirates Army 2.0

    ** Como no me deja seguir posteando en el anterior POST de Pirates Army, creo uno nuevo. Pirates Army - Canal Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/PiratesArmy/ Muchas Gracias por vuestro tiempo y Buena Suerte en estos ajetreados mares.
  14. Hola muy buenas a todos. Quería aprovechar que acabo de subir las Primeras Impresiones del WORLD OF WWARSHIPS y compartir con todos vosotros el vídeo, se agradecen todos los LIKEs que me dejéis para que así llegue a muchos mas jugadores. Gracias por visitar mi canal: Canal Youtube Black-Bass Quería compartir con todos mis suscriptores el estado actual del juego, ya que me ha encantado y me tiene bastante enganchado. Apenas llevo 1 mes jugando a WoWs, así que disculpar de los pequeños errores que haya podido tener y por no utilizar todo el vocabulario naval, aun se me escapan típicos comentarios de MMO y shooter. Muchas Gracias a todos por vuestros consejos y apoyo. Saludos.
  15. Andwari28


    ho ho ho zusammen, dachte mir, als ableger zu "was hört ihr gerade", wäre doch ne sammlung speziell zum thema weihnachten super also haut hier musik-videos ala wham und co. rein ...
  16. In the other day, when I was waiting for my ships in the Halloween event ( don't remembered when, this it's version.2) I went to YouTube to relax a bit, and I came across this. I get it, you are human, you get frustrated, but came on, you have a special ability as a youtuber that the rest of us don't have, you know, that one that you didn't use, EDIT yourself, restrain yourself. There's another ability called RESPONSABILITY not only to your subscribers, but to every one else who watch you, and to yourself. This two sorry excuses for videos came across flat awkward. In the first "video", you, a player that loves competitive games, went and pick a random team, what did you expected? then you take your time picking on players that were trying to do their job the best they could, and this went on and on and on. crapping all over them. Not even funny, just awkward. The second "video" same story but worst ,much worst. you went too far. A competitive player went to a random team and went ballistic. A youtuber that don't know/use his tools WG went harsh with ichase, etc. and leaves this type of sh1t alone. Hey, Flambass, drop the F, drop the L and the B and start with a D.
  17. Just a random thought since there hasn't been a thread on this AFAIK after searching the forum here. I thought I'd start a thread on here for us to drop suggestions for future Naval Fortress/Naval Legends videos to cover. Personally I enjoyed these video contents made by WG and they've proven very informative as well as enhanced the immersive experience of playing WoWS. As a history and naval buff I like playing a game which helps introduce and replicate historical content and ships to the degree that WoWS has. The Naval Fortress/Naval Legends videos go a long way into putting background information on the ships and sometimes the naval/maritime background of conflict at sea from WWI onwards. To start off with, I'd like to suggest WG consider doing a video on Fort Siloso in Singapore for a future Naval Fortress video. Fort Siloso was an integral part of Fortress Singapore/Singapore Naval Base, which in itself represented the most important British naval bastion east of Suez in WWII, and in the words of Churchill was second only to the British Home Islands in terms of defensive importance. Fort Siloso itself is beautifully preserved on Sentosa Island situated on the southern point of Singapore, and there would be plenty of opportunities to film footage of the fort and the replica guns of various types still on display there. Another suggestion would be for WG to do a Naval Legends video on HMS Prince Of Wales, the second ship in the King George V class of British battleships. HMS Prince Of Wales was present at the Battle Of the Denmark Straits (where the ill-fated HMS Hood was sunk in action against Bismarck) and was lost off the coast of Kuantan in modern-day Malaysia alongside HMS Repulse as part of Force Z, sent to Singapore Naval Base in anticipation of engaging a potential Japanese invasion fleet approaching the Malayan Peninsula. With the upcoming release of the Royal Navy line of battleships into the game, it would be invaluable in my opinion to cover both Fort Siloso/Singapore Naval Base as well as HMS Prince Of Wales in war history videos, both to drum up support and interest in WoWS, the British Battleship line, as well as present an educational opportunity to showcase a famous Asian naval fortress that was pivotal in the naval conflict arena of WWII. Of course, feel free to add to this thread suggestions for future Naval Fortress/Naval Legends videos! And hopefully WG you're reading this. :)
  18. Mein Youtubekanal war eigentlich als Flugschule für War Thunder gedacht. Nun ist dieses Projekt abgeschlossen und ich spiele wieder vermehrt WoWS. Da ich gemerkt habe, dass auch in WoWS der Pool and poteniellen Schüler bzw. Kadetten groß ist, werdet ihr zukünftig verschiedene Videoformate für WoWS in deutsch auf meinen Kanal finden. Viel Freude beim schauen. Starten tue ich mit einem kleinen "Wie finde ich raus, wie gut ich wirklich bin." Erklärbärvideo:
  19. I thought it'll be nice to have a place to compile the Bottleship Report comics as well as post some videos so I'm opening my first ever private thread! -throws confetti- I'll also use this thread to archive the threads that I started that I find to be still relevant. Let's make this thread as toxic as possible shall we?
  20. The Big MightyMo Giveaway (Missouri) (30,500 - Doubloons) 26/04/2017 21:00 pm BST Well that time has come around again, When i will be giving away (30,500) Doubloons to 1 lucky winner. The winner can convert their XP to free XP for the MightyMo or you can choose to do what you want with it. To be in with a chance to win the big doubloons package Simply pop along to the stream on TwitchTV press that follow button. Every new follower will be given 200 rations to help start them off, The more rations you have, means more tickets you can get on the Giveaway day. if you Would also like to earn more rations each week you can also follow on YouTube and Twitter via Revlo each week you will be given 500 rations without being in the channel Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for giveaways, Or Unlock rewards from Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times the chance to win on giveaways. Good luck and fair sea's Terms and conditions Must be a player on EU & NA, must also be a follower, And must also be active at the time of the giveaway. If the player does not respond after 5 minutes the giveaway will be re-drawn.
  21. It's the Second Alabama giveaway from OttoCarius21st TwitchTv today. Simply pop along press that follow button, And earn your (Rations) to get your tickets in. 1 Ration = 1 minute viewing time each ticket cost 5 rations. All Subscribers receive 3x the chance ti win on Giveaways. Simpy click the link below to join the channel. 21:00 BST Otto TwitchTv
  22. Salut à tous, J'ouvre un petit topic pour vous annoncer l'existence de ma chaine YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQC6FGU9viizsR6kIgm8lDQ) et de ma chaine Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/chveu) Je stream un peu tous les soirs suivant l'humeur et l'envie ! En outre je stream sur la chaine WoWS_FR tous les lundi et mardi de 18h à 20h30 à partir de la semaine qui arrive ! (https://www.twitch.tv/world_of_warships_fr) Mon but dans la vie c'est surtout de faire une chaine didactique, en mettant à votre disposition tous mes "cours" de l'ACNAF ainsi que des commentaires de parties de tournoi ou d'entrainement. Commençons donc ce topic avec les commentaires en live des parties d'entrainement de l'équipe UFR du 9 septembre 2016 Alors cette playlist contient les 5 parties d'entrainement en 5v5 effectuées par l'équipe puis un petit débrief de ma part, ensuite un débrief de l'équipe et enfin une interview très intéressante avec Gizon et thisheep. J'ai laissé le fichier raw du stream mais c'est un peu indigeste quoi, je laisse si jamais vous avez envie d'avoir accès à toutes les infos "behind the scene" Attention ces séquences incluent un langage cru, des torpedo beat sans eurobeat mais surtout plusieurs extreme ultra late breaking de bonne facture. A consommer avec modération donc ! Bon visionnage !! Je mettrais cette chaine à jour avec mes sorties régulières, à suivre le match entre UFR et Kaiserlische Marine le 13 septembre ! A bientôt ;) Liste des playlists : UFR vs UFR (5v5) - 09/09/16 : OMCC : UFR vs KLM - Group A - 13/09/16 - Week 1 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyHFnblmo9SP7L0KMzDtngWe OMCC : ALN vs FD - Group C - 15/09/16 - Week 1 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyHgNEKM-aR8XoQg8b4m_3m2 OMCC : UFR vs ASEET - Group A - 20/09/16 - Week 2 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyEbPoSA36ww59bxryJ1PygR OMCC : UFR vs WGP2W - Group A - xx/09/16 - Week 3 : à venir OMCC : UFR vs OM - Group A - xx/09/16 - Week 4 : à venir OMCC : OMNI vs OM - 1/4 de finale - 26/10/16 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyGtsEdHEv8Q1JjuFwC8fra0 OMCC : TTT vs NiRa - 1/4 de finale - 27/10/16 : OMCC : TTT vs OM - 1/2 finale - 02/11/16 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyGLTdswBsmanZQsggnjmmGu OMCC : KKTM vs ALN - 1/2 finale - 03/11/16 : à venir OMCC : KKtm vs OM - Petite finale - 09/11/16 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3zBdDrCIyGHaQmbM7oJvJr1i3t0Q6XB OMCC : TTT vs ALN - Finale - 10/11/16 : à venir
  23. Heyho Kapitäne Ich hab auch mal vor einiger Zeit angefangen Videos über WoWs zu machen . Da ich kein Studium in Schiffologie (was fürn Wort ) habe und ich gerne mir was von anderen erklären lasse die es besser können , besinn ich mich eher auf so lustige (Na gut jeder hat ein anderen Humor ) oder auch Blödel-Vids . Ich muss betonen dass ich natürlich jemanden als Vorbild genommen habe (in diesem Fall astf) und bin längst nicht an der Qualität dran was Videos bearbeiten etc. betrifft . Somit ist klar , einen Oscar bekomme ich nicht aber vielleicht kann ich ein paar Leute unterhalten . Viele Videos sind es momentan nicht , den die gute alte Zeit lässt es nicht zu . Versuche aber so wie es mein Freiraum zulässt , Videos zu machen . Hier gehts zum Kanal ----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2f3TC8WnK6icWQdvIl3Yw Ansonsten , Danke , Grüße Random
  24. Hello captains. Before some months i try to make a mini modage about our game World of Warships. That video i make now is on 10.077 views. I wanna thank you all captains. I hope soon i make another one mini video for our game. I try hard in all this. You can find me in my channel on https://www.twitch.tv/elladaris or twitter https://twitter.com/ElladarisWoWs . Thanks again for all support captains
  25. Hello Guy's and Girls. I'm Relatively new to World of Warships but wanting to get very active within the community. i used to host league events for World of Tanks on Xbox, Called (WTXL). But now i'm just wanting to take it easy just with a simply Live Stream. Hopefully a few of you will show some love for a new streamer. Lot to Giveaway in December, Such as the Belfast, Tirpitz and lots of Doubloons. Once i've got a good following i will make the BIG Giveaways with large Ships a monthly thing. And a constant flow of Premium time Through the week along with Doubloons. So feel free to stop by guy's and girls simply follow or Subscribe its totally your choice. As stated on the info section on the Twitch account Followers get x2 chance of winning and Subscribers get a x3 chance. TwitchTv - OttoCarius21st Thanks for taking the time to read this small post.