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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Leute, da ich hier in der Provinz nun endlich nach Jahren ein Upgrade auf meine 6Mbit Leitung bekommen habe (100Mbit nun ), wollte ich auch mal aktiv ein paar Plays zeigen. Anbei also das erste Video und einige folgen sicher noch. Untermalt wird dieses momentan nur von der üblichen Musik und dem Sound von WG. ^^ Also nix mit diversen Kommentaren. Die Videos sollen nicht als Referenz oder Anleitung dienen und wie wir alle wissen, gibt es auch genügend miese Runden. Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge sind gern gesehen. Ansonsten viel Spaß. LG Seaman80 In dem ersten Video geht es um die Belfast. Am Ende wird es ein wenig knapp, und unter gütiger Mithilfe des Gegners ist auch einiges an Schaden drin.
  2. LordMaddyzzz

    Random Warship Moments #3

    Episode 3 of Random Warship moments Made possible by LGCHaaansie
  3. broja_jacra

    Broja's Replays

    So I have saved a couple of replays, Nothing special but I thought I would post them.
  4. Ich denke mal es wird die News im Verlauf des Tages auch noch auf der EU-Seite geben, aber bei WoWs Asia & US ist die News bereits online. Daher hier der Link zur News, dort findet ihr die Details zu den russischen Zerstörern der Stufe I-X, inklusive Bild und einem neuen Video:
  5. Same as the last time with Taiho, 5 games as soon as I got it. Here is the recording of twitch streaming Still CHN cast, and as it is 1 hour long, guess I won't make the eng sub for it. But you can see the idea of the ship
  6. uocat

    Taiho Test Twitch Recording

    As asked nicely by WG, I played 5 games in Taiho as soon as I got it. I was speaking chinese in the video, but you can get the idea of how Taiho is in 1st person view
  7. Heya, I have been enjoying the Royal Navy cruiser line immensely so far. I think they are a great piece of work despite their limitations and they fill a role in the game that wasn't there before. I did notice there were a lot of mixed opinions on them in general though. I figured I would make my first video entries about what are quickly becoming my favorite ships It will be a series featuring replays of each RN ship from Tier V and up where I go over the details of the line and how I think you can get the most out of them I uploaded my first one yesterday Edinburgh T8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wai0IlQpWlo Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Making videos is new for me and I will have to learn along the way
  8. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play the Izyaslav 2.0

    Episode 7 of my how to play World of Warships series online now! hope you guys enjoy. if you did please leave a like and maby an subscription
  9. Stribog2033

    Problem With Video Recording

    So, this is probably big off topic here but I need some help. I wanted to record a video about one ship and it was all good while I was recording. no lag at all. But, when I opened the video with GOM player I noticed how choppy or laggy it is. Does anyone know how this can be fixed ? I am using raptr app (part of Gaming Evolved) for recording. I have tried to contact them about the problem but no one answered any of my questions and that's why I am asking same thing here with hope that someone maybe knows what the problem is. I should mention that this happens only with WoWS. WoT, CS:GO, BF3 I had no problems with those games... Again, sorry for off topic.
  10. TetaNuss

    Macl spielt

    Ahoi Seemänner, nachdem ich mich letzte Woche erfolgreich in den CBT einkaufen konnte, möchte ich mich nun auch produktiv beteiligen und die Ergebnisse meiner Fahrten gerne teilen ohne das Ganze groß zu kommentieren. Viel Spaß und euch immer eine Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel! macl PS:Es sind meine ersten lets play überhaupt, daher zeigt bitte etwas Nachsicht und die ersten 3 Ups haben nicht die beste Quali und sollten am besten tonlos verfolgt werden, da ich nebenbei die Anstalt laufen hatte. IJM T4 Destroyer - Isokaze IJM T8 Destroyer - Fubuki (update 23.06.2015) IJM T7 Cruiser - Myoko IJM T8 Cruiser - Mogami (update 14.06.2015) IJM T9 Cruiser - Ibuki (update 23.06.2015) IJM T6 Battleship - Kongo (update 14.06.2015) Devision IJM T5 Destroyer - Minekadze IJM T6 Destroyer - Mutsuki (update 09.06.2015) US T4 Battleship - Wyoming (update 14.06.2015) US T5 Battleship - New York (update 16.06.2015) 0.4.0 OBBT - IJM Destroyer Devision O©BT IJM T4 Destroyer -Isokaze Devision OBT (update 01.07.2015) IJM T3 Cruiser & US T3 Cruiser (update 05.07.2015) Werde den mehr Startpost nur noch unregelmäßig editieren, neuere Videos findet ihr jedoch stets meinem Kanal.
  11. broja_jacra

    A Question to You Tubers

    Just a quick question to those who post warships replays on You Tube. What do you use to convert or record your replays? I made 1 video by using Nvidia's Shadowplay to record a replay file but it ended up as a large file and is a long winded way of doing it. Im Just asking as I would like to make the occasional video but don't want to have to do it the same way as the upload to You Tube takes ages because of the huge filesize which I know can be much smaller for the video. Anyway this is the video, not a massively exceptional battle but one that I enjoyed.
  12. This frigate "Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate" is now a underwater museum which divers can visit. The ship was sunk down due to being old (the ship had no important history). :honoring:
  13. Since there is not a thread on the forum yet... This section is as good as any to present our newest Naval Legends video about the Battle of Tsushima. Enjoy! And here is the walkthrough of Mikasa:
  14. Now that the NDA has been lifted, here's a video review of the Tirpitz Enjoy everybody
  15. Stribog2033

    USS Cleveland Gameplay

    Hello everyone. Since we are now allowed to make videos, I made one myself. It is gameplay video of USS Cleveland, without commentary unfortunately. It was a good game, I managed to survive multiple torpedo hits and to evade some. I have destroyed 2 enemy ships...I hope that you will like it, and sorry for the lower quality of the video, but my upload speed suck so I can't upload videos with ultra good quality because file size is big and it would take many hours to upload.
  16. MielisairasPotilas

    Video: Epic BB Duel Ending on a Ramming kill

    I had a cool ramming moment with my Fuso and I was really surprised my the reactions on both teams, so I made a little exaggerated and funny video about the incident. The replay bugged (how surprising) and it looks like that I was shooting HE but actually I had AP loaded the entire time. Also it would be nice to be able to navigate the replay backwards without crashing the client or getting my fps down to single digits after jumping in time. /rant Feel free to leave feedback about my editing and video making skills although I didn't bother to fine tune this to perfection.