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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, With the most recent patches the Udaloi received a very nice buff. This update to the Udaloi means it has received an additional consumable the Damage Repair Party combined with the captain skill Superintendant allows for 3 heals which depending on the ship taking light fire damage can heal almost 11,000 extra hitpoints which for a destroyer is absolutely massive and incredibly powerful. I hope you enjoy the guide to the updated ship upgrades and captain skills plus highlights of a recent match on Northern Lights where the Udaloi effectively holds down a flank under heavy pressure. It's a fun match and a great gunboat destroyer.
  2. DetonateMeDaddy

    How to Udaloi?

    So.. not a particularly proud moment for me, but I just free xp'd most of the Udaloi grind to Grozovoi. Did I act out of rage/impulse? Oh yes Could I have saved the free xp? Definitely Am I really sorry? Not sure.. The thing is, it just feels© like an awkward boat to me. Compared to ships from its own line: Ognevoi had at least passable torpedoes. Sure, they were slow, but 10km at tier 8 is actually good. Guns were a bit meh, but I found that most DDs avoid picking a fight with you (unless they know what they're doing) and they were sufficient for starting fires on BBs Grozovoi also gets 10km torps. And a heal. And speedboost. And more HP. And dakka. Compared to other T9 DDs I played Fletcher feels© more versatile with good smoke, great torps and totally adequate DPM Z46 has hydro going for it Chung Mu has the ultra stealthy torps You're left with a DD that isn't really a cap contester (lol 7.2km detection), can get outgunned by the dedicated gunboats and is not a particularly good torpedo boat either (8km) Just feel the need to mention - this is just my personal opinion, based on a low number of battles. I am not crying for buffs/nerfs. In fact, I kept the Udaloi in the hopes of getting gud. Any advice, suggestions, tips and tricks are more than welcome Cheers!
  3. Hi fellow experts In the Santas presents I recieved the Gremy as last possible ship draw after every other ship was fixed or bought way earlier. That the ship is OP is beyond doubt. Even for me the ship performs great. I have used my Udaloi captain, PM, LS, DE, AFT, CE and have 5 points, thinking what to aim for, Gremy is only T5 so SE is not worth that much o her more on Udaloi, Torp reload, Gremy is fast but Udaloi needs it, etc BFT to get higher reload and AR is the 5 points I think of most. What do you think? I seldom knifefight so I have avoided EM.
  4. Dear Wargaming, Can you please explain this utter nonsense: "If a player had Commanders with a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) before the update release, then the Commanders will be retrained to have a specialization for Tashkent (Tier IX). In addition, a Commander with 65,900 Commander XP (9 skill points) and a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) will be added to the player's account." The Udaloi is not changing. It is not being replaced, just moved to another line to which you are adding a different T10. So why other than a nasty means of forcing me to part with my money (500 gold) do I have to retrain my existing Udaloi captain back to the Udaloi that he was in already before you mucked about? I already paid 500 gold to move him from the Trashkent to the Udaloi, why do I have to pay to move him out of the Trashkent to the Udaloi again? Also, I have an 18 skill captain who you intend to replace with a 9 skill captain. So is this you giving me a choice between spending 500 gold or dropping all my built up captain skills on training up a cpatin to be vaguely competeitive in high tier games? I get that to increase sales you feel the need to screw up another set of ships, but I have capatins in my Khaba, Udaloi, Trashkent, Kiev and Og that I am happy with and who should remain in the ships they are in. Which brings me to another point. The captain skills best suited for the Trashkent are completely different from those required to maximse the Udaloi. I already paid 350 gold to reskill the captain (long before the big skill rework), why should I pay again to reskill the captin to suit the ship that you have forced him into without my agreement or approval? Appreciate WG care as much about their customers as I do about rats in the sewer, but for once to be treated like you want people like me to keep spending €200 a year on your service would be nice.
  5. Duke_of_Asia

    Which Guns do Udaloi Use?

    The description under module says the udaloi has 130mm/50 B-2LM guns. whereas under captain, in detailed description it says 130mm/55 B-2-U guns. so which guns does udaloi actually possess? Also what is the difference between these 2 guns in there penetrative value and kurp values? Ty in Advance
  6. According to this: [–]Sub_Octavian 13 points an hour ago The progression transfer is tied to slot, not to ship. So, your previous main line T9 DD (Udaloy) is replaced with the new main line T9 DD (Tashkent). That means everything is transfered to Tashkent, and as a bonus, you get stock Udaloi and stuff. if you have paid 4,000 gold for premium camo on the Udaloi you will no longer have premium cammo on the Udaloi, you will have it on the Trashkent, a completely different ship from the one you paid for it to be on. The 6.2 news says as follows: " Permanent Camouflage If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Gnevny (Tier V) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Gnevny (Tier VI) and Podvoisky (Tier V) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Ognevoi (Tier VI) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Ognevoi (Tier VIII) and Gnevny (Tier VI) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Kiev (Tier VII) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Kiev (Tier VIII) and Minsk (Tier VII) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Tashkent (Tier VIII) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Tashkent (Tier IX) and Kiev (Tier VIII) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had only one camouflage for Tashkent (Tier VIII), such a player will receive a corresponding camouflage for Tashkent (Tier IX) and an additional camouflage for Kiev (Tier VIII). If a player had two camouflages for Tashkent (Tier VIII), such a player will receive two camouflages for Tashkent (Tier IX) and one additional camouflage for Kiev (Tier VIII)." No mention of the Udaloi. So you would think that as you have paid for the Udaloi camo and the Udaloi is still in the game that you would keep your permanent camo. Not so seemingly. This amounts to theft. I have premium camo on my Ognevoi, Kiev, Udaloi and Khaba. I like these ships, I was happy to pay to make sialing them a more productive experience. I don't have premium camo on my Trahskent because I don't like it enough or in fact much at all. I regularly think to sell the damn thing. So now WG has decided to rob me of 4,000 gold. Anyone else getting robbed like this? Anyone else want to take WG to task over this? They seem to think they can do as they like and I don't think that EU consumer legislation (which they cannot have you sign away) permits this either.
  7. As usual there isn't much details about the new versions of these ships when they get shuffled around. From what I can gather both gets a torpedo buff. But that essentially leaves us with the Tashkent as the Rus T9 gunboad DD, and the Udaloi as the Rus T9 support DD. The tashkent wasn't really famous for being a great ship at T8, I have a hard time seeing a slight torpedo buff making it a good T9 ship. The Udaloi on the other hand IS a good T9 DD and seems to get a straight up buff in this patch. So what's the point of the Tashkent now - an annoying free-xp triggering grind for the Khabarovsk? I guess what I'm asking is - are there any interesting buffs to the Tashkent this patch bar a minor torp-buff. We all know the IJN "gunboats" aren't really - well; gunboats except the t8, with the t7 one being a great torpedo-destroyer, tier 5 and 6 being nerfed torp-dds with nerfed guns too whereas the the T9 torpedo destroyer is a good gunboat. So I guess I'm won't be shocked to learn that the Tashkent will continue to be meh. I was however thinking about getting the camo for it but I tink I should pass. Any info?
  8. HI Guys, I wanted to state something and wanted to hear your opinion. I really like the udaloi. Good firepower, good speed and it is very nimble. But my biggest problem is that with almost every shot I take my engine get's nocked off. I have last stand so I can continue but I feel like this is way out of balance with other DD's on this level. And I mean I get it a lot, in a round at least 5 -6 times. I think it is to fragile on that point. I know the armor of the USSR is very bad, but the Kiev and Trashkent don't have this problem. Or at least not in that degree so it really anois me. What do you guys and girls think. Should this be improved? Omeslikkum
  9. Hayashio

    So there's an Udaloi skin...

    Behold the Udaloi. BUT ALAS it doesn't have a Premium skin. To the rescue comes me, whatcha guys think? I made this. It's not a normal skin. it's camo. Opinions?
  10. Russian DDs seem to be a hot topic on these forums, especially since the recent nerf. The Udaloi however is not as reliant on HE as most DDs, its powerful guns punching through armor with surprising ease.