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Found 31 results

  1. Lately this UI bug has been happening to often to ignore, so I decided to record it. I don't know where else to report it so it may as well be here.
  2. The after-action report makes no sense, because the repair costs are shown, but the end sum is not less but more?
  3. In the after action report you can see the detailed report of your damage and whom you have hit how many times, etc. It would be great if I could also see which modules I had taken out on enemy ships. It would also be nice to see who has received Citadel hits from me and how much damage each has done. That could be also a mouseover or a separate column.
  4. When in a ship with separate Torp launchers on each side I often don't know which side is ready, which has the damaged launcher and how long does it take till the reload is complete- the reason being I'm in a fight. For survival, often enough. So any help to give my situational awareness a boost would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer the ability to read the reload time somewhere near the center of the map, I chose the aim path, but it might as well be the actual travel line (Yellow part in this case) showing me the countdown. I need this info fast without having to look at the torpedo counters below, check on the model in the lower left which launchers I'm currently trying to use and make sure it's not the side with the destroyed launcher as well (if that were the case). Trying to survive as a DD in a hostile environment is tough enough, being able to grasp such vital information fast would ease the workload immensely.
  5. This is taken from page two of the F1 help (I'm pretty sure the majority didn't even know there were multiple pages in F1, just like me). As you can see there are tiny timers next to the icons. I'm playing on a 42" screen and even I never even noticed these! Reason is of course I don't have time to search for such small details when the icons start to blink! They do so because I'm taking damage and that usually grabs all my attention. But I would deem such information vital, so please replace that small circle with a easily readable countdown instead.
  6. ainawing

    Readability Improvements

    I erroneously posted this in the ticket system and was asked to post it in the "suggestion forum". Since I didn't find that, I'll just post it here... Some UI Elements are really hard to read. This concerns: Game: - The rudder position display when placed over the ship. Especially Battleships, because they tend to be wider. Harbor: - Temporary pop-ins (like the info-list and the contact/channel pop-in) can have lower transparency. - The temporary ship-stats (drop-downs on the left) should definitely have a lower transparency. - In the captain skill-tree even the position of high-level skills is pretty much guesswork Modules: - The popup when hovering over modules in the module Research window. Especially, when the ship in question hasn't been bought/researched or when hovering text over text. Again, I would recommend a lower transparency. External/Visual (Sorry, I'm using the german version, not sure what the exact translation is): - Signals and Camo have the same problem as the modules. I also would recommend rethinking the Menu items. Visual has it's own item, while the captain doesn't, although the skill-tree is what I would consider a full screen and the external stuff is 'garnish' (Small side-menu with two tabs, that would have easily fitted in the bottom left of the module screen, that should rightfully be called the "modifications" screen). Research: - Can't read a thing about any of the ships... Move the research tree a bit to the left and plopp in a permanent space for the stats and fluff on the right of the screen. Pretty much, like... you know... in the three previous screens? Only with extra space for the fluff text. And finally, Profile: - Ranks are good. Already looking forward to more... - Summary is borderline. The upper left part is not easy to read. Maybe a slight adjustment would help - Achievments. Again with the overlay (text over text and medal over medal)... You can, again, make a special space on the right and fix it that way, or tone down on the transparancy. I understand the wish to display the stunning graphics, even in the harbor. However, it is important to have the information not only available, but also readable. I really enjoy the game so far! Keep it up. P.S.: If anyone has other suggestions to solve the problems mentioned above, or has other suggestions or problems concerning the UI readability, feel free to leave a post! EDIT: I forgot to mention that, when hovering over the ship details on the right, the popup that appears with the module details is also unreadable.
  7. T_greg1701

    UI contrast

    when playing as CV and aiming my attack run, the enemy ship is barely visible under the green field of the target zone it is the worst for targeting destroyers is there any setting in game to make the target zone transparent, so i can see what i'm aiming at? the outline is perfectly enough, there is no reason for the green field to be there and block the view
  8. Can we get this stupid bug out of the game please???, multiple people have noted this "Critical Error" that occurs with the game, where the game UI will disappear then about 10secs later the game will freeze and for me it locks up the whole PC and have to press the reset button. Random things like this shouldn't happen, it stems from bad coding and should be a priority specially when multiple users have reported this, I've even used a different OS and graphics card and still get the problem(one user reported that it even happened after getting a brand new PC). Why isn't fixing the game a priority?
  9. marking a target as a priority target is currently limited by the range of the guns, which makes no sense since the view range is further. But whenever I want to mark a target I have to do it in zoom so I can pinpoint him.
  10. Bratwurst_Bob

    Catapult planes: missing distance marker

    Catapult planes: missing distance marker When pressing ALT you get to see the distance marker for anything in detection range. The only exception are catapult planes. I can imagine it is to prevent them to give away info on a ship otherwise invisible (e.g. behind an island or in smoke), but that's part of the deal, isn't it? You get the benefit of a spotter / fighter plane, the drawback is it can give you away. Please add the distance marker to catapult planes. (In this example the ship was sunk and the plane remained circling the wreck)
  11. Bratwurst_Bob

    Catapult planes: missing distance marker

    When pressing ALT you get to see the distance marker for anything in detection range. The only exception are catapult planes. I can imagine it is to prevent them to give away info on a ship otherwise invisible (e.g. behind an island or in smoke), but that's part of the deal, isn't it? You get the benefit of a spotter / fighter plane, the drawback is it can give you away. Please add the distance marker to catapult planes. (In this example the ship was sunk and the plane remained circling the wreck)
  12. I'm currently playing at 1920x1080 resolution. I'd like to play at 2560x1440, but the screen font is too small to see comfortably. It would be nice to have options for different font sizes, both in game, and in harbor. I'd like to see the rudder position indicator above the engine telegraph, as with some backgrounds in the main window it is difficult to see. That modification, also, would centralize all the information about ship movement commands in the same place.
  13. Knerd

    Some interface feedback.

    Post game stats. I can't find a way to see them if i die in a battle and leave game. If i miss the little note in the lower right cornor of the port screen, i just can't find a way to look at how i played the game. Make it more WoT like, where you can call back them notes, and examin the post game stats in detail from the port screen. ​Player panels. ​They should be on by default. Make them more WoT like, in the maner so that you can switch between seeing player names or ship names, tier and class or both or none. ​​ Great game by the way.
  14. Hi, Ich habe extreme Probleme mit der Hafen UI, besonders beim Wechsel zwischen den einzelnen UI's am extremsten ist die Ladezeit/der Lag bei "Module", "Kapitänsfähigkeiten" und "Missionen". Im match habe ich aber, selbst auf Einstellungen zwischen High und Ultra immer noch 70-100 FPS. Also kann es wohl kaum an der Hardware liegen... Spiele Fullscreen auf 1920x1080p 16:9 Auflösung. Hardware: - CPU: Intel I5 6600K x4@3.6GHz (Overclocked auf 4.2GHz) - MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws IV 16GB DDR4 @2133MHz - SSD: Samsung 840 EVO mit 1 Terabyte Kapazität - GPU: MSI R9 270x Hawk mit 2GB vRAM
  15. Okay, guys, I had an idea, and I wanted to get it down into written form because it might be a good idea. It's about aiming, and the UI used for that. There's been a lot of discussion about the aim mod, but thinking about the topic I had one idea for torpedo aim that might improve team play (and take at least some friendly fire out of the equation) and one idea that might make it a tad more intuitive to aim, especially at long ranges, without using data derived from what the other ship is doing, just for the player himself. Idea 1: Torpedo range estimate indicator To me it always seems like the torpedo aim indicators (where you're going to shoot and where your target is likely going to be) aren't doing a very good job at telling the player how far their torpedoes are actually going to run. So I'd like one more element to make clear "your torps aren't going to travel anywhere beyond this point", and/or possibly the target lead indicator being changed somewhat if the target, at its present heading and speed, will stay outside of torp range. That could at least stop people from launching their 5.5 km range torpedos at a ship 8 km in front of an ally, while they're 2 km behind that ally themselves. (So the enemy is some 10-ish km from them.) Idea 2: Flat 2D target spread indicator for main guns I don't mind shooting at a dot in the air (and with ALT I can compare the distance of the ship I have in my sights with the distance I'm currently aiming at), but sometimes it's hard to really guess if the range is right. That's why I'd like a 2D bent circular shape imposed on the water surface, kinda like the SPG aiming reticule in World of Tanks, or the Dive bomber target area for CVs in WoWs. Another advantage would be that the shape of the circle would give a bit of feedback on impact angle and it would visualize the accuracy RNG a bit more (for better or worse). The shape would only have to be visible in sniper mode or at distances that would be considered "indirect" fire. Advantage over aim mod would be that it doesn't include any data about the enemy ship or its movement, including the nasty part about aim mod actually having more up-to-date info on enemy ship movements as the client, since it feeds of movement data directly and can even tell you if the rudder is shifting, quite a bit before you would be able to see that with the naked eye. (At least as far as I understood those workings.) In my head, these ideas seemed rather good, but now I would like feedback of the esteemed WoWs beta community... do these ideas actually have merit, or is me thinking so a sign that I'm slowly losing it? What do you guys think?
  16. Hi, Started playing yesterday and haven't found out yet, how to identify my fellow players. I only see ship icons on the map and world view, so how do I find out who is who out there? Especially when someone writes "Follow me". I have no clue where the player is.
  17. Damaged modules show like they are fine in the compass if you are using a different weapon. Compass is the round UI element in the lower left corner where you can see you ship and the direction of everything related to the camera. Guns look like they are fine even when gun 1 is knocked out when torpedoes are selected. Gun 1 is knocked out. Same can happen when torpedoes are knocked out. This happened when I wasn't using any mods. I have had this happen before when I was using mods, but I thought it was just the mods bugging. UI bugs are not critical but this has annoyed me for a while now since I have encountered this bug before. Modules are damaged rarely and there is no official support for training rooms made the mod-less reproduction of this bug hard.
  18. ♥ Introduction (The boring staff) I started playing this game since CBT with an NA account, since that was the key i was able to find. That being said i know of how much feedback ppl have given into it, and i hope many that read these Forums do to. The main purpose of Forums is to discuss, improve, evolve things in general, is it not? I yet was stupid enough as a new player to sell and buy ships. Because knew nothing about the game, the game offers still nothing to new players as far as smoothing the experience, is it? So by selling/buying ships i eventually got broke, could not move past Tier 6 then. the grind was too painful on a F2P account. Tried various things, accounts, nothing. Now, many offers (meaning promo codes for free) i gathered from Alienware, Razer Comms, Curse and it seemed it's easier to start over actually. Combining all of them, a week of Premium, free. I'll take it. ♣ The Feedback & Suggestions PART I: New Players So by starting over i noticed the introductory mission. I thought the purpose was to teach new players, isn't it? "New Player" ,means he knows nothing about the games mechanics. We should assume he knows nothing at least. So then, were are the Ship Roles? The Torpedo training. One of the constant things i see since CBT is teammate torpedo hits. People spam torps even out of range. Yet, Introductory mission notifies nothing about it. Ship roles. How you play a ship is vital. Not every ship can be played at the same way, isn't it? Yet Introductory mission teaches nothing. Loading Screen you say yes, but how many new players read the loading screen tips and is it the same, the theory vs practically seeing something? While being in chat many new players asked how the leveling process works. I am eager to explain to them in detail. Why the game isn't? Say you get a new job, weird looking machines etc. and no one tells you how to operate them. How do you get better at it? Add tooltips for first timers explaining everything. It's that easy. Add a channel in Chat called "New Players". Old ppl like me prefer hanging around there and help others, instead of discussing battles. PART II: PvE / Co-Op PvE & Co-OP is a vital part of PC Gaming historically. Same with modding. Ask Counterstrike, World of Warcraft etc. as to the benefits of this. Bethesda at a Developer Seminar had a whole speech about Mods and the benefits of it. PvE needs more depth. I would argue that more games, even simple Arena style shooting games should pursuit this. As there is a large community of PvP'ers out there, there's at the same amout a large community of PvE'ers out there too. Why exclude each one? No need imo. You can add achievements, missions and more to PvE. Even things you can't have on PvP. Missions that escalate, through "Radio transmitions" new orders for side objectives etc. and so on and so on. The only limit here is the lack of imagination imo. Add a "Hard Mode" for Co-Op. Quick Messages. The first time i started playing the game all i wanted, was to inform my teammates were i had decided to go to, so i typed that in chat....Remove the "$%*#@!" (F11) wich has no purpose whatsoever considering tactics and strategy, and add a function that will work as F3 does, only saying "I am going there Smurfs!". PART III: Supporting Actions Don't you like Supporting classes in games? Is it in MMO's or any type really. I think most ppl do. Skills that help others or compliment with other skills. A ship is on fire after he used his repair kit. Another teammate is near and sees this, goes close to him, say around 0,5 km and uses his repair kit to put out the fire. Cruisers can decide to send their fighter plane to escort someone. I'm sure you can find high risk, high reward things as easily as i did. ♠ In General and Personal Views You Won't like (Even More) I don't think we need a professional model to tell us the patch notes. A Developer is more appropriate here, doing the thing he is supposed to in the first place. Premium Ships since release = Around 30. A Nations Full Tech Tree = Around 30 . We have enough of them, yet ppl keep asking for more Nations Trees from the very start. You can make profit by adding camos, backgrounds for Port and so on. Aesthetics are important for us naive consumers as anything i guess. Add a "Suggestions" Subforum. A more intuitive, efficient and user friendly UI. It's ok atm, ofc. I like it. Yet that does not mean it can not be improved. Colorblind modes and yes, the Transparent mini-map does make a difference (to me at least :
  19. When mounting a flag I never get to see the actual amount saved or earned. I suggest giving the flag induced amount a separate column in the result summary, maybe even on the post-battle screen. It would also be nice to see if this flag actually got triggered in the match:
  20. Islacrusez

    [UI] Ship / Module Research

    After racking up two tier 4 ships and a tier 5, there's something that's been bugging me a bit... Why can we not research a ship without leaving our existing ship? After all, our existing ship is doing the researching, and the current xp balance is displayed there. Yes I know it's the same UI as WoWp, but I didn't like it there either. This could be solved by allowing us to right-click the ship name and select research from a menu, instead of having to go to the ship and then researching it from there. On a related note, do we have to go through three menus (two confirmation boxes) to research, purchase and mount a new module? Could we not have two buttons, one for [Research: XPCOST] and one for [Mount XPCOST CREDITCOST], with the latter giving us the confirmation box for "Research for XPCOST, Purchase and mount for CREDITCOST"? With the shape of the UI element in question, it would be easy to add the new button underneath the existing one. Going back to the first point; would it be a stretch to get an ingame macro/option for ship replacement? So along with "research" the menu could offer "upgrade to this ship", which would give a confirmation/setting window allowing you to: Sell current ship (refund value) Demount/Sell Upgrades (cost/refund value) [i assume there's one for consumables, but haven't seen it yet] Dismiss/Reserve/Transfer* Commander Purchase new ship (cost) Appoint commander from reserve/Transfer*/New/None Training/Retraining level of commander *Setting this to transfer would allow you to move the commander from the ship being sold to the ship being purchased and unlock the options to have him retrained. Why? Consider that you have no ship slots left and you want to upgrade to a new ship. How many steps do you need to go through? (Edit to add, full process) > Go to Port screen of old ship > Select new ship > Select Research > Confirm Research > Confirm Elite Status (more often than not) > Sell ship from the carousel > Confirm Sell ship, send commander to reserve > Click Purchase ship / tech tree > Navigate to correct nation (since it selected a ship from your carousel, you might not have the same nation selected) > Find correct ship (which will get more annoying as the tech tree grows) > Right click and purchase, or select it and hit purchase from the port screen > Set Without Commander, Purchase > Click assign commander > Click From Reserve (defaults to from existing ships - useful if you haven't sold your ship yet, but...) > Select commander (again, more difficult as your collection grows) > Confirm assignment > Click Begin Retraining > Select retraining level and confirm My proposed alternative: > Go to Port screen of old ship > Right-click new ship and select replace > Select Commander Transfer (Out) > Select Commander Transfer (In) > Select Retraining Level > Click Replace Ship
  21. In the Commander screen the names of skill types (categories) are too dark for the backround they are on - they are barely legible. Should I make a supprot ticket of that? Or posting here is enough?
  22. TeryonKhan

    Stuttering during UI loading

    I've been experiencing this issue ever since I first started playing the game. Whenever I hover over any UI element with my mouse (ship icon, module icon, Battle button, anything...) the game just stutters for a bit, like it's taking a longer time than it should to load the UI animations. This only happens once though. Like, I select a ship, hover every little button and icon I can see, and the stutter is noticeable...select a ship do the same thing, stuttering is there...then go back to the previous ship and no more stuttering when hovering over anything I've hovered over before. Play a battle, come back, and the game has to go through all of that again. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried fixing this with graphics settings a lot but, nothing really seems to be the case. Any idea of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  23. ChaosD

    Tracking shells

    Hey there! Every couple of months I try to come to grips with that shell tracking feature (default: MMB) and every single time I failed. I'm faring well enough in battles without the feature, but every now and then I'd like to watch a specific shot in a replay. Then I fumble with the interface a bit, get confused, frustrated and then give up. This time I'd like you to point me in the right direction, because apparently I have no clue what I'm doing. Step 1) Ship fires, I press MMB, nothing happens Step 2) Ship fires, I press MMB and continue to press, camera follows the first shell launched *yay* Step 3) That shell is going to miss by a country mile, so let's switch to a different shell. Or not, because I have no idea which button does that. Is it even possible? I feel like I've seen it in youtube videos. Step 4) Alright all of those shells are now uninteresting, I'd like to get back to my ship. *presses MMB* *nothing happens* Yay, still shells. Step 5) I get frustrated, start to hit all kinds of keys to cause any reaction, hit the comma-button... and the whole UI freezes, no damage counter increase, no additional ribbons, no pressing Esc and quitting. How the hell do I get out of here? So my questions are really am I doing anything explicitly wrong? Am I really required to press the button for more than just a klick to initiate the camera or is something wrong on my end? Is it even possible to switch between shells (and torpedoes, for that matter)? How can I abort the tracking? And what the hell does the comma-button do, as I can repeatedly fu freeze my UI with it? Thanks in advance for any responses, I'd really like to solve this once and for all. PS: Step 6) I code a short program to kill wows.exe and attach it to the start menu because the task manager has a habit of appearing behind the WoWs client when I want to kill it.
  24. The button sticks out like a sore thumb, and I think the orange color should only be used when something needs to be made aware.
  25. Hello sailors! Now that Wows has gone open Beta i have few suggestions for change and adding new stuff. So lets start: 1. Survivability: (now we have only amount of HP) it would be nice to have in-game armor arrangement and X ray module vision and it would be nice to also have module HP 2. Artillery/Gun stats: it would be nice to see how much penetration dose shell have on let's say 1 km range to see how much penetration they loose on the max range to be able to change guns from shooting gound targets to air targets (change with key not by marking targets with CTRL) and back (same for the ships which main guns are AA and ground like Atlanta's guns) 3. Torpedoes: it would be nice to see toredoes penetration 4. AA Guns: to have ability to mark 2 targets (like 2 torpedo bombers) 5.Other stuff: Prices of everything: make equipment cost different for BB, DD, CA and CV make cammo cost different for Tire and make it possible to buy it for 7 days, 30 days and forever lover the prices of the modules and ships because even if we make more money in ships then we do in tanks prices are just too high Thanks for reading and have a good day on the sea! bump