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Found 8 results

  1. Seefelder

    Spanish Ships line

    Halo every one, i just wanted to present you my idea of a spanish Tree Tier Battleships Cruisers Destroyers Carriers Submarine I Jupiter II Reina Cristina Huesca III España Reina Regente Alsedo IV Ansaldo project Blas de Lezo Gravina Dedalo V Reina Victoria Eugenia Almirante Cervera Jorge Juan B-Class VI Pavia Project 1920 Churruca Trieste conversion C-Class VII Bailen Canarias Liniers E-Class VIII Variation Littorio Ansaldo Project Project 155 Project 66 G-Class IX * Project 138a Project 115 D-Class X * Project 138b Project 148 Project Salvador Carvia Garcia de los Reyes During my Research i coudnt find any possible Tier IX and X Battleships, but still Wargaming could desing something. A possible one would be a Littorio Variation with 4x3 381mm for Tier IX and a version with 4x3 406mm for Tier X. Battleships España III Ansaldo Project IV Reina Victoria Eugenia V Pavia VI (4x2 343mm) (4x2 381mm) Bailen VII Variation Littorio VIII Cruisers Jupiter I Reina Cristina II Reina Regente III Blas de Lezo IV Almirante Cervera V Project 1920 VI Canarias VII Ansaldo Project VIII Project 138a IX Project 138b X Destroyers Huesca II Alsedo III Gravina IV Jorge Juan V Churruca VI Liners VII Project 155 VIII Project 115 IX Project 148 X Carriers Dedalo IV Trieste conversion (no Pic) VI Project 66 VIII Project Carvia X Well thats all for now, but i now there is still room for improvement. So what do you think?
  2. Heyho ihr Leichtmatrosen Wie man bereits unschwer am Titel erkennen kann, bin ich mir unschlüssig, welche Nation ich mainen soll. Kann jemand die Stärken und schwächen auflisten ? Und kann auch jemand die 3 Flugzeugträger Nationen vergleichen
  3. FrankvC_Jr

    IJN BB and BC tree

    Firstly the intro Im a spanish guy (and i already apologize for bad english) who loves the IJN BCs and 8 8 fleet plan So i wanted the Ashitaka and Kii Sadly my wallet cant take them, at least for now I have done 3 topics regarding buffs and improvements to the Eugen and the Kii plus a cry post on the Ashitaka You can check them here if you dare reading in Spanish Sadly you will probably dont catch the jokes Eugen topic Kii Ashitaka Now the problem As i said, i want to make a full tree of IJN BB and BC starting in the Kawa and then from tier 4 upwards the line will be splitted https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10SkC-pjMCGE2Xta92yDBOqQoOwkjuwr0z2puWwACDPc I hope the link works I will use Fuso preliminar for the “Fuso prot” spot Yamashiro 39 is a placeholder, same as Hiei 42 The Owari is used cause Kii is premium The Yamato prot aka Izumo could be changed thus i prefer to say that rather than the ingame one Finally i want to say than this is difficult and a bit time limited cause my real life status (university problems) I really hope you all who read this have a nice day and if some of you who have the ships i ask, i would like you to help me Again, sry for bad english
  4. Bellegar

    Pan Asia tech tree

    I just saw the announcement for the Pan Asia tech tree and I'm confused. Don't get me wrong, I like every addition of ships, simply because there's more content to play with. But I'm confused because apparently Nelson is gunwise too weird to fit into the UK BB tech tree (exact words used by Sub Octavian), but apparently it's not too weird to mix DDs from around the world from different nations with different playstyles fit into one line? Can somebody explain this to me? I really don't understand why Nelson's misfit is a gamebreaker but the misfit of an entire line is not.
  5. Phroco

    ARP Tech Tree

    For the last few days I noticed there was an IDS_Arpeggio tree in the tech tree section. In it were the Kongo and Myoko plus another three colours of the Kongo that you could research for 20k or so and buy for around 2 million IIR. I thought it was a bit weird that nobody had mentioned it or that I hadn't seen any other ARP ships in games, but today it's gone. Unfortunately no screenshot but it was definitely there and it has both appeared and disappeared without announcement or fanfare. Anyone know what's going on? I wish I'd bought one now!
  6. OromeTarAldaron

    Polnischer Tree?

    Anscheinend plant WG auch den Polnischen Tree bei WoWs, denn für den Patch sind die Patchnotes erschienen und da heißt es: Was besaß bzw. besitzt die Polnische Marine eigentlich so an Schiffe, die für WoWs interessant wären?
  7. Are we going to get more port slots with upcoming Soviet and German tech trees ? I know we will get for Tier I slot but it would be good to get at least one more as a bonus or special. What others think ? Would that be normal option for everyone ? I am not asking for it, just wondering if it's going to happen.
  8. Hytizz

    Tech Tree issue!

    Hi fellow commanders! I just realised, that my in-game tech tree doesn´t show all premium ships in any nations tree. What seems to be the problem here then? In Japan i have Atago, in USA i have Atlanta and in Soviet i have Aurora and Murmansk. So there is my situation. Any help for this?