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Found 3 results

  1. This post is rather dedicated to the WoWs developement team. But some of you captains out there might see it enlightening as well. Hopefully this gives the developement team some anchors to work with to improve the online gaming behaviour of their playerbase. I'd like to introduce you to a very interesting blog in matters of psychology of video games: https://platinumparagon.wordpress.com/2018/04/17/the-psychology-of-improving-online-gaming-behaviour/ Based on studies in League of Legends they came up with a simple low cost solution that will decrease the cases of harrasement about 10 %. What did they do? "Messages such as ‘Teammates perform worse if you harass them after a mistake’ in red, and ‘Players who cooperate with their teammates win more games’ in blue reduced the number of in-game reports compared to the control group." Messages in blue and red it is to make a change? That simple? Well, yes accordingly to The Optimus Experiment thats all it takes to make a change to some people. The solution by the author platinumparagon is quite straight forward: "Evidence suggests that the likelihood of winning an online game where harassment is taking place is reduced. While at Riot Games, Dr Lin conducted a study within over 10 million League of Legends games where information stating this was included. Equipping players with this knowledge led to a reduction in negative online gaming behaviour. " Than she goes deeper to the core: " A key intervention for reducing negative online behaviour is framing harassment as a cost-benefit analysis. Players should be made aware that if they engage in negative behaviour, they are more likely to lose and will then receive fewer in-game rewards. This is a cost-effective strategy for game developers as it simply involves displaying text in-game or during loading screens." I will definetly look into the blog more often now. I find it very encouraging the issue of peoples behaviour in video games is adressed so seriously. Platinumparagon already wrote more articles to the topic in her series. Feel free to have a look there . In this regard I keep faith in the developement team of WoWs they will improve their game in this matter, if you take in account the recent changes in Update 0.7.4 . Have a good day Blechhaube PS: I know for granted wargaming staff cares! As @MrConway and @Crysantos proved so often :D (Sorry guys for tagging you here, but people rather argue about wether you take it in to account or not. ) Edit: 1) I recently found another approach to adress toxic behaviour by Jeff Kaplan. Overwatch introduces the Avoid as Teammate Update to give the player the control of his game experience. It means you can block up to 2 players for 7 days off your matchmaker. They limited the number of players due to concerns of matchmaking queues. Thats a very interesting approach, but the limtis of players you can block makes it almost too much of an effort to be implemented. I guess they want to test it first before they raise the limit. This might become more valuable in the future. 2) 16.07.2018 New endoresment system in overwatch seems to work What is this? https://www.polygon.com/2018/7/2/17527694/overwatch-endorsements-how-to-level-up-explainer Prove by statistics here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/our-progress-so-far/159046
  2. Yeah, so today again I am abused verbally for playing my Lexington. I was told to go "play a real ship, you pussy" (by my own teammates). Among other things.. I just left that game instantly. I don't want to play with those people. Can we have a report button soon? I am just getting fed up with it, and although I enjoy playing with my carriers, I am really afraid of even pressing "battle"... Is there anything we can do about this kind of abuse? Cause it sucks the fun out of playing this game...
  3. chamorro

    Toxic Behaviour

    Well, I felt like somebody had to do this, Lets all raise our voices against insulting, whining or raging in battle chat in-game! Lets make this CBT the most enjoyable possible for all of us I would also want to ask for other players to post something similar in their respective language forums Lets show ourselves, the other testers, developers and everybody else that we can all behave like civilize people and have the most agreable experience in this great game! Even if this message only makes 1 person change his/her manners in-game, it would have been worth it for me See you all in the battlefield battleseas!