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Found 27 results

  1. TobiAssho

    KotS VI Announcement

    The World of Warships Community proudly presents After a glorious tournament in January King of the Sea returns on May 13th! Not only do we have a new ruling King of the Sea with WGP2W for EU but we also established dominance in the Atlantic ocean by fighting the top teams from North America. While we were fighting there a new power is rising, bigger and more dangerous. CIS is challenging EU once again and EU is thirsty for revenge. So as a grand finale the best teams of both servers will meet in this iteration of King of the Sea! The ruleset is fundamentally the same as for King of the Sea V: Tier 10, restrictions of 1CV and 2 BBs, no other limits A round robin group stage, playable in one day for all non-seeded teams to qualify for the knockout stage Top 16 teams of Clan Battles Season 2 will be seeded into the Round of 32 and will not play on weekend one A prize pool of over 500,000 doubloons sponsored by Wargaming More spaces, up to 80 teams can sign up to take their shot at the crown Intercontinental, the top two teams from EU and CIS will face each other The finals weekend will be a live studio cast, featuring our beloved Wargaming crew MrConway and Crysantos together with the illustrious guests Izolate, Flamu aaaaaaaaand the Mighty Jingles! Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. You must provide a lineup of at least nine players at registration Sign-up is first-come first-serve after the seeded teams have confirmed. If you are a top-16 clan battles team and wish to participate please contact us before May 1st. Rough structure of the tournament: here Map pool (all maps played as "tournament domination"): Loop Sea of Fortune Shatter Sleeping Giant Tears of the Desert Trap Warriors Path Schedule: Day 1 - May 13, - Group Stage Day 2 - May 19, - Qualification Round of 32 (group first vs group second) and Round of 32 (featuring seeded teams) Day 3 - May 20, - Round of 16 and Quaterfinal Day 4 - May 26, - Semifinals and EU final Day 5 - May 27, - International third place and Finals (both bo5) Outline schedule soon Rewards: Over 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes. Placement EU Prizes 1 30 Days of premium + 2000 Doubloons+ 30 FTW 2 30 Days of premium + 1000 Doubloons+ 25 FTW 3 - 4 30 Days of premium + 10 FTW 5 - 8 3 Days of premium + 10 FTW 9 - 16 10 FTW 17 - 32 5 FTW * FTW - Camouflage -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +333% Commander experience earned in the battle. +20% credits earned in the battle. Internatinal placement Prizes 1 Any available T8 premium ship 2 Any available T7 premium ship 3 Any available T6 premium ship Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least two of your team representative must be available on discord. You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: here Sign-up will open on the third of May at 18:00 CEST here Please read the rules fully before registering
  2. SalvoNero


    Good morning to all Commanders, the 2nd edition of the ITALIANSUPERCUP will be held on 10-11 September but in this edition will be the first 4 Italian Clans arrived in this session of Clan Battles just ended with the following result : IRN - MMI - BIG - IRN2 any Clan who will not give his approval to the participation will be inserted the 5th Clan in the standings (SEALS) .... and so on. IMPORTANT JACKPOT thanks to the support of figures outside the CLAN ARIETI 132 DA &132AN ..... stay tune news are coming SalvoNero &Friends
  3. The King of the Sea org team have a small event to announce; light and short and a lesser time commitment for teams than a full King of the Sea (which this is of course not replacing) A set of one-day clan battles tournaments on Sunday Sept 2 The Poseidon Clan Cup The basic outline is as follows: Three simultaneous tournaments will be played in the clan battles format One each for Hurricane, Typhoon, and an Open Class for clans in Storm and below 7v7 on clan battles maps, with ship restriction of zero CVs and one BB. Each of the three tournaments has space for a maximum of 16 teams Unlike in clan battles, the maps and spawns will be known before the game starts, so map-specific setups and tactics are possible Structure Each tournament will be played in two stages: a swiss group stage, followed by knockout semifinals and finals the group stage will be played a five rounds of best-of one. All teams will play all five matches the knock out stage will consist of best-of-three semifinals and best-of-five finals, as well as a third place match Dates and Times The tournament will be played on Sunday September 2. The provisional start is 14.00 CEST, however the exact time may yet change slightly. Prizes Prizes are equal across all three tournaments, eight are available for each team Teams that play all their allotted games without dropping out are guaranteed a participation reward Prize Structure 1st 30000 Coal + 1 CC container 2nd 25000 Coal 3rd 20000 Coal 4th 15000 Coal 5th-8th 10000 Coal Participation 5000 Coal Additionally, there will be CC containers as prizes for outstanding individual achievements such as fastest first blood, most torps spotted, and so forth Ruleset The full ruleset is being finalised will be posted soontm Discord We use the King of the Sea discord server to run all our tournaments. Your team must have at least one member available on discord for planning purposes and on game days. Further members are of course welcome :) Discord link: http://discord.kingofthesea.eu Registration Sign up will open on Aug 12 and close on Sun Aug 26. In the event we have more than sixteen registrations for one of the tournaments preference will be given to the 16 highest ranked sing-ups from the eligible league. Register Here
  4. SalvoNero


    Hello Commanders Following the talks with some of you and with the 2 Italian CCs of Wargaming I inform you that: The 132 Division Ariete -132DA- has organized: 1 ^ ITALIAN SUPERCUP CLAN BATTLE Tuesday 17 April at 21.00 The 2 first Italian Clans Classified in the 2nd Season CB They will celebrate their excellent results by meeting. Winning Prizes at the Winning 25.000 Doblons Donated from 132DA Broadcast on Twitch Italians channels: https://www.twitch.tv/blizzard_85 https://www.twitch.tv/thewhitejack48 We would also like to invite 2 international streamers who want to broadcast the event. I'll tell you some details ... A video of the 2 broadcasts of the streamers will be created, the images will be edited from a professional TV Director the 2 videos recorded on one side of the match will intertwine(via integrated streamers comments) in 1 single professional tv video. All thanks to the contribution of the director of international sports events belonging to our Clan I'm SalvoNero with all the 132DA. Good luck
  5. [VKNGS] VIKINGS RECRUITING COMPETITIVE PLAYERS ! We are not looking for casual players ! WHO ARE WE ? Vikings was initially a small friendly international casual clan full of skilled players. We have decided to aim for the top EU clan ranking and our main goals now are tournaments, leagues, clan wars ( Typhoon 1st League ) with emphasis on a brothers in arms approach. Our first tournament was King of the Sea IV ( 1/4 final ) and we are currently fighting in the league one in League of the Sea against other top EU clans ( OMNI, OM, UFR, ALN, WGP2W, TTT,… ). WHAT WE CAN OFFER AS A CLAN : - To be part in a top EU clan and play tournaments with us - Some of the top EU players to play with - Regular trainings against other clans - To be in Twannieboy YouTube Videos WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR : We are looking for Unicum players who want to play at the top EU competitive level and are ready to put time and energy to be here for tournaments, trainings,… REQUIREMENTS : - You need to be 18+ - You need to be fluent in English - You need to use Discord with a mic - 60% average Winrate - 1500+ Battles played - 1400 WTR / 2100 PR - Have multiple T8 competitive ships and to be Unicum with them - Have at least 2 playable ships every tier from T7 to T10 and to be excellent in them - Have excellent game knowledge and team play - To be able to attend at least 75% of our trainings *meeting all the requirements do not guarantee you to be in Vikings, a period of trial is mandatory HOW TO APPLY : Reply here or send a message to our Officers or recruiters. Officers : shujen , kleintimmmmy , twannieboy Recruiters : JSpec , werner_en_marita We are looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Eclaire

    King of the Sea V

    After four tournaments in 2017 King of the Sea returns for 2018 on January 21 Much has happened during the past months: the first season of clan battles is over, and the KotS throne has been left empty. The community awaits its new king, and contenders from across the ocean seek to take the title home. We are excited to be collaborating with the Warships Supremacy team to bring KotS to both NA and EU, and on February 4 the three top teams from each server will face each other to crown the king of kings. We have adapted King of the Sea to the new times with the following changes: Tier 10, restrictions of 1CV and 2 BBs A new round robin group stage, playable in one day A bigger prize pool, over 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes sponsored by Wargaming More spaces, up to 64 teams can sign up to take their shot at the crown Intercontinental, the top three teams from EU and NA will face each other EU and international finals will be casted live from the WG-EU studio in Paris! Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. You must provide a lineup of at least nine players at registration Sign-up is first-come first-serve after the seeded teams have confirmed. If you are a top-16 clan battles team and wish to participate please contact us before Jan 10 Map pool: Trap, Warriors Path, Loop, Sea of Fortune, Atlantic, Shatter, Islands of Ice Schedule: Day 1 - Jan 21, 14.00 CET - Group Stage Day 2 - Jan 27, 14.00 CET - Round of 32 and Round of 16 Day 3 - Jan 28, 14.00 CET - Quarterfinals and Semifinals Day 4 - Feb 3, 16.00 CET - EU Finals and 3rd place match Day 5 - Feb 4, 18.00 CET - International Finals Outline schedule here Rewards: 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes. The full list is available here Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least two of your team representative must be available on discord You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: available here (subject to change) Sign-up is now open Please read the rules fully before registering Sign up here Group Stage and Seeding Details
  7. Hello everyone. Now the bulk of King of the Sea V is done, it is time to start gathering feedback. We have this questionnaire for you to fill out (if you want) we are trying to get both the viewer and player opinions, so we can optimize in the future. So if you tuned in to a few matches, please do leave your opinion! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SBAAL7icjI6zoZUCmtLvQemVy-OQpFpLgZdUCUFw1b4/edit?usp=drive_web Just take 5 minutes to fill it out, it helps a great deal. Thanks in advance The KotS Admin Team
  8. Evening gentlemen, we are planning to run the next King of the Seas early next year. With clan battles and new, very good teams playing in them, we need to decide on a format that works for everyone, veteran KotS teams and those that came up in this CB season. Do have a brief look at the wall of text pro/con list below before voting, by adding the standard or below the options you are happy with or hate. You can vote for more than one, we're trying to get a sense of what people are comfortable playing As with the last surveys, we are less interested in the absolute number of votes for a given option, and much more in the arguments for why we should adopt a given format. We can see up- and downsides to all of these, and are very open to (constructive!) suggestion. T8, 9v9, CV: This is ye olde standard, and those of you who have played previous KotS tournaments will be familiar with the up- and downsides. With the MK no longer for sale the meta is likely to change a bit, possibly for the better, possibly buffing BBs more. Either way, we're confident that it'll work, less confident that it's the best option. We see two major downsides here: most teams don't have enough captains to be able to run competitive setups for Tier 8 and Tier 10, where we'd expect official competitive to stay. We'd also likely have to keep banning individual ships as well, which will lead to an overly complicated ruleset. More importantly, clan battles have thrown up new teams that have cut their teeth in the current T10 meta and are playing at a top level. Switching not just to a CV, but changing the both the tier and player numbers is a huge ask, and will put them at a potentially unfair disadvantage to teams that have KotS experience. We are leaning against running T8 for next KotS. T10, 7v7, no CV: hat we're all playing right now - this means all teams have a level playing field to catch up on training, develop and test tactics before a tournament, and captain specs shouldn't be an issue. We're seeing 2-, 1-, and 0-DD comps in typhoon league, so the meta should be quite diverse, and knowing the map, spawn and opponent will allow teams to bring specific comps and tactics, which should be interesting and a change from clan battles. The obvious downside is that going head to head with the competitive format already in the game feels a bit like missed opportunity to do something interesting. We're also concerned that in 7v7 achievable winrates are too low for a knock-out tournament. We don't want stomps, but we don't want coinflips either, and what works over sample size of hundreds of games won't necessarily work over a best-of-three. It's a workable option, but we're not keen on this either. T10, 9v9, CV: This was played in the MDIV league, so it's a format with at least some testing behind it. BBs would likely be restricted to two. We'd expect the meta to establish itself fairly quickly - think parallels to T8, with cruisers spending more time in the open, at long ranges, and likely more smoke. It does have the significant downside (as with T8) that expereince and skills from this CB season will be hard to transfer to a very different meta. We see it as the 'safest' option, and one that will not require too much testing for us to confident it will work in some fashion. T10, 9v9, No CV: A possible compromise between the meta and the skills developed in this season of clan battles, and the older KotS format. The basic idea here being that with-CV and no-CV gameplay are different enough that this gives teams that got their start in clan battles an equal footing, while somewhat reducing the variance in 7v7. There will be more vision as you have more ships dotted around the map, and losing one player early isn't the death-knell it is in clan battles. On the other hand it’s a lot of firepower. While it looks to have potential, none of us have ever played this before so it would need fairly extensive testing before we'd be comfortable going ahead with it. If you're interested in helping out with that do say so. We are very much looking for your input so we can make a fun tournament with the best possible format for balanced competitive play. The poll serves as a general guideline, so we can see what the community thinks. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. OttoTTV

    Beta - Seven Seas Tournament

    The Seven Seas Tournament Beta Hello guys and welcome to the launch of a new event called The Seven Seas Tournament. This event has been created by members from the World of Warships Community, And The Bunch of Wally's team from your very own EU server. The Seven Seas Tournament is a friendly way other World of Warships players can battle an opposing team, showing the world what they're made of by sinking tons of enemy shipping to be the victors. The set up has been designed to encourage Players to engage and strategically, Manoeuvre around the theatre of war and send them souls down to Davy Jones locker. Prizes yet to be announced. Scroll down for the main rules and visit the Seven Seas Tournament website for full information. The Seven Seas Tournament is officially upon us. Registration opens 01/08/2017 with the first round starting on the 18th of August, And continuing every weekend until the final. Teams registering before this date will not be accepted. All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Also feel free to sign up for our mailing list via the website. This way you will have signposting announcements, emailed to you. Such as registration opening dates. <Subscribe> Quick Look At The Rules Registration Opening Soon 01/08/2017 ⦁ Registration ⦁ One player is chosen as Team Captain and is to register their team. <Register> ⦁ Each game consists of 7 players per team. ⦁ Team Captains can register up to 10 players. (3 reserve players). ⦁ Captains may change a team’s roster; however, it must be done prior to the changes deadline. 48 hours before tournament starts. ⦁ Each clan can only enter 1 team. (Please read FAQ Question #9). ⦁ All team players must be members of the same clan. (Please read FAQ Question #9. ⦁ Registrations and changes received after the deadline will not be accepted. ⦁ Discord will be used to coordinate the start of each match. Using Discord is mandatory (It’s free to use - see below). ⦁ The registration confirmation email will contain a link to the Discord channel; Team Captains will need to distribute this link to their team. ⦁ All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Teams ⦁ Players ⦁ Players Must have 7 players and can have up to 3 more as reserves. ⦁ Seven players must be present ten minutes before the battle start time in discord. ⦁ The team who is a player short, will still play as normal. ⦁ A team that does not show will be taken off any future Tournaments. ⦁ A player abusing any member of Staff or other player will be given a Strike, Receive 3 and you are gone. ⦁ Once a battle has finished players may switch around with reserves. ⦁ Each Team/clan can only enter one team. ⦁ Teams/clans can have a second team entering only if it's a totally different name. ie WALLY - W4LLY will be accepted. Ships ⦁ Rules Around Ships ⦁ Ships ⦁ All ships must be Tier 6. ⦁ Team members must ALL be using a different ship (IE: Your team cannot take 2x Leander’s into the same battle). ⦁ Teams will consist of 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Destroyer, 2 Cruisers and 2 Battleships. ⦁ The 7th ship may be either a Cruiser or a Battleship Discord ⦁ Discord ⦁ All players must be connected to the Discord server (and in their assigned channel) at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their match. ⦁ Groups and channels will be designated for each team, allowing you free voice communication during each match. ⦁ You may use other systems for in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel. ⦁ Players are not allowed in Mod chat rooms; access levels have been set to reduce confusion. ⦁ Only team members (and Moderators) will have access to a team’s individual voice channel. ⦁ Players will not be able to join other team’s voice channel. Keep Connected Anyone wishing to ask any questions feel free to join some of our many social media channels. Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube TwitchTv FAQ's Your FAQ's ⦁ #1 What if the number of teams registering is not divisible by 4, for the preliminary stage of the tournament? We will use some groups of 3 or 5 and re-balance how many teams progress from each group. Seeding is based on team registration times; the first registered team will be slightly more favoured, but minimally. ⦁ #2 I use Mods in World of Warships, can I use these Mods in the tournament? Wargaming’s terms of use policy is still in effect. Currently all modifications offered in the ‘Aslain’s Mod Pack’ are fine as Wargaming permits their use. Using any banned mods, such as “War Pack”, is considered cheating and will result in the player being permanently banned from this and future tournaments, a report given to Wargaming and that player’s team will be immediately dismissed from the tournament. ⦁ #3 What if there aren’t very many teams who register? Will there still be a ‘preliminary stage’ to the tournament? Yes. The preliminary stage will still be used to determine the seeding into the tournament with more teams per group progressing. A key principle of the tournament is to play, have fun, and encourage more players to take part. In all circumstances, every team registering will have the opportunity to play more than just 1 or 2 battles. ⦁ #4 What if some of my team cannot make it and I don’t have 7 players? You can play shorthanded, but will still have the same limits on ship type selection. IE: Only 1 destroyer. ⦁ #5 If I know one or more of my team have a good reason for being unable to be at the game, can I nominate someone else to fill the space? No. There is a ‘reserve player’ system in place and why captains can name up to 10 players when registering. If the reason is more serious, please contact one of the moderators as soon as possible. ⦁ #6 What if there is a technical problem, causing significant interruption to the game? One player experiencing lag or connection issues is unfortunate, but the game will continue. If the server itself, for example, is the problem, then the game will be aborted and rescheduled. Any decision will be at the sole discretion of Tournament Staff. ⦁ #7 I have a Tier 5 destroyer that I would rather use, can I? No. All ships must be tier 6. ⦁ #8 A member of my team accidentally had a Tier 7 ship selected when battle started, what happens? If anyone takes an incorrect ship into a game (such as 2x Destroyers, or a different Tier ship), the game will be aborted and restarted. Strikes may be given to the person and/or the team as a whole if it happens again. Accidents can happen, but please try to avoid them. ⦁ #9 Can my team consist of players from different clans? No. Each clan is only allowed to register one team. We consider [WALLY] and [W4LLY] to be different clans. For example: One full team of [WALLY] and one full team of [W4LLY] – Yes. One team with both [WALLY] and [W4LLY] members – No. Two full teams of [WALLY] – No. Half the team with [WALLY] and half the team with [OTHER] – No. ⦁ #10 I am not a member of a clan, can I still take part in the tournament? All teams need to be associated with a clan. If your team does not have a clan, you can always start one yourself, or there are plenty of clans looking for more members. ⦁ #11 Have a question about discord – good to explain that although discord is mandatory, you don’t need to pay anything or install any software on your computer, if you don’t want to. This is important to help remove reasons why someone might not want to take part. And also something about there’s a general chat channel in Discord to talk to everyone and anyone before and after battles – meet some new friends ⦁ #12 My clan normally uses Teamspeak, do we have to use Discord to talk? No. You can use other systems for your in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel as described in the tournament details. Please keep in mind that The Seven Seas Tournament is still a Beta, And we are testing the water to see what response we receive by the community. Our main aim is to help people connect with new players from around the world, Making the World of Warships community Stronger. We also designed this event for new and experienced players to engage in a sporting manner. If you do not have a team of 7 to 10 players and want to join a team, Then feel free to join the WALLY clan <Discord.> And also join the Seven Seas <forum> and make it known you are searching for a team. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Hope to see you all out on the high seas. Good luck fellow captains
  10. After a slightly longer break, the King of the Sea tournament returns, beginning May 13! Ready your ships, and step up to the challenge. Can anyone knock off three-time defending champions OMNI? We’ve used the extra time to make some changes that we hope will move us towards bigger and better KotS tournaments: We've expanded to a max of 48 teams ​ Running into a top team and going out in the first round is no fun. To the round of 16 the tournament will be played as double elimination​ Win out and you play the same number of games as you would in a knock-out tournament. Lose once and you get another chance, against a team that's also lost a game. Lose twice and you go home ​a full explanation of how this works is below​ ​ The top eight teams from the last KotS are seeded, as will be a further eight that have demonstrated their skill in previous tournaments If you are not a quarterfinalist from KotS II it is still first come first serve, so be ready when sign-ups open and have your team line-up prepared! Unseeded teams will play one self-scheduled game in the first round during the week leading up to the tournament start to determine their starting positions All else remains basically the same: Tier 8, 9v9 ship limits 1CV, 3 BBs, 2 US DDs team size of twelve with roster swaps best-of-three to the semifinals, then best-of-five Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. Sign-up is first-come first-serve for the 40 open slots. You must provide a team lineup of at least nine players at registration Map pool: Shards, Neighbors, Warriors Path, Trap, Loop, Trident, Haven (Diamond Domination) Schedule: Placement Round: Week of May 7-12 Day 1 - May 13, 14.00 CEST - Group Stage Day 2 - May 14, 16.00 CEST - Round of Sixteen and Quarterfinals Day 3 - May 20, 16.00 CEST - Semifinals Day 4 - May 21, 16.00 CEST - Finals and 3rd place match Outline schedule here Rewards: Over 300.000 doubloons worth of prizes! The full list is available here Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: available here Sign-ups are now closed Register here Bracket Details ​ Seeding and Draw contact Ataw, Tobiassho, or Eclaire if any questions, or join the discord and ask there
  11. quantenmecha

    IDF #3 - To New Horizons

    Dear captains, the IDF (Initiative of German speaking fleets) is now presenting the 3rd IDF-Tournament. We mentioned in our previous tournaments that we are looking for a respectful and fun environment and this tournament will be another great step in the right direction. Fair play and fun is what makes us a remarkable community. Starting date is the 25th of April and ending date is the 11th of May. Three weeks full of fun and competitive gameplay awaits you. Registration ends 18th of April and 12 people per team (max.15) are required. Main rules: 9 vs 9 Tier 8 Unlimited number of teams per clan/community Up to 256 Teams are possible (lets see how far we get ;) ) Swiss-System The rules and schedule can be found here. Streamers will be present. (we would like to have a few more so please contact us if you are interested) Registration >>here<<. Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask [OIS]quantenmecha via Discord or TS3. Discord: https://discord.gg/rbkvjG5 TS: ts.ois-clan.de Godspeed. The spoiler contains information about the Swiss-System. It is not well known so if you dont know it, read it (or google it )
  12. TobiAssho

    King of the Sea II

    Blown up ships and planes are scattered over the ocean. As the smoke lifts repeat champions OMNI-Masochists, firmly on their throne, look upon the fallen challengers. They have defended their title, and may now enjoy their victory. A throne is comfortable. But being the king makes you worthy prey. Your treasures will never be safe, and the temporary silence deceives. Even as the sea calms already new captains and old veterans gather again to wrest the crown and proclaim themselves the new KING OF THE SEA. The World of Warships competitive community proudly presents: King of the Sea Tournament II The next test for the King will be held on the: 4th and 5th of March starting at 16:00 CET Signup will open on the 25th of February at 18:00 CET here. Be ready, it is first come first served. If the last tournament is anything to go by, we expect the spots to go very quickly so have your team roster sorted out and ready to submit as soon as the signups go live. You cannot sign up a team without at least 9 people (max 12). General rules: 9 vs. 9, Tier 8 12 members per team Up to 3 teams per clan/community 32 Teams All teams progressing past the first round will receive a reward Map pool: Trident, Shards, Islands of Ice, Sea of Fortune, Neighbors, Warriors Path, Loop ​All rules and the prize pool can be found here. Schedule is up and brackets are online, drawn by Izo. The events will be streamed and a prize pool worth over 250.000 doubloons awaits the teams. Prepare your ships, ready your guns and load your torpedo tubes, the hunt is on! Streamer schedule day 2: English: Izolate / Flamu German: Cloud / ElAtze Frensh: Cheveu 16:00 OMNI vs AAO 17:30 TTT vs OM 19:00 Final Please contact Eclaire (TTT), Tobiassho (AAO), Ataw (TTT) or Domin1c (AAO) if you have any questions or want to help organizing the event.
  13. The World of Warships competitive community proudly presents: King of the Sea Tournament 1 After crowning the first King of the Sea, OMNI-Vegetables, in December the hunt is on. Being the King is not only a blessing but also a curse. All captains want to steal the crown and with it the glory. To give all players the chance to challenge the King there will be a tournament every month in which the King as to prove that he is still the ultimate power ruling the sea. The next test for the King will be held on the: 22nd and 29th of January Signup will open on the 14th of January at 18:00. Be ready, it is first come first served, with priority given to the King, and the teams which submitted a team last time, but did not make it in. Stay alert! If the last tournament is anything to go by, we expect the spots to go very quickly so have your team roster sorted out and ready to submit as soon as the signups go live. You cannot sign up a team without at least 9 people (max 12). General rules: 9vs9, Tier 8 12 members per team Up to 3 teams per clan/community Maximum 32 Teams (special invitations to those who didn’t get in in December) All teams progressing past the first round will receive a reward Map pool: Trident, Shards, Hotspot, Islands of Ice, Trap, Sea of Fortune, Neighbors ​All rules can be found here. Schedule here, and brackets here. The events will be streamed and a prize pool worth over 250.000 doubloons awaits the teams. Prepare your ships, ready your guns and load your torpedo tubes, the hunt is on! Please contact Eclaire (TTT), Tobiassho (AAO), Ataww (TTT) or Domin1c (AAO) if you have any questions.
  14. Hey guys, it's been a long time coming but i've finally had time to video edit the hell out of these! I know it's a bit late BUT they're still worth watching. Thanks in advance for interest, Hadders
  15. Domin1c

    King of the Sea Tournament Signup

    Welcome to the sign-up thread for the King of the Sea tournament! Registration opens Saturday Jan 14, at 18.00 CET Registration closes on Jan 17 at 18:00 CETPlease read the brief overview of the tournament rules before signing up your team. The full rules are here. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SIGN UP SITE We are not doing it like last time where you have to post in the thread. It's 2017 already. Use the site, it opens for registration at 18:00. Dates: Jan 22nd and Jan 29th, game days will be from 14.00CET - 20.00CET. Format: 9v9 Domination, T8, Single Elimination, each round best-of-three, Semi-finals and Finals will be best-of-five. Spaces are limited to 32 teams, with priority given to the reigning King, and a few teams which did not make it in last time. Otherwise it is first come first served, and we will be selecting the participating teams based on the time of signup. To sign up you must provide the following information: Team Name Team Leader Team TAG {ie. [TTT] (Tora Tora Tora!) or [AAO] (Against All Odds)} The full roster of twelve players (up to 3 players can be swapped, see ruleset for details)​ No need to post your team in the thread, signups are all done through the website, link up top. Godspeed, we are looking forward to a couple of fun Sundays with you all. Regards Eclaire, Ataww, Dom and Tobias
  16. The biggest EU tournament hosted yet, with 32 teams participating in a single elimination T8 tournament, with BO3 games. This is the first matchday, where the participating teams will fight through a RO32, RO16 and a RO8 to find the 4 teams who will be playing the finals next Sunday. More info can be found here, brackets can be found here. Tune in to Izolate, PrivatePinguin (German) and WargamingGames (German) to watch the games and cheer for your favorites!
  17. Odem Mortis Community Cup It has begun... The Quarterfinals are about to kick in... The footage of the LIVE Group draft is online now, thanks to Flamu! We wish all participants best of luck as well as a lot of fun during the Tournament!
  18. Fellow World of Warships Captains, After a long break the second season of the World of Warships league is now finally here. The registration is now open on our homepage http://liga.marine-division.eu/ Every player who wants to participate in the league has to register himself with his world of warships player name. Your team captain has to create a team on the homepage additionally to his own registration and invite all of the already registered players in his in this now created team. He can also provide the players with the required joining password. If you want to participate with more than one team in the league you have to have more than one team captain (one for each team!). Now you chose one or more leagues or ladders and enroll yourself in them. The registration is open until the 27 of may. We have read the feedback from the first season carefully and we’d like to present you now some major changes we have done in the upcoming season. We have reworked the homepage and automatized most of the required actions - that means no more screenshot posting in the official warships forum, but uploading the screenshots on the new homepage. The new homepage got a facelift and looks better than ever. We worked a lot on the rules to make them more specific, shorter and hopefully unmistakable. (We have also removed most of the controversial points from the first season). We have reworked the map pool and the game mode (following your suggestions) The league is now an international league, which means that any clan on the eu-cluster can participate. The official league language will be English. Last but not least you wanted it and we offer it now: ​The Season in a 12 vs 12 mode with encounters containing 3 battles each for Tier 10, Tier 8 and Tier 6. Teams can battle each other with the highest amount of possible players all season long. This system is based on the World of Tanks-Clanwars. Your Team has to enroll for the league to participate. A complete new ladder system for Tier 10, Tier 8 and Tier 6 played 7 vs 7 where you have the free choice which competitor you want to fight next. Every Match consists of two battles on one map. If you always wanted to know your place in an international competition but you don’t want to play against random teams then you found your spot. Only two matches every 4 weeks are required but you can battle as many other teams as you want. Further you can join the ladder at any given time since it is not bound on a specific time frame. Further Information for the individual game modes and the complete Rules can be found in the relevant areas on our Homepage. The Registration for players and teams is from the 26 of april on till the 27 of may open. If you have any Questions or need some help with the registration feel free to contact us on the TeamSpeak server of Deutsche Marine Division( pw: Maus).The administrators are marked on the TS-Server with specific league icons or simply ask for an league administrator when you join the TS. We planned to Start the league on the 27 of may. We are looking forward to many nice participants and hope we all have fun and a good time in the season! Greetings League Head of Administration
  19. Hello, Here some new game mode ideas: A. The main idea is: "Shake Down". The vision behind this is that all players/accounts on the server (+/- 22.000 currently) can participate in the "Shake Down". They must illiminate each other so that only 12 remain. The 12 that remain will be rewarded, after which the next shake down can occur. The "Shake Down" occurs in "Phases", for example: Phase 1: 22.000 players are seperated into 22.000 / 24 = 916 simultanious battles of 12 vs 12 players. After 15 minutes + 1 minute to prepare the next phase begins: Phase 2: 916 * 12 winners = 10992 players are seperated into 10992 / 24 = 458 simultanious battles of 12 v s 12 players. After 15 minutes + 1 minute to prepare the next phase begins: Phase 3: 458 * 12 winners = 5496 player are... and so forth, until 12 winners remain. If a match ends in a draw, which is rare, then all 24 players are moved to the next phase. Since battles happen at different speeds care must be taken that each player completes equal ammount of phases before proceeding to the next phase. Players are automatically queued for the next phase and will automatically start the next game/battle to try and keep a schedule of 1 phase each 16 minutes. If necessary a break of 5 to 10 minutes could be introduced to give players a chance to go to rest/sanitation room or so ;) For example after 2 hours of playing or so. Players can opt out of the "shake down" they are then removed from it. Variations to this idea which can happen on different days: B. Introduction/default mode: The introduction/default mode for shake down uses random battles to illiminate players. This is what players are used to, so they know it well. The winners of the battles will get a second chance even if they died and proceed to the next phase. To offer even greater challenges for regular players: C. Unforgiving mode: In unforgiving mode the player will be illiminated if the player's ship was destroyed even if the battle was won. D. Vampire mode: Vampire mode should be applied to/combined with unforgiving mode. In vampire mode the player's ship gets health bonusses by doing damage to the enemy. For example 50% of the damage done to the enemy is poured back into the ship's health. This should allow the somewhat more skilled players to survive in a match with bad team players, so this mode is more forgiving. However if the player's ship is destroyed the player is still removed from the shake down. E. Rage mode: The pure form of rage mode is the most harsh mode and the most difficult to master. In rage mode the player's ship is only partially repaired after each battle. The ammount repaired depends on the phases: Phase 1: 90% Phase 2: 80% Phase 3: 70% Phase 4: 60% and so forth down to a minimum of 10% repair. This will hopefully put the hearts of the players on fire (in a good way, love when they win, rage when the loose) ! =D To make it possible to get a taste of all of these modes the modes could be scheduled on a daily basis and then somewhat mixed up to give players that can only play on certain days a chance to play each one of them: For example the schedule for shake downs could start with: Monday: Introductionary Tuesday: Introductionary Wednesday: Introductionary Thursday: Unforgiving Friday: Unforgiving + Vampire Saturday: Rage Sunday: Unforgiving + Vampire + Rage (The ultimate mode) (Ofcourse once players are removed/illiminated from shake down they can fall back/participate in other kinds of battles like random battles, team battles, ranked battles, but must wait to be able to participate in the next shake down once it restarts, players can pre-emptively queue up for the next shake down, So even if they are already in a random battle once that's over they should be able to participate in the shake down !). Ofcourse such a great tournament/knock out like mode should have some awesome rewards for the 12 players remaining players to stimulate players to participate. The top 12 players will all receive a reward of 5 million credits ! for a total reward given out of 60 million credits roughly each 4 hours or so, ammounting to 360 million credits of rewards given out each 24 hours. If this is acceptable for war gaming they will have to decide *** Small but interesting update ***: ( An alternative method of acquiring credits to give out to the winners is to ask a "credit fee" for players to participate, the credit fee could be as low as 3000 credits per player, depending on how many will participate. 3000 credits sounds a bit low, so let's up this to something much more, let's make this 100.000 credits. In the case of 20.000 players participating this would gather an initial fee collection of: credits. The credits could then be divided among the 12 players as follows: 166.666.666 credits per player ! LOL. That's rich as b*tch ! Perhaps a bit high ? I like it though Feels like a lotery ?! Hmm interesting. ) *** Another little update ***: ( Entry fees could also be determined on the mode for example: Introductionary mode: 5.000 credits Unforgiving mode: 10.000 credits Unforgiving mode + vampire mode: 15.000 credits Rage mode: 25.000 credits Ultimate mode: 100.000 credits ) Besides from these additional rewards, the normal rewards for doing battle are also given out. Additional rewards for surviving each phase could also be applied. For example an XP bonus modifier of +0.25 for each phase survived. This shake down mode should only be available for experienced players, that means "high account levels", basically "maximum account level" should enable this mode. The ship tier is fully open, however with a twist: Players with the same ship tier will all battle against each other. Once the best 12 or less players of that ship tier per ship remain they will be placed against higher ship tiers and so forth. The idea is basically to give low ship tiers a chance at knocking out higher ship tiers, perhaps it could lead to some interesting surprise, the expectation is that most lower tier ships will be illiminated, but who knows for sure ?! That's also part of the fun. This gives players a chance to go completely insane with lower tier ships and try out anything, if it fails they will be quickly illiminated, if it succeeds great ! So to sum up let's look at the benefits/adventages of this idea: 1. A lot of fun for regular players that are looking for a challenge and want to play non-stop for multiple hours. 2. Fully open ship tiers to battle against each other, most interesting. 3. Massive credit reward for top players, this will surely stimulate participation ! 4. Fun to knock players out, this will also take care of less skilled bots. 5. Fortune and fame ! 6. A nice battle mode, less focussed at leveling and more focussed at surviving and doing well ! =D (I always wanted this kind of mode in other games like battlefield or call of duty, not many games have it, company of heroes did have some kind of leaderboard. I think this game idea with all it's twists and turns has something new to offer to experienced gamers ! So I hope it will be considered by war gaming and perhaps even implemented ! That would sure float my boat ! I'd love to hear feedback and critique/concerns for this idea so go right ahead down below as usual ! =D Also thanks to the people that contributed to the other thread called "perma death" some of your ideas ended up in this new idea ) Bye, Skybuck.
  20. Master your Ship Runde 1: Kreuzerduell ab dem 25.01.2016 Gespielt wird nach KO-System (Vorrunden, Best of 3) und in den Endrunden nach Doppel-KO (16 Spieler, Best of 3). Modus: Begegnungsgefecht Karte: Eisinseln Klasse: Kreuzer Gefechtsdauer: 20 Minuten Schiffe: Kreuzer, Tier 4 - inkl. 7 (ausgenommen Premiumschiffe) Teilnahmeberechtigt: Alle Spieler, bis auf Angehörige von OIS, WARGG und SDE Schiedsrichter (-Icon im TS) bei Streitfragen findest Du auf: WARGG-TS OIS-TS (Keiner der Server benutzt ein Passwort) Preise: 1. Platz: 14 500 Dublonen 2. Platz 10 000 Dublonen 3. Platz: 7 500 Dublonen Regeln: Installierter Trainingsraum-Mod (Ist dieser zeitweilig funktionslos, wird das Turnier bis zur Funktionsfähigkeit des Mods unterbrochen. Bis dahin erfolgreich absolvierte Gefechte bleiben in der Wertung unangetastet.) Weisungen der Schiedsrichter ist bedingungslos zu folgen Gefechtsergebnisse müssen innerhalb von 1 Stunde nach dem Gefecht durch Screenshots von beiden Teilnehmern belegt werden Verstöße gegen diese Regelungen oder Weisungen der Schiedsrichter führen zur Disqualifikation Aim-Assists, die selbstständig Vorhaltewinkel generieren, sind verboten. Daher ist je Gefecht ein zusätzlicher Screenshot anzufertigen, sobald der Gegner im Fokus der Hauptartillerie ist Es liegt in der Verantwortung der Spieler, den jeweiligen Gegner zu kontaktieren, und einen Spieltermin zu finden Jede Spielphase geht von Montag bis Sonntag. Innerhalb dieses Zeitraumes sind alle der jeweiligen Runde Spiele zu absolvieren Für die Doppel-KO-Phase gilt abweichend jedoch ein Zeitlimit von 3 Tagen pro Runde Die nächste Runde startet, sobald die Vorige durch die Turnieradministration beendet wurde Eine Begegnung, die nicht in der dafür angesetzten Runde gespielt wird, wird nicht gewertet. Solche Begegnungen werden wiederholt Falls Euer Gegner nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden auf Eure Anfrage antwortet (Nur Terminvereinbarung, keine Spieldurchführung erforderlich), meldet Euch bitte bei einem Schiedsrichter. Sollte auch der Schiedsrichterkontakt innerhalb von 24h scheitern, wird das Gefecht nach Ablauf der Runde wegen Nichtantritt als Niederlage für den vergeblich kontaktierten Spieler gewertet Es besteht ein Maximum von 256 Teilnehmern. Vergabe erfolgt nach dem Windhund-Prinzip Anmeldebeginn: 14.12.2015 Anmeldeschluss: 22.01.2016 23:59 Uhr Erste Spielrunde: 25. - 31.1.2016 Der Turnierplan ist auf der Anmeldeseite zu finden. ZUR ANMELDUNG: http://ois.challonge.com/MyS_Kreuzer_2016 Anmerkungen zu den Regeln: Eine Registrierung bei http://challonge.com ist wünschenswert, da so alle Teilnehmer selber Ergebnisse eintragen können. Es sind nicht nur die Gewinner, sondern auch die jeweilige Anzahl der gewonnen Matches dort einzutragen. Anmeldungen werden bis zum 8. Januar ausschließlich über http://challonge.com getätigt. Schiedsrichter sind aufgrund der Winterpause erst nach dem 8. Januar verfügbar, um Teilnehmer einzutragen, die sich nicht bei http://challonge.com anmelden wollen. Screenshots zur Ergebnisbestätigung können dort hochgeladen werden, sobald man ein Ergebnis eintragen will. Da mehrere Screenshots pro Begegnung vorliegen müssen, müssen diese entweder komprimiert oder bei einem externen Anbieter hochgeladen werden, bevor der Link bei challonge.com angegeben wird. Sowohl Gewinner als auch Verlierer sollten Ergebnisse eintragen/überprüfen. Bei Streitigkeiten sind die Schiedsrichter zu Rate zu ziehen. Schiedsrichter findest du entweder auf den genannten TS-Server oder hinterlasse im ingame Kanal “MyS_Schiedsrichter” (Ersteller: quantenmecha) eine Nachricht. Um dem Kanal beizutreten, klicke auf die Sprechblase unten links in der Ecke, wähle den “Kanäle”-Reiter aus, suche den gennanten Kanal und trete ihm bei. Beachte bitte, das der Kanal ausschließlich dazu da ist, eine Nachricht zu hinterlassen, falls kein Schiedsrichter im TS anwesend sein sollte, und nicht, um einen Sachverhalt zu diskutieren. Die TS-Server von WARGG als auch von OIS stehen natürlich jederzeit offen, um dort Turniergefechte abzuhalten, sollte dies von den Teilnehmern gewünscht sein. WARGG, OIS und SDE wünschen schöne Weihnachten, frohes neues Jahr und gutes Gelingen OIS HP: ois.blogetti.de OIS TS: WARGG HP: wargg.de WARGG TS: SDE HP: http://www.sudden-death.de/ SDE TS: Sudden-Death.clan-Ts3.de
  21. Hello,Since WG seems to take a lot of time to organise a decent event, IwonTheInternet and myself decided to organise a small 2 vs 2 contest.Games will be transmited live from my stream http://www.twitch.tv/dropsiq Let’s head straight to rules!1.DateTournament will be held on 31.01 (Sunday), and begins on 14:00 CET2. Rules- Teams consist of 2 players, one player drives tier VII warship, the second tier VIII warship. - Ship classes can’t double ie. You can’t take 2 x battleship, you need to take 1 battleship and 1 cruiser for example - CV’s are excluded from the tournament (for balancing reason’s) – that’s unfortunate, but necessary due to the format of the tournament. - First round of tournament is BO1 (best of one), 15 minutes per battle, map: “Fault Line”, ranked battle format. - Semi finals is BO3 (best of three), 15 minutes per battle, map: “Fault Line” x 2, “North” x 1, ranked battle format (first 2 games are played on Fault Line, 1 game on North) - Finals are BO5, 10 minutes per battle, map: “Fault Line” x 3, “North” x 2, ranked battle format - Sides in BO1 are picked by draw, BO3 and BO5 – first time by draw, later Team who lost previous game pickes side. - Draw equals lost game for both sides and 0 points. - Win is concluded either by destroying opponent teams ships, or by points - Premium Consumambles, modules and upgrades are allowed - Premium ships are allowed - Any illegal mods, aim assists etc. are strictly forbidden, and using them will equals immediate ban from tournament. - For first round and semi finals timer is set for 30 minutes. An delay will be resulting in disqualification. 3. After the battle:One of the participants from the winning team is obliged to take 3 screenshots from battle summary. Tournament progress will be available for tracking in tournament rooster. 4. Training room:To participate in the tournament you’ll need to enable Training Room option. There are various mods that can be downloaded and easily installed. 5. Teams are obliged to check as follows:Name of the Team (ie. Erie Fanatics)Captain – [nick]Wingman – [nick] Any application are made in this topic. No reserve players. Changes in teams can be made till 30.01 until 12:00 Prize:First place – Ishizuchi, lub 2500 dubloons Second place – 1500 dubloons Third place – 800 dubloons For the best Team name – 210 dubloons For the MVP player – 2500 dubloons We reserve ourselves a right to change the rules accordingly, before the tournament ie. Adding another round of quarterfinals if the number of teams will exceed expectations. Also, the prize pool might change (in plus, we can add some fancy bonuses).Tournament is about having fun and positive emotions, so any constructive feedback is welcome. Participants from English Forums: 1. Batman: Cherry2Blost Robin : Neilmyatt10 2. Lords of POI!! mtm78 Nex_Gen 3. The tea and chocolate brigade Earl Grey: scrappygwilly Divine Chocolate: Pigtail 4.ShipfOckersOVanBruce as "Antiruski Bot"WhiskeyWolf as "The Hate Troll" 5. SaltyBrosvon_chomxxkarlosxx 6. The Blues Brothers Jake: Azrael_Ashemdion Elwood: joseywales1 7. Team name: Landlubbers Team members: Matlino, chrusto 8. "still waiting for suitable name" Kurbainkeksmonster13579 9. Name of the Team: Power OverwhelmingCaptain: DangerCZEWingman: f_18hornet 10. Name of the Team: The ScroungersCaptain: SteeL_J4MESWingman: Baifi003 11. Name of the Team: Guys Who Dated Your SisterCaptain: Tusa737Wingman: Anoymus Regards, and we’re waiting for the Space Jam! Are you ready to rrrrrumble?IwonTheInternet, Dropsiq
  22. Sea Rats vol. 1 (Honor & Glory tournament) Dear Players, in order to create a community event we have decided to host a community tournament. We are established clan in World of Warplanes and we are looking to hosting a first open beta tournament on the European Server. The idea is to make simple, easy, quick and fun tournament for the community. SHORT SUMMARY AND TOURNAMENT INFO: let us introduce you to the first Sea Rats tournament in World of Warships. It's planned for September 26th and you can register until September 25th. Tournament Information - Teams of 8 players and up to 3 substitutes - Tier 5 Ships Only - Max. 1 CV, no premium ships and up to 3 shuips of the same model in every team (eg. max 3 Furutakas, max. 3 Omahas...). - Limit of 20 participating teams Sign up and join the Tournament! - All you have to do is to post name of your Team and game name of it's leader (if it's someone else than you) in this registration thread before or on September 25th 8:00in the proper thread. That's all? What to do now? - Yep, if you posted in the registration thread, your team is now officially signed up for the unofficial WoWs Sea Rats tournament. You should ask friends to join it, post in the looking for team thread, or join the DiscordApp WoWs numerous community. Once you find your teammates, you can update your post with their names until Sept 20th. - Don't forget to download and install the Aslain mod to eneable training rooms - more info below Full Rules Of course, there are also full rules available in this thread below. It's to make the tournament as smooth as possible and avoid misunderstandings so please check them carefully. If you have any questions to the rules, place them in the dedicated thread. Behind The Curtain - Guys behind this tournament are proud members of [GWDYS] Guys Whio Dated Your Sister clan, known mostly for their participation in World of Warplanes events and tournaments. We hope you will enjoy it, prove your skills and most importantly, join it! Day TD - The Tournament Day - September 26th, 18:15 - 23:00 (approx. if you get into final rounds) - team speak server with rooms for every team will be provided - You can find tournament brackets in this challong link after September 25th - http://challonge.com/searats - Save screenshots of your battles but after each battle just go in the results room on the Tournament Team speak and tell your results to the judges Prizes - Hence there can be no official support from WG the prizes are limited, however our clan and some other individuals are pitching in from their own pockets: 1) 11x WOWS bonus codes (premium ship Aurora (Tier 3 Soviet cruiser) + 1000 flags + 1 day of premium - for 11 players) - only the flags are worth approx. EUR 100 - from GWDYS treasury 2) 2500 gold for the best player of the winning team from player's von_chom's personal treasury (the winning team and von_com decide the winner) 3) 2500 dubloons for the player that manages to do the most damage in a single match of the tournament. All players can participate. - sponsored by the Aseveljet Finnish Gaming Community (For participation we need screenshots of all the three result pages. Every team should find out who of their players scored the highest damage so that we do not need to go trough the screenshots of every player of every team =) 4) 2700 gold for the team in 2nd place (300 gold + premium tank + premium plane for 9 players of the winning team - for 9 players) from the treasure chest of GWDYS clan 5) 2400 gold for the team in 2nd place (300 gold + premium tank + premium plane for 8 players of the winning team - for 8 players) from the treasure chest of GWDYS clan (more prizes may follow) Threads: Registration thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27377-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-registration-thread/ Questions & Answers: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27374-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-questions-answers/ Looking for a team: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27378-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-a-team/ Looking for players: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27379-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-players/ FULL RULES: Tournament system: While training rooms are still not officially available, every participant has to download Aslain mod and particularly enable the 4th mod from below - “Enable Training Rooms”. After that players can switch ingame to training rooms and participate in this tournament. - link HERE. Because a mod is required to enable this tournament, there is no official support from Wargaming. Therefore there are no prizes and we fight only for honor & glory - who will be the first EU WOWS champion? Tournament is played on the EU server. Teams from other servers can participate but with accounts from EU server only. Tournament will be played on September 26th from 18:15 CET. The format will be BO1 (Best of one - only one battle or match in every round) DE (double elimination - losers go to losers bracket and have one more chance to stay in the tournament). Semifinals and finals are always played BO3. Teams are randomly drawn by the challonge system into the first round - no seeding. Link HERE. Tournament management: The tournament is organized by GWDYS clan - Guys Who Dated Your Sister - one of the leading clans in the World of Warplanes community, who will be the guarantee of this tournament The tournament managers are sextus_cz, Kasius27, TUSA737 and Steel_J4mes Judges - three team captains will be randomly picked at the beginning of the tournament with 2 substitutes and they will create the “judge panel” in case of any controversial issues or violation of rules by the participants and they are allowed to impose sanctions or force rematches as stated in these rules Streaming is allowed but all the streamers must be registered with the tournament manager and the stream has to be 10 minutes delayed from the ingame real time. If failed to comply, the team streaming will be disqualified. Team speak server will be available to participating teams and and the teams will be required to be present on the server for communication with the other captains or tournament management. Warship limitations: Tournament is played ONLY on Tier V. The battles are played 8 vs. 8. Limitations of vessels: max. 1 carrier vessel per team max. 3 ships of the same model per team (max. 3 Minekaze etc.) premium ships are not allowed. Other than that there are no further limitations to ships or classes. Players: A team roster must consist of a minimum of 8 players (including captain) and may include up to 3 registered reserve players, totaling max. 11 players Each player can play for only one team in any given tournament, cup or championship A team roster may include up to 2 Wargaming.net staff, as long as neither of them is managing the tournament Every team has to have a captain and a co-captain and one of them has to be able to communicate in English (spoken & written). It is allowed to replace players with reserve players between rounds (not in case of rematch or replay). The number of participating teams is limited to 20. Matches: Victory Conditions Each battle lasts for 20 minutes. To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy ships or win by capturing the enemy base. If a match ends in a draw, it will be rematched (see below for explanation) Maps Maps will be scheduled different for each round, after the registration is closed. Map pool is: Fault Line, New Dawn, Strait.North. Map type is "Domination.Tournament.2 spectators". Match flow Each round starts at the time specified in the match roster. First round will take 60 minutes in order for new teams and players to learn the match flow, every next round will take 30 minutes - 5 minutes for contact and ship picking, 20 minutes for the match and 5 minutes for results. The captain of the team in the "top" part of each bracket should contact the captain of the team in the "lower" part of the bracket using Team Speak or in-game chat 5 min before the game is set to start Captains should send each other the names of ships they are picking, one by one, starting with the team that is in the "top" part of their bracket. The ship picking is done in the chat or TS chat and screenshots should be made in case of any further issues. The captain of the team in the "top" part of the bracket creates a training room with the appropriate map for the given round, chooses the match type as “Domaniation. Tournament. 2 spectators” and chooses the side for the first match, then invites the members of both teams - with everyone picking the ships declared by their captains. Match rooms have to have names according to the match letters from the schedule (eg. Match AB - Mighty Ships vs. Hairy Pirates) When both teams are ready, the game is started and played (Teams have 5 min total for this process) After each match sides should be switched and ship picking (in chat between captains) should be repeated (Teams have 3 min for this process) Both team captains should always take a screenshot of both the ship declared by each side as well as the result screen after EACH battle After the round (all matches!) is over the results are either told on TS to the tournament manager (sextus_cz) or sent to him by Team Speak message. Screenshots of results have to be made and will be required only if there are issues with the match result Rematch and replay: Rematch If a match ended in a draw, the teams should play a rematch For a rematch, the sides on the map should be switched and players have to use the same ships as in the previous match In other words, a rematch may ONLY occur after a draw and teams are to continue switching sides until a winner is decided If a rematch is made an informational message has to be sent to the tournament manager before the rematch itself. Replay​​ A replay can only happen due to technical/connection difficulties and is different from a rematch A replay can be requested if a player or team could not connect to the game, or the game crashed A replay has to be requested by a team in game chat before any ships are spotted on either side, preferably before the game begins and players take control of their ships Both teams have to agree for a replay in game chat before the game is abandoned - a team may decline a replay, but both this and requesting a replay should be used in moderation A replay has to involve exactly the same ships and same sides for both teams and the bugged/crashed/not connected game is not taken into account at all Schedule & Brackets You will be able to see the live bracket on challonge - link will be provided. After the team registration ends, full bracket will be provided with maps and time for each round. Penalties and sanctions In case one of the teams is not present 5 minutes after the scheduled match start, the present team receives a technical victory. In case one of the teams (or both) is not in full force (8 players present), the match can be played anyway. If one of the team delays the match flow for more than the scheduled time limits, tournament manager has to be informed and sanctions will apply. The other team may give some additional time to the other team but the next round can not be delayed. All claims concerning correctness of settings of the training room are accepted prior before fight (or within thirty seconds from the beginning of fight if fight was started by mistake without confirmation of readiness of one of teams). Lack of the claims stated in the general chat until the end of thirty-second counting preceding a battle means automatic consent to play on these conditions. Complains on lags, high ping and other technical failures are not considered. Following actions are strictly forbidden: Any actions contradicting these Rules and Rules of the game World Of Warships. Insulting opponents, team players and other tournament players, referees, commentators, fans, game developers, and so on., and the use of obscene language. Spam the chat. Use unfair methods of play. No aimbot allowed. Unsportsmanlike conduct (eg sabotaging matches). Using techniques prohibited in the format of the tournament. Participation of players who are not in the teams registration thread/post. Use of bugs of the game or server. In the case of breaking these rules, the judge may decide the punishment in the form of: Warnings. Forfeiture in the round / match. Disqualification of the player / team. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Delayed battles according to the schedule of these regulations for more than five minutes, means automatically losing the match. Registration Registration thread can be found HERE. Registrations close on September 25th on 8:00 CET. After this time, no changes are allowed to the registration post. If a change is made, the team is disqualified. Until this date, team can change players. The registration post has to be as following: Team tag: Team name: Captain: Co-captain: Players: By signing into the registration forum the teams and players state their agreement to the tournament rules and declare they are bound by them. Support for individual players: As this game is on its start, there are only a few teams now. We encourage the players to either start their own teams or join teams that are being created or are already created. Thread on this topic is found HERE: Looking for players: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27379-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-players/ Looking for a team: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27378-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-a-team/ Enjoy! Rules are subject to changes until the end of registration. Please, use this thread for registrations ONLY and direct all your questions and suggestions into the specified thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27374-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-questions-answers/
  23. Hi, below you can place your questions regarding the upcoming community tournament Sea Rats vol. 1. Tournament is managed by clan [GWDYS] Guys Who Dated Your Sister and players sextus_cz, Kasius27, TUSA737 and Steel_J4mes. We will try to reply to all your questions as soon as possible, but please be patient due to holidays. Cheers
  24. In order to participate in the community tournament Sea Rats vol. 1 please register your teams below. Please other than that keep this registration thread clean. For questions or updates refer to separate threads. Registration ends on September 25th 8:00 CET. No changes or edits are allowed after this time to teams registrations or the team will be disqualified from the torunament. Be aware that the number of participating teams is due to training room limitation limited to 20 so do not hesitate with your registration. Registrations should look like: [team tag] team name (c ) - captain (xo ) - co captain player 3 player 4 player 5 player 6 player 7 player 8 Substitutes: player 9 player 10 player 11 Example: [ART] Angry Rats (c ) - Lord_Rat (xo ) - Liutenant Subway Player 3 name Player 4 name Player 5 name Player 6 name Player 7 name Player 8 name Substitutes: Player 9 name Player 10 name Player 11 name Please, use this thread for registrations ONLY and direct all your questions and suggestions into the specified thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27374-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-questions-answers/
  25. Ahoi Matrosen, wir möchten euch heute unser erstes World of Warships Turnier vorstellen! Hier werdet ihr nicht wie gewohnt einfach gegeneinander Kämpfen, sondern als Division mit eurem Kontrahenten fahren. Um zu gewinnen müsst ihr nur mehr Punkte sammeln als euer Divisions-partner. Wie ihr das schafft, findet ihr hier. Zu gewinnen gibt es für den 1.Platz: 5€ PSC + 1 Steam Key 2.Platz: 2 Steam Key´s 3.Platz: 1 Steam Key Also jetzt kostenlos registrieren und anmelden! Schon bald müsst ihr beweisen wie gut ihr mit eurem Schiff umgehen könnt Zusatz: Es ist nun möglich sich auch von einem Admin eintragen zu lassen, ohne das ihr euch registrieren müsst! Meldet euch dafür einfach im Teamspeak unter:, bei einem Admin. Diesen erkennt ihr am Tag [EG] Oder schreibt uns euren Namen hier im Forum oder via PN Viel Spaß wünscht euch euer EG Team