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Found 8 results

  1. Redcap375

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I thought i would make a post/area for all of us remaining die-hard CV captains that are left. To share ideas, tactics, advice or anything that is on your mind. We all know how CVs have changed over the years to the point that we are now at. Our planes being obliterated, our targets becoming less and less obvious and being restricted to a spotting or DD hunting role. But i'm not complaining chaps, we CV players have a stiff upper lip and just roll with the AA punches. Lets use this to help other noobie CV players trying to find their CV feet and give them a chance to get past tier 7, if they are a sucker for punishment. Lets try and keep CVs from disappearing from this lovely game, so we can have enough players to keep within are own tiers, not playing 2 tier higher games that suck you know what (tier 6 planes on a tier 7 CV that play at tier 9 games) But most important of all, lets use this to have a beer and talk about the good old days and share stories. To give advice to the new generation and to warn them of things still to come. To share options on updates that effect the way we roll. Battle reports that show all is not lost. The door is always open to other Captains that wanna share a friendly drink, after all, we are all captains trying to get through this. Mess rules apply and gentlemanly conduct is a given. Now, where is my gin and tonic
  2. TheodorosK Torps

    Why the torp marker is so wrong. Even on wide spread the torps are missing and the enemy ship just outrun all my torps even on wide spread ?
  3. TomBombardil

    Skill in the CV class

    Exert = way of showing (He likes to exert his authority) Skill in the CV class Hopefully augmented post will have more impact than spamming OP/underpowered. First of all I would like to thank anyone who commented on my previous topic. Especial the argumneted one's Yang_Wenli (many great comments),Loran_Battle, Deckeru_Maiku, Vaderan, Takeda92, mtm78, Zaods, (name link = there comment). After a weekend overthinking and playing I will try to implement many cv topic (and comments) in this essay. 1. My conclusion remains that the competition between cv players, or better said ability to exert(=way of showing/using) skill difference is completely removed in the CV class. Above this, the implement of last (hidden) nerf makes, that your almost only able of hitting targets who are not paying attention. If they (or ships near them) pay the least amount of attention than the workload of hitting increases astronomically (as Azell said: “0.3.4 - im tired after every game”). As the “clicker class” topic elaborated, auto aim becomes better than manual aim, the only thing you need to micro is the approach path. Too bad the result of dragging the approach path is EXTREAMLY bugged (turn rate). Lastly the need of a Monster of a pc is also needed, as you need to immediately notice any change of turn rate of your target. Any lag or low fps will ruin any change of predicting movement. 2. As you might have notice with original post, I didn’t even bring up the balancing of the actual dmg dealing units, or there survivability compared to AA strength. Since balancing is really hard and I do agree that if you take the BB>CL>DD>BB circle. Where does the CV stand? I detain from these nerf(/buff ) spamming posts since my opinion (as a CV over other ship type player) will of course favours the buffing of the cv. (but I really do think (just as Ichase) that the CL’s AA ability is a insanely good, easy to use, ability. And a HARD HARD HARD counter to CV’s). And If the CV is so overpowered, why don’t you see more of them. Wont you want the best ship in the game. So isn’t the % of ships type a good indication of % of overpoweredness. (this is again an explanation of the amount of topics, fewer played will get fewer buff requests) I wanted to point out that these findings are mostly(only) based and apply for tier VII and higher, since low tier should be educating and not skill comparison. And also that I don’t have the slots for lower tiers ships (any type). Balancing By the extreme! As the CV is the worst ship type in game, only the view who actually still enjoy playing it, will probably be good and skilled cv will have a bigger impact than a non. Add up that, in any game, the impact of skill variability of a “map controller “ types is bigger. Inherit adding a cv to a skilled (and stacked) division will greatly improve there win change . IF the CV will ever be played professional than map dominance (vison) will become the only role of the CV Continuing the tier 10 cv is only give to proven CV players, no wonder it will dominate. It is a really bad reference for your standard deviation. Also It’s a tier X it should dominate , it’s always the highest tier. When you (normally) reach tier 10 you had a lot of games, inherent practise. And as the saying goes: Practice makes Perfect. Burst dmg setup. Many comments are about the high burst dmg potential of a cv. And complain that there is no counter (This last point I HIGHLY debate and is based on your experience). But is this surprising when the high dmg setups are the only viable option on the committed CV’s (no Lex/Ranger). Because the fighter setup is a Lose/lose situation. There will either be no CV to counter or the burst setups will always out dmg the defensive setup as a result of slipping true the cracks and death = instant return trip. As Aeronn said it: “ burst setup will be more useful as 2 enemy fighter setup cv’s, because you only take 1 slot”, There Useless. What you Fix with viable ship setups that include fighters: Max dmg potential, since you give up some dmg to be able to counter/defend the squads. Cv = cv counter , and not the 50/50 who finds the other CV2 first, 2 min gameplay. Limited strike possibility (fighter zoning TB) reduces the DPS potential even more Brings back skill in CV vs CV battles. Clickers, who already have absolutely no impact in my gameplay as a non cv, Will be punished even more. They have given (again hidden change) DiveBombers more burst dmg this makes committed fighter load outs a little bit more viable (As you notice more fighter setups in game). But this still doesn’t address the skill issue. Because: They’re really bugged The aiming and RNG are completely bonkers, the risk (missed aimed)/reward (hitting) of manual aiming (even for very skilled players) is almost only risk, only targeting a CV manually is worth it. Against a cv, the burst dmg setup will still be able to have bigger impact, since there bombers do also more dmg (and have more). Torp Bomber are and will remain the major source of dmg, CV players can actually predict how there launch will behave (compare to the DB), Hench an ability to exert skill. And targets can do more to avoid this dmg than just hoping RNG is in their favour, again an ability to exert skill). If you want a committed upgrade load out deferential, do it with nations. Jap: only burst & intermediate. USA: intermediate & fighter set. As so far the only major difference (apart from balance changes) I encounter in the Jap/usa is the amount of groups and micro potential that comes with it. I think the intermediate jap setup now is viable. As some fighters are better than none, without giving up to much of your dmg potential. In the land of the blind, ONE eye is king! No counter? About what can I do against incoming wave of planes ? Well what can you do against an incoming barrage, or a torp wall. Exactly the same thing, evade, with the added benefit that you can actually shoot down planes, especcialy when your a cl and in a goup. I haven’t been able to shoot down shell, or kill torps jet. This obvious huge drawbacks comes with the benefit of huge range. Forcing movement & focus One of the replies (Vaderan) brought up this point, as I had not even though of this, he made a valid point. Until I actually thought about it. Isn’t the ability to force movement inherent of ANY source of dmg (hence my initial not thinking this is a cv unicum). in the mind-set of ships. BB zone a Hugh area, as they have huge range. In defence, The detection of that incoming source of dmg is also huge, as they have a huge deteciton range. Cl, middle ground between DD and BB DD, highest burst, with ferry low detection of the source (the DD), and the dmg itself (torps). And those 2 don’t even have to line up. CV, high burst, can come from any direction. medium detection range of dmg source. (ship itself is even zoned out by a DD). Using this, the best ship who can disable you by forcing last minute movement, creating a higher possibility of “devastating” movement, is the DD (they have stranded me many times). And in the “zoning” department the CV loses by far. As games are won by either capping or killing (not stunning or disabling) . Zoning does impact games, as I doubt “force movement” does. Lastly IF this “forcing movement” is the cv only major ability. It would be really under power (as other ships can do the same). Above that you still need the stars to align, lone enemy, nearby cliff (freely manoeuvring is even harder to hit), 3th party that has profits from this. Torpedoes (again) In my original post I mention torp’s in particular arming range of torps. There are many complains about these. Implementing/changing the arming range will open up a way of implementing RNG: Having a standard deviation distribution, of arming torps (mean = given number) Skill exertion: knowing your Arming range (if no activation line is given) Balancing possibility’s : Give/hide activation line. Give low tier line (learning), high tier not (skill) Or captains abilaty Mean & standard deviation of arming range can depended on: Tier ,class, nation Dmg range Comments on Other Topics Topic: "Carriers: low risk/high" To atomskytten As many have said before me. Play the class before you post one sided (receiving) essays. Read Section “enemy movement & skill” of my original topic Torp over land masses: see point 1. Than you should also implement risk of hiding there, shallows/risk of flooding Implement different arm range instead of approaches range will address this a little. CV = hard BB counter The ship itself is already really bad (as it should be) Topic "hidden nerfs" PLZ warming give at least for the beta a Changelog instead of these uncompleted patch notes. Also see/support “Readable Changelog! (petition)”. (this post is over exaggerated since i had not found the “patch notes” log jet. Did they also change the speed of the TB torps? Topic: "CVs road to "clicker" class is almost finished" Best topic/post around. If war gaming truly wants a no skill game, there on their way. I thought top tier ships required skill to have a impact. else you would be slaughter, guess I’m wrong again (so far). Comment replies: To: General “OP comment’s Shout louder” comments. Thx for the warning. I hope these argument Essays will have at least a (havier) impact than all the short un-argument comments. As it shows that I actually took the time and effort for it.Plus these essay are not easy to write, especially since I’m not a native English speaker and I spell like sh*t, even when I know the word it still is a struggle how to spell it (To align (aleing), Exert(extor/exhert/..), mention (mangition)). It took me 5 hours to write and 1 hour layout & links. To: Caljostro See “Balancing By the extreme” part. (in summary the same as Yang_Wenli and Zaods posted) I have played with and against this player (as CV and as a other type). And he is good, but I don’t think include him in the best around. Strengthening above mentioned part. To mtm78 Thx for reading and commenting, Sarcasm in writing is really hard to read, so if you do make it clear. As many have said before me. Play the class your respective tiers! You repeatedly mention a good player, read that players own comment, and follow it (= see point above) Mention players is tier 10, inherent a good player , see”buffing by the extream” At Takeda92: Totally agree. Why is this one hit potential bad? As any ship type (USA Cl excluded) can do this with a well-aimed shot. Not even the need of target/whole team playing bad. THx again For Reading this, hope war gaming will at least comment on this because (as mention): These essay are not easy to write, especially since I’m not a native English speaker and I spell like sh*t, even when I know the word it still is a struggle how to spell it (To align (aleing, alhine,…), Exert(extor/exhert/etc), mention(mangition)). It took me 6 hours to write and 1 hour layout & links. (How many spam posts can you post in that time?) TomBombardil. PS, should I make “mini” post with the self-sustaining parts? eg: Torp’s, (as it seems like spamming is rewarded?)
  4. Raiden79

    An Idea for destroyers and torps

    First off i love destroyers. Some of my best and worst games have been in them. I also like the difference in gameplay between the US and IJN dessies, two different skill sets needed. I also have no issue dodgying torps except from the odd kitakami atm But something i would love to see implemented for both (possibly only past tier 5) is a setting for "Range" So for instance, Upgraded torps on Farragut have 4.5km range and an over 60k speed. Have a separate key mapping to adjust "Range". Pressing this key would increase the torps range to say 5.5km or 6.5km but reduce the speed to 50k or 40k respectively For balance sake you could also increase the "Arming Range" to a minimum of 3.0 and 4.0 so that it would mean extra tactical awareness being needed to ensure you have both the awareness to know where to shoot, the spread to shoot at and the range to shoot at. Whats peeps thoughts?
  5. Hello there wargaming, I quick suggestion in regards to the torpedo arm time. At the moment the torps arm themselves at an incredibly short distance and gives a slight edge for the destroyers and cruisers when they get up close and personal. In real terms, torpedoes at the time would have needed at least 500 metres to arm themselves. And it kinda kills the game, just a little, and I feel that if you were to increase the time at which a torpedo arms itself to say, 7.5 seconds, this would make the game more realistic and even it up a little. Since you already have carriers sending torps, in combination with destroyer launching from 5 metres away, it leads to some very interesting steering. Now i know what some of you will say 'oh but its a game not real life', well my answer to that is simple. If your going to go to all this effort to make the ships look and feel as realistic as possible, then certain aspects of real life need to be implemented into the game, otherwise the realisticness of the ships gets severely undermined by the arcadeness of the unrealistic aspects. Apart from that great game, thoroughly enjoyed. See you all on the field of battle.
  6. We all know how it goes we get into a good Position up Close and something like this happens: Telepathic sensor goes on and the 2ed you lanch the ememy lanches a Scout while he wasnt up the 8 km closing in on him with predicable results: But then something strange happed and it dawned on me ! you dont Need stealth the more visible they are the more likely they hit! Be be Fair the last Torp hits were on the same Target that was hit the by visible Torps he maneged to not Change either Speed or directon for 2 Minutes! So in a Nutshell: it isnt hard to hit as long as you hit at above 14km with the most Visible Torps in the game so its Time to reinvent the Torp Walls! Long live the Long Lances! (and yea i need better vidio edting Software sorry for the low Quality)
  7. philjd

    DD Drivers

    Guys (Gals) to all you successful DD drivers out there, well done, I congratulate you all for doing a very difficult job well. I've just started down the IJN DD line and boy is it hard to hit something with torps and avoid getting sunk trying to launch them - yes, I know I need to 'git gud' and watch some U-tube, read the guides etc etc - just thought I'd tip my hat to the people who have written/made the stuff in the first place. cheers Phil
  8. I have a Yugumo with F3 Torps (76 knots). If I add the Aiming systems modification 1 I will get 20% extra torp traverse speed. If my math is correct, an extra 20% makes it at 91 knots. Can this be correct? It sounds unreasonably high! And also, what would the highest torpedo speed in the game be with all the modifications and command perks added together? Thanks!