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Found 16 results

  1. matsc

    Destroyer progression.

    Hi. I've played about 100 matches at the moment mostly in cruisers and destroyers. The most fun is in DDs but this opinion is based on mid and low tier matches. Low tier is a lot of torpedo spam and quite fun and a bit op. Mid tier seems to nerf the importance of torpedoes and I can't really argue against that. Following this trend at high tiers the torpedoes will be high risk and low reward. How does it change as you get higher in the tier? I'm guessing this don't affect US DDs as much as the IJN ones. No one with experience in high tier DDs? Is it fun playing high tier DDs and if not what should be changed to be fun?
  2. TomBombardil

    Make CV playable again

    BRING BACK the (competition) CV. Fed up with the nerfs For at the moment of patch 0.3.x.x The CV is the worst ship in the whole game (mayor reason: Setup of ship, see Ichase video ). And continued patches only made it worse. This went so far that as of patch, I will probably stop playing this game/class. First of all: Ship load out. The CV is the only class where the ability contribute in the game is determent in the port. While all other ship classes have “upgrades” or very minor how to play changes. The CV must determents his role in port. Have a game (completely)unsuited for your load out. You might as well retire (as I have seen players do on several occasions). Second, no competition! Pre patch 0.3.1 I could thoroughly endjoy a CV vs CV battle as it was 100% skill based. (Where are his fighter, where’re mine, where’re his Tb, where’re mine? Do I engage, Do I Def?) do I strike a less favourable target? Do I go round? The actually bombing of a target was only the final action, and the reward if you hit something. I still remember the players who have beaten me in skill. As of patch 0.3.1 this aint possible any more. Or you can only def or you have to hide your planes. And yourself, since you can’t even defend yourself. An allied CL has to give up his game shooting games, since the CV is the prime target who can’t def themselves ( a CL escorting a BB can most likely still shoot enemy ships), and If you can reload, the round trip is even longer. (as in pre patch skilled players would have been close to the line, but not to close) Above that, if there is no enemy cv you’er either useless (fighters), or have only dmg dealer and is it a “free” farm (if enemy gives you the pickoffs). In either case there is no measurement of skill. Third: enemy movement and skill. The ability reach and hit a target is mostly determined on the team and target skill. Even with no enemy CV if the team doesn’t give you the opportunity to reach a target you will not be able to do dmg. The CV is the class where enemy skill matters the most, against bad players/teams you ofcourse will have a big influence,(hence the amount of complains). Against good players, a semi-skilled cv has absolutely no impact. And a good cv player has to work for his potantial reward. A good team will make the cv almoste useless. This is the only ship type where this is possible, all other ships can do dmg to an enemy team no matter how good they play. Last: buff to other ships Almost all other ships got buffed. HE shell buff, Armour buff, AP penetration buff, speed buff, manoeuvrable buff. A buff to a ship is in a sense a nerf to all the others. With all these changes the cv really took a dive in to the deep. Now again (patch with the approach range of TB. I didn’t even discuss the captain ability’s/usefulness or the additional modules. Why does the crowed keep complaining?: Player memory: in short, burst damage you remember.: Because they only see the result when they actually get hit, and yeah than that is mostly devastating (as it should be, CV’s are burst dmg). But the other 95% of the time they don’t even notice the influence of a cv. how to put this in perspective: how much HP(over multiple games) did you lose to a CV compared to all the other ship types. The time you got hit just makes a bigger impression because it was in 1 clump. Secondly: CV’s are bad player punisher: 1: as earlier implied cv are burst dmg, not acting appropriately (work to avoid them) when this burst dmg comes your way will of course result in a bigger "umfh"(instant kill). Compare this to constant of shelling without acting. 2: CV's can strike the whole battlefield and can faster reach the players who are out of position. Increasing their impact. Third as in all ships you have players who are good and players who are bad. Good players will always have more influence over the game than bad, the difference of skill (and with it impact) is huge in a CV. this is exaggerated by the burst dmg nature of the CV, in particularly the Alpha strike of a good player. Burst damage: instant Kills & manual drop Yeah a burst CV has the potential burst dmg to instant kill any target. For less hp targets it’s a waste of potential dmg. Even then, the work you have do to achieve this, is not a small amount and highly increases with enemy skill level. Hence almost all runs don’t achieve this.And aren’t the DD (and BB) also capable of an instant kill. Above that if you look at the DPS potential. Than the cv is rock bottom of all the ship types.Remember a CV has only one charge of dmg each round trip (round trip is variable, as it is the DtT). When you compare the capable dmg of that one charge to the capable dmg of a DD, CL, and BB of the same tier at 3/4 of the round trip time, the CV lose by far. Manual drop increases that change of doing your maximum potential dmg. Just as aiming your shells/tops well will in other ship types. The only difference there is no auto aim. And why do DD get a visual lead but a TB not? How to bring back CV. Since the major problem lies with the setup/air dominance bringing back some less committed load out will solve most problems Other ship configuration possibilities Or give the dmg dealing planes some way of actually defending themselves, it would be nice if at least the dive bombers can repel some attackers. whereby a escorting DB squad (escorting TB) will "wall off"/intercept fighters. Give Dive bombers an actually dmg them self's and/or have the hit ratio/aiming system make sense so you can actually hit things. CV air defence increase, give it also the AA ability (Why does a CL get smoke but a CV has no AA?). Or, better manoeuvrability. So a CV at least compere with a BB evasiveness. Torpedoes! I do agree that Torpedoes are OP, and then especially the arming range. Have a DD close to you that your guns don’t even have the gun depression any more to hit the water line, well a DD can still fire its torps and sink you (no way of dodging so close range). I think arming distance should be proportional to range and dmg of set torpedo (hence TB will not be hugely effected since they have the lowest range and dmg each tier). This will also decrease friendly fire dmg. With patch they nerfed again the cv by making the approach range bigger. I think this is even worse than increasing the arming range of torpedoes because your planes still have to/can come close to the enemy AA. While if you have a bigger arming range your planes will drop there load earlier and spend less time in AA. how longer the arming distance is of torps how more important it is have a visual indicator or have the skill to know the range (increasing skill cap). Thank you for reading this and your time. TomBombardil.
  3. ThaDarkPoet


  4. Tatoosh

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    Question: IJN Minekaze DD - are the Type 94 (68 knots/7 kilometer) better to keep than the Type 89 (57 knots/10 kilometer) torpedoes? Speed vs Range? I've been playing the Minekaze for a bit and I simply love it! I started the game with the US Sims and played the US Sampson (Tier II) and Wickes (Tier III) before moving to Cruisers and working up through Omaha and Cleveland. In fact I had a thread moaning about the loss of torpedoes on the Cleveland. I learned to enjoy the ship but I seriously missed the torps even though it had some great buffs in other areas. And I whined about the US destroyers being destroyed so easy. By the time I could get into the 4.5 kilometer range, I was usually toast. More experienced players suggested the IJN tree destroyers, but I wanted to work with the US and try to hone my skills. Well, I don't think my skills improved but once I moved to the IJN and got passed the first Type 42 (no mod) torpedoes things improved. Even just a bit more range on my torpedoes made a world of difference in game play. Oh, I still get killed a lot. But going from 4.5 kilometers to 7 kilometers but now I often get to hurt my opponents in the process. The Question - stated above - should I mount the Type 89 torpedoes in place of the Type 94? The Type 89 has a 10 kilometers range but a slower speed of 57 knots. The Type 94 has the lower 7 kilometer range but a great 68 knot speed. With the turn buff the BB's have, it seems to me that a faster torpedo is a better torpedo! At 10 kilometers - You can fire an hope, but with the faster turn speeds now, mored distance covered slowly really just gives your opponent lots of time to react. I don't expect to survive battles. I like to get in and mix it up. At least at this point. Disrupting enemies, pulling their fire from my allies as I dodge and let lose torpedo barrages until someone nails me is my normal tactic. Sometimes I get whacked quick - either a destroyer gets me or a Cruiser/Battleship gets lucky with their fire. But occasionally I get the rush of holding 3 or 4 ships off, dodging repeated hailstorms of artillery and putting big dents into BB's and CA's if not actually sinking them. When I get into one of those fights, it is fantastic - all adrenaline and reactions - not much time to plan. I see other DD drivers that like to hang out, hide and ambush. Good tactics to be sure, but I like to try and sneak up on an enemy BB that is slugging out with one our big boys and make life miserable for him. And for that the Type 94 torpedo seems ideal. I have the Type 89 researched but not bought and mounted. I kind of doubt it I will bother with them. Tactics & Strategy, I don't see a lot of team play in the game at this point. No squadron or division alliances that pick duties and exploit enemy weaknesses. Do you think that will develop in the game in the future? Or will it be mostly single players with limited cooperation?
  5. Spithas

    Torpedo Damage

    I am in my Zao and there is this annoying Fletcher sitting in his smoke 6km from me spamming me with his guns. So i turn my ship and launch a spread of 10 torps towards him. When the torp hit ribbon pops up i start to smile... but then i notice that it's a x2 Torp hit... and then to my utter amazement i also notice that there is no red Ship Sunk Ribbon along with them... After the smoke clears a 2.5k hp Fletcher emerges. Now i know that torps never do their full damage, that at best it's 0.9 i think of the max damage. But seriously can someone explain to me how a 17k hp ship eat 2 x 21366 damage torpedoes and survive?
  6. Dontgankmeplx

    About IJN Destroyers

    Hello Everyone, Before I start I want to caveat what I am about to write by saying I am really new to this community (this is actually my first post on the forum!) so I am not aware of similar threads (which I am sure there have been in the past) talking about the same thing. As I haven't played many other ships (in particular other nations DDs) its hard for me to get the full picture of how the IJN DD compares which is why I wanted to share my thoughts on the class that I really wanted to enjoy and hear other views from other perspectives. I am a pretty new player to the game and quite early on I decided I really liked the IJN destroyers style of skirmish game play, skirting around detection range and launching my torps then disappearing back out of sight while reloading my next volley. I have just unlocked the Mutsuki (it's currently my highest tier ship) and essentially this has suddenly killed the fun I was having with this class. This ship is not an upgrade in anyway to the previous tier, most disappointingly the torpedoes IMO are even worse. Sure they gain damage and 3 yards range (when upgraded) but we can only shoot 6 of the damn things every 72 seconds compared to the Minekaze shooting 6 every 47 seconds. This means we have less opportunities to fire and as well as this the faster ships at t6 make it even more difficult to hit. The gain in range is not a good trade off for the long reload time, all other ships are getting more and more manoeuvrable at tier 6 so the only way you would ever hit a max range torpedo is if by luck they are not spotted early and the target is silly enough to not change course at all. Given that I can only fire 6 torps every 72 seconds the risk of missing at this range is so high that I do not even bother most of the time. I also cannot blanket fire a patch of ocean to try get hits at this range for the same reason. The only reliable way to hit is to sneak up close to a lone BB with its main guns facing the other way, this rarely happens as I will usually be spotted by other DD or aircraft by the time I reach their back line. If I am needing to get close to guarantee a hit shouldn't I just play a USN DD? Given the bad offensive capability of the Mutsuki a lot of the time I feel all I am doing is scouting for the bigger ships which is not fun and nets me no credits/xp. I might as well be riding around on a jet ski with a pair of binoculars. Also if you do a quick browse of IJN Cruisers vs DD you will note that not only do they have VASTLY superior artillery capability even there torpedoes are a lot better! The only trade of is manoeuvrability and concealment. Looking further down the tier list this doesn't seem to get any better until the Shimakaze, until tier 10 none of the others look that strong to me either when looking at the cruisers listed next to them. I am not sure I will make it to the Shimakaze, the prospect of the painful grind to get there. What I am asking therefore is where do you think IJN DDs (from about tier 5-9) fit into the game? For me the class seems to lose its identity and fun in the mid to late tiers it does not feel like a quick, stealthy sniper any more, just a speed boat trying to hit darts in the dark. Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts ! Dontgankmeplx TLDR: For me mid tier IJN DD does not feel very strong, fun or rewarding to play, what do you think?
  7. Fonfalks

    Planes and torpedoes

    My question to community of WOWS is this - is it reasonable that planes can spot torpedoes? Seems to me like planes flying at certain altitudes have 0 chance of spotting any torpedoes in reality, but in game every plane spots torpedoes all the time!!! Its ultra annoying and game breaking when you shoot torpedo salvo (especially in high tiers at high ranges with high time of reload) and just because some random plane flies close enough to torpedoes and makes them visible to anyone on opposition team salvo becomes useless. These days it seems that every ship has planes most of the battle flying around and that is if you dont have carriers in game, sometimes even 2, then you need a air traffic control tower because sky is just filled with all kinds of scouts, fighters, bombers, torpedo bombers, there is no end to them...
  8. Tatoosh

    Unresponsive Torpedoes

    I was trying to do a daily mission that requires the use of torpedoes. I used my USS Sims Destroyer since it has the most torpedoes. But in two missions the torpedoes refused to engage. I have them displayed in the graphic but hitting my torpedo command key does not highlight the area of targeting as it used to. The second mission out, the torpedoes went through a long loading sequence (countdown timer) for the graphic, then they behaved as the time before, refusing to engage when I pressed the torpedo key, instead the focus going to one of my artillery guns. So I got zero torpedoes launched, maybe 3 artillery shots off since I was fiddle farting around with the torpedo key trying to engage them so I could make some progress on the daily mission. And of course, I got sunk pretty darn quick. So I tried a standard Co-op battle and exactly the same results. Totally incapable of bringing torpedoes to bear, no targeting of them, When I pressed the torpedo command key, the torpedo graphic would go green, but the main screen would zoom to my forward artillery mount, no torpedo targeting spread from the side of the ship. I tried approaching an enemy ship so I was close enough to engage and still nothing. Well, I got sunk of course,but nothing in terms of my torpedoes. Color me totally puzzled! So what gives with the torpedoes?
  9. Hello there wargaming, I quick suggestion in regards to the torpedo arm time. At the moment the torps arm themselves at an incredibly short distance and gives a slight edge for the destroyers and cruisers when they get up close and personal. In real terms, torpedoes at the time would have needed at least 500 metres to arm themselves. And it kinda kills the game, just a little, and I feel that if you were to increase the time at which a torpedo arms itself to say, 7.5 seconds, this would make the game more realistic and even it up a little. Since you already have carriers sending torps, in combination with destroyer launching from 5 metres away, it leads to some very interesting steering. Now i know what some of you will say 'oh but its a game not real life', well my answer to that is simple. If your going to go to all this effort to make the ships look and feel as realistic as possible, then certain aspects of real life need to be implemented into the game, otherwise the realisticness of the ships gets severely undermined by the arcadeness of the unrealistic aspects. Apart from that great game, thoroughly enjoyed. See you all on the field of battle.
  10. Webby2020

    AI Torp bug

    Started playing yesterday, loving the game so far. I was playing a CO-OP game using the T3 US Battleship and I sank like a stone when a full complement of 5 or 6 torpedoes appeared from the middle of an island I was using for cover. There was an AI Destroyer on the other side and I am assuming there is a bug with the map itself, (I cant remember which one it was, ) and that allowed the destroyer to fire its torps right at me while I assumed I was protected. Am I the only one who has seen this issue?
  11. jorn175

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Hello everyone, I've having some trouble with torpedoes, I think that they are too unbalanced. I don't know what you guys think about it, please show me what you think about them, but I think that they are too OP, because of several reasons. Reason 1: Torpedo bombers can attack from 2/3 sides and you are guaranteed going back to port, because of the flooding and fire. Reason 2: Destroyers can go full ham and launch torpedoes from less then 10 meters and you are dead... Reason 3: When 2 aircraft carriers are in an division they can work together and wreck you by attacking from almost 6 sides and kill 2 friendlies with one run (I don't think that aircraft carriers are OP, compared to WoT they are much more balanced) Reason 4: You get an indication where to shoot your torpedoes, but you get no indication where you have to shoot with your typical main armament. Reason 5: As an warship you can try steering towards them or away from them, but with some bugs torpedo bombers drop their torpedoes within an guaranteed hit-zone, and you will at least take 1 or 2 hits (And if you steer away from them, the torpedoes are faster then you) And yes torpedoes have an limited range, but that doesn't care with the speed of destroyers, cruisers and airplanes. And when you hit you are devastating an enemy ship with fire, flooding and sometimes even an ammorack... And even when you do no critical damage you will at least do around 9000 dmg, with one torpedo (When 2/3 can hit) And the reload is also too fast, when you used your repair button you have an cooldown of 2:30, but torpedoes reload in 30 seconds (the same reload as the Kawachi, Kongo, Fuso etc. and they only do devestating damage when the shell penetrates, and doesn't do flooding damage) But my conclusion is that torpedoes NEED an nerf...
  12. luca0483

    Movement/Position Desync

    I just reinstalled the game and i have got this problem that i have seen many people talk about back in the days of the beta, but nothing for quite a while. The problem is that slowly over the course of a game, all the ships' position on my screen differs more and more from the serverside postion, including my own in relation to the map. This has made me dump 6 torps at 1.6 km range, only for me to discover that the ship isn't actually physically there, sail straight through the ship model, and continue on to hit a friendly who had no idea that those were coming. I am now pink in the garage. I have platooned with friends over voice-comms and had to have them tell me by mouth where the ships were so i could hit them because it was so far off, sometimes more than twice the length of the ships i was firing at. But when firing at where they said i should, i did manage to score hits, even though it was just empty waters on my screen. When they died, the ships jumped to where they actually were, where i had been shooting. Ingame ping is at ~38, FPS at 50-60, all graphics settings set to low just to see if that helped, it did not. Any known causes for this issue?
  13. Hey guys, So what i've noticed time and time again is that people keep firing torpedoes straight into the path of friendly ships that are appearing on their right side, as the friendly ships are hidden behind the map. Now although you can argue that players should pay more attention to the map to avoid this, In the heat of the moment one can overlock this. So what I'd suggest is that as most destroyer captains have their guns selected then switch to Torps when they are needed, perhaps there should be an option within the settings to disable the minimap whilst torpedoes are selected.
  14. I simply can't seem to figure this ship out no matter how hard i try. I did really well in the Mutsuki, but the Hatsuharu simply feels like a major downgrade to me. It is very slow for a DD (i had CAs keep up with me and gun me down while trying to escape). Manouverability is good but it seems to bleed so much speed in turns (i can't actually confirm that but it really feels to me like it does). The concealment is bad, 6.7km on a ship that needs stealth to survive, The torpedoes are slow (even with torpedo acceleration), so slow in fact i had BBs dodge all my torps that i launched from stealth in the time they were spotted until impact, hitting a CA is a matter of pure luck. The guns while better then the previous IJN DDs (surprisingly hard hitting for 127mm) still can not be relied on as the primary weapon because there is only 4 of them, the turrets are to slow and the reload time is long. So how am i supposed to play this DD? Beyond just hiding and caping while hoping no US, Soviet DD or a Cruiser with radar shows up. Speaking of radar, it seems to completely ruin this ship, if a Cruiser uses radar on you there is just nothing you can do as you are to slow to escape out of its range and bleed to much speed on turns, the CA will just follow you and keep you lit up, all you can do i dodge like a madman and pray that they don't land to many hits on your until the radar runs out. Also are there any techniques i can use to improve my chances to land torpedo hits in higher tiers? I came to IJN DDs from the US line and there i am mostly launching torpedoes at close range around islands, with the IJN DDs launching torpedoes at range and from stealth is how i played so far, but in higher tiers people seem so paranoid that landing torpedoes at range seems a matter of pure luck or the enemy being noob. And relying on the enemy being noob is not a good way to do consistent damage. Edit: I use the Basic firing training, Torpedo armament expertise, Torpedo acceleration, Advanced firing training skills. Main armament modification 1, Aiming systems modification 1, Propulsion modification 1, Propulsion modification 2 upgrades. Type 5 camo on my Hatsuharu.
  15. Hey Forum I am a passionate carrier player myself and I thought, why not limiting the range at which Planes can do manual drops in a relative distance to the carrier? By that I mean that you can only order a manual drop (of torps or bombs) if the plane is within 20km of your carrier. If the plane is further out you can only order it to auto-drop its payload. Logical/Story-wise: It's a bit like with the radios in World of Tanks, since the plane is that far out, it might be out of radio range and you cannot give that exact orders anymore. Implementing this would mean that carriers cannot sit idle at the border of the map anymore and dominate the battlefield, they would have to go with the fleet or hide at a spot "within" the map to be effective. At those spots they would be a bit more vulnerable but would also provide more benefit to the team because the planes would be faster in resupplying. You could also implement another module for carriers, the radio or air-craft control module, thats up to you. This module could increase the range at which manual drops can be ordered. This change would not "[edited]" the low to medium skill carrier players because they do autodrops anyway regardless of the range, they wouldnt even notice it. But it would balance things a bit for the more skilled carrier players as they couldnt abuse the map and their infinite range anymore. What do you think? Cheers Noray
  16. It's come to my view that once you've just used your damage control party and you take a torp hit afterwards (I know, not a smart thing to do) you generally tend to just flood to death. Flooding damage is ~400 per tick, and when your damage control party is on cooldown, this can rapidly accelerate to ~20k damage done by a single torpedo(Not even calculating in the original hit damage). In my opinion this matter needs to be addressed in a couple of ways: Either nerf the flooding damage so it decreases over time(after all, your crew WOULD be trying to plug the massive hole in their ship),reduce the cooldown of the damage control party to 45 seconds maximum(This will still allow for enough time for decent damage done, but won't cripple your ship to the point it's basically useless), or reduce the time before a critical gets repaired (Which is also very annoying when your damage control party is on cooldown, and you manage to get your rudder broken: Being unable to turn is a real burden, and most often a straight ticket to Davy Jones' Locker.) Anyways, now that this little rant of mine is over, I would like to hear you guys' opinion on this matter. Do you think flooding damage is OP and needs to be nerfed? Or do you think it's just an added consequence of "stupid" use of your damage control party? I'm looking forward to your replies!