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Found 84 results

  1. Kolbrand

    New boats British/Norwegian MTBs

    Hi and thank you for a great game, I see that you have used a few houses to populate your villages from my home town on some of the maps :) So I thought I would suggest a new boat for the destroyer class (maybe). When I was young, these boats used to show up in the harbor from time to time. They were already old then and are scrap now, but I think maybe they could have a place in the game and could be fun to play. Norway did not have too many big naval boats, but through the years we have had some fine MTBs. Motor torpedo boats that were suppose to work out of the fjords. Show up, hit hard and run (I think). Others will know much more about the tactics. The boats were small, fast and had forward pointing torpedoes. Like a big speed boat. Think some of them could do 50 knots. And maybe they will have to in this game to stand out and play a different role. The Norwegian boats were British/Norwegian in the beginning and later all Norwegian design. Today Norway still retains a MTB (Corvette) weapon with the hyper modern anti radar "hovercraft" Skjold class at 60 knots. Maybe this is an old request and voted down, but it could be fun. While we are waiting for subs and the ability to lay mines :) Great game, Paul Some youtube links to MTB boats
  2. Alipheese_XV

    Torpedos und Schaden

    @Crysantos @Sehales Könnt ihr mir das hier mal erklären: Wurde dieses Jahr nicht in einem Update mal erwähnt, "behoben, dass Torpedos keinen Schaden mehr machen"? Warum brauchte ich noch 6 Granaten, um den da zu versenken?
  3. Ah_Jae

    Cannot Buy Module Mutsuki

    Yesterday, after earning enough experience I was finally able to purchase the MUTSUKI, but to my surprise, I kept pressing the buy modules icon but kept seeing three letters of the (MON) of the MONARCH instead of the Module. So I could not but the module. I logged out and logged in and could get to buy the module. For the record, I have been playing this game since alpha testing period, and I do have the alpha tester black flag in my original account. So don't tell meI don't know about how the game works! Funny thing is, I do have fast internet and I do play all the servers including the steam, so fix this problem. Please fix this!
  4. HI guys, I'm no more able to drop manual torpedo by aircraft using the ALT command. I've always used without problems....I have had some months of break and now that I'm playing again I have this strange issue....maybe some updates? When I select an airplane and I press the ALT button nothing happens. If I'm using a battleship for example and I press ALT command I can see the information about the other ship like always (this means the button works well). The command settings are default and the ALT bottom is setted to "alternative battle interface mode". I don't see a specific command to manual torpedo/bomb drop but pressing "F1" during the game, in the Aircraft help tab I can see that ALT is the button to use for the manual drop..... Anyway I've always used the ALT button and I never had this problem before.... Someone can help me please? Thank you very much!
  5. Firing torpedo's with not a friendly close to the enemy now I see players run in to my torps even when warned on purpose. Tell me happening to often nowadays. Now 2 battles I will do nothing but run and fire guns once or twice in the entire batlle ! Change please this is not the right solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Moin zusammen Ich stelle Videos auf YouTube online um zu unterhalten und ein wenig Zerstörer Aktion zu präsentieren, bzw. zeige ich auch andere Klassen in Bezug auf das Auskontern durch Zerstörer. Auf meinem Kanal sind Videos zu sehen welche live kommentiert sind. Es sind keine ausgewählten Spiele sondern auch mal unterhaltsame oder erkenntnisreiche Runden. Mein Ziel ist es, dass auch andere aus meinen Fehlern lernen und Spieler der anderen Klassen sehen was sich ein Durchschnitts DD-Spieler so bei bestimmten Aktionen denkt. Für Kritik oder Anmerkungen bin ich dankbar, auch gern unter meinen Videos als Kommentar. Gruß euer Defle
  7. Teekesselchen

    Deep Water Torpedo arming time bug

    So I just had this very weird interaction at the end of a game: https://streamable.com/yqt1p A couple weird things happen: My shells seem to appear to the right of where they were fired, and seem to miss Chung Mu entirely, yet four hits register. Might just be a graphical bug though. Chung Mu's torps hit the bow before their arming range, but they do not disappear - rather, they pass into the ship and detonate there. Looks like a serious gameplay bug. (also the score does some weird stuff there since both our kills are registered on the same score tick, but I suppose this is just a visual bug as well) Torpedoes have a minimum arming distance, which means that torpedoes hitting a ship point blank simply disappear. It's a regular interaction that happens frequently with bad carrier drops, and occasionally when a torp cruiser or DD tries to torp from too close up during a brawl. However, in this case there appears to be something wrong. Look at this screenshot for reference: The torpedo marker shows that the arming distance clearly only begins inside the ship. The point where they collide with the bow is well before they can arm. Therefore they should disappear as soon as they touch the bow. However, upon firing this happens instead: All five torpedoes "ghosted" through the bow and detonated exactly at their arming range inside the ship. In comparison, this is what normally happens: When the torpedoes touch the ship before they reach the coloured marker, they simply disappear.
  8. So WG has listened to all the voices from the WOWS community Now the space camos are available separately for purchase in the premium shop, and I presume that means you can own the camos before you have the TX ship !! Interestingly the new premium ship offers of the week is Prinz Eugen, Alabama and Harekaze. Not much to complain here and grabbed myself a Prinz Eugen while browsing. But, but, but... I thought April is supposed to be about torpedoes... I mean WG even made a ... ermmm, let's say "interesting" video. Where is T-61, Z-39 and Assashio? Reminder : free exp conversion event is now online. But seeing now I can grab the space camos first, I suddenly see no point in spending the money for conversion and will just slowly grind my ship lines. How much are you guys considering to spend with these new changes of premium shop to support WOWS? And what items interests you the most?
  9. Bonjour à tous, N'ayant pas trouvé de sujet dédié aux petits nouveaux, je me permets d'ouvrir le topic. Ils ont la particularité d'utiliser des "torpilles en eaux profondes" leur rendant impossible le torpillage des autres destroyers ( https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/news/common/flash-in-the-pan/ ) Source WG: "Quelles sont les autres différences des destroyers asiatiques ? Torpilles La première chose qui différencie les navires asiatiques de ceux d'autres nations, c'est leurs torpilles qui filent à une profondeur plus élevée. Elles sont disponibles sur tous les navires de cette branche (sauf sur le croiseur de rang I, évidemment) et disposent des particularités suivantes : Elles peuvent toucher les navires de tous genres, sauf les destroyers ; Elles profitent d'une détectabilité plus faible ; Et elles ont plus de chances de causer une inondation lorsqu'elles touchent un navire ennemi. Ce type d'armement a de bons et de mauvais côtés : les navires asiatiques auront du mal à faire face à d'autres destroyers, mais ils constituent en même temps un grand danger contre d'autres navires plus imposants. Consommables La majorité des navires asiatiques profite d'une excellente valeur de dissimulation pouvant jouer en leur faveur : par exemple en lançant des attaques surprise à la torpille depuis des écrans de fumée. Adopter des tactiques de dissimulation en combat se révélera bénéfique, grâce aux caractéristiques spéciales du consommable Générateur de fumée, identiques pour tous les rangs : Durée d'action : 70 secondes Durée de déploiement de l'écran de fumée : 30 secondes Temps de rechargement : 120 secondes (80 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 4 (5 pour les consommables premium). Deux charges supplémentaires conjuguées à un temps de rechargement plus court offre un avantage considérable. Il est possible de rester invisible aux yeux des navires ennemis pendant presque toute la bataille, tout en combattant efficacement pour les zones clefs et se mettre à couvert si la situation vient à dégénérer. Avec les navires du haut de cette branche, vous pouvez aussi utiliser des tactiques de « torpilles fantômes ». Les destroyers de rang VIII à X disposent du consommable Radar de surveillance à la place de Générateur de fumée : Portée d'acquisition assurée des navires ennemis : 7,5 km Durée d'action : 15, 17 et 20 secondes Temps de rechargement : 180 secondes (120 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 2 (3 pour les consommables premium) Il est évident que partir en bataille sans Générateur de fumée est risqué. Pour autant, la capacité à repérer et couler des navires ennemis est un avantage précieux, surtout au sein d'une équipe bien coordonnée. Les destroyers asiatiques sont excellents en termes d'attaques fantômes à la torpille contre des navires plus imposants, et en termes de soutien. Mais il reste compliqué de fournir une classification commune aux navires de cette branche. Pour les amoureux du style de jeu des destroyers qui en ont déjà recherché plusieurs branches, les navires asiatiques ouvriront leur perception des tactiques classiques, les poussant à changer et à s'adapter. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore cette classe et qui ne savent pas où commencer, ces nouveaux navires offriront l'opportunité d'analyser les particularités principales des destroyers de plusieurs nations." A ceux qui sont déjà en train de les grind (et vous êtes beaucoup), si vous pouviez faire des retours d'expériences sur ceux-ci de manière à aider ceux qui galèrent un peu plus avec. Vos avis et conseils sur les différents tiers de ces DD seraient appréciés je penses (comp commandant, modules à installer, la routine quoi). Personnellement je les commence ce soir en rentrant pour me faire une idée. J'espère que ce topic restera un endroit convivial et de partage. Merci d'avance, PS: le lien du wiki, çà donne déjà une idée des bestiaux: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Destroyers PS2: j'éditerai au fur et à mesure et n'hésitez pas à me faire remarquer si je donne de mauvaises informations ou autre.
  10. According to the wiki Vigilance is suppose to stack with sonar. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hydroacoustic_Search_Data I took it on my Kurfurst captain but I still got the 4.02km detection range of torpedoes according to the consumable. I dont know if the game is wrong or the wiki. Anyone know whats true?
  11. Did you like the clickbait title? I did. Anyways, let's get onto the topic. I want this thread to be easily accessible, so if there's good points in the thread I'll make sure to combine it in the original post so that new viewers could quickly see how and where the conversation went. This is a forum post after all, I should be able to keep up with everyone's thoughts ;) <<<<((<(>_<)>))>>>>> Dive bombers and torpedo bombers Asking all CV captains, would you be willing to trade 2 or 3 of your dive bombers for 1 extra torpedo bomber? Is there anyone who ISN'T willing to make that trade? The results of a poll on that question would undoubtedly be obvious to anyone who plays CVs. Right now, there is a massive imbalance between the field effectiveness of the two squad types are obvious. In most circumstances, only 1 or 2 squads of dive bombers are necessary to perform their job of lighting the enemy on fire. Due to this, I would like to suggest improvements to the mechanics associated with dive bombers in order to give them more utility when compared with the torpedo bombers. USN - give the USN CVs dive bombers some AP bombs. I thought of suggesting this for the IJN but 1) the IJN has bombs with less damage potential both historically and in game and 2) having AP bombs with the precision of IJN bombers will be rather overpowered. This would mean that 1) the USN strike loadouts in the Bogue and the Indy won't be entirely useless and 2) it would give USN carriers another vector of dealing high amounts of damage as deck armor tends to be quite poorly armored and therefore they could potentially even score citadels with plunging fire if they are really lucky. They might not be able to penetrate the citadels of most battleships, but they could retain utility against enemy CVs/CAs and lower tier BBs (relative to the carrier). IJN - improve the precision of the IJN dive bombers, make their circle of no return smaller, and increase the chance of them setting fires and causing module damage. You can scale back the damage output if you want for compensation, 4600 damage per bomb hit is virtually destroyer tier anyways. These changes are suggested both to be used to expand on the points below as well as to give the IJN bombers a different role in engagements. With the increased precision the bombers could target specific modules for destruction/incapacitation and therefore be used to soften up enemy ships for your allies by going after gun turrets or stop them from moving my going after the engine or steering on top of setting the ships on fire. Both nations + future nations - An increase in speed, HP, and DFC resistance. Dive bombers right now quite frankly suck at their job. They're nothing more than an extra 2000-7000 extra damage and fire damage on top of the tens of thousands that dive bombers provide. The changes I will suggest will no doubt be controversial, but we CV players have always liked that don't we ;) I suggest significantly increasing the speed and HP of all dive bombers on all tiers relative to their tiers. They don't need to be as fast as fighters, but bombers that are significantly faster than torpedo bombers would add extra depth to the game. It would mean that whilst a less skilled player would be using a dive bomber like they always have, a more skilled player that can multitask could use the dive bombers far more frequently as a separate strike squad to lethal efficiency. Their extra speed will also provide them with relative resistance to fighters and AA from the enemy team so whilst they can't compete in terms of damage with torpedo bombers they can still strike deep into the enemy fleet at strategically significant targets and therefore may hold a far more significant strategic worth in a future patch instead of being the tag-along to a CV game. This will make USN dive bombers like a single battleship salvo whilst it will make IJN dive bombers more similar to cruiser guns, which will also allow us to preserve the 'national flavor' that War Gaming seems so fond of. The last change will also mean that there are situations where dive bombers are obviously better for dealing with the situations that a torpedo bomber will suffer from. I will expand on the suggested national differences below. IJN vs USN CVs Right now, the tech trees are something of a mess. The IJN tree is advertised as the strike tree whilst the USN tree is advertised as the fighter tree but as many CV captains would attest this is utter tosh. The IJN tree has torpedoes that cause less damage than any US torpedo from t6 upwards to go with their bomb damage that is a tiny fraction of the USN damage potential and from t6 or t7 a USN fighter squad can be held up by the IJN squads as the strike aircraft runs riot around the allied fleet and so the AS loads become mostly an easy way to lose the damage game but is nevertheless something that USN carriers (up until about t8) have to put up with because almost all cruisers are loading deck fighters and they need a way to guarantee a hit. This means that t4-t5, MM decides if an IJN or a strike deck USN carrier will have fun or will have every plane they send up ripped to shreds by enemy aircraft. It's not even that fun to hunt aircraft, I'm sure most carrier players would rather be menacing the entire enemy team instead of just aggravating 1 enemy team member. tl;dr: IJN strike units can't compete with USN in terms of damage. USN is 'balanced' with this by having terrible loadouts. I have many changes that I would like to suggest in altering the current paradigm that I am certain will have an overall positive effect on the game. 1. Speed up IJN torpedoes and speed up the spread convergence. Not long ago, IJN bombers were inferior to USN bombers in every way. They had a massive spread that needed luck to even score 2 hits on even a slow battleship and they had the aforementioned inferior damage output. I welcomed the new converging spread, but the torpedoes were now just as slow as their USN counterparts and converged too slowly to be used even if you angled the drop nearly perfectly. If the torpedoes had a base faster speed(the torpedoes used to have a speed of 42 knots if I recall correctly), with the new captain skill a really skilled carrier captain could actually utilize the IJN bombers in such a way that it could be dropped from 500+ meters away and actually hit someone who isn't braindead/AFK. 2. Give the USN AP bombs and the IJN more effective fire bombs as well as torpedoes that have a higher chance of causing sinking. I suggest this due to the playstyle that is most evident on high tier ships namely the Midway and the Hakuryu. Most Midway players group their torpedo bombers in a group and strike at once to cause maximum damage whilst the Hakuryu players use the faster plane speed and smaller squads to make their enemies die of a thousand cuts. With this system, the two nations can distinguish their playstyle. A USN carrier can cause as much/more damage with their new setting whilst the IJN carrier will be able to guarantee leaking with fewer torpedo hits and fire with bombs and therefore be able to more effectively use their multiple squadrons to inflict damage over time on enemy ships that, if used correctly, could match or even exceed that of the Midway even if the damage isn't necessarily apparent when the strike is over. This would also mean that there is a national 'flavor' to both carrier lines now. 3. Widen the USN torp spread and scale up the damage as the tiers increase. I will expand more on this in the level increase subsection but for now let's deal with US torpedoes. Right now, USN CVs can start guaranteeing that every torpedo will land on target starting at tier 7 battleships and they only get better from there as opposed to the supposed strike focused carriers of the IJN. Due to this, making a full salvo strike more difficult as well as more rewarding might be optimum for US CV drivers who have unchanged potential damage output starting with t5. If we introduce the AP bombs for extra damage, I suggest compensating for the massively increased strike potential of USN carriers by raising the skill slope for USN CV players in order to allow more skilled players to excel and distinguish themselves. Tiers and levels Right now, the Langley starts out with 5900 dmg per torpedo that quickly jumps up to 8500. The Indy further increases the torpedo damage to 9867 and it stays there for the rest of the game, significantly higher than the IJN torpedo damage. Whilst this would be unhistorical, I think that this would be fine if the soft stats for IJN torpedoes were improved i.e. speed, chance of flooding, arming time(mostly for killing destroyers). I also think that the massive damage torpedoes should be reserved for higher tier USN carriers whilst the mid tier USN carriers should be buffed in other ways i.e. giving them more squads. Many will likely say that is insane, but I think that we can make this work if we make USN torpedoes do less net damage in the lower tiers. This, combined with the fact that they have slower torpedoes and are targetting smaller ships with lower speed and smaller turning circles, could be made to work. Here is a table of possible values: 35 knots Torpedoes: Damage/squads(planes)/potential Chance of flooding Speed Damage/squads(planes)/potential Chance of flooding Speed Tier IV 5900 / 1(6) / 35400 40% 35 knots 8000 / 2(8) / 64000 40% 35 knots Tier IV 6300 / 1(6) / 37800 40% 35 knots 8400 / 2(8) / 67200 43% 35 knots Tier V 6800 / 1(6) / 40800 40% 35 knots 8567 / 2(8) / 68536 45% 37 knots Tier VII 6800 / 2(12) / 81600 40% 35 knots 8567 / 2(8) / 68536 45% Tier VIII 7500 / 2(12) / 90000 40% 35 knots 8567 / 2(8) / 68536 65% 42 knots Tier IX 9867 / 2(12) / 118404 40% 35 knots 8567 / 3(12) / 102804 70% 45 knots Tier X 10500 / 2(12) / 126000 40% 35 knots 8567 / 3(12) / 102804 75% 53 knots p.s. I have no idea what the real values on flooding are. These are example values. Yellow is USN, orange is IJN.,green is for the superior stats As aforementioned, the USN carriers could receive a debuff in having more space between their torpedoes (a wider torpedo fan) and a torpedo damage debuff in lower tiers but are compensated by having more torpedo bombers to work with which will reward the better players. The IJN can make up for the difference by their better soft stats like chance of flooding or torpedo speed. Dive bombers: Damage/squads(planes)/potential Chance of fire Chance of module damage Damage/squads(planes)/potential Chance of fire Chance of module damage Tier IV - - - - - - Tier V 5500 / 1(6) / 33000 0 % 12 % 2300 / 1(4) / 9200 40% 12 % Tier VI 7500 / 1(6) / 45000 0 % 12 % 4500 / 2(8) / 36000 40% 16 % Tier VII 7500 / 2(12) / 90000 0 % 12 % 4500 / 2(8) / 36000 50% 20 % Tier VIII 7500 / 2(12) / 90000 0 % 12 % 4500 / 2(8) / 36000 60% 24 % Tier IX 8500 / 2(12) / 102000 0 % 12 % 4500 / 2(8) / 36000 70% 30 % Tier X 8500 / 2(12) / 102000 0 % 12 % 4500 / 3(12) / 54000 80% 40 % Keep in mind that these values are if every single shell fired penetrates the citadel. In most attacks, RNG will likely not give much more than 2 or 3 citadels maximum. Nevertheless, the damage from those hits aren't insignificant for even a high tier battleship or carrier. IJN bombs won't penetrate anything, but has a large chance of fire damage and module incapacitation. I'm not sure where I've heard this, but apparently as you go up the tiers, ships gain natural resistance against fire and flooding. These new values will likely allow carriers to maintain their damage over time tactics even in a high tier environment. Ships in the higher tiers have far higher health to splash around so the steadily rising damage will allow carriers to effectively deal with tougher threats as they advance up the tiers as well as continue to cause them trouble. I.E. A Hiryuu and a Ryujou in this cause cause identical potential damage. Both ships might be able to attack a New York for an average of 8000 damage but if a Ryujou attacks a New Mexico a torpedo might average 5000 damage whilst a Hiryuu, whilst having identical stats, would be able to do 8000 damage. This mechanic would help carriers deal with the often extremely tough ship torpedo bulges as well as encouraging carriers to go after the sometimes harder targets as the same damage against a higher tier ship would usually give them more rewards as well as helping their team against ships they may have problems with. That's what I have for now. Thank you for reading as far as you have. I might have to come back here later to condense this down or add onto the list. Best regards and happy sailing!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfo5qQjhFio&feature=youtu.be EDIT: If you slow the video down to .25 on youtube, you will see I do 58099 dmg with (x) torpedos I don't know how many, maybe 2 or 3? --- then, the last 2 hit and do 7k?? and knockout his AA or something or engine? then next 5 do 0 dmg lol :D Shimakaze 10 torps vs Bismark.. Bismark OP. PLS NERF jks Someone explain this to me. The first 5 hit and do damage, the next 5 hit and show on the counter but don't do anything????!?!?!?!? WUT Also even with torpedo bulge protection shouldnt the first 5 kill him? 23k dmg torps x 5 - 22% = dead bismark no? #REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WOWS replay included below and youtube. 20170823_133008_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  13. My torp is nominal doing 20967 damage.Tashkent got only 11k. Why?
  14. - You are in Operation Aegis, sailing closer and closer to an enemy battleship, taking advantage of the fact that its captain is busy shooting at one of your hapless allies, and finally, you are in range - you launch your torpedoes. - Almost immediately, the battleship changes course, in a direction that ensures that it will not be hit with a single one of those torpedoes. It is almost as if the AI captain knew the exact moment when those torpedoes hit the water. Considering he was busy training his guns on another ship, in a completely different direction from you, that was no mean feat. Does this sound familiar? I should probably say, at this point, that I realize at least some of the difficulties that programmers are beset with. Designing an AI (or should it be VI?) captain that is capable of presenting a balanced challenge to human players, must be a very difficult task. How should you deal with, for instance, the threat that a well placed torpedo spread represents? If the AI captain never changes course until it actually spots incoming torpedoes as per normal spotting mechanics, AI battleships would be nothing but food for the Torpedo God. If the AI automatically registers any incoming torpedoes as soon as they are launched, the problem becomes the opposite - only those spreads that are undodgeable from the start, will have any chance of striking home. I obviously can't say for certain, but I have lately been having the impression that some variant of the latter of the two abovementioned AI builds is represented in the current Operations - enemy AI captains will instantly know when torpedoes are incoming, and take steps to avoid them. Only, sometimes they don't. I had a game in my Perth about a week ago, where I decided to try and trick an enemy AI König captain. I launched only one of my torpedoes, and waited to gauge the reaction. The enemy battleship didn't react in the slightest, but sailed straight on. This prompted me to launch the rest of my torpedoes, and they all struck home, one after the other, sending the König to the bottom. I have been trying to figure out what made that torpedo launch different from all the rest. Why didn't the AI captain take evasive action this time? There might of course be any number of possible explanations, but one thing that struck me afterwards was, that I had probably launched all of those torpedoes from within my smoke cover. If so, this might imply that the AI program is simulating the fact that you can, if you have sharp eyes (and a good screen resolution), actually see the little splashes when launched torpedoes break the water after going over the side of the ship. But this is obviously impossible if a smoke screen is in the way. In other words, the AI programmer is doing her best to be fair to us: The AI captain will indeed know when torpedoes are being launched at it - but only if this information would also have been available to a sharp-eyed human player with his wits about him! I don't know if I am on the right track, here. I might not even be close. But I thought this would be a good subject for a discussion, and so here are my two cents' worth to begin with.* So, any thoughts on this? * I haven't even started speculating about whether AI captain skills include the common torpedo evasion tactic of randomly altering course ands speed. How you would try to gauge that, is beyond me.
  15. Feldmarschall76

    Das alte Leid der Torpedobomber

    Hallo Freunde, ja ja ja ich weiß das alte Leid und es wurde bestimmt schon ein paar mal deswegen rumgeheult. Wenn ich ein Spiel starte z.B. mit der Dunkerque und zwei Minuten später kommen zwei Torpedobomber-Staffeln und setzen die Torpedos so, daß ich nichts daran ändern kann von 4 Torpedos getroffen zu werden, ist das mehr als frustrierend. Das bedeutete in diesem Fall Spielende. Ja ich habe abgedreht, ja ich hatte volle Kraft vorraus, ja ich habe Abfangjäger rausgeschickt, ja ich habe die Bomber markiert - keine Chance. Laaaangweilige kacke. 1 Torpedo ja 2 Torpedos crap happend ja auch OK Ja ja der Mann des CV hat ganz toll die Torpedos gesetzt. Stimmt. Spaßfaktor minus drei und tiefer. Das führt nur dazu, daß man wenn man 2 Torpedobomber-Staffeln sieht am besten direkt aus dem Spiel rausgeht........
  16. FRIESE


    Ich hatte gestern ein seltsames Spiel, bei dem 1 Torpedo sicher und einer vielleicht durch meinen Rumpf gefahren sind ohne mich zu beschädigen. Inzwischen habe ich schon von 2 anderen gehört, dass etwas aufgefallen sei (bei Streams). Ist das ein bekanntes Problem, gewollt oder ein unbekannter Bug? Hier ein kleines Video: Edit: Aus dem Post von DaMoffi:
  17. Just a small pack i made, with simple changes to the game's splashes and torpedo colors. It contains the following colors: Red, Green, Blue, Light-Blue, Purple All except the light-blue are very bright, and very visible! Know where your shots land, how close the enemy is at zeroing in on you, and stay aware of any torpedoes. Preview of the Light Blue one: To install, simply copy/unpack the "particles" folder from the color of your choice to the "res_mods/x.x.x/" folder. To uninstall or replace, delete/overwrite said folder and file. Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wttsdfje4wdmnh/Splash-Torpedo-Colors.rar?dl=0 Enjoy -st0rm Splash-Torpedo-Colors.rar
  18. I have a Yugumo with F3 Torps (76 knots). If I add the Aiming systems modification 1 I will get 20% extra torp traverse speed. If my math is correct, an extra 20% makes it at 91 knots. Can this be correct? It sounds unreasonably high! And also, what would the highest torpedo speed in the game be with all the modifications and command perks added together? Thanks!
  19. nambr9

    Torpedo glitch

    Ive just hard a game where torpedo launched from a DD went through the island (smaller one). Unfortunately I dont have any replay to support this, but I would like to know if anyone has ever seen this happen...
  20. 1MajorKoenig

    Gyro compass aimed torpedoes

    Fellow sailors, I would like to start a discussion on gyro compass aimed torpedoes with you – a topic that was on my mind for a while now. Especially while playing the Japanese cruisers from Aoba onwards I felt that something is wrong with how they are portrayed in the game. I don’t want to get into a “Realism vs Arcade” discussion here and I am well aware of game mechanics and concessions WOWS makes towards playability. However torping in an IJN cruiser feels just wrong and very much situational. Most IJN cruisers have their torpedo tubes facing to the rear of the ship which means in game you have to turn at least to broadside if not even more to launch them. The turn itself means that you expose your vulnerable side/citadel to enemy fire and make your enemy very much aware that you are launching your torpedoes now. Alternatively you can ignore your torpedoes and use them as a defensive gimmick only when you are on the run anyway – which is what most people do currently. What would I like to see instead? I would like to see the possibility to aim your IJN cruiser torpedoes on a set course rather than in a straight line from your launchers. While Wikipedia is not a scientific source by any means I copy in a piece of text that describes the Type 93 gyro compass purpose: “The tail vertical rudder meter set a vertical gyrocompass to control the vertical tail rudders. The gyrocompass guided the torpedo to the target, allowing even rear-launched torpedoes to turn around and hit a target in front. The tail rudders and side stabilizers were operated by air pressure.” I have seen in other games how this can be portrayed which pretty much means that torpedoes leave their launchers and then turn after a bit on to the set course which can even be in front of you. The Battlestations series for example modeled this mechanic in a simple but sufficient way. What would be different? Well, you could launch torpedoes pretty much forward – meaning while attacking. I am aware that it would make torpedoes much more useful on IJN cruisers so if need to be it could be offset by a reduction of other capabilities if these ships would become too powerful. On the other hand it could be a nice IJN cruiser line face-lift, following the recent attempts to make “old” lines attractive again in the new meta – which means deal with power creep and add something new to the line to make people play it again. Looking forward to your thoughts on that + see you at the High Seas
  21. Feldmarschall76


    Mal ne Frage, wie kann ich den Abwurf von Torpedos so verzögern, daß sie nur 10-20 Meter vor dem gegnerischen Schiff runter kommen? Ist mir so passiert, und ich konnte selbst mit einem Zerstörer nicht mehr ausweichen. Coole Sache, denn ich spiele auch ab und an Flugzeugträger...... Grüße
  22. TL1000R2000

    Detonationen seit neuem Update

    sagt mal haben die Russen irgendwas daran geändert? Habe jetzt 2 mal BB gespielt und ein einzelner Torpedo hat eine Detonation zur Folge? Amagi und Tirpitz mit 3/4 Health durch einzelnen Torpedo zur Strecke gebracht. Selten blöder Zufall oder ein neues Feature in dem zu Tode generften Game?
  23. Hi Leute, im IJN Unterforum ist bei der Shimadebatte eine kleine Disskusion zu Torpedobeschleunigung und den Reaktionszeiten entstanden. Ich hab mal exemplarisch die Torpedos auf T10 verglichen und denke, hier ist die Inforamtion besser aufgehoben, da es ja nicht nur Shimakazefahrer gibt. Die Formel habe ich von Darky übernommen und weicht etwas von der Orginalformel der WoWs Wiki ab. Ich habe nur Torpedos mit rein genommen die theo. im Stealth geworden werden können. Erfassungsmodul: 20% auf die Torpedoerfassung Wachsamkeit: 25% auf die Torpedoerfassung T10 Sonar: 3,42 km Erfassungsreichweite (laut Wiki) T10 Sonar Dt. : 4,02 km Erfassungsreichweite (laut Wiki) Rechenbeispiel: 1,9 km Grunderfassung Kombinierte Erfassungsreichweite = 1,9km + 1,9km x 20% +1,9km x 25% = 2,755 km Darkys Formel: Reaction Time (sec) = Distance (km) / (Speed (kn) * 0,0026854) Ohne Torpedobeschleunigung Schiff Stufe Nation Torpedo TP-Geschw. [kn] Erfassung [km] Reaktionszeit Normal Modul Skill Kombiniert Sonar Sonar Dt. Normal Modul Skill Kombiniert Sonar Sonar Dt. Z52 10 Dt. 1 67 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,78 9,34 9,73 11,28 19,01 22,34 Z52 10 Dt. 2 69 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,56 9,07 9,44 10,96 18,46 21,7 Chabarosk 10 UDSSR 2 56 1,1 1,32 1,375 1,595 3,42 4,02 7,31 8,78 9,14 10,61 22,74 26,73 Gearing 10 USA 1 66 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,9 9,48 9,87 11,45 19,3 22,68 Shimakaze 10 IJN 1 62 2,5 3 3,125 3,625 3,42 4,02 15,02 18,02 18,77 21,77 20,54 24,14 Shimakaze 10 IJN 2 67 1,9 2,28 2,375 2,755 3,42 4,02 10,56 12,67 13,2 15,31 19,01 22,34 Shimakaze 10 IJN 3 76 1,9 2,28 2,375 2,755 3,42 4,02 9,31 11,17 11,64 13,5 16,76 19,7 Torpedobeschleunigung Schiff Stufe Nation Torpedo TP-Geschw. [kn] Erfassung [km] Reaktionszeit Normal Modul Skill Kombiniert Sonar Sonar Dt. Normal Modul Skill Kombiniert Sonar Sonar Dt. Z52 10 Dt. 1 72 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,24 8,69 9,05 10,5 17,69 20,79 Z52 10 Dt. 2 74 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,05 8,45 8,81 10,22 17,21 20,23 Chabarosk 10 UDSSR 2 61 1,1 1,32 1,375 1,595 3,42 4,02 6,72 8,06 8,39 9,74 20,88 24,54 Gearing 10 USA 1 71 1,4 1,68 1,75 2,03 3,42 4,02 7,34 8,81 9,18 10,65 17,94 21,08 Shimakaze 10 IJN 1 67 2,5 3 3,125 3,625 3,42 4,02 13,89 16,67 17,37 20,15 19,01 22,34 Shimakaze 10 IJN 2 72 1,9 2,28 2,375 2,755 3,42 4,02 9,83 11,79 12,28 14,25 17,69 20,79 Shimakaze 10 IJN 3 81 1,9 2,28 2,375 2,755 3,42 4,02 8,73 10,48 10,92 12,67 15,72 18,48 Schiff Stufe Nation Torpedo Zeitdifferenz Normal Modul Skill Kombiniert Sonar Sonar Dt. Z52 10 Dt. 1 0,54 0,65 0,68 0,78 1,32 1,55 Z52 10 Dt. 2 0,51 0,62 0,63 0,74 1,25 1,47 Chabarosk 10 UDSSR 2 0,59 0,72 0,75 0,87 1,86 2,19 Gearing 10 USA 1 0,56 0,67 0,69 0,8 1,36 1,6 Shimakaze 10 IJN 1 1,13 1,35 1,4 1,62 1,53 1,8 Shimakaze 10 IJN 2 0,73 0,88 0,92 1,06 1,32 1,55 Shimakaze 10 IJN 3 0,58 0,69 0,72 0,83 1,04 1,22 Man sieht also, das die Torpedos von Torpedobeschleunigung kaum an Reaktionszeit gewinnen und damit stellt sich mir die Frage, ob sich der Skill überhaupt noch lohnt.
  24. RamboCras

    Midway TB, 1 squadron

    Hi, Upgraded my carrier to Tier 10 (mostly by playing battleships), watch some instruction video's and noticed that in all of them, there were 2 squadrons of Torpedo bombers. However, from the different selections, I can select, none have 2. I can only choose between 1 or no squadrons of TB? Has this been changed in some update?
  25. F1ngl4s


    Can someone explain me why my torps are only 8 KM max range. Shouldn't be 10km according to wiki? Hatsuharu wiki: http://goo.gl/xasUOY