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Found 27 results

  1. Kaseko


    Hier bitte alles zur Akizuki rein. [infos folgen]

    Wich faction have the better BB?

    I have tier Nagato, New Mexico and Scharnhorst and I want to star other line of bb but I dont know what is better, ¿ English BB, french or germans? Thanks to all the people who answer my question.
  3. I can understand that certain missions must be restricted as they would be easier to get done at low tiers, but why is every god damn mission restricted? Gaining credist is much slower for low tiers so why exclude it from this mission??? I see absolutely no reason why such general missions with objectives like get XP/Creds/FXP must be restricted by tiers, when they are much harder to complete with lower tiers. Is this some plot to make ppl with no or low ammount of higer tiered ships buy prem ships? If that is the case then I'm genuinely DISGUSTED!
  4. gekkehenkie50

    Help for the Iowa

    So, I know there is already a post for this, and yes, I have been looking around internet, but I cannot find any help for the Iowa that seems to work for me. The problems I encounter: She turns like a brick Often I find myself in situations where it is simply impossible to angle towards every ship, and I must decide between angling towards that Nagato or the Amagi etc. When I do go head on I feel trapped, once commited, I'm on that path until I'm dead, there is not turning back because, unlike in the NC, Iowa takes MASSIVE damage to her broadside Often when fighting my team does indeed use me as a tank, which I'm fine with because that's my role, but then they take that as a bail out option; when 1 ship turns for whatever reason, my entire back-up just routes, they all run away whilest I soak up the damage... (But, of course, this is just asking for team work in a Random battle, which is very rare as it is) The guns do not seem to be more accurate then the NC, despite everyone telling me they are It's AA seems worse than the NC Usually when tanking I lose atleast 1 of my frontal turrets, sometimes both Overall, I would really like to be able to be of assistance to my team, but I have no idea how I should handle Iowa. I tried sniping one game (I know I shouldn't) and, it actually got me more xp and credits than when I tank. I did notice however, that I am less accurate in the Iowa because it shell flight times are different (I think) compared to NC. Any tips are welcome, but my main question is how do I tank efficiently, without taking too much focus fire from multiple flanks and angles? Tier Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Iowa 9 3 0% 16 24 460 0 2

    Rebalancing Tiers to improve gameplay

    Since we always seem to be getting complaints (and not without good reason, mind you) about MM and also about playing bottom-tier in matches (strangely no-one seems to complain about being the top-tier?). How about the following ideas to ease the burden on Matchmaker, as well as to balance out and improve gameplay in general... Oh yeah, I did write them down before in another thread, but it seemed that this topic should have its own so here goes, my apologies for repetition. Bottom-tiered ships in any battle are basically there just for cannon-fodder and HP-farming for the top tiers with no actual chance of impacting the game or performing well (try playing any non-premium tier 8 Cruiser or BB in tier 10 game, if unsure what I am talking about). A notable exception to this rule are the DD's, due to their stealth and torp combination, a tier 8 DD is still able to perform well even when uptiered, which is not the case with any other ship class. Of course, as usual this is due to poor game design (WG just hasn't given this any thought and does not see it, as a problem - perhaps they do not play their own game or some such). No provisions at all have been made which would provide bottom-tier ships any kind of a niche in any game within which they could perform well aside of sheer dumb luck. They have no advantage in HP, stealth, in shell fire.chance, armor, agility, range or speed. So basically all one can expect is to get a paddling with no hope of a reprieve almost regardless of the player performance (unicums and supers exempted here). Of course, it does not have to be this way, the game could provide some reprieve for bottom-tier ships, which would enable even an average player to get some positive result, even when bottom-tier. For example, as follows: 1) Game could be designed so that bottom-tier ships (being obviously less powerful and therefore also physically smaller) would always have better base-concealment values, that their higher-tier cousins (yes always - all ship classes). This would at the least allow them the theoretical advantage of firing the first salvo (make it count though, as after that you might still be dead fairly quickly). I know, it's not much but it is SOMETHING to go by at the least. 2) The base agility of ships, as reflected in terms of turning radius should also be better for lower tier ships in general, so they would have at the least some chance to "dodge the bullet" occasionally instead of just providing a basically immobile target. This would also make for a potentially bone-chilling fun gameplay. 2) The base fire chance should be the same for all ships (currently this % very strongly favors the higher tier ships) regardless of tier. 3) The "Bloom effect" should be set to be at minimum the same as the main battery reload time and the Concealment System Modification upgrade should be made unavailable for all battleships (yea, I know that BB players will hate this, but the concept of a "stealth BB" makes no sense whatsoever). This would also, give Cruisers a little something to survive by, as opposed to being immediately insta-killed by a horde of BB's in every high tier game. 4) Make the smaller tier planes (them being smaller, you know) harder to hit with heavy AA guns. So only close range light AA would be fully effective against them. This should give CV's some chance to get results, even when playing bottom-tier methinks. This rule could be applied, as follows: top tier CV -> all AA is fully effective, mid-tier (tier 9 in a game with tier 8-10 ships) CV -> close and mid-range AA is fully effective and finally bottom-tier CV -> only close range AA is fully effective. The reduction in heavy and mid-range AA effectiveness could be somewhere in the range of 25% to 50% for example (this would have to be play-tested to see where iot balances out, if course). These changes might improve gameplay overall and also offer even the bottom-tier players some ray of hope to get a result out of the game. Admittedly, all this would not radically alter the game itself and bottom-tiers would still remain at a massive disadvantage, but some slight improvement is clearly needed anyways. This could work. Soo what'cha think guys?
  6. TimeToDeliverAPizzaBall

    Tier X CV Plane statistics

    o7 Here's a table for comparing Hakuryu and Midway plane stats, I am assuming there are no modules or captain skills other than air supremacy to keep things simple :) I have not included every possible combo, since they are not very likely. I only included AS vs AS for the fighter comparison. ~MiniBrit
  7. Butterdoll

    new and more light cruisers, please.

    BB's, I tried them, what a drag to drive them, but they are fun to sink. Pensacola, it's useless, slow turning and shooting crap, give me back the 155 mm calibre guns please. - More light cruisers, a separate tech tree of light cruisers up to tier X. I'm a big fan of Phoenix, Omaha, and my fav it's Emile. And I would like to continue in those lines, if there were such a line. They are my go to ships, if I want something done. Cleveland it's nice too but the others I mentioned are outstanding, more, more, pls.
  8. OinkMooBaa

    Carrier Tier Gaps

    Can I just say. The fact that you can go up against carriers of different tiers is not fair. If you are a Langley you should not be able to fight a Bogue, you may say that you will also have a carrier of that tier on your team but regardless that carrier (if it encounters your planes) will ruin you and make you hate the game. At the same time if you play against a carrier a tier or more below you just dominate them but it is a hollow victory because you KNOW that you are superior to them in every way. What I propose is that the MM make it so only carriers of one tier can fight, having a 2 on 2 is still possible but you don't have 2 carriers that dominate the game and 2 carriers that wish they were never born. Also this is completely off topic but the Bogue is OP AF at its tier, and whenever I see one I quiver in fear and if I had manual drop at tier 5 and 4 still I would suicide off the bat because I know if it is AS it will dominate and even if it is stock it's fighters are ridiculously good (I saw a tier 5 bogue fighter squadron fight a tier 6 zuiho fighter squadron above the zuiho's konig (which has good AA and shreds most tier 5 planes) and the zuiho lost ALL its planes while the bogue left with it's entire squadron intact and proceeded to kill my dive bombers).. This probably sounds utterly Salt-Driven but the amount of games I have in my langley or zuiho where a higher tier carrier dominates me and the enemy lower tier is insane and there is nothing the lower tier fighters can do. And as I said the Bogue comment was salt-driven.
  9. Au début du jeu je n'avais que quelques personnes autour de moi avec qui jouer et nos réflexions étaient "limitées" Depuis les clans, j'entend beaucoups d'avis négatifs concernant le match making +2 devenu récurrent.. Si au début le match making semblait bon et equilibré (aprés la fameuse mise à jour presque "miroir" des tiers) je dois avouer que depuis des semaines le match making +2 est plus que problématique et je me fais ici échos de ces mécontentements qui sont bien réels et de plus en plus remis sur la table et qui littéralement commencent sérieusement à pénaliser les joueurs. Personnellement je pourrais encore vous montrer des screens mais à quoi bon, certains diront encore "oui et alors " ou encore "ba c'est comme ca et point... " lol C'est vrai que se retrouver seul bb tier 8 en New carolina ou amagi face à 2 yamatos 1 Missouri et 1 F der grobe... c'est d'un raffinement et d'un équilibre trés travaillé... lol Du coup et meme si ce sondage restera un sondage limité (tous les francophones ne viennent pas sur ce forum), je pense que vu les circonstances et les nombreux mécontentements entendus (a juste titre) je vous propose en toute liberté de voter pour cette question concernant le match making. " Seriez vous d'accord pour un match making +1 tier du tier 5 au tier 8 même si vous devriez attendre plus longtemps ?" Voila c'est simple... si vous n'etes pas d'accord ou si vous voulez lancer une polémique ce n'est pas le but du tout. Mais il est temps je pense de demander un avis plus général en commencant par ce forum officiel de warships. Ceci est un sondage, pas autre chose. Soyez respectueux que vous soyez d'accord ou pas svp Merci ^^
  10. MortenTardo

    High tier maps.

    Why is most high tier maps so bad compared to low tier maps? Take Tears of the desert as an example. Does anyone like that map? It is the most boring map and if you are lucky and you get epicenter, it its just a campfest. With the current campy meta, most of the game is spent hiding behind islands. Push in, and you get deleted. I seem to get this map way more often than any other. Anyone feel the same?
  11. Hola muy buenas.si algun clan esta interesado en jugar contra nosotros, en plan amistoso, para ir cojiendo el tono, para cuando empiecen las batallas de equipo y las clanes.cualquier tier 7v7 10v10 ezt ezt.que se ponga en contacto con cualquier comandante del clan m-b.malditos bastardos,estamos en el ts oficial todo clan que quiera jugar tendra que instalarse la sala de entrenamiento es un mods. un saludo a todos.
  12. Vor kurzem gab es ein Update zugunsten der New Orleans. ( dringend benötigt) Im zuge dessen habe ich aus reinem Interesse mal geguckt wo stehen die einzelnen T8 Kreuzer denn so vom durchschnittlichen Schaden her. Dabei wollte ich gar nicht die overall Statistiken sehen denn die sind , in meinen Augen , nicht vergleichbar. (Atago zählt da zb. noch rein als sie jeder Spieler am Anfang als einzigen Premium 8er im Spiel gekauft hatte und instant genuked wurde von BB´s) Daher habe ich mit die Stats angeguckt die Spieler mit mindestens 100 Gefechten auf dem Schiff leisten können und speziell habe ich geguckt, was schaffen die 3 besten Spieler auf diesem Schiff in mind100 Spielen für einen durchschnittlichen Schaden. Ich liste der Reihenfolge nach auf. Mikhail Kutuzov Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR Yoshi_EU 159 74.84% 122,959 3.6 1.6 2.6 41% 6% 2,339 RNGsama 134 73.88% 113,182 3.9 1.6 5.3 40% 5% 2,301 V137N0W 189 63.49% 112,480 5.4 1.6 3.1 38% 5% 2,168 Was wir hier sehen is nen Average Damage von 123 000 auf 160 spielen...das hab ich , als recht guter Spieler, derzeit auf keinem meiner Zehner Kreuzer. Jeder weiß, Kutuzov, Longrange, HE Spam, Smoke,Super AA, Torps für den Nahkampf die auch mal nen angeschlagenes Schlachtschiff rausballern. Im großen und ganzen in diesem Spiel das OP Schiff schlechthin für mich. Mit keinem ist es einfacher seinen durchschnittlichen Schaden zu Pushen. Keine angst vor T10 Gefechten ( im Gegenteil). Chapayev Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR loisbest 243 71.60% 95,187 3.4 1.4 1.9 36% 5% 2,085 Lachanar 111 72.97% 89,554 2.7 1.3 2.6 36% 30% 1,992 Skalzam 122 66.39% 85,233 3.3 1.5 2.2 34% 20% 1,964 als zweiten haben wir hier die Chapayev...die "Chappy" ist ähnlich wie die Kutuzov HE Spam, Longrange, Dezente AA, Super Tarnwert...der einzige Grund warum sie wohl keine Stats wie die Kutuzov hat sind fehlende Reichweite und fehlender Smoke. aber 95.000 is schon nen heftiger Schnitt. Mogami Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR ChromeEagle 109 58.72% 85,655 4.9 1.4 5.5 27% 5% 2,161 Truemmerteil 104 55.77% 84,433 3.8 1.7 6.0 27% 4% 2,235 IceyJones 240 59.17% 81,346 2.7 1.7 3.9 32% 4% 2,126 Wieso die Mogami jetzt vor der Atago steht ist in meinen Augen klar dem geschuldet das man sie vor nicht allzu langer Zeit noch als Extrem Longrange HE Spammer gespielt hatte. 18km Reichweite , 15mal 155mm HE, bei nem Tarnwert von 9,1km. Der Nerf den sie hier bekommen hatte war (leider) nötig. alles in allem noch ein gutes Schiff wenn sie es auch falsch angegangen haben mit dem Nerf ( unter aktuellen Bedingungnen kaum zu spielen mit den 155ern, welche bei gleichbleibender Reichweite aber immer noch verdammt spaß machen könnten, hoffen wir hier noch auf einen Split der Linien) Alles in allem wird sich die Statistik der Mogami aber mit großer Sicherheit unter die Atago schieben. ATAGO Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR GrandFruit 146 65.07% 86,928 9.0 1.3 1.3 35% 4% 2,026 Gigi505 156 74.36% 85,020 3.8 1.5 1.4 39% 7% 2,128 Yorshka 375 66.40% 84,513 3.0 1.2 1.0 39% 4% 1,955 Atago das gleiche wie Takao, HE spam, potente AP bei Breitseite, Torps, Heal, zwar weich aber recht wendig. Edinburgh Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR Czachcia 124 72.58% 76,327 3.5 1.5 2.5 42% 7% 1,677 Little_Rowboat 102 62.75% 75,625 2.9 1.6 2.3 47% 14% 1,669 Dropsiq 139 72.66% 75,440 3.5 1.5 2.7 45% 11% 1,670 Edinburgh, Oh ein reiner AP Kreuer im Mittelfeld, Warum ist klar...es ist keine reine AP wie sie Beispielsweise die Hipper und Eugen nutzen müssen, verfrühter Detonationspunkt, weniger Overpens, sie hat Smoke, 4mal, also auch eine erhöhte Überlebensfähigkeit overall wenn auch keine aktive wie bei Takao und Atago. Admiral Hipper Top Players Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR loisbest 100 62.00% 72,549 2.6 1.2 4.3 38% 1% 2,051 fUBAR_REKt 112 61.61% 67,080 2.4 1.2 2.8 40% 9% 1,887 _Vrash_ 210 68.10% 65,309 3.2 1.4 4.0 38% 13% 2,025 Admiral Hipper, muss ich jetzt mal eherlich sagen das mir SPieler Loisbest hier ein bissel meinen Post versaut, als ich vor ca ner Woche noch die ganzen Daten kontrollierte war noch fUBAR_REKt bester Spieler. Gut, 72K ist ein gutes Ergebnis, was hat die Hipper, ne passable Reichweite, Potentes AP ( das eine 100 % Breitseite braucht um ordentlich zu penetrieren, gute Torps, guter Winkel dieser Torps, du musst nah ran um sie zu werfen, bist eigentlich dauernd offen, musst dich eigentlich auf dein Ap verlassen da schlechte Brandwahrscheinlichkeit , Schlechter HE Schaden, wenigsten Kanonen von allen T8 Kreuzern. Nicht so einfach zu spielen um da einen 70k Average hinzulegen. und auch als Lowtier fühlt sie sich nicht wohl. New Orleans Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR MFour 100 70.00% 66,332 2.6 1.4 2.3 37% 0% 2,116 DeprivedPickle 109 66.06% 65,888 4.1 1.4 2.2 36% 0% 2,082 Mr_Dced 107 66.36% 62,112 1.9 1.0 2.7 39% 0% 1,893 New Orlenas, frisch gebuffed, sicherlich noch nicht groß in die Spitze mit eingeflossen aber als reiner Unterstützungskreuzer mit dem niedrigsten Healthpool auf T8 ( berichtigt mich wenn ich mich irre) , ohne Torps,potentes AP, semi Potentes HE mit semi potenter Brandwahrscheinlichkeit , lediglich ne gute AA und Radar, ohne große Reichweite ein respektabler Average den Mfour drauf hat.Wenn man jetzt bedenkt wie schlecht die New Orlenas im Vergleich bisher war und in der Aufzählung immer noch nicht letzter ist und das Obwohl sie so schlecht ist das sie sogar nen Buff bekam. "nuff said" Prinz Eugen Name Battles WR Dmg ▼ K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ MBH TH WTR VojoX 119 61.34% 64,573 2.2 0.9 1.1 37% 9% 1,728 Mckirt 102 64.71% 61,053 2.4 1.1 2.0 39% 10% 1,816 Bollzilla_1 156 60.26% 57,851 1.4 0.8 3.0 36% 13% 1,634 Da haben wir die Eugen...gut 10k mehr leben als die NO, höhere Reichweite, Torps, Turtleback Panzerung der Zita, aber letzter. Was sagt uns die Auflistung. Sicher bringt sie nicht den Schnitt über die gesamte Breite der Spieler. Es sagt uns aber das ein guter Spieler auf der Kutuzov nahezu das DOPPELTE an Schaden macht wie ein guter Eugen Spieler. Klar werden viele gute Spieler sich die Eugen gar nicht gekauft haben weil sie von vornherein wissen das sie nicht vergleichbar ist. Man kann diese, oder auch die Hipper, nicht erfolgreich im Competitiv nutzen, man ist als Lowtier im Zehner Match immer der Dumme, dein He ist nicht annähernd so Potent das du groß Schaden machen kannst ( brauchst massiv Glück mit dem RNG für Brände) Aber was uns die Auflistung noch Zeigt ist CL>CA und HE>AP. Das Meta im Spiel ist nur noch HE Spam...wer am meisten HE spammt macht den meisten Damage, wer das dann auch noch aus ner extremen Reichweite oder aus dem Smoke herraus tun kann macht seinen Schaden. Und dazu kommt noch das es nicht so ist dass du als CA mehr aushältst als ein CL. Einer gewinkelten Chapayev drücke ich als Hipper gar nicht mit ap, währned er mich schön alle 8 sek mit 12 mal HE eindeckt. ( mir ist bewusst das der Unterschied eines CL zum CA lediglich die Geschützgröße war, aber rein Balancetechnisch ist es , in meinen Augen, so wie es jetzt ist, nicht optimal) Was ich mit diesem Post nicht will ist das die Eugen oder Hipper zu HE Spammern werden, aber gebt ihnen mehr durchhaltevermögen, nen Heal, oder nen besseren Reload damit ich mit dem schlecht penetrierenden AP (zu leichte Geschosse) meine Chancen erhöhen kann auch Schaden an den man zu bringen der dank Heal eben auch länger durchzuhalten. Auch ne Möglichkeit wäre der Zugang zum T9/10 Modul um dann eventuell noch mehr Range oder das Reloadmodul einsetzen kann. Ich habe übrigens auch bei den Spielern mit mindestens 250 Gefechten geguckt...auch da ist die Eugen immer noch halb so gut wie die Kutuzov. Hier ist ein rebalancing dringend erforderlich meiner Meinung nach. Ich bin auf eine Diskussion gespannt. Mfg Zschernie
  13. CurseOfDeath

    Help with an advice (POLL)

    Good day WoWs community, I want to ask some opinions about the following ships in the poll. I aim to win a game being in top 3 classed in my team. From my experience from wot it needs to push out a lot of damage and being able to survive to do so, but tanks != ships, therefore i prefer to consult more experienced players relating this problem. About my skill with battleships vs carriers: it does not matter as i will do research and play testing until i will master the certain ship, but i want to be sure i actually have something to work with and complete my mission while not playing with handicap in this case. Best regards, CurseOfDeath
  14. way3x

    High Tier Rentabler machen

    Moin Moin, In letzter Zeit ist mir es doch wieder verstärkt aufgefallen, dass es im T9-10 Bereich doch immer auf gleiche hinausläuft. Jedes Team bildet einen LemmingTrain die einen gehen nach A die anderen nach C/D (je nach Map), was dann zu 90% auf ein Sniper Duell hinausläuft. Meine Theorie : "Viele haben angst vor den hohen Reperaturkosten." Vorschlag: einen Regler mit dem man die Kredit und XP Balance veränderbar ist. Normal:1x Kredits1x XP XP bonus:/2 Kredits2x XP Kredit bonus:2x: Kredits/2 XP Wie seht ihr das ???
  15. eliastion

    Undertiered carriers in Ranked

    "What tier do you take into Ranked?" The answer is, almost always, "highest possible". This stands to reason - if you take t6 ship into Ranked where allowed ranks are 6 and 7, you are likely to put your team at disadvantage before the match even begins. Unless you REALLY want what you're doing and the t6 ship has some advantages over higher tier alternative (advantage you can capitalize on) there's no reason to buren yourself with supposedly worse ship. There is, however, one possible exception. If you take t6 carrier, you KNOW you won't face a t7 one. You will have a harder time against enemy ships - but so will the enemy carrier because the tier needs to match. So if you believe that you'll find it easier to outplay potential t6 enemies rather than t7 ones (for example: you REALLY don't want to face Saipans) it might be a sound tactical decision to actually just take a t6 CV for a spin. Does this happen a lot? Are there enough t6 carrier players in Ranked to actually find a match in any reasonable amount of time? I think I've only seen one game where the carriers were t6 in the higher leagues where t7 was allowed but perhaps I was just unlucky. After all, most games don't feature CVs at all. So, how is it? Is there anyone here who prefers undertiered carriers in Ranked?
  16. *** Update ***: This topic is about forcing players to play/learn all ships types (there are currently only 4 ship types): Example: Carrier Tier 4 Cruiser Tier 6 Battleship Tier 8 Destroyer Tier 10 Would be allowed. Maximum tier difference between ship types would be +2 or -2. The idea behind this is that this would make them better team players. *** Original ***: Some players try to play all ship types, like me, I play: "cruiser, battleship, destroyer, carrier". This gives me insight into each ship type, which will ultimately lead to better play/tactical decisions. However not all players do this. Some players play "cruisers only", other players play: "carriers only". Other players play "battleships only" and so forth. Now the game has not been out for too long... and I understand that not everybody has time to play every day, or even a lot... and I understand that there are casual players. However does this mean that "all around players" should play with "specialized players". One could argue that "specialized players" have less insight into the other ship classes and are therefore "less good teammates". One can come up with many situations where other players might suffer because of this. For example a cruiser player which never played destroyer before, and doesn't understand the importance of taking out enemy destroyers or protecting battleships or carriers. Thus one could argue that at higher tiers, these specialized players should be "basically banned" / "avoided" / "barred" from joining. Thus the new game levelling logic could force players to play all ship types or they may not advance their current ship. So the idea basically comes down to very simple limitation: Players are only allowed to level/tier up a ship +2 above which ever ship type is lowest. So for example a player which has a "tier 2 destroyer" may level up any other ship type to "tier 4" but not beyond ! This will force the player to level up/tier up the destroyer to tier 3 before it can proceed to battleship 5, for example. Do you think this is a good idea ? Or a bad idea ? So for that purpose I will add a little poll, I may expand the poll later on... (But for now have to go eat ! ;) and do other thing too like play the beta/public test... and collect data/info ! ) (Hmm add poll don't work.. oh well... maybe later or new thread for that purpose...) (Oh by the way this feature would also make botting the game harder...and take longer to reach tier 9/10)
  17. Hi all, This is really "friendly" topic so please no flaming/bashing etc. ... What is the Tier ceiling of play for players that only do "Play for Free" (i.e. no "Premium" ever)? Any experience? Any suggestions? I am one of such players (I spend few doubloons, about 10+ Euros, only on redistributing my Captain skills) and I play excursively "Play for Free" without "Premium" account and without converting "Free Experience" with Doubloons 1:25 ... I made money (and trained my captains) with III "St Louis" / "South Carolina", V "Omaha" / "New York" and VI "Cleveland". I think that I will barely be able to break even with Tier VII and that anything above will have to be heavily financed through my money making Tiers... What do guys think? Leo "Apollo11"
  18. Titanity

    Carrier tier difference..

    Wargaming... I heard they did a beautiful thing about their MM system, that helped the Carrier difference in games... When will that happen? Cause it havent happened yet... Im sick and tired of going into battles when even 1 tier difference on the carriers makes such a huge difference... Just been in a battle with a tier 9 on our side and tier 10 on the opponents side... Our CV had no chance... By looking at the gameplay our carrier was a fair enough player. And the opponent CV wasent the toughest player... But still our carrier had no chance... I even seen 2 tier difference between the carriers... What the [edited]is going on? Fix this issue, and fix it now!!! There shouldent be any tier difference at all... And if 1 tier difference then in lower tiers only and the lowest tier CV should atleast be fully upgraded aswell... Cmon wargaming... note: Sorry about my english! My maiden language is danish!
  19. As many of you already know, Polish navy will be introduced in the game with Grom class destroyer, Blyskawica. I done some research and in the video below you can see all that is known so far about the ship in game, and a historical facts about the ship. I hope that the video is useful to all of you interested in Blyskawica. Torpedoes 8 km range at 57 kt speed Max damage with Torpedo = 14400 dmg 70 sec reloading time for torpedoes I do not claim that these are exact stats but this is what I could find.
  20. Moin, da es eventuell nicht jeder sehen/finden wird, im Developer-Bereich hat sich ein neuer Associate Producer für WoWs vorgestellt und dieser hat soeben auch Details zu den Matchmaker-Anpassungen bekannt gegeben, die nun Serverseitig bereits vorliegen und somit zum Release dann auch in Kraft sein werden. Hier geht es zur -Übersichtstabelle- P.S. In den USA startet der Verkauf der Tirpitz ja am Donnerstag, mit dem offiziellen Release von WoWs, daher gibt es dort auch ein neues Vorstellungsvideo der Tirpitz:
  21. Edited: Thanks to CZNemesis for pointing out the availability of new data (supposedly including all EU players), +1 from me. Also to xPraetorianX for pointing out some leftover prem ships, +1 as well. I have made two plots for EU server based on this info (http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html), one for overall players and one for the top 10% of each ships. Note that the x axis (win difference) on both plots are not identical: this is to increase readability on the overall plot and to encompass the vast performance difference among good players. The median is calculated for each cohort i.e. overall median for overall players and top 10% for top 10% players, to reflect the relative performance of each ship. I would also respect if the discussion is limited to data analysis, not turning into emotional reaction or nerf - buff thread. We have enough of those here. The original post can be found below: I made this plot due to request of some players to make a plot that can quickly identify the pecking order of ships on their respective tiers. Performance of each ships are judged by deviation of their average damage and winrate relative to the mean value of damage and winrate of all ships on that tier. Granted, there are many other ways to rank and normalize the ships performance (median, max or min wr/dmg...), but the pecking order won't be different. Both premium and regular ships are included to calculate the mean, and included in this plot. The data set is still the same as the previous post, but there shouldn't be any significant difference. The plot is divided into 4 quadrants, which represents different kind of ship character by its relative winrate and damage performance on its tier. In addition, a "circle of balance" (or "circle of mediocrity", depending how you view it) is drawn at the center, which encompasses 50% of the ships in the game. Ships outside of this circle can be considered an outlier , either overperforming and underperforming. +1 if you think it's useful, and I'll give +1 to those that can suggest good improvement for analysis or point out errors for correction. Enjoy.
  22. Wczoraj wygrindowalem ostatnia 10tke (poza carrierami) i zdazylem wszystkimi troche prograc. W samej grze duzo ludzi na czacie pyta a jakie jest to jakie tamto wiec rzuce hurtem podstawowe roznice pomiedzy upragnionymi przez wiekszosc 'najlepszymi' okretami japsow i jankesow ;) tak zeby Ci niezdecydowani co pierwsze expic nie zawiedli sie na koncu. Dodam jeszcze tylko ze z kolejnymi patchami wszystko moze sie zmienic i jest to tylko stan 'na teraz'. Gearing Duze jak na niszczarke bydle z piekielnie szybkimi dzialkami. Mial zostac znerfiony ale gdzie tam, dalej z dodatkowym modulem wali salwy co 2.5 sekundy. Pierwotnie to wlasnie jego zdolnosci artyleryjskie byly magnesem bo na papierze polyka wszystkie niszczyciele na dzien dobry. W praktyce dochodzi tutaj jednak strasznie paraboliczny tor lotu pestek co moze byc wada - ciezko trafic w cos na 8+km chyba ze stoi albo pancernik lub zaleta kiedy to mozemy sie ustawic za jakas przeszkoda terenowa i spokojnie oklepywac wszystko dookola jezeli tylko nasi sojusznicy nam wykrywaja cele. Jest to niesamowicie wredna metoda ubijania pancernikow i krazownikow bo albo musza niebezpiecznie skrocic dystans (ze my zaczynamy obijac wysepke) i wystawic sie na atak torpedowy lub oddalic sie/zaslonic co oczywiscie miesza szyki calej druzynie przeciwnika. Ze skutecznoscia gearinga jest niezle. Bez wiekszego trudu radzi sobie z wszystkimi niszczycielami na krotkim dystansie, czesto posylajac przeciwnika na dno zanim bedzie rzucac torpedowa salwe grobowa. Czesto udawalo mi sie wychodzic zwyciezko z pojedynkow z 3 niszczycielami ale to juz typowe szczescie (uniki, dziala nie w ta strone, padajace wieze i silniki...). Jezeli chodzi o torpedy to jest to w sumie pierwszy okret amerykanski ktory jest w stanie przeprowadzac ataki z dystansu. Ciezko tu mowic o duzych sukcesach w przeciwienstwie do atakow z zaskoczenia gdzie mozemy przeciwnika podpalic on uzyje naprawy a pozniej go torpedujemy i jak jeszcze zyje to podpalamy ponownie patrzac jak HPeki leca na leb na szyje. Generalnie przyjemny, szybkostrzelnosc i szybki obrot dzialek ratuje dupe w najgorszych momentach. Swietnie sie sprawdza w rushowaniu capow i utrzymywaniu kontroli nad pewnymi punktami/obszarami. Shimakaze Mistrz bicia z ukrycia. Wiele osob czesto nie zawraca sobie glowy strzelaniem (wolny obrot, dosc dlugie przeladowanie) i skupia sie tylko na oddawaniu salw dywanowych (15 torped, 20km zasiegu). Fakt ze jest to czasem najlepsza metoda na nabicie DMG i odpowiednio dlugie utrzymanie sie na powierzchni zeby poprzejmowac punkty czy inaczej wesprzec druzyne to jednak nie jedyna. WG nigdzie nie wspomina torow lotu pocikow i jaki to ma wplyw na rozgrywke. Otoz Shimakaze ma bardzo plaski tor lotu pestek co ulatwia celowanie gora dol (bo zmiana odleglosci nie wplynie na to czy trafi tylko ewentualnie w co) oraz lewo prawo bo pocisk spedza mniej czasu w powietrzu. Nie przytocze teraz dokladnych wartosci bo serwer lezy ale roznica jest odczuwalna. Dodatkowo pestki sa troche mocniejsze od tych z Gearinga i maja wieksza szanse na podpalenie. W praktyce na srednim dystansie dobry snajper poradzi sobie ze wszystkimi niszczarkami japonskimi i wiekszoscia amerykanskich. Jezeli mamy element zaskoczenia i dwie kolejne salwy powedruja w silnik to nawet Gearing nie podskoczy... gorzej jak wie gdzie jestesmy i idzie typowo po nas. W przeciwienstwie do Gearinga tutaj raczej nie postrzelamy sie z krazownikami ale przeciez nie mozna miec wszystkiego. Dodam jeszcze ze Shimakaze to najszybszy okret w grze ale w praktyce roznica kilku wezlow daje nam tylko taka przewage ze na pierwszym capie bedziemy kilka sekund przed innymi niszczycielami. Tak wiec jak widzicie to styl gry dyktuje wybor. Jak lubicie przec do przodu i walczyc bardziej 'na chama' polecam Gearinga. Jak lubicie sie czaic i rzucac rybki na niczego nie swiadome okrety to Shimakaze jest dla Was! Des Moines Co tu duzo mowic, maszynka do nabijania DMG. 6 lub 5 sekundowe przeladowanie w zaleznosci od wybranych modulow na tych dzialach to horror dla przeciwnika. 1 na 1 jest w stanie zatopic wszystko bez wiekszych problemow. pestki leca tez raczej parabolicznie ale mowimy tu o zdecydowanie wiekszych dystansach niz w przypadku Gearinga jednak ladowanie do kogos zza wyspy caly czas jest wykonalne jezeli jest odpowiednio daleko. podstawowa wada Des Moinesa jest dosc latwa do trafienia cytadela i jezeli jestesmy do kogos bokiem to krotko mowiac mamy przesrane. czesto prujac na jakis pancernik uzywajac tylko przednich dzialek (niesamowita skutecznosc bo nawet Yamato nie jest w stanie nam zagrozic podczas takiego ataku) dostaje salwe z boku od kogos innego szybko tonac... zwlaszcza ze przeciwnicy doskonale wiedza z czym maja doczynienia i nawet w grupie z pancernikami stajemy sie bardzo szybko celem nr1. Niszczyciele to problem tylko jak zaatakuja torpedami z zaskoczenia. Krazowniki zazwyczaj beda nas unikac chyba ze zwesza szanse ataku kiedy jestesmy zajeci jakims pancernikiem o czym wspomnialem wczesniej. Zao Moj najnowszy nabytek. Rownie wredny co Des Moines lecz troszeczke inaczej. Podobnie do Shimakaze mamy tu doczynienia z plaskim lotem pocisku i co najwazniejsze NIESAMOWITA wrecz celnoscia. wszystkie 3 pociski leca razem... zawsze. Wpakowanie komus cytadeli jest wrecz dziecinnie proste nawet na wiekszym dystansie a sciagniecie niszczarki na 10km to normalka. Mistrz dobijania ofiar wlasnie ze wzgledu na latwe wpakowanie juz pierwszej salwy. Strzela zdecydowanie wolniej od Des Moinesa i tutaj czesciej ryzykuje ustawienie sie bokiem ze wzgledu na dwie wieze z tylu. Wszytstkie 4 razem posylaja cholernie efektywna niespodzianke ktora na dzien dobry zapewnia nam zestaw wyzwisk od padajacych jak muchy niszczycieli a czsem nawet jednostrzalowe pociagniecie dobrze (bokiem) ustawionego krazownika bo umiejetne walenie z APkow konczy sie zazwyczaj kilkoma cytadelami i radosnym komunikatem. Bardzo efektowne jest tez podpalanie. 4% wiecej niz Des Moines zapewnia podpalenia prawie w kazdej celnej salwie czesto wiec udaje mi sie podpalic na raz cala grupke pancernikow zmieniajac cele bo wiekszosc graczy ma w nawyku klepanie naprawy przy pierwszym podpaleniu co w przypadku bycia na celowniku Zao konczy sie nie jednym lecz nawet trzema pozarami... Ostatni atut tego okretu to torpedy. W przeciwienstwie do innych krazkow japonskich jest w stanie rzucic torpedy minimalnie do przodu. Obszar wyrzutu to tak na oko 60 do 140 stopni od osi okretu pold77. Torpedy z Zao raczej sa uzywane sporadycznie ze wzgledu na 10km zasieg (po prostu bezpieczniej jest klepac HEkami na dystans) jednak jezeli juz mamy sytuacje gdzie bliska konfrontacja jest nieunikniona to sprawdzaja sie rewelacyjnie. Sa bardzo szybkie i maja duzy dmg tak wiec niejednokrotnie pokusilem sie nawet o podplywanie na 2km do jakiegos panernika i w momencie gdy wystrzeli ostatnia salwe szybki zwrot i dostarczenie propozycji nie do odrzucenia. Sredni DMG po 36 bitwach 84000 co czyni go w moim przypadku 20000 skuteczniejszym niz Des Moines. Podstawowa wada Zao jest jego gowniana zwrotnosc co po przesiadce z Ibuki bylo wrecz meczace. Druga sprawa to zywotnosc... czesto pada od nie wiadomo czego... caly szczesliwy ze zaraz ubije kolejnego BBka i mam jeszcze full hapsa lykam salwe za 40000 od goscia ktory jest na drugim koncu mapy co w normalnych przypadkach wyklucza bardzo niebezpieczne trafienia... no ale nie dla Zao W moim osobistym odczuciu oba te krazowniki sa poza liga. Przeskok pomiedzy Tierem 9 a 10 w obu przypadkach jest ogromny. O ile w przypadku niszczycieli czy pancernikow czasami kilka tierow roznicy wiaze sie z podobnym zagrozeniem to tutaj mamy do czynienia z czyms co potrafi przegonic samodzielnie cala grupe uderzeniowa przeciwnika - wiem bo przeganialem i wiem bo... uciekalem jak siedzialem w czymkolwiek innym. Montana i Yamato Osobiscie wole Iowa ale mialo byc o 10. Tak wiec oba te okrety sa do siebie dosyc podobne chociaz w przeciwienstwie do niszczycieli i krazownikow to tutaj jankeskie dziala wydaja sie bic bardziej plasko i z mniejszym rozrzutem. I monti i jami sa wielkie, pluja pestkami na niesamowite odleglosci a w zwarciu jedna salwa sa w stanie utopic WSZYSTKO - wliczajac w to siebie nawzajem. do bardzo latwych ze wzgledu na rozmiar nalezy trafianie cytadel. grajac nimi trzeba brac pod uwage hype factor i jezeli mamy wymiane ognia kilku na kilku to nawet jak bedziemy plyneli pod najbardziej wymyslnym katem wszystkie pociski beda leciec w naszym kierunku, fakt ze na dystansie mozemy ich przyjac sporo jednak ze wzgledu na to ze widza nas wszyscy to wala do nas z kazdej strony a wspomniane wczesniej czule punkty nie zawsze da sie ukryc. zdecydowana roznica jest w artylerii bocznej. na Montanie mozecie zapomniec ze cos takiego macie natomiast Yamato na pelnych upach jest w stanie sredniakami ubijac zblakane niszczyciele pod warunkiem ze nie zostalismy wczesniej oklepani HEkami ktore to w momencie rozkladaja caly zestaw pomocniczy. w konfrontacji 1/1 zdecydowanie czesciej wygrywa Montana. Zgaduje ze szybszy obrot dzial i dodatkowa wieza to jest to co zapewnia przewage jednak w bitwie wieloosobowej i wydajnosc i odczucia stoja na bardzo podobnym poziomie... poziomie w dol w porownaniu do US T9 czyli Iowa ktora to w stylu gry zachowuje sie bardziej jak nakoksowany krazownik niz pancernik ;) Mam nadzieje ze sie komus przyda a jak nie to do spalenia
  23. MenOfWar4k

    Tier Difference Limit on Division

    Hello, I already posted a post on reddit about this and unfortunately didn't get much feedback, but what I got was basically positive and I'm not the only player having this problem: https://redd.it/3ie89a So what I purpose here is to implement a tier difference of 2 or 3 on a division, where you can't play a game when you are for eg. tier 8 and your division mate is tier 4 or below. This already happened to me a few times and as you can imagine it's pretty annoying to have a tier 4 ship on a tier 8+ battle. Some screenshots of this: http://i.imgur.com/BtLkL0t.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oBji8Fk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/M7AiObD.jpg Thank you for your time!
  24. GuderianDK

    German Tech tree

    I would love to see a German tech tree real soon... is this in any way in the works already or does that come much later?
  25. T0byJug

    Fighters by tier

    Any one else finding fighters an issue . Face fighters of 1 tier higher and you lose big time! Example 2 fighter squadrons from Independence fights 1 from Ranger i lost 5 planes to kill 1 then another Ranger squadron turns up I lose 12 fighters to kill 1. I had all fighter upgrades and had the air groups modifications 1 and 2 as well. Yes a tier higher fighters should be better but able to kill 5 to 1 when outnumbered by two. Possible solution MM should only match CV of same tier or cut down the discrepancy gap between tiers