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Found 37 results

  1. Does anybody else think that the Hakuryu is outclassed by the Midway? Even the hanger on the Midway is bigger. Midway - 136 units. 2 fighter squads, x7 aircraft with skill. Hakuryu – 100 units. Either: 2x fighter squads, x5 with skill. 4x fighter squads, x5 with skill. Either way, the fighters on the US side do more damage and by far have alot more ammo. I’ve got to admit. I’m finding playing Tier X Carriers annoying, because you know that the Midway is almost certainly a win card in the right hands with maximised skills. And since the introduction of the fighter sweep? It's made things even worse, because the US fighters are more suited for it. Well that's what I think.
  2. Salem

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o křížníku Salem (USA, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Upozornění: Parametry jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  3. Yueyang

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Yueyang (Pan-Asia, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  4. As the topic says. I choose 5 arguably most popular names proposed by community and put them in the pool. You can also choose other. Please write them in the comments.
  5. MM changed?

    It seems to me that for a few weeks / months now, I can't play anymore a tier VIII battles with my tier VIII ships like Atago or Edinburgh. All I get in the evening is a 80% Tier X or - at best - IX / 20% Tier VIII. I love these ships but their win rate keep dropping and I have absolutely no more fun playing them. I can be OS by one of those great German or British BBs even though I do not angle and I have decent HP left. Today I lost 2 times in a row in these kind of battles and am so disgusted that I stopped playing. Is it my perception? Has there been a change in the MM or whatever other change? Is it just that so many players now have at least 1 or 2 tier X that there is simply not enough players at lower tiers for MM to arrange battles at those levels?
  6. So what good is Montana now?

    Sure they got buffed at their citadel to make them less like pinatas and less paranoid, but now that Conqueror is coming with good or better AA, fire chance accuracy and concealment, is there any point to playing with Montana anymore? Sure you can still perform well on Montana as a good player, but aren't you just essentially handicapping yourself when you could pick the other superior Tier X BBs instead? When I try to make good points why picking Montana would be preferable, I feel like I am only grasping at straws. Can someone convince me otherwise, or is Montana ...dare I say it... simply and objectively inferior?
  7. Conqueror

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Conqueror (Velká Británie, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Upozornění: Parametry jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  8. Tier 10 research modules

    Whilst research modules make sense on most tiered ships as it does squeeze a lot of free XP expenditure, most tier X ships are given their modules fully researched. Those ships are the accumulation of the player's effort and time and therefore come fully researched, usually at least. There are some ships that upgradable modules makes sense. The Kurfurst player might favor smaller and faster firing guns, a Khabarovsk player might prefer the higher alpha damage on the torpedoes, and the Shimakaze's F3s and Type 93s are both viable options for different play styles. For those ships, having upgradable modules makes sense to an extent. What doesn't make sense however is the tier X ships with the upgradable modules that are clearly superior without question to the unupgraded counterparts. The Midway and the Hakuryuu are the obvious example who both need to expend 126k free XP to get those tier X ships to their fully upgraded forms. A less obvious but no less irritating example is the Z-52 which needs to spend free XP or grind for a torpedo set that is superior to the first set in every way that matters. Tier X ships should come fully upgraded in my opinion, players should not have to grind a tier X ship in order to get their ship fully upgraded. The current system, especially as it pertains to carriers, is something that can't help but seem like an egregious cash grab and should be removed immediately.
  9. Henri IV

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o těžkém křižníku Henri IV (Francie, tier X). WG Wiki
  10. Grozovoi

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Grozovoi (Sovětský svaz, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  11. Tier X Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi

    Disscusion thread about the new tier X Soviet destroyer Grozovoi that is the part of the second Soviet DD branch. Stats: Ship HP: 20900 Armour: 16-25 mm Max Speed: 39.5 knots Rudder Shift Time: 4.5 seconds Turning Circle Radius: 720 m Surface Detectability: 8.8 km Air Detectability: 4.8 km Main Battery 130mm/58 SM-2-1(3 x 2) Range: 10.3 km Reload Time: 5 seconds Turret Rotation Speed: 10 sec/180° Sigma: 2.0 HE Ammo: 130mm HE-42 Damage: 1800 Initial velocity: 950m/s Chance of fire: 8% AP Ammo: 130mm AP-42 Damage: 2600 Initial velocity: 950m/s Penetration(5km/10km):150mm/91mm Torpedoes 533mm 53-49M(2 x 5) Damage: 14600 Speed: 66 knots Range: 8 km Reload: 129 seconds Detectability: 1.4 km 533mm 53-49MI (2 x 5) Damage: 14600 Speed: 65 knots Range: 10 km Reload: 129 seconds Detectability: 1.3km AA 130mm/58 SM-2-1(3 x 2) 5.2km range, 84 damage 45mm SM-20 ZIF (4 x 4) 3.5km range, 82 damage 25mm 4M-120 (2 x 4) 3.1km range, 17 damage Consumables Damage Control Party on first slot, Smoke Screen on second slot, Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire on third slot Preview stats based on The Border Patrol Site and info from tests.
  12. 1. I don't play bastion, because I don't play tier X. 2. I read a lot of complaints about it. So I have some toughts about it. Most people complain about the campfest that bastion is forcing onto the players. There are 2 simple reasons for that: - their sphere of influence is restricted to beeing close to them, not beeing close means not getting into their sphere, staying close to your own means enemy needs to enter yours - it's not an attack and defend mode where one team is forced to attack Both together lead to campfests, because you lose your advantages if you attack and noone is forced to attack. So at least one of that has to change. Sphere of influence Instead of having a restricted sphere of influence with strong force, have a non restriced (e.g. whole map cover) with light force. Instead of forts with cannons, how about a small airfield who launches a squad of planes randomly attacking an enemy ship? They can get shot down and don't do that much damage, but they can reach every part of the map. Reason for staying away from the airfield? None other than the enemy team trying not to lose that point. The same goes for the owner of the point. No reason to camp it since you don't have more protection there than anywhere other on the map. Maybe some launch fighters who counter enemy bombers? Taking such a point would be a very strategic option. (But again, they don't do circles arround their airfield, but go fly to a random enemy squad as to not creat another restricted sphere of influence.) You don't have to do it with only planes. How about a submarine bunker? It launches a submarine, that travels the map and spots enemies close by. It can't get spotted by the enemy and will not attack. Now you have an unrestricted lookout option. No reason to stay away from that point anymore, since the actual u-boot could be anywhere on the map. Maybe just some passive buffs for the whole team, like less chance to get fires started. You get the point. If effects are effecting the whole map the reason to camp at your own points is destroyed. Attacking and defending is now equally effective and therefore viable. Attack and defend The easier solution would be to just declare one team attacker which automatically losses if it just camps. For example forts start out capped by the defender and after the enemy conquers or destroy them they don't work anymore for the rest of the game. This would create the opportunity to destroy them from afar and force the defender to go out defending them leading to a range play. But offcourse that needs carefull balance as to not give one team too much of an advantage.
  13. Z-52

    Hier bitte alles zur Z-52 rein
  14. Z-52

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Z-52 (Německo, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  15. Tier X elimination thread: Warships Edition

    Hello everyone! I've seen elimination threads like these on WOTLabs, and thought: "Hey, these could work for WOWS too!", but I've never gotten round to making one. Until today. For those unfamiliar with how these threads work, I'll explain it. All the tanks (in this case ships) in a particular tier are listed in the OP, and each starts with a score of 20. The next post copies the list and removes 3 points from the ship that they think is worst and adds 1 point to the ship they think is best, explaining why in each case, like so: Ship A: 20-3=17 (Doesn't have the firepower to make up for the lack of armour and agility) Ship B: 20 Ship C: 20+1=21 (The torpedoes are great, the ship is fast and stealthy and the guns are good) Every following post copies the most up to date list and does likewise. When a ship reaches 0 points it is eliminated, hence the name, and is removed from the list. The last ship left wins the thread. Rules: 1: No fiddling with the point totals 2: No resurrecting eliminated ships 3: You must have played tier 10 in the current patch. No exceptions. 4: One vote per person per day. Multiple votes will be ignored. Starting list: Midway (2/1/2): 20 Midway (3/0/2): 20 Midway (1/1/3): 20 Montana: 20 Des Moines: 20 Gearing: 20 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 20 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Yamato: 20 Zao: 20 Shimakaze (Long lances): 20 Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 20 Shimakaze (type F3): 20 Hindenburg: 20 G. Kurfurst (406mm): 20 G. Kurfurst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 20 Khabarovsk: 20 Khabarovsk (ET-46): 20 Minotaur: 20 Latest list: Midway (2/1/2): 18 Midway (3/0/2): Eliminated Midway (1/1/3): 16 Montana: Eliminated Des Moines: 22 Gearing: 23 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 23 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 21 Yamato: 23 Zao: 27 Shimakaze (Long lances): Eliminated Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 20 Shimakaze (type F3): 11 Hindenburg: 23 G. Kurfürst (406mm): 21 G. Kurfürst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 22 Khabarovsk: 22 Khabarovsk (ET-46): Eliminated Minotaur: 15 Final list: *Winner*: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th: 8th: 9th: 10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 16th: 17th: 18th: Khabarovsk (ET-46) 19th: Montana 20th: Shimakaze (Long Lances) 21st and last: Midway (3/0/2) Let it begin!
  16. Shatter broken on high tier PvE

    Just experienced the same thing 3 times in a row: Tier X PvE/Co-Op game. Map shatter. All bots move forward until they run themselves aground on the nearest island (this happens all the time in PvE but wait for it) Normally they can -more or less- get free and it certainly doesn't happen with ALL bots from bots sides. Now it does. This effectively makes the mode unplayable cause you'll be expected to kill the entire red team since there's nothing else capable of assisting. These 3 incidents were all with a bot Minotaur involved in the battleline. Not sure if that's related. I have yet to play a game on the same map without one.
  17. 0.5.12 The Grand PVE high tier Shaft

    Latest patch has introduced massive credit loss for high tier (IX/X) PVE matches. Even with -20% repair (flag+camo) and free consumables you're looking at -40K/-80K at the very least and that's if you had a good game. If you fancy a premium repair or heal or smoke (not all, just pick one) and play without credit gain, repair reduction flags...ow boy. Doesn't seem to matter much what ship class you play because of the smaller team (less HP available) and shorter matches. I have no issue with PVE having reduced credit income. It's always been like that and for good reasons. I have no issue with the philosophy behind the last patch reworked economy. From what I read it works (more or less) fine in Randoms. However, before the patch a good game in high tier PVE was at least 'rewarded'. You had to pull your weight but providing you did, you could at least manage to break even. (Couple kills, around 100-140K damage, capped or reset capped some, spotting when in DD, tanking along the way when in BB etc.) Oversight? (PVE up to Tier VIII seems to work OK.) Just not that important I guess? Bit too harsh imo. No credits for a good Tier IX/X match? Ok, fine by me. Just getting axed for maximum efforts takes the fun away though. Preemptive info for the smartass division: -Yes I'm aware PVE is for noobs, muppets, players who are scared of real fights and all that. -Yes you are not supposed to play PVE beyond the first training missions -Yes to any negative knee jerks on playing PVE. You are all absolutely right. The above said, a lot of us play PVE on high tiers anyways. If we're supposed to just shaft our high tier ships to the mothball fleet because of WG official policy, I'd even accept that. Given the fact WG (even recently) has stated they are aware of PVE popularity and take development of new PVE content seriously though, I can't help but feel a bit weird about this?
  18. Großer Kurfürst

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Großer Kurfürst (Německo, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  19. Hi all, Recently I found that 75+% of games I fight Tier X in my "Tirpitz" (and that is not fun most of the times). Whilst I can do OK against BBs (I even managed to citadel and sink plenty of Tier VIII / IX BBs and harass Tier X BBs) - the Tier X cruisers are something else (especially the "Zao")... How do you guys fight in "Tirpitz" against Tier X cruisers (Moskva, Hindenburg, Zao and Des Moines)? Leo "Apollo11"
  20. Tier X Matches: Ein einziges Campfest?

    Vielleicht gehört das eher in die Frust-therapie, aber dennoch... Tier VII scheint so eine magische Schwelle zu sein: Man kommt in Gefechte, in denen nicht mehr mit wehenden Fahnen vorgestürmt wird, sondern in denen (zumindest teilweise) viel mehr taktiert wird. Je höher man kommt, desto öfter guckt man auf die Karte (zumindest wäre das ratsam). Soweit so gut. Ich nehme an, viele werden diese beschriebene Schwelle erlebt haben und es bedarf eines gewissen Anpassungsprozesses an das "neue" Gameplay. Interessanterweise spiel ich, durch meine Erfahrungen in T VII+, wesentlich besser in den unteren Tiers als zuvor. Insofern es hat was gebracht. Und jetzt kommt Tier X : Zugegeben, meine 10er sind wohl eher Außenseiter - Hindenburg und Khabarovsk - aber ich hab nicht die leiseste Ahnung was ich in den Gefechten tun soll. Die ersten 10 Minuten passiert gar nichts. Als würde man sofort sterben sobald man sich bewegt. Danach beginnt dann so ein bisschen das Long-Range-Geballer und dann ist das Gefecht auch schon vorbei. Alle agieren nach dem Motto: Oh Nein! Nicht mein schöner Lack! Und drehen sofort komplett ab, sobald sie sich auch nur eine Kugel gefangen haben... egal wie lächerlich der Schaden war. Gut, BBs campen eh alle am Beckenrand und bleiben da auch. CAs fahren mehr oder minder um die BBs herum, aber definitiv nicht Richtung Gegner. Müsste man nicht hin und wieder Torpedos ausweichen, so bräuchte man offenbar weder Ruder noch Antrieb in diesen Gefechten. Bei Herrschaft kommt es sogar vor, dass einige Zonen gar nicht gecappt werden, sie bleiben weiß! WTF?!? So krasse Campfeste habe ich mit meinen 9ern nie erlebt! Und ich muss gestehen, ich finde diese Gefechte furchtbar langweilig. Da schalte ich lieber einen Gang zurück und hab etwas mehr action. Mir ist durchaus bewusst, dass die 10er im Unterhalt ziemlich teuer sind und ich verstehe auch die Logik dahinter... aber wären die Gefechte wenigstens spannend... so werden sie bei mir nur im Hafen rumgammeln. Eigentlich schade. Erfahrungen oder Ratschläge sind willkommen.
  21. Moskva

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o křížníku Moskva (Sovětský svaz, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  22. Moskva

    Hier bitte alles zu Kreuzer Moskva rein
  23. Großer Kurfürst

    Hier bitte alles zur H-41 rein die von WG als deutsches Tier 10 Schlachtschiff bestätigt wurde Q. In the developers' diaries, there was some information about German BB's. Could you tell me what project H ship do you intend to release as the tier 10 Grossdeutschland German BB? A lot of players expect the H-44, Germans are not the only ones who like Wunderwaffen [superweapons]. A. It'll be the H-41, if I recall correctly. In any case, it won't be the H-44, it's a little too much. More exactly, A LITTLE TOO MUCH.
  24. Khabarovsk

    Hier bitte alles rein was mit dem Zerstörer "Storozhevoi" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Datenblatt: WoWS Videos: P.S. Bitte kein flaming / hating / whining! ;)
  25. Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forum, wish everyone is having a good time. I just got my hands on the Kriegsmarine Hindenburg and I would like to share(complain) some of the issues I have had so far. Pros: Long range good shell fly time. 20km in 12.5ish sec (Gun Fire Control Mod 2 added) performance on par with Tirpitz. Large HP pool Good rate of fire decent maneuverability Con: HE damage next to nothing AP only works at close range (<10km) or against low tier CA (works at far range but not much damage anyway) HE fire chance next to zero Detected at 16km (Beacon of light) Here are some results screenshots: I used Capt skills to increase the chance of fire to 14%, but it feels like 5% a lot more worse compared to Zao. Also the HE damage somehow feels like it's doing nothing at all. >>>>Overall, it's feels like a tier X Cleveland (well with torps hardly used at all) . <<<< Since it's really a bad idea to get near the enemy fleet, the majority of my time with this ship is upsetting enemy BB with long range fire (no damage dealt, only increasing frustration to the enemy Capt) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Had some more time with the Hindenburg and tested ap capability with Yamato (thanks to JJ, since I ran into him in a 1V1 battle) Here are the results: 15KM full salvo (multiple pen, it seems that 5000ish damage is the best you can get in one salvo) 10KM 1 turret firing (single shot pen, it seems that one penetration is 600-700 damage) 5KM 1 turret firing (three shot pen) I also got similar 5000 damage with other targets such as North Carolina and Iowa Special thanks to JJRu5tY for helping me out testing! --------------------------------------------------- Some more impressions on the ship. 1 about the 16KM detection range It's ok to keep away from front-line but as you damage more enemies and get them frustrated, you will be the top of their kill list. Getting concentrated fire means dodging bullets is nearly impossible. 2 about the 6KM torp At least torps on the IJN cruiser line torps can be used defensively (to drive away enemy chasing you at around 10-15km), or used offensively (light speed torp on zao, hard to evade during cqc). 6Km torp, well besides suicidal mission I did not see it's use in any other useful circumstances. I am not complaining to buff the torp. Since the play-style of this ship is long-range artillery, how about removing the torp and buff the guns a bit?