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Found 7 results

  1. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Ishizuchi - Is she worth it?

    Disliked ship guide #1: Ishizuchi- Should I buy her or get some premium Camo instead? At a Glance: IJN Tier 4 1915 British concept Battlecruiser, capable of good top speed and surprising maneuverability Most similar to Kongo in play-style, largest differences being 1 extra turret, faster reload and much less range Strongly utilises the Battlecruiser concept, moreso than Kongo. This means sticking with cruisers or using islands for cover is more viable/less cowardly than in Kongo or the Moggy. Great credit farm, a good match will net you well over 200k profit. Available in-store or in-game for doubloons, for £9, 'cos convenience is the age we live in! First - An Opinion I was very put off from buying this paper ship for a long time, in part due to bad reviews related mostly to her pre-buff stats. But being a stock Kongo lover (yes, really! I love how A Hull looked pre 5.11...so British!) I took the plunge and bought Ishizuchi. To date, I've had some of my best BB battles in her, including a kraken, two confederates and regular damage exceeding 100k. Did I mention I only bought her yesterday? So I do well with her, we get it. But to be honest I felt I should post my feelings here not to show how 'good' she is, but to show why I don't feel her shortcomings really hamper gameplay if played right. Still being a noob myself with her I know i'm not qualified enough to say 'Buy!', but jesus. I havn't had as much fun in a Battleship since I discovered Kongo. Seriously, I love this ship. And here's why for both newcomers and veterans of the game: The good: She has just enough armour to bounce a lot of shot when angled, enough speed to chase other BBs (or indeed, to escape their wrath) and enough alpha firepower to seriously put down hurt on anyone at similar tier. HE seems pretty atomic too; I lit a South Carolina up a good 7 or 8 times in a row, making HE very feasible on her. Guns have the fastest reload and best HE for a battleship at this tier - even faster than Kaiser. Is one of only five (including Arizona) Battleships in the entire game which can fire 6 shots directly astern. Favourable matchmaking; you'll see nothing above tier 5's in this. The price of 2.5k doubloons is very good imo. It was this or prem camo for North Carolina or Iowa (hence the title)...and I am seriously happy with this choice, despite my love for NC. Amazing secondaries for the tier and can lay down more volume of secondary fire than most other ships she'll come across. I always hated that I had to upgrade Wyoming or Kongo and lose those ace secondary guns. Now I have a ship which doesn't require that I do that. They can go up to 4.2km and there are 22 of the buggers; that's more than Montana, a tier 10! They're also high calibre, with most being 6inch. She counters Kaiser, Nassau and Konig's armour well, mostly due to the high damage HE (over 30% at 5600dmg) she can spit into their superstructure. This was a very big selling point for me. She could be described as a lower tier Scharnhorst; great Cruiser Killer with her speed and fast reloading AP. Great Turning circle for such a long ship; not Kriegsmarine dreadnought level, but better than the vast majority of Japanese vessels. Can defeat Myogi in a 1v1 with ease. You are also the only other Battleship below tier 5 which can give chase to Myogi. Is BEAUTIFUL. Harks back to the days of Britain's Battlecruisers. You won't find a better looking BC in the game until Hood joins us. The camo which comes with her is also lovely. Being built in Britain means 'this one can really turn!' Warspite fans will feel right at home with her maneuverability. The ugly: She has awful concealment, even worse range (13km) and unthinkably bad AA. But what do you expect? This is Tier 4...She actually has very good range and concealment now! Armour can be soft from plunging fire, and of course she shares the Japanese characteristic of short repair party immunity; making intelligent consumable use all the more vital. Suffers from the same armour issues as Kongo, ie easy to citadel if you are stupid enough to give your broadside to anyone with 12inch guns or above. Can only mount two upgrades. I know this is normal at T4, but this certainly doesn't help if you want to supercharge her beyond default config. CVs WILL target you if they can. Her lack of AA is known by any experienced carrier player. Her Battlecruiser armour won't last long against prolonged BB contact. However, when angled it can become quite potent. Captain Skills (based on 13 points captain; I'm using a brand new captain on mine but would guess these would work well) - Basic Fire Training (for Secondary buff) - Turret Traverse (for brawling) - Torp vigilance (for dancing with DDs) - Advanced Fire Training (for Secondary buff) - Superintendent (for extra heal; when you lose HP in this ship, it happens hard and fast) - I'd also consider Pyromanic (now called Demolition Expert) if you don't plan on using AFT, as this ship spits fire with the tenacity of a dragon. Upgrades - Slot 1: Main Battery 1 (obviously, as you have 5 turrets to get knocked out!) - Slot 2: Damage Control Systems 1 (it's a large target...and a Japanese one at that. Expect fire.) Verdict If you use her like a Cruiser, you'll do well. Use her like a BB and you *might* do well. I've had a few brawls/long range duels (including a 1km scrap with two Kaisers...in which my slightly superior secondaries and alpha damage killed one and severely damaged the other!); I am surprised by how well she carries herself when toe to toe with the big boys in general. She can hold her own against other Tier 4 BBs quite easily if angled and used right; definitely better than Myogi can, at any rate. So for those on the fence, I say; spend £8 or whatever she is (I bought her in-game) if you enjoy Kongo. If however, the Battlecruiser concept gets you killed within 5 minutes of battle, steer well clear. She needs to be treated like the hybrid she is! She has the highest HE alpha damage of any ship at this tier, and can be a real pain for cruisers if loading AP due to her fast reload.
  2. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play the Izyaslav 2.0

    Episode 7 of my how to play World of Warships series online now! hope you guys enjoy. if you did please leave a like and maby an subscription
  3. As you can probably tell from my name, I'm hoping that the Battlecruiser HMS Lion gets introduced into the game at some point, hopefully with the next load of British Ships. Recently I've been thinking about what the hull upgrades might look. Here's the ideas I've had: Stock Hull: 1912 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 13.7km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor, 4-9 inches, top speed 24.4 knots, 46000 HP) 1st Hull Upgrade: 1918 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 16.0 km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor 4-9 inches, top speed 27.5 knots, 46000 HP) 2nd Hull Upgrade: 1930's fictional rebuild (along similar lines to HMS Renown (6*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 18.3 km), 12*4.5 inch Mk 3 QF, citadel armor, 9 inches throughout, top speed 30.5 knots, 50000 HP) (in my fictional history, Lion, Princess Royal, and Tiger were kept in service up to and into WW2. In response to the development of the Deutschland class cruisers in Germany, Lion and her sisters were rebuilt as heavy cruiser hunters, with improved armor protection, new engines and boilers to increase speed, aircraft hanger and catapult, new superstructure, and improved secondaries and AA defence, with Q turret removed to save weight and make way for aircraft hanger and catapult. Basically she'd look like a smaller Post-1939 Renown). On all three hulls, she'd have good (i.e. low) dispersion on the main battery guns and good range, but slow turret rotation speed, and slow shell velocity, so you'd need to add plenty of lead (see here for more details on shell velocities for 13.5 inch gun, also where I got my ideas for gun ranges. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_135-45_mk5.php). I'd also give her decent rudder shift, but with a large turning circle, and poor torpedo protection (keeping with history, and to keep her balanced). So, what do you guys think? What are your ideas
  4. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play the Izyaslav?

    Here is my latest video in my new How to Play series? Hope you all enjoy!
  5. CAPT_Taste

    The Karlsruhe and You!?

    I decided to put the Karlsruhe up for review and the results were a little depressing. I came into this ship review under the assumption that the ship did not perform well but then when I made comparisons between the Karlsruhe and other tier 4 ships I saw how bad it really was. Overall I do not give this ship high grades, and in my opinion this is one that you should free experience past if possible. Let me know if you enjoyed this ship or if you were like me and steelreserv and tried to free experience past it. The Taste Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w World of Warships - Karlsruhe Tier 4 German Cruiser Ship Review
  6. I decided to put the Phoenix up for review and it confirms my love for this ship. I came into this ship review under the assumption that the Phoenix was incredible and then when I made comparisons between the Phoenix and other tier 4 ships I saw how good it really was. Overall I do give this ship high grades, and in my opinion this is one that you should keep in your port. Let me know if you enjoyed the Phoenix and what your favorite tier 4 Cruiser is. The Taste Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w World of Warships - Phoenix Tier 4 American Cruiser Ship Review
  7. Harkonnen

    Sold Tier 3 couldn't play with Tier 4

    Hello all, I was playing some games yesterday with two friends, and when I got to the Japanese Tier 4 Battleship I decided to sell all other ships I had, since I didn't want to play with them anymore. When I did this, I couldn't play with the only Japanese ship I had... It just didn't allow me to press ready or even battle... I did buy back the Tier I and when I pressed Ready it would select my Tier 1, instead of the Tier 4 I had selected in my Port... I was only able to play with the Tier 4 when I bought back the Tier 2. After this, I was able to play with the Tier 4... Did anyone noticed this too? Is this suposed to be like this? I was assuming it would be like in other WG titles, where you can sell what you don't want and just keep what you want so you can free some slots...