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Found 1 result

  1. TheDutchBaron


    In my ever lasting lust for shiny new premiums, I saw the new premium package the ''Combined Fleet Package'' (opens in new window) and I just thought ''what the hell, its only money'' so after I left check-out and received my ship I just had a quick look at it to post the stats Survivability: 31 200 HP Artillery: Main: 2 x 2 - 305mm guns Secondary (1/2) : 18 x 1 - 76.2mm guns Secondary (2/2) : 14 x 1 - 152mm guns Maneuverability: Max Speed: 18.3 KNT Turning Circle: 450m Ruder Shift Time: 13.3 seconds Concealment: Surface: 11.5 km Air: 7 km Lets go over all the data and come up with a conclusion and call it a day. Guns In the fire power department its not all to bad, yes the fire power under your trigger finger might be a bit limited, but the combined power of Main and Secondary guns a true sight to behold. The only downside of that is that you need to get into (near) suicide ranges to make use of that (three kilometers to be precise). But there is one thing I have not told you about the guns, and that is the range, the range on those guns are 9.5 kilometers, which is not as good as the South Carolina, but it is better that the Kawachi. The damage here is a mixed bag, the HE does more average damage, and the AP does less. The HE does 5100 damage which is a good 1000 more than the South Carolina and the same as the Kawachi but the AP does 7700 damage compared to the 8100 damage from the South Carolina and the 7900 damage of the Kawachi Health She has 31200 HP so you can take hits and just keep on your way, and to put this into perspective and continuing with the Kawachi and South Carolina I'll quickly put them side by side. Mikasa: 31 200 HP Kawachi: 35 800 HP South Carolina: 29 000 HP So nothing really special here, moving swiftly on to... Evasion and Speed One of the best things about this ship is the rudder shift time, only 13.3 seconds! Which is better than both the Kawachi and the South Carolina. Now, concealment is a whole different story, and its a bit of a weird one. it has a surface detect. range of 11.5 km, the South Carolina has 13.9 and the Kawachi... is a ninja compared to these two 9.5 km but the air range is only 7 km South carolina is 7.5, and the Kawachi 8.3 and whilst trying to bring glory to the emperor at a speed of 18.3 knots it kind of left behind by its tier 3 counterpart which travels at 20.4 knots and the American in the room goes about its daily life at a speed of 16.2 knots And there you have it. Its a wrap. We can all go home. The bundle is 19.99€ or your regional equivalent. Maybe I write more of these, I'll have to see what people think and when I have time ( it took me a good hour and a half to get everything neat and tidy, and failing at doing it most likely)