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Found 6 results

  1. Rangers From The North RFTN is a Danish clan, all communication is in Danish. RFTN is a clan that has existed for 20+ years. We've played a bit of everything over the years and is still going strong. RFTN now runs as a multi-gaming community where members themselves are to determine and create the games. Here there is room for more than just a single game. At this writing the World of Tanks and World of Warships, which is focused on decidedly clan games. Whether you want to play any of these or perhaps enjoy playing something else - it's up to the members themselves. We are very much a fun clan with a focus on the social, but we also run more serious game for those who want the kind and possibly will help to create the framework. We plan to time various events such as Team Battle and Strongholds in WoT and we play countdown every night in wows. Clan members and the carrying value of RFTN is that on the basis of a common interest (the game) come together to create a community for the purpose of cosiness and enhance our ability to succeed. Our members range widely, both socially and play wise. Some are relatively new, but is working to reach higher tiers while they improve their game. Others are very experienced, talented players who like to pass on their expertise to their knowledge in the handling of the individual tanks / vessels, tactics or cooperation in the retaining elements of the game. The focal point of RFTN is our TeamSpeak server. Moreover, we maintain a usable website with a well-attended forum. Comfort, teamwork, professionalism and volunteerism As is hopefully seen, cosiness central in RFTN. It is reflected both in ordinary Platoons, bad jokes and talk about various games and what else is going on in the world. But we also work more seriously with teamwork and playing solid Stronghold / Team Battle / Training Rooms. Here we can win, learn, improve and have fun - even when we are not winning. What it can become in the future remains to be seen. Therefore, we seek also like players who have tier 10 tanks / vessels and want more of the game. In wows's ambitions very high and we are most likely to run all sorts of forms of CW and tournaments for those who want to test themselves in the more challenging aspects of wows. However, we do not buy with the cosiness and voluntary nature, as many of our members are in their 30s or 40s, have families, jobs or other commitments to attend to. Facts on recruitment in RFTN RFTN seeks members: Is fresh to learn to know new people. Can withstand a good dose of black humor and bad jokes on TS. Is fresh to socialize with, in short. Demonstrates understanding and respect for each other's differences, socially, as well as playing wise. Show respect for the game, its rules and opponents. We are more into "gg, well played" than "noob". Are willing to learn, as well as to teach, depending on the situation. WHAT CAN RFTN OFFER YOU. A good and relaxed training / play environment Thrilling matches Permanent training days Fun Adults people to share experiences with TeamSpeak 3 Server professional website WHAT RFTN EXPECT OF YOU. You are 18+ years. You use Teamspeak when you play. You have a microphone available. Your PC can run the game optimally. You have a stable playing pattern. You keep an eye on the website. You connect / unsubscribe training and matches You are welcome to drop by Teamspeak 3 and meet us for an informal chat if you like to hear more before you apply.Teamspeak3 server-adresse: ts3.rftn.eu or Apply for membership in RFTN
  2. Bonjour, Le clan Orca recrute toujours !!! Mais le temps où le clan Orca consistait en une belle maison de retraite est révolu. Un vent de jeunesse souffle à présent dans nos voiles et notre moyenne d'age tourne aux alentours de 26 ans avec pour point commun, une réelle maturité. Notre communauté ORCA (ORCA/ORCA1/ORCA2) partage comme toujours un seul et même discord. Endroit de détente, nous y formons une belle bande de copains et nous passons de longues heures à nous tordre de rire mais aussi à dégoûter nos ennemis. Nombreux sont nos sympathisants qui voguent sur ce discord, l'équilibre est parfait : une communauté respectueuse, ouverte, désireuse de partager ses connaissances et d'en apprendre toujours plus pour sans cesse progresser. Désormais, pour postuler, lisez le topic suivant et pour postuler, RDV sur http://equipeorcawows.xooit.eu/f7-Toute-candidature.htm :
  3. Bonjour à tous ! Voilà 24H que mes compagnons et moi-même avons créé ce clan, notre but est très facile à comprendre: CASSER DES CULS ! Vous êtes qui, mille sabords ? Eh bien moi c'est Hexafile et je suis accompagné d'EiKoZ et de Lurbend. Nous avons tous commencé Wows à ses débuts. Nous sommes trois joueurs voulant passer aux choses sérieuses en créant un clan pour try-hard, pouvoir un peu plus réfléchir tactique et, soyons fous, monter le lader. Voilà. Qui recherchez-vous ? Des joueurs qui cherchent à tirer le meilleur d'eux-mêmes, actifs et motivés. Ayant : - WTR positif - WR au-dessus de 50% - Un navire TVIII minimum - Plus de 800 batailles à leurs actifs - Un Discord (parce que communiquer, c'est important) Et par dessus tout, des gens matures avec un intérêt pour les guerres de clans. Qui savent quand même accepter une défaite (en critiquant gentiment ses alliés). Comment vous rejoindre ? Il suffit de se manifester sur ce post ou m'envoyer un MP ou sur Discord avec le même pseudo. Si vous êtes intéressé et que vous rentrez dans les cases, nous feront connaissances histoire de savoir ce que vous jouez. Si vous êtes satisfait (nous aussi), nous ferons une grande joie de vous recueillir dans notre joli clan tout neuf. C'est tout ? Oui... alors bon jeu et que la RNG soit à vos côtés !
  4. HMCite

    Clan Battles

    I am sure many players are waiting for the Clan Battles. I am hoping Wargaming will consider launching them as soon as possible. please like this post if you want Clan battles to arrive soon.
  5. Sup everyone, I would like to share my experiences in the newly introduced team battles and point out some things I feel that could do with improvement. Most of my games have been in my main team "Tora Tora Tora" in which we just entered the top 10 of the leaderboards (http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/teams/). While we have a lot to learn to compete with the top dogs of the Omni clan I think we have enough experience to have a good idea of the ins and outs of team battles in its current form The good stuff First of all I have to say it has been incredibly enjoyable, the 7vs7 format offers good competitive gameplay and the fact that you run with 6 people you know and trust over voice comms makes it 100 times better than ranked gameplay in the same format. The maps allow for tactical decision making using (a limited) variety of ships and player skill is clearly visible and rewarded RNG feels like it is far less prevalent than in random or ranked battles (providing detonation flags are used by everyone) and it feels competitive The not so good stuff Premium ships The only 2 viable cruisers in team battles in the current format are the Atago and the Mikhail Kutuzov, the Atago because it is so much more durable than any other cruiser at its tier thanks to its heal and the Mikhail Kutuzov because of its extreme range, AA capabilities and smoke generator. These ships far surpass the alternative options that are available for anyone that does not want to invest 45 euros What is in my book even worse is that Wargaming seemingly has no intentions to level the playing field as they even advertise the Atago in the premium shop as the "Team battle package" It is important to make sure there are viable alternatives available for Team battles that are non-premium, this has a very strong hint of pay to win in it and it can hurt the competitiveness in the long run Matchmaking This is a bit of a tricky one since it might be related to having a relatively small sample size, but nevertheless is a huge issue for us right now. We seem to face 90% teams that are way below our rating, sometimes meeting teams 2000 points below our rating just seconds after we queued up. And this seems to happen even when there are similar rated teams playing Our play session this sunday was a good example, in our first 5 games we met 2 teams on equal or higher rating; Omni Rubeus at ~5800 rating and Aseveljet at ~5100 rating. Unfortunately we only met these teams once each while they were playing for several hours like us. Captains from both teams have confirmed to be meeting very low rated teams that evening while we were all in the queue. yet the matchmaker puts all of us against low rated teams This seems to be confirmed by the very high winrate of the top 20 teams, roughly 80% on average. Which incidates that they are mostly all facing low rated teams for easy wins instead of eachother This is frustrating for both sides, competitive teams get near free wins with very little challenge over new or more casual focused teams. While on the other side more casual rated teams get absolutely demolished by teams they should not be facing due to a massive points difference Flags This somewhat ties in with the fact that as a higher rated team you face mostly low teams. Team battles right now do not rewards flags and as such are a massive flag sink. We still all keep running with flags because you might face a good team where the extra ship performance could make all the difference. On top of that the detonation flags are just an insult, you need these or risk being exploded by a random lucky shell hit in a competitive environment. In the end Team battles have made World of Warships excited again for competitive minded indivduals like myself, I absolutely love the game and team battles have greatly improved it when they came out. But with some effort from Wargaming could be so so much better and more competitive I am curious if other teams share my experiences
  6. It would be nice to have some search for the teams. In my case, I would like to connect with commander of the team but i don't remeber his name (but I know the name of the team). Does anybody knows how to make a search?