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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, some of you might know that I recently got a game in my Taihou where I got 10 kills. If you don't then it's this match: Now if you look at the fleet compositions: You'll notice that tier by tier this game seems like a joke - we have a tier 9 carrier and a tier 8 destroyer. Their highest is a tier 7. Seems like matchmaking is playing a cruel joke to the enemy team, especially with the common notion of "carriers are OP". But if you look at the video and how the match played out: is this really a failure of matchmaking? The game lasted for almost the entire 20 minute duration! This game was INCREDIBLY close. Shouldn't matchmaking be trying to set up matches exactly like this regardless of what the ship and fleet compositions look like? You can't have a game where you get 10 kills without your team being A LOT weaker than the enemy team, so it seems to me that in a match like this matchmaking balanced out my team's weakness with my strength. If you take me out of this match then this game would've most likely ended at something like 13-14 minutes with the enemy team winning and only losing like 2-3 ships. It would've been a complete steamroll. So what do you guys think, the team compositions here look funky, yet it gave a game that was super close - a few dozen seconds here and there and it could've easily been a draw or perhaps even a victory for the enemy team (they were pretty close to capping it out a few times). Should MM prioritize making matches that don't look funky? tl;dr: team compositions look imbalanced, yet the game was super close. Aren't close games that can tip either way what we should want from matchmaking?