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Found 25 results

  1. ABOUT US: Waste no time, I'll simply go straight for the introduction. Created during the 1st Season of Team Battles by a group of mercenaries, who wanted to have a quality game experience and didn't have the nerve to deal with extensive clan rules or the patience to undergo a lengthy recruitment process. At first, we didn't take the gameplay too seriously and played or grinded mostly tier 7 ships in tier 8 MM (1st Season of Team Battles), but when WG introduced the demo version of Clan Portal, we suddenly realized, we did quite all right and gotten ourselves in the Alpha League with minimal efforts. Then we decided, we'll give this a try and lo and behold, our gloriously hilarious clan was born. For more info, read down below and check some of our tournament highlights feat. on prominent YouTube channels. W We had or were associated with many teams on the official Clan Portal, I'll try to name a few of them here, so you can look them up and research the stats, if you're into numbers and results, but due to the nature of the ELO MM system being heavily broken, we rather focused at actually playing the game, than grinding (with 30 mins queue times) 1 single team into top 3 or top 5, so take that into consideration. W Our YouTube Presentation. Viewer Discretion Advised. Main YouTube Account and our Stream Account. Twitch channel currently under construction. WGP2W: Pay 2 Win team was established way too late into the 1st season of Team Battles, it'll be our main team for the 2nd season (currently shaped into Clan Battles, e.g. [WGP2W] tag and Clan Group) The Ministry of Silly Shots: we teamed up and helped to push the rankings up, ended 5th best EU team in the 1st Season of Team Battles, 276 battles, WR: 81,5% Scared Cit less: team, we grinded a little bit, but due to non-existent MM, we gave up after reaching Alpha League, number 22 in the ranking, 79 battles, WR: 75,9% Hunt For Flamu Is Here: our troll / 4lulz team, tier 7 ships only (keep in mind, that Team Battles were for tiers 7 to 8), number 34 in the ranking, 73 battles, WR: 71,2% REQUIREMENTS: be interested in competitive gaming / have a competitive attitude, because we're mostly Team Battles / Clan Wars / Tournaments focused clan (although, we do casual divisions in Random Battles as well) needless to say to have a working headset with a mic and the ability to communicate in English over comms (which means, you must be able to both understand and be able to answer back) be an active Discord user (Discord platform is our main communication hub), in case you don't have Discord, you can still be our member, but Discord users will always receive information first age?, winrate?, number of battles? (we find those kinda inferior, we judge applications solely on individual basis, mostly based on how people perform during our trainings) WHAT DO WE OFFER? be part of stable mature group of experienced players focused on having quality games: 5th best EU team according to WG's ELO rating (1st Season of Team Battles) winner of the 2016 French Community Contributor Tournament among others, participation in the top tier EU tournaments: here's a game against ASEET (top 10 EU ELO rating) in the OMC we managed to win within top 8 EU clans during The Winter King Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas 2 Tournament winner of the 7v7 T6 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 4 EU clans during 9v9 T8 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 8 EU clan during King of the Seas 3 Tournament within top 4 EU clans during League of the Sea Tournament join The (in)famous Hunt For Flamu, during which we're trying to add Flamu to our OMNI Rare Collection™ within top 4 EU clans during King of the Seas 4 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/kots4) winner of the King of the Seas 5 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/KotS5) winner of the King of the Seas 5 NA vs. EU server clash 8th EU clan during the Season 1 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 2 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 3 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) TBD while being competitive, we're still having fun (laughing hysterically) on TS, if someone f*cks up, instead of raging / crying (which is common for hard-trying pro-clans) we run our own tournaments with very decent prize-pool, e.g. 150€ 3v3 WGP2W CUP (where top 4 teams win Doubloons or Premium Time) be part of large international multi-gaming community, which means 2 things: A/ our team won't randomly die over night (there's plenty of people) and B/ you can find new friends to play other games with weekly events in Training Room (be that skirmishes vs. other clans, tournaments or just other kind of derpy things) during Team Battles season, we do at least 3x events per week, usually lasting 3 hours (so you can look forward an epic dosage of some 7v7 action) during Ranked Battles we help each other over comms as well if you just want to derp around in a division and go clubbing, you can division up with some of the best EU players HOW TO JOIN (via Discord)? USING DISCORD: 100% supported - all you need to do is to click on this link @ https://discord.gg/38JcBPW USING STEAM: full Steam support have been terminated (use Steam, only in case you want to get in touch with me, but response times might vary, usually it's several weeks, anyhow, you can reach me @ MY PROFILE) USING TS: TeamSpeak support have been terminated for time being (apologies for the inconvenience) if I'm unresponsive via PM (I could have died, got kidnapped or got hit by a car), please, contact one of these guys: Idlaaja | Send me a PM! (English) SimplyKarl | Send me a PM! (English, Deutch) dark6799 | Send me a PM! (English, Français) t3h3th32 | Send me a PM! (English) And that's pretty much it guys and gals. I think, we covered everything important and of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask them down below or simply PM me, as I stated above. We're a friendly bunch and we'll look forward hearing from y'all. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  2. 151st Freedom Fighters is recruiting for World of Warships The 151st Freedom Fighters (FFS for short) is an active gaming community since 2013 playing a variety of games. If you are looking for friendly clan to play random battle at any tier consider joining today. What you can expect from us: Friendly atmosphere. Experienced players that can give tips and advise if requested. Discord Server. People to play random battles with, if there is enough interest we may look into clan wars. Players for other games within the community. A clan base with approximately 50,000 oil worth of upgrades. What we expect from you: Win rate, ship tiers and experience do not matter only a willingness to learn. Fluent English Microphone / Headset so you can talk You are not required to play in a division if you don't wish to. If you are interested in joining then you can apply via the website www.151st.co.uk/home , contact me in game or on our Discord server.
  3. Atroxic

    A-SLO | Recruiting

    A-SLO |Admirals Slovenia| We're looking for you! | Iščemo tebe! |SLO| Smo slovenski klan, ustvarjen z namenom, da združimo aktivne slovenske igralce in se ob tem zabavamo. Cilj klana je igranje v divizijah in igranje Team Battlov. Če si že zadel citadelo, zadel s torpedom, zakuril ladjo, potem v igri napiši našim rekruterjom, vse potrebne informaciji in kmalu boš z nami, v dobri družbi. V prošnji navedi najvišji tier ladje, in katero katergorijo ladij igraš najraje oz. najbolje. Nudimo TS, dobro družbo. Admiraliteta A-SLO - - - |EN| We're Slovenian speaking clan, created with purpose of gathering active Slovenian player, while having fun. Our goals is to actively play in divisions and playing Team Battles. If you ever shot citadel, made torpedo hit, burned a ship, just send us your application in game, and you'll be with us in no time. In your application let us know your highest tier ship, and which class of ships do you like to play or with which class you're the best. We offer TS and good company. Admiralty of A-SLO Za dodatne informacije se obrni na Life2Party ali Fireonham, Bronx00 in v izrednem primeru na Atroxic | For any additional info contact Life2Party or Bronx00 or in extreme situations Atroxic Izredni primeri: - Tipkovnica ti ne dela - Ubistvu te sploh ne zanima klan - Te zanima kej več o lamah - Rad bi nam sporočil, da smo šponski - Imaš punco v .jpeg formatu, in se noče pogovarjat
  4. http://www.dragonkings.eu A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread.Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan.We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game.Our clan is largely British, yet we have a great community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan.We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors.We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of.We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplayAbove all we encourage the building of friendships.We have a monthly raffle for members and have regular competitions with prizes for the winners, our own dedicated TeamSpeak Server and a YouTube channel.All we ask is when you apply to join us is. You can speak and understand fluent English Have TeamSpeak installed and a working mic. Over 18 years of age. Have at least reached tier 8. Meet our minimum stats. Have Training Room installed. Are active and willing to participate in clan activities And lastly play on the EU server.And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't. We look forward to hearing from you. CaptinBirdseye
  5. I assume my account was not the only one affected by the last patch. All my teams for the "incredibly fun" team battles are gone. The feature was disabled for an eternity anyway. But since people actually paid silver and dubloons to create those teams, it would be nice to actually get some information what happens next. Silently removing them is one thing. There is no point in having team battles anymore when WG will release clan battles at some point. There was also next to no content provided for those team battles anyway. A full refund is in order in my opinion. We were basically charged for a team chat.
  6. HMCite

    Clan Battles

    I am sure many players are waiting for the Clan Battles. I am hoping Wargaming will consider launching them as soon as possible. please like this post if you want Clan battles to arrive soon.
  7. deadly_uk

    Team Battles 2017

    Evening All, Does anyone know when we are likely to see team battles back at all? My team and I have been doing a lot of preparation in the background, but having to keep splitting into three man divisions is getting rather tiresome. I realise that the previous implementation of team battles was far from perfect, but it was a thousand miles better than the cancerous ranked modes that we have had to endure over the past 9 months or so. I'm fully aware that WG are working on a "clans" feature, but haven't heard any updated news. Any information that anyone has would be appreciated. P.s. I'm aware of the training rooms too, and have been using these.
  8. Hello there fellow captains! Team Botervloot is looking for more Dutch-speaking members to join us in our conquest of the world's oceans! We're a newly established team participating in team battles on Thursday nights from around 20:30 to 23:00 (CEST), as well as forming divisions whenever we feel like it. Although we play to win like everyone else, we value the social experience of playing together as a team over climbing the rankings, and as such we welcome players of any skill/experience level. If you're interested, feel free to leave a message on this topic or contact me by PM! Requirements: - Understand Dutch (or Flemish) - Own a working microphone for voice communication - Own at least one tier 8 ship, or a non-premium tier 7 ship (assuming you're willing and able to advance to tier 8 sometime soon, obviously!) - Be able to join our Thursday night team battles on a regular basis. Of course we're not going to expect 100% attendance, but there's no point in joining if you're not going to be able to actually play together with the rest of us. P.S. We're particularly interested in hearing from BB and/or CV captains, although anyone who meets the requirements above is welcome to join!
  9. Welcome to Diamondbacks! We are a social clan, spanning several games and rapidly expanding into others. We are open to any players aged 15+, with a cruel sense of humour. We are currently establishing in World of Tanks, but are also expanding into World of Warships! Our main language is English, and we all speak it over voice coms etc, but our members span most of Europe, so there's usually someone nearby! Feel free to visit our website to apply, at http://diamondbacks.enjin.com/home, or drop me a message for the details! We are based around a fun, easygoing atmosphere, and we often dabble into team and clan battles wherever possible, however these are not mandatory and you will never be forced into participating. Alcohol and drinking games are common, so don't take offence to those kinds of things! I hope you'll all enjoy the ride. - MorphyTom
  10. Salut à tous les capitaines et bienvenue sur ce topic qui vise à présenter les meilleures tactiques utilisées par le clan UFR. Je vous invite également à partager vos idées et à commenter de manière constructive ce que nous allons présenter ici! Alors déjà une présentation s'impose. Je suis thisheep, officier Warships des UFR, principal strateur et artisan de la stratégie compétitive du clan. J'imagine déjà les membres de mon clan se poiler en lisant ce post car ils connaissent très bien l'amour que je porte à ma propre personne et adorent m'entendre utiliser les "moi je" dans mes phrases. Figurez vous tout de même qu'on m'a encourager dans l'initiative de ce topic donc il ne s'agit pas totalement d'une démarche égocentrique de ma part! J'ai beaucoup d'idées et de projets pour ce topic! Malheureusement je suis un peu pris jusqu’à la fin du mois donc soyez indulgent! Bien que les Team Battles soient un mode de jeu un peu délaissé par WG, il possède tout de même ses habitués qui aiment le jeu en équipe. Le but de ce topic est de pouvoir aider différentes équipes à se former et à progresser dans le classement. Bon histoire de poser un peu la légitimité du propos et parce que ça été dur d'en arriver là, je peux énoncer que la première équipe des UFR est positionnée actuellement à la 19ème place du classement européen http://worldofwarships.eu/fr/community/accounts/teams/?teamStatistic=8021 Je n'ai pas peur de dévoiler nos techniques et je suis ravi si ces informations sont utile à quelqu'un! Pour commencer car il faut bien commencer quelque part, je vous propose de voir la base de la base: La composition d'une équipe. Chapitre 1 : Bien composer son équipe Une bonne équipe est composée de 7 joueurs. Evitez les mercenaires et les gens que vous ne connaissez pas pour des soucis évident de synergie. Parmi ces 7 joueurs je recommande qu'un strateur soit désigné avant. C'est lui qui donne les instructions, dirige et motive l'équipe. C'est un rôle ingrat et difficile. Avec sa vue du dessus et les moment de calme qu'il dispose, un commandant de porte-avions est un candidat idéal. Un cuirassé capable de bien orienter et de bien rythmer le focus de son équipe peut aussi remplir ce rôle. Equipez vous de pavillons, de consommable premium et de camouflages. Vous n'êtes pas là pour faire de l'argent. Ne lésinez pas sur la dépense. Prenez vos meilleurs navires et commandants. Mettez toutes les chances de votre côté! Un serveur vocal sur lequel les 7 membres de l'équipe communiquent est indispensable. Je passe maintenant à mon classement des navires capable d'être les plus efficace en Team Battles. Je part du principe que les navires sont full équipement et avec un commandant 16 points mini. Ce classement s'inspire des Tiers list des MOBA connus. J'énonce principalement ici juste les points forts des navires. La liste or Ces navires sont les meilleures de leur catégorie. Ils sont un must have dans une équipe et ne pas en posséder handicap votre équipe. Ils sont très puissant ou très polyvalent. North Carolina: Il encaisse et il fait très mal tout en restant de face. Il dispose d'une AA très puissante. Tirpitz: Il encaisse un peu moins malgré sa citadelle casi intouchable. Il fait un peu moins mal de face. Sa capacité offensive est précieuse. Shokaku: Le meilleur CV. Présence aérienne casi permanente. Potentiel de dégat élevé. Atago: Le meilleur croiseur de la méta. Il fait mal avec un armement varié. Il est polyvalent, discret et capable de se régen. Kutuzov: Dégats, porté et capacités élevées de rendre fou vos ennemis. AA puissante + que OP. Dispose de smoke TRES précieuses. Fragile. Chapaiev: Dégâts, porté et capacités élevées de rendre fou vos ennemis. AA puissante et possède un radar à 13 km. Fragile. Benson/Lo Yang: Très similaire. Polyvalents, discrets et rapides. Capables de repousser seuls l'attaque d'un CV. La liste argent Ces navires sont bons voire presque aussi bons que ceux de la liste or dans les mains de capitaines qui les connaissent sur le bout des doigts ou dans une config précise. Amagi: Potentiel de dégats élevés avec canons principaux ET secondaires. Moins maniable, moins d'AA et danger lorsque full broadside. Lexington: Chasseurs puissants, config 2-0-2 imposée. Un autre CV vous découpera si autre config que celle là. Fubuki: Torpilles puissantes et lointaines. Discret mais lent et très vulnérable aux attaques de CV. Son spam de torps peut néanmoins séparer la flotte adverse. New Orlans: AP et AA puissantes. Radar très précieux. Manque un peu de points de vie (35 000), compense avec discrétion mais nécessite des ennemis idiots qui broadside pour dmg efficacement. Hipper: AP puissante. Polyvalent en hyddro ou AA. Longue porté. Nécessite aussi des ennemis idiots qui broadside. Atlanta: Polyvalent, arc de tir en mortier. Torpilles. Dispose d'une AA puissante avec conso illimité. Blysakawica: Puissant, rapide. Rivalise en efficacité avec le Benson. La liste caca Ces navires ne sont pas assez performant en batailles par équipe. Malgré quelques atouts, il seront un handicap pour leurs coéquipiers! Ne pas prendre un de ces navires est un premier pas vers la victoire. Mogami: Moins performant que l'Atago à tous les niveaux. Tashkent: Bien moins discret que ses collègues destroyers. Peu maniable. TOUS les autres Tiers 7! J'espère ne pas avoir oublié de navire ici! J'essayerai de mettre à jour cette liste avec les différentes maj du jeu! J'attends vos commentaires avec impatience et avec un poil d'inquiétude! La suite de ce post devrait suivre. A bientôt et merci pour avoir pris le temps de lire!
  11. NinjaSquirrel

    Animosity is recruiting!

    If you’re looking for an elite group of ship captains that will analyse your stats and criticise your win rate, move along – that’s not what Animosity is about. Of course we play to win, but we’re not into ranting and rage-quits, we’re a growing community of like-minded, mature players looking to enjoy all the elements of World of Warships – from division play and future Team Battles, to training nights and friendly skirmishes with other clans. Most importantly, we do it all in a no bull… environment. No drama, no elitism, no cliques. What we’re not: We’re not going to demand you sacrifice your life for the clan – while we expect commitment to our core values, we know that life exists outside WoWS. Whether you join us to be competitive or just want to spend time having fun on the high seas with friends – the choice is yours. We’re not filled with intimidating ranks and cliques – we have a simple structure and everyone gets a voice that’s heard and listened to. We’re not into trash-talking and conflict – there are clans out there that specialise in this; we give them a wide berth! What we are: We’re committed to improving our gameplay – and whether you’ve been playing from alpha or are just setting sail, you’re welcome to join us and develop combat skills and tactics for both solo and team play. We support all our members, and whatever tier, whatever ability, you’ll find like-minded captains happy to help, grind alongside you and offer support when requested. We’re looking forward to victory in large scale fleet actions including Team Battles and skirmishes, and aim to field strong teams of capable players. If you’re over 18, speak fluent English, and want to be part of a dynamic and drama-free community, join our Teamspeak server (animosity-gaming.enjinvoice.com) to check us out, or visit our forums at: Animosity and fill out an application form if you like what you see. (TLDR: Click any of the blue links above and you'll find us!)
  12. Hi all stalwart, stubborn, silly and assisted teams! My clan, Tora Tora Tora, has been playing Team Battles since the beginning, and we are still enjoying it. Personally I think this game mode is immensely enjoyable, and playing with mates while shouting in TS is hilarious. It's really different from Randoms, and the most tense and memorable moments for me in WoWs have been in this game mode. Sadly, lately the queue times have increased massively. There are still enough teams, but we're too spread out over the evening and (even more, I suspect) over the week. I'm hoping we can use this topic for some informal scheduling, to maximize the chances of getting games in, and minimize waiting time. Our primary team plays primarily on: Tuesdays, from 19:00 Thursdays, from 19:00 Sundays, from 19:00 (this one we never miss) We also have reserve teams (WBFN & Tuinheks minions) that we take out on a more sporadic basis for sh*t and giggles. Feel free to add your own team schedules, and also enter into the poll which days suit you best. EDIT: All times are in CEST (GMT/UTC +1), thanks Sybeck! Hope to meet you guys out there! Cheers
  13. I was wondering if the team battles give more experience (on ship or on commander) or more credits than random battles?
  14. 159Hunter

    Team Battles: matchmaker

    Recently started playing team battles, however it seems to take ages for matches to start. Even though the screen shows 5 - 9 teams in queue. And then the waiting starts, sometimes for 15 minutes? Anyone know why?
  15. Hey all, I'm Stealth17 and am looking for a clan/team for team battles. My stats as per wows-numbers.com: WR: 52,67% PR: 1636 Best class: Carriers + "very good" in destroyers. Please leave me a comment if you'd like to have me on your team. Cheers, Stealth
  16. While i understand the 1 CV 2 BB general restriction specially considering its a 7v7 mode. Why are not teams allowed to bring in an extra BB if they opt to not bring a CV? CV is not a popular class and many teams or many POTENTIAL teams would play more if there was more flexibility in the setups allowed. When your options for replacing the CV are either a CA or a DD then you aren't getting an equal replacement in terms of utility or damage. Very soon the only variety between teams in Team Battles is going to be whether they have 1 or 2 DDs and that's it.
  17. This Saturday (12/03/2016) a very interesting team battle event will take place. Good luck to the teams trying to beat these guys! *edit The "brand-new, so far unrevealed Tier III Premium Destroyer" will probably be the HMS Campbeltown.
  18. Feed here your support on the issues or your own views/perspectives on what could be improved to SIGNIFICANTLY impact the enjoyability of Team Battles: ======= Above all I want to make clear that team battles as an implementation GREATLY raised the fairness and joy of playing World of Warships for those who where already making their own great effort to give the best for the victory (my own expirience of joining first Team Battles on the test server was a joy and community spirit and share of the trophy multiplied few folds in comparison to any other mode in WOW, game which I already enjoyed, but have seen and witnessed some real shortfalls when it comes to players being isoleted from each other, and personal effort not necessarily being conected with persons' achievements and victories). What is written below is not a general critique of TBs (Team Battles - my team has 100% rate of victory), but just pointing out what could be improved to bring the full joy of playability and team spirit to the surface, by correcting some significnt and most afflicting at the moment shortfalls (or improvements not being in place). This all is to acknowledge the recent statement that there is this omnipresence of WG on this forum from which part of here, they apparently draw a feedback from WOW players ...therefore assuming that there is any practical aspect of sharing the experience of last 3 days of TBs here (although more or less never will even add to a thread their "yes, we read, this was an interesting point, we might consider"; so we'll just believe their bold statements coming out at the moments of players ROAR here of WG Staff not give a shitism when it comes to participation in discussions on their own forum). ==== So 1) Leaders' Team Management Panel - too unhandy and not straight forward (for all processes which need to be taken into account by a real team Leader in real WOW environment) My experience of being a leader for 2 days of one of the teams, and making my efforts to assemble it is... that, though I've already seen some unexplained shortfalls in the WOWs' in-game interface already, when it comes to networking players (thread which btw still remains till today with no participation of anyone from WG in it), then by this stage it became too obvious that the way in which it becomes possible for the leader to browse through, "scan" and draw in a player into the team is (a) Waaayyy too complicated, (b) "all way round" and © time consuming. At the end of the day, we live not in XIXth century of first computers being built ad experimented (that's right - first computers were made more than 100 years ago) but in relativey high tech, software rich (which btw built this game), processes computing rich world and society. Why, as a leader, I have to constantly "copy and paste" players nickname, and jump between webbrowser (still with copying and pasting) and WOWs' website individual players stats (to know his stats, ships which he has, and what classes and nations he mostly plays and what kind of scores on what kind of ships he/she has), and [then] to WOWs' forum to see whos' there interested in clans/teams to recruit them (still with copy/paste), then to [copy/paste] them onto the list of contacts in-game menu (cause without them being on my contact list, I cannot procces them through invitation to the team)... Basically this proccess - if you only add to it part, which is obvious and unavoidable, so intial communication with a player to introduce you all (team, the leader and their ideas and new potentail player) - is so INTENSE, but AboVe All MANUAL, that a leader - until he/she will complete the team to a large degree (of lets say 6-7 reliable people) - becomes a computer and buzzing and sizzling processing machine him/herself. It is totally incomparable procces, to what it was on the test server - where you could just pull in 2-3 random players, whom had available more or less any ship at hand (doubloons and exp was falling from the sky), tiers of ships were pretty aribtrary (gameplay wasn't restrained to 7th and 8th tier) and start playing... Current expirience is NOWHERE NEAR IT (that of the test server). Now, When you (a) have to assemble team of 7 people, (b) only out of those possesing 7th or 8th tier ships, and © you try to build up, introduce, and evetually discuss a tactic (not anymore you just have a test fun) - so introduction takes time, (d) hours of battles are specific, those interface and communcative tools/solutions obsatcles make energy intense and time consuming proccess even more energy intense and time consuming (and then it goes in opposite direction then ideas of computing and using computers and we might go back then to handwritten notebooks). What I am saying (here) is that there can be and has to be several straight forward and not sophisticated at all (quite opposite - simple) improvements when in comes to networking and communicating with people and managing them in your team panel as well as browsing through their stats. Otherwise - in this current model - team battles interface promotes only groups and communities in WOW, which either were premeditatevly preparing themsleves for this kid of gateway of development for weeks if not months before TB came into play (so building some kinds of clans - singular nework of division players - months before TB came into public server now), or whom know eachother from the real life as group of friends, living most likely in close vacinity from each other (e.g. going to the same class in school) and this way discriminating against, discouraging and making it significantly more diffucult for spontaneus team communities to develop in WOW (something what was for instance possible on test servers - cause of different circumstances given, less strict restrains, from which tests assumptions and expiriences were now copied into much more strict environment of rules, with assuming to produce similar results in this different environment - the offer provided on test server was Quite different from that thrown on the public server straight after). 2) Number of team members allowed Second even more impactfull and significant drawback is the fact that current TB (Team Battles) interface, with 7 players needed obligatory to be present and ready at any time, for the team to be able to start the battle, (most likely team member players - for obvious practical reasons - with maybe 1 or 2 out of 7 exceptions - lets face it, recruiting 3 mercanries for the evening, whom will all suit the general idea of the team in either impossible, highly impractical or might take anything from half an hour to one hour - so completing a team by more than 1-2 mercenaries at a time is highly impractical and discouragng for group of present at a time and waiting for the battle team members - cause /again micro/sub-shortfall/, you can invite draw a mercenary in Only once you called in a battle, so minutes before the battle .instead of e.g. having a short list of mercenaries keen to pla ywith your team - similer to the list of teammembers - and draw from there any, only if online and not engaged in any other battle yet) the same interface allows only 10 of them to be registered in the team panel as the team members at the same time (so only 3 in excess for 7 needed at any time). I think that this number (10) should change from 10 to 15. It is literally impossible to find 70% of players, within such a small group, not drifiting away at any time somewhere, unless you are an already established weeks before clique, who has reseve "handwritten" /beyond team panel/ (e.g. in the prepared group contact list in the games' interface) list of people to be pulled in and out into this restrained list of team members to fullfill criteria on the particular evening. Then, (with 15 members on your list) you would have much closer to 100% probability that, at a particular evening, you will have 6-7 players of your team available to play. Not mentioning that - maybe awesome intially - idea, of being able to remove a player from the team, by voting of all team members only, causes, that with this shortfall (3 only) of potential reservists for the battle (but not really - cause you cannot assume that the first 7 ones will be always there - so practiacally about ...1 of those 3 is a real reservist) any troublemaker on your list ([...] save from having 2 of those at the same time - which, reality had proven, is very easy to take place, when you try to build up a team from scratch) causes that, as a leader, who tries to make as much as possible ready and sorted, for the rest of the team, before they will come to fight at 5p.m. (instead of spending with them next 2 hours trying to resolve it): - cannot invite anyone to the team, to make replacements to troublemakers ready, when these will be dismissed - cause can invite only number of people reflecting number between current amount of your team members and number 10 (this number includes invitations awaiting for response) /so if you have 8 people in your team already, out of which 5 are reliable + 1 not always present + 2 who came out as troublemakers, who you want to ceede out, then you can send only 2 invites... (10 minues 8). If people, who you would want to invite before the time for Team Battles will start, are offline at the minute, then, before you'll decide to invite Anyone else, you have to wait for their positive/nagative answer until they'll come back to WOW. For all this time any new/other invites to your team are impossible (restraint to result of deduction between number 10 and number of registered members - regadlress if all or not all desired); (as you can send Only number of invites reflecting number of available, free seats on your list of team members), and this way block any possibility of inviting anyone else ("in case" those invites won't be succesfull/accepted), ...or [you can] constantly in the meatime keep dismissing those invites (cancelling them) and sending them to different people instead (so e.g. before the original receiver of the invite will even find out that he received any - so without any chance for him/her to react to it) - which really doesn't get you anywhere - only with majority of your team present (so most likely at the time where TBs should be already taking place - cause it's not a f**king church service to meet online in the game in large groups to "sort someting out") you can actually dismiss a particular member of the team - so you can dismiss him/her most likely at the fighting time of TBs clock ticking, only finding out then, that, after succeeding, that this is also the time you [all] have for the vacated places to be filled, and people to be found for them, only when you [juts] supoosed to start fighting, in the restricted timeframe for TBs (cause: in current interface, you cannot leave the vote hanging "on-the-air" for the rest of teammembers to decide in their free time, when they will be online, but voting proccess is valid only for about 1 minute or less, and if most of registered numbers - so in case of 8 registered and 2 of those troublemakers you have to have majority of 5, so 5 out of 6 realiable, - are present only then you can pass the vote to dismiss a teammember; and also you cannot put more than one seat in your team towards a voting process -> so at the moment there is NO CHANCE that you, as a leader can put for voting 2 or 3 seats which came out to be rotten, and leave them for the proccess to go round throuhg all the team members at the time of their own individual convenience /e.g. with a brief explantion for your proposal/decision being attached to voting + possibility of members short opinion being returned with their no/yes votes). ========== Both of these issues/aspects weren't thought through, cause everything was going well at the test server in smaller, more flexible groups, and these, available now, mechanisms and tools were thought as to work well in and for well established (so mature) teams - at the stage of a functionall team - but they are no good in any way for the inital team development... ======= What I am saying mainly through pointing out those above (although there might be other good and constructive points brought by others) that those shortfalls of current in-game mechanisms for Team Battles (but also unfounded shortfalls of general networking [players] in-game interface) will cause that Team Battles, in a short period of time (if these backlogs won't be resolved soon), will be monoplized and taken over largely by 2-3 big conglomerates of people (you can call them in this sense sindicates - in which most average produced on mass members-individuals will be subjected, discriminated and lost in the proccess) and that the same mechanism disriminate and obstruct development of any smaller scale and/or spontaneous intiatives of unrelated people finding each other in the web inspired by team battles coming into place - which is Really against logic, nature and current reality of independently networking with each other and previously unknown to each other people, in the contemporary and common today proccesses of internet facilitated communication. Current in-game solutions bascially restrain and take back to previous eras, opportunities and advantages of fast-paced and globally networking communication. ========== I also think (basically teams are not clans but realitvely small groups, and at the same time they are not small, loose, and spontaneus/ad hoc formations without any historical registry, like divisions; and they have their own, built up with each battle rank score, therefore it's the team leader who has to be responsible for the team and it's conduct), that it shouldn't be allowed within the interface, for such small groups as teams, for the battles to be started within the team and played without the leader being present online in the game, or maybe even present in the battle.... (otherwise leader can totally or largely loose the infuence over the development of the teams' rank - and that's against a definition of "a leader" and definately against the intention of most of individuals who want to set up a team of their own). I also furthermore think - from my current experience of managing things within this new challenge in the form of TBs, that the institution of assigned vice-leader of the team should be introduced. He could then (a) assist in all te processes with fullfiling the same duties (and having the same jurisdictions) as the leader (so have similar menu available), and (b) optionally take his role of the battles commander when leader is not present online, but © would be assigned and dismissed from the function purely out of leaders' orders/commands (decision through voting is not needed here, as when the team leader and his decisions are disliked he can be dismissed himself by the team through voting' eventually team members can initiate their own voting against a vice-leader, the same way they can initate it against a leader'; but still leader can take similar decisions automatically himself /only he couldn't dismiss this person from being a team member without teamwide voting...). ============== Regards and respect to all who manged to reach This stage of the reading :-0 :-)

    team battles waste of time

    There is no point when most of the players cant enter as too low a player you let it happen in clan wars Lower players play so why not here My CLAN in tanks only a couple up to 12 also no where to practice together as a team due to time restriction this also stops us who work and are very early starters from having a game as have to be up for work early
  20. Hi guys, what do you think are the best skills for Amagi for team battles? I took:1. Basics of Survivability2. Expert Marksman3. Vigilance4. Advanced Firing Training?. Now I have 4 skill points and need 80k exp for 5th one. I was thinking, that maybe beacuse of lack of AA I will take Manual Fire Control for AA - but no sure how much effective it is on Amagi, she has 8x2 127 mm with 82 dps and 6 km range. Manual Secondary Control seems interesting too, Amagi has 16 guns per side, seems more situational but maybe lifesaver in close range battles for extra damage and against suicidal dds. __ Also please include what upgrades you suggest with your choice, I currently have Main Battery Modification 1 (survivability of main guns) and Gun Fire Control System Mod. 1 (accuracy, is it -7% max dispersion?) Thanks for any advice and opinion
  21. Sonic_157

    Team Battles!

    Team Battles announcement and details. Link here. *Edit for better formatting.
  22. elladaris


    Hello friends. Im george from greece and i have a question for WG stuff, all players and the futures teams or clans. I think its much better to see some time in this game the " clan tags ". I think its better to join to some " team battle " us a member of some clan who make diferent thinks about tactics on the maps or some other thinks about battles. I dont speak about clan wars because i think it is early in WoWs to see something like that. but clan tags i think the WG stuff or devs must purchase in this patch. My opinion is why i will pay 300 doubloons to make one team on " team battle " .. I paid 2500 gold to make clan in your official site wargaming.net .... Because all we must pay doubloons in few days to make some teams in " team battles " and we dont have yet some site page on wows about clans. WG try for this please. Open the clans and clan tags. I know many teams have and paid teamspeak3 servers or mumbles servers to connect with their members. All this teams waiting something from you to make some real "team battles". I think all other clans and players who join to some clan because this game is most team playgame and not so match solo. Give us the opportunity to play like team and not all day search for eatch other players to make a team. Maybe im wrong in this thoughs... thanks .
  23. TL/DR: Team battles are a better alternative for all players who want a more team oriented gameplay without many of the frustrations & problems of ranked or random battles (my opinion ). First of all, let me say that I tested this mode for about 10 games on PT (so not very much). There are some issues to be addressed, but this post will not deal with issues and problems as I expect that many of them will be fixed as the time goes by. Furthermore, knowing these forums, there will be plenty of threads with issues, whining and so on once it goes live Team battles at a glance (to the best of my knowledge so sorry for any possible mistakes): 7v7 format Class limitations exist (e.g. how many ships of specific class can participate) Tier limitations exist (on PT day 1 it was T6 only, and afterwards T6-8) Any player can setup a team (for a credits fee) Any player can be a member of several teams You can enter the queue even with incomplete teams and MM will allocate teammembers – I tested with only myself in the team and within about 2-3mins (despite quite low population on PT) the game started with the full roster. If a player does not want to create or join a specific team, he can be a “mercenary” and get automatically placed in an incomplete team during the MM queue Matchmaking is based on “Elo rating system” Each team has a points rating based on Elo – depending on win/loss and the rating of enemy team you gain/loose points Despite smaller number of enemies, XP & credits gained seem to be in line (if not a bit better) than 12v12 random games Benefits vs Random: Ability to fully control both the ships setup (on your team) and who is playing (assuming you staff the full team) In case of incomplete teams, ability to “scout” for good players who were included in your team by MM and invite them later to join yours “Skill based MM” – which to be noted will not function that well at the beginning until enough battles are played and enough players join this mode Smaller teams allowing for more concentrated (and better coordinated) action Benefits vs Ranked: You can have all your division buddies in the team Less frustrating as no stars / ranks are gained or lost. You can gain/loose Elo points but that only affects the quality of enemies you will face To be noted is that no “mirror MM” is enforced. This means that it all basically depends on the setup you want to choose. You can go for a “balanced” setup which might be decent for most situations without being particularly good for any specific one. Alternatively, you can go for specialized (even troll ) setups which might be excellent in some situations and much less so in others. In other words I expect much more diverse battlefield from the point of view of tactical problems to be solved in a match. All in all, I would say that this mode is the “hybrid” of Random and Ranked modes with some additional features. It resolves a large number of issues and frustrations present in random/ranked without adding too many on its own. My personal opinion is that with this game mode any player who wants a bit more team-oriented gameplay will basically have very little reasons to play randoms or ranked unless of course he is going for some rewards or events (or grinding equipment of course). I hope that WG will invest in the quick development of this mode, as it promises to my opinion to be the best addition in WoWs so far.