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Found 4 results

  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Taskent in ranked games

    Hey guys. I've seen quite a few Tash players around rank 15 lately as well as trying it out myself. Is anybody having success with it? Especially with the crapload of low-detectability DDs around? I'm rapidly finding myself abandoning it in favour of the Benson, as I can't seem to make it work. Doing damage in it takes too long and needs searoom, and often you have to choose between smoking and spotting. And CAs shoot too well to shoot without smoke pre-5.2 Kiev-style - Enemy dds can simply keep it permaspotted and let their CAs eat it. - bad maneuverability means you generally can't cap except on Land of fire / Ice. - bad maneuverability & large size also means it has trouble with torpedo spreads - can hardly win 1v1 skirmishes vs Fubukis / Bensons due to them getting the first shot in. - I even can't win all-ins vs US DDs if we have the same hp (two "draws" so far using guns at 3-5 km where we both started at same hp and killed each other). And outside that range, they are invisible. - turrets get obliterated permanently quite often. What it is good at: - 1v1s skirmishes at caps at the start of the game, due to superior hp it will generally win, if the reds dont interfere. Rarely happens. - Harassing / killing BBs on open water (I've taken 30-40k off nagatos and NCs without a scratch to my paint) if no CAs turn up (which they will). - it can be played as a torpedo boat (although questionable ability to stealth-torp) What do you guys think? EDIT: Captain skills 4: AFT and Last stand 3: Superintendent 2: Expert marksman 1: situational awareness
  2. Miblogdegolf

    Nueva rama de destructores rusos

    Vaya, abro el juego y me encuentro la noticia de la nueva rama. https://worldofwarships.eu/es/news/common/ru-destroyer-sub-branch/ Resulta que todavía no he re-comprado el Ognevoy, que vendí hace un tiempo.......pero viendo que va a pasar de tier VI a VIII, me estoy pensando hacerlo ya porque parece que vale la pena y además creo que va a pasar como cuando doblaron la rama japo, que nos van a "regalar" o compensar con algún que otro barco, ¿no?
  3. CoolingAir

    Tashkent 's glass turrets

    I play tashkent these days. I find that every time, every time when a kagero shoots at me, one or two of my turrets are destroyed absolutely !!! It's there a bug ? Or the shell of kagero is especial. In 0.5.5 I think my turret is more solid, but actually no.