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Found 2 results

  1. Moin, in der Suche habe ich keinen vollständigen Thread gefunden der sich ausschließlich um alle gängigen Abkürzungen/ Worterklärungen im Spiel und Forum kümmert, aber ich finde das recht kräftig mit Abkürzungen um sich geworfen wird. Oft werden auch einfach verschiedene Abkürzungen für ein und dasselbe verwendet. Um damit Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen, hier mal eine Übersicht. Gerne nehme ich Änderungsvorschläge und Erweiterungen entgegen. Und hier noch ein Beitrag mit den realen seemännischen Begriffen von Krillori: forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7197-einsteiger-guide/page__pid__116182#entry116182 Wenns nun doppelt war, nicht schlimm, vl. findet man den Beitrag besser ;) Edit: Erweiterung Flugzeuge durch wremise
  2. Yea, the title is quite self-explanatory for my peculiar introduction. I just started playing this game again after recently being vowed by the micro-intensive role of the current figuration of CVs in this game, I have weird -soft spot for overwhelming possibilities and strategies and the general mind-game between friends & foes. After two all-nighters to prepare myself for the midterm exams and playing World of Warships I've grown quite bored to have only myself, some weird bloke on the thing called internet, and the occasional stampeding herbivore creature I call roommate to play with. About me: A 21 year old East-Gothland farmer that suddenly found himself 1100 km straight North from home with no money and in a class for space engineering. Other things: Netflix & chill with the regular heat of the moment and playing Il2 Sturmovik Wings of liberty. Prefer using discord and won't say no for some competitive gameplay in all kinds of Blizzard titles, DS titels and that game kids call League of focking legends. Hobbies?? I somehow found myself on a plane to Tokyo [This was under the Wows CBT] with my weeb friends and got all kinds of ship models 1:700 but never bothered to finish 'em. Now that was possible the longest post I've ever done on this forum, on any for that matter as well. So to round up this extremely private and weird biography I'm just looking for some group that plays at least a couple division battles. Links to crapif you don't think I qualify for some absurd standards or something, I don't really care or I don't really know, who knows: