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Found 4 results

  1. TVI American Light Cruiser - Dallas

    So, the preview stats for the Cleveland replacement Dallas have been posted: Before I go forward with my thoughts let's get something out of my head, something that has followed me since the name for the ship was chosen: Looking at both cruisers I can see that the guns remained the same, with Dallas having only 2 less with 2x2 2x3 turrets. I thought the ship would have 4x2 like in the study plans that were done on the Omaha. The range is better than on the Cleveland, but the RoF is much worse. In fact it has a reload only 1s better than the 203mm Aoba, with only 1 gun more than the much faster firing Budyonny/La Galissonniere. The AA of Dallas is 50/68/46 for short/medium/long range compared with Cleveland's 46/27/90. This means that the Dallas will have a better short and medium AA bubble, and a significantly weaker long range bubble. So going for an AA build will require AFT ASAP. The secondaries are much weaker on the Dallas with only 2x2 127mm turrets, compared to this Cleveland had 6x2 127mm. Although it might be even worse as the preview stats don't have a secondaries entry for the Dallas. So either way, good bye troll secondary build. Dallas has also much worse HP and armor, but let's not forget that the Cleveland was phenomenal in this case. Maneuverability is better on the Dallas, but only slightly so. The concealment is much better with 11,9km compared to the Cleveland's 13,3. Consumables worry me, as the Dallas has no access to hydro. Is it an oversight or is it deliberate? I don't know, but it's strange as both Omaha at T5 and current Cleveland have Hydro. With these stats, assuming they will not be changed, the Dallas will become a stealthy light cruiser, with decent AA and the ability to dish out some decent damage into both DDs and BBs. It won't dominate the tier like the Cleveland did. But that's good, as it will give good ships like the Aoba and Budyonny a chance to shine.
  2. US Cruiser Line Split Question

    Okay so I just researched the Cleveland before she's moved up to T8 in the US cruiser line split. I'm just wondering, when the Cleveland is moved to T8, will I get a T8 Cleveland? Or just a T6 Pensacola and have to research the Cleveland again? Happy sailing, Pagster123
  3. Shinonome

  4. Comment jouer le Mutsuki ?

    Bonjour mes très chers commandants ! Bon, on va passer les présentations, car nous ne sommes pas là pour cela les seules choses importantes vis-a-vis de moi sont que je suis un joueur de dd ijn et ... que je suis un joueur de dd ijn (oui je sais j'ai dit deux fois la même chose mais j'étais pas inspiré donc zut !) Et donc depuis quelque temps, j'ai le Mutsuki.. que je n'arrive pas à jouer correctement. J'ai bien détruit des Fuso imprudents qui passaient trop près d'une île mais c'est tout. Je n'arrive pas à spot sans mourir, ni à torpiller de façon convenable : je rate chacune de mes torpilles. Ma lecture du jeu elle-même est nule... Alors comment faire pour jouer ce bateau ? Avez vous des conseils ?