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Found 4 results

  1. Aimed at Swedish player in the first place but also Scandinavian or Swedish-speaking players. SAF Swedish Armed Forces Gaming Community. Vi är ett glatt gäng som kör halv seriöst och seriöst men även bara på skoj ibland! Vi spelar flera olika spel, War Thunder, CS, Heroes And Generals,The Hunter, World Of Warships, Arma 3,Armored Warfare. Våra krav är simpla :Att du använder dig av TeamSpeak, är social och en teamplayer.Teamspeak hittar du här http://www.teamspeak.com/ Vill du gå med oss, så kom in på vår TeamSpeak server, SAF teamspeak Direkt link till vår TS Server klicka HÄR Password: SAF alternativ ts server om den andra inte funkar http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ och kör några några gånger med oss, så du får känna av oss och vi får känna av dig, (ej under 15 år) Vi ser mer på personlig mognad. när du kommer in till oss, på ts eller du skriver till någon av oss, så ger vi dig mer info om oss. För att inte av skrämma alla, nej vi är inte en elit Allians/skvadron, men vi vill spela matcher, men det är inget vi kräver att du måste göra(alltid;), det vi kräverär att du är social på teamspeak minst en gång i veckan i alla fall, och spela med oss och visar att du är intresserad av spelet. Vi vill ha roligt.Vi vill ha teamplay.helt änkelt vi vill ha ett sjuhelsikes partj =) Forum: http://svenskffygflottilj.freeforums.org/ där kan du också söka till oss på forumet. SAF officerare (Stab) EQT - Överbefälhavare_ÖBKen: General : Teamspeak Ansvarig, Forum Ansvarig, Rekryteringsansvarig. de_chef_swe: Kapten Nova_Risby: Fänrik Tankurass2day: Överste Löjtnant The_Reaper: Kapten /Välkommen

    HMS Carlskrona

    HMS Carlskrona. Now lets get into business. You may or may not have heard of this ship. If you are from Sweden or Scandinavia you probably have heard of it. The ship was built in 1980 as a minelayer but was modified by the year of 2010 to become a patroll vessel. The ship is known as P04. HMS Carlskrona is Swedens longest ship by far and is currently serving down in Somalia guarding the shipping lines. The ship is armed with 1x Bofors 57mm cannon and 2x Bofors 47mm cannons. The captain of the ship is currently Mathias Jansson. The ship has had royal visits. The ship has even got an lawyer on it to ensure that no international rights are being broken. Videos of the ship The Kings visit. (In Swedish but still a powerfull video) HMS Carlskrona passing the Suez Canal
  3. Yea, the title is quite self-explanatory for my peculiar introduction. I just started playing this game again after recently being vowed by the micro-intensive role of the current figuration of CVs in this game, I have weird -soft spot for overwhelming possibilities and strategies and the general mind-game between friends & foes. After two all-nighters to prepare myself for the midterm exams and playing World of Warships I've grown quite bored to have only myself, some weird bloke on the thing called internet, and the occasional stampeding herbivore creature I call roommate to play with. About me: A 21 year old East-Gothland farmer that suddenly found himself 1100 km straight North from home with no money and in a class for space engineering. Other things: Netflix & chill with the regular heat of the moment and playing Il2 Sturmovik Wings of liberty. Prefer using discord and won't say no for some competitive gameplay in all kinds of Blizzard titles, DS titels and that game kids call League of focking legends. Hobbies?? I somehow found myself on a plane to Tokyo [This was under the Wows CBT] with my weeb friends and got all kinds of ship models 1:700 but never bothered to finish 'em. Now that was possible the longest post I've ever done on this forum, on any for that matter as well. So to round up this extremely private and weird biography I'm just looking for some group that plays at least a couple division battles. Links to crapif you don't think I qualify for some absurd standards or something, I don't really care or I don't really know, who knows:
  4. Swedish Navy ship. HMS Gotland (1933) was a werey speciall light crusier. HSwMS Gotland was a seaplane cruiser of the Swedish Navy built by Götaverken. The design of the ship started out in December 1926 as a seaplane carrier with room for twelve aircraft.[1] When presented with the design Sweden's Naval Construction Board decided that it wanted the ship to have cruiser and minelaying functions as well as operating as a seaplane carrier.[1] The resulting 5,000-ton design presented in January 1927 proved impossible to build within the available budget of Sk16.5 million.[1] The design was then reduced in size requiring one of the forward turrets be removed.[1] Its guns were then placed in casements either side of the superstructure.[1] The construction contract for the ship was issued on 7 June 1930. Hear is a link if you want to read more about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Gotland_(1933) //Pontus