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Found 4 results

  1. Wobly_1

    Update 0.73

    After Update 0.72 my fps dropped from 60-70 to 15 also I experienced extreme lag in port. MrConway stated that it all will be fixed in minipatch 0.72.2,so I waited and got fps lowered to 5-8, game become uplayable. But little did I know about awesome capabilitys of wow programmers,downloaded the patch 0.73, did integrity check,choosed the ship(z23) and clicked battle,but entered the battle in fletcher. Well then intresting part started,I entered in game 2 min later others,reached cap tryed to launch torps ,they did not,guns were working first two salvos,after that slideshow and woalaa im dead by torps what i could not see .Fps in start of the game was 14,after some turns it dropped to steady 6fps ping waried on 30-40. Im not using any mods I have a decent internet connection before Update 0.72 fps was 60-70 even in heavy action Im not sending out any more reports as they have not yet answered to previous I did integrity check,everything is ok by it Edit. I use Windows 10 Dear WG I like that game ,at least liked until Update 0.72 now I cant play it anymore,is it your pollite way to say that I should move on
  2. jarcher1701

    Stuttering since update

    Hello. Since the update, and no change of graphics drivers, I'm getting quite severe stuttering every few minutes. The game pauses for 1-2 seconds, then rectifies. Absolutely no issues with frame rate or anything else. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. TeryonKhan

    Stuttering during UI loading

    I've been experiencing this issue ever since I first started playing the game. Whenever I hover over any UI element with my mouse (ship icon, module icon, Battle button, anything...) the game just stutters for a bit, like it's taking a longer time than it should to load the UI animations. This only happens once though. Like, I select a ship, hover every little button and icon I can see, and the stutter is noticeable...select a ship do the same thing, stuttering is there...then go back to the previous ship and no more stuttering when hovering over anything I've hovered over before. Play a battle, come back, and the game has to go through all of that again. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried fixing this with graphics settings a lot but, nothing really seems to be the case. Any idea of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  4. DefeatedUranus

    Poor sound quality ticket submitted

    So I've just submitted a ticket explaining the poor sound quality receiving from WoWs. I've also uploaded the sound to check if anyone else is having exactly the same issue. (I know dozens of people are) - Hopefully this will get addressed soon ps. All other games, music, porn etc all work fine and sound perfect.