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Found 39 results

  1. So there may be others who have made topics about this but i noticed a lot of people playing World of Warships have watched kantai collection or played the game kancolle (same thing) and or watched Arpeggio of blue steel. So what i wanna know is Who is your favorite ShipGirl from kancolle or Arpeggio of blue steel? You can pick more then one. My favorites are the Kongou sisters 1st: Kongou (Kancolle) <---- waifu. (Im allowed to have one. i know they arent real take it easy) 2nd: Prinz Eugen(Kancolle) 3th: Ark royal (Kancolle) 4th Ajax (Azur lane) 5th Haruna (Kancolle) Laiter added: Suzuya (kancolle) Shoukaku (kancolle) Shimakaze (kancolle) Amatsukaze (kancolle) Hibiki (kancolle) Zuikaku (kancolle, and azur lane) Akagi (kancolle, and azur lane, and the loli azur lane akagi) Kaga (kancolle) Zara (Kancolle) Have EN and JP azur lane, but mainly use EN, if u feel like adding me on it, im on Lexington server, and name is AdmiralKongou
  2. Many many moons ago, i suggested/ requested that WG allows mercs to be recruited for clan battles. Reason for this was/ is, that smaller clans rarely can field enough players, and this would allow players like me to play CBs without leaving my clan, or allow me to contract people to have my clans name immortalised n the hall of fame/ shame. Now, it seems that this feature is coming soon-ish, and rhat only one merc is allowed, yet it's not entirely clear to me, whether the rewards mentioned in the article include steel or not. Which for me, is the main reason to play CBs in the first place. So, do mercs get steel? @Crysantos @MrConway Should this be the case, i'd like to offer my services to clans who can field a group but need a merc.
  3. arquata2019

    Flint and others

    Hi all! Any ideas flint, neustrashimy, and black (i only mind about these) will be back again in armory @MrConway? thank you for every answer
  4. Markos_Flytzanis

    What is your Favorite STEEL Ship????

    Follow up with my previous topic about STEEL Ships lets see your suggestions in a more collective topic!
  5. Markos_Flytzanis

    What STEEL ship should i Take???

    I have managed after 3 years of playing the game to collect the STEEL required to buy one of these 3 ships STALINGRAD, BOURGOGNE, or SHIKISHIMA, and i dont know which one to choose...i am a BB main but i play cruisers also...can somebody give me some suggestions?
  6. wot_2016_gunner

    PSA: Shikishima for 32.000 Steel

    So, i was on Flamu's discord, when then he posts this (on twitter) It appears that Shikishima will be for 32k steel.
  7. Hi all, WG's new incentive for playing more - from WoWs v0.9.5 in June 2020 MAX of 20 "Steel" per day (600 per month) and from WoWs v0.9.6 in July 2020 MAX of 40 "Research Points" per day (1200 per month)... "ST, Update 0.9.5" https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/19?fbclid=IwAR1tM1P9Y9PghWbvPEJ4khFPFQAxc6yc5DHCs5jz7Hd96I0tPjYtVSe6u7g What do you think of this guys? I must say that I am very undecided about this... "Steel" was hard to get and you could, essentially, only get it via "Clan Battles " and "Ranked"... Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Hello fellow Warships players! Are you playing on EU servers? Have you hit tier 8 in a tech tree and got those random rentals? Are you over 18, easy going, understands English, uses discord and is looking to get steel? We are looking for fairly active players to join! Feel free reply to this thread or apply in game by simply searching for the clan Mi7 and or you can join our discord here, if you're joining you can use this link: https://discord.gg/wJwTa3s Cheers MLB and clan Mi7
  9. Hi all, Analysis for number of "Special", "Research Bureau", "Steel", "Coal" and "Free XP" high tier ships on WoWs EU server... Source ("ProShips.ru") - they have the highest number of unique Player IDs per ship most likely because they count every possible battle type - some other sites only count "Random" battles... https://proships.ru/stat/eu/s/99999- Special: "Puerto Rico" = 14.476 "Benham" = 9.612 Research Bureau: "Ohio" = 4.112 "Colbert" = 2.535 Steel: "Bourgogne" = 3.488 "Somers" = 2.998 "Stalingrad" = 10.122 (was also reward for Ranked Clan Battles long time ago) "Neustrashimy" = 513 "Black" = 6.428 (was also reward for Ranked long time ago) Coal: "Thunderer" = 20.279 "Smolensk" = 42.023 "Salem" = 23.267 "Marceau" = 1.856 "Yoshino" = 20.630 "Georgia" = 26.836 "Jean Bart" = 41.238 Free XP: "Hayate" = 455 "Smaland" = 2.186 "Missouri" = 27.265 "Musashi" = 33.967 (was also available for Coal IIRC) "Kronshtadt" = 20.981 "Alaska" = 32.306 "Azuma" = 11.984 "Friesland" = 14.442 Did I , possibly, forget some ship (and different availability)? Discussion: I must say that I am absolutely astonished with the number of "Puerto Rico" ships the "Smolensk" numbers show that she was the most popular purchase of all time closely followed by "Jean Bart" the scarcity of "Research Points" show the rather low count for "Ohio" and "Colbert" and, similarly, for all other "Steel" ships no other numbers strike me as unusual except, possibly, really really low number for "Hayate" and "Neustrashimy" Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Added "Benham". Fixed info for "Stalingrad".
  10. thechopsm


    Could I please enquire as to why, when you work soooooooooooo hard to earn containers and select the item that you actually require i.e. money, consumables, resources for the armoury, etc, you nearly always get palmed off with stuff that you really DO NOT want (and DID NOT select) i.e. 1 of the item you wanted plus 3 flags and 3 camo? It really does make the idea of earning your 3 containers per day seem absolutely pointless, infuriating and the reward system a bit of a joke!!!!!! Also, and with this serious issue in mind, might it not be an idea to make steel and coal available for purchase? Grateful for your response to edited! Edit: Since we can't be sure that e-mail adress belongs to you, and it is forbidden to share peoples' e-mail address out in public according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) I removed the address.
  11. As we are nearing the new snowflake event I thought I would post a poll to see what people expect to receive from the event if they are able to play all the requisite battles My personal expectations based on current port population are 28 containers, 6875 steel and 73200 coal given that I am currently grinding my way through the Amalfi (I did not get it in the previous event) and I am also grinding my way through the coal requirement for the Thunderer and currently have approximately 46000 (even with the 25% discount token I will need 189000 which still leaves a shortfall of 70k coal to be acquired between now and the end of the snowflake event)
  12. You like to rule the sea? Join us! You like to play clanbattles and you have no crew to do so? Join us! You like to get gud? Join us! You like to have some decent m8s for random divisions? Join us! You like to benefit from clanbase bonuses? Join us! You like to expand your Discord server list? Join us! As for now all new recruits will be inspected and drilled individualy. Safe sailings and may always be a hand's width of water under your keel. PM me
  13. Who are we? You don't know who we are? We are an English speaking clan of people from all over Europe whose main objective is to have fun together and be "casually competitive", meaning we are serious about clan battles but members are not forced to show up every single time. Who are we looking for? We want you to join the Navy! Our requirements and those of wartime recruitment posters are actually not that different: as long as you are willing to play with the rest of the clan, communicate via discord and show up for clan battles whenever you can everyone is welcome in our clan. Stats aren't too big of a deal, as long as winrate is around or above 50% and average damage around or above 35K. Wow you guys are totally amazing! How can I join your clan? We know you thought that, and we can't wait for you to tell us directly. All you have to do then is contact Rangermongio, Miloen or eliteandy in the game client and ask for an invite, or just apply directly from the Clan Search section in your port. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up so that you'll be here before the Pan-European navy is here and you'll be able to claim that you have your very own navy in the game!
  14. [RAGE] Rage Crew RAGE is an international clan focused mainly on competitive play. We are looking for hurricane - typhoon level players with good teamwork abilities. We value good team play way more than just personal skills - this approach allowed us to compete with high level clans during Clan Battles and KotS. What we can offer: - Regular participation in Clan Battles at a high level, - Playing in a group of decent players with sense of humour, - Tournaments, - International playerbase, - Regular division play, - Well developed naval base with bonuses: +7% steel +10% coal -10% to ship service cost +4% XP +25% Free XP +8% commander XP Basic requirements: - At least 3 competitive Tier 10 ships with ~60%WR, and decent overall stats, - Voice communication through Discord, - Active participation in clan battles, tournaments, trainings and other clan activities, - Good understanding of game mechanics, - Ability to communicate in English, - Be able to take criticism (it’s constructive, sometimes), - Good recent results and continuous improvement of your gameplay. Stats are just guidance, therefore every application will be reviewed individually - interview in training room and division battles. Discord: https://discord.gg/4k9qyJv
  15. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    So you want to play Clan Battles?

    [SM0KE] is now offering up and coming Captains a shot at regular competitive play! We will look at your stats but not obsess over them. As long as you 1) show up, 2) take advice and 3) learn, you can have a go. Seasoned vets of course always welcome. Conditions: Have at least two silver tech tree surface ship lines of different types ground up to Tier VII (might talk less if you think you’re hard enough) Be able to finish a Tier VIII cruiser grind by the end of July Be there most Clan Battle nights during the season and ideally, for training / preparation / division play off season (Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun) Have working headset (=incl mic) and use Discord (we can help with the set-up) What we offer: No tryouts or probation The finest didactic materials Individual coaching in constructive atmosphere A chance to earn that steel Good times with new friends PM me on this forum to apply!
  16. Hello Commanders, We are currently looking to expand our clan and would like to hear from you if the following terms apply: - You are over the age of 18+ - Have at least 1 Tier 10 - Have more than 1000 Random Battles (or close to) - You are active on World of Warships - Have TeamSpeak - Are looking to take part in Clan Battles - Have a good sense of Humour - English Speaking Only We currently have a small clan base size where most of our members are from within the UK but we do also have members within the EU from various countries. If you love to play World of Warships and want to have a good bit of fun and up for a laugh then please get in touch, We would love to hear from you!
  17. Yedwy

    Flint worth it?

    Starting the new clan season I just got enough steel to be able to grab Flint, now i used to drive an Atlanta with sort of not so great results, however the smoke does make some difference in viability of such paper armored cruisers and I do fairly decent in RN CLs, well smoke makes difference at least in theory since from the time it was a hot topic MM changed and lots of radar was added, 5s base reload and fact I have a Belfast sort of puts my mind in doubt if its worth it... Soooo I d like input from those that have it is it worth to sail nowdays?
  18. Hi all, Big Poll - economy status - Steel This is "sequel" to my previous Poll: Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Made "private"...
  19. Tyrendian89

    Ranked Steel, CB steel

    Sort of a random thought that popped into my mind when reading the info about the next Ranked season... I like how (almost?) every Rank you achieve rewards you a little bit of Steel, in contrast to the CB missions where you have only up to three big chunks per League, which you can quite easily miss by just one win and be quite frustrated (and/or can cause issues within a clan when someone feels like he was prevented from getting that last win by organisational issues or what have you). Why not spread out the Steel rewards in Clan Battles as well? The infrastructure is obviously there - it's already done that way for the "cherry on top" Hurricane mission... So, am I missing some big argument against this? What are your thoughts?
  20. ImperialAdmiral

    Free XP and steel ship flags

    Hello. I think it would be nice if the owners of Free XP, steel or any other special currency ships could get their premium flags especially that pretty much evey premium ship has such one in the files. It coud be via chain of mission that could be done on a particular ship. Some upcoming flags are pretty cool. Is there any official WG statement about this particular thing? I would love to know @MrConway @Crysantos
  21. Zulufaksgiven

    coal for steel exchange

    Anybody knows how to exchange cal for steel in Arsenal, so I can get the flint??
  22. STEELWHALING Like the topic title says, the above link/website lets you calculate how much steel you can farm from the Snowflakes. It also shows how much Coal you will get. Keep in mind that this site extracts your ship collection from the WG API, so it will also calculate coal/steel for the ships you already sold. Using the site is super easy. Just add your World of Warships username + correct server. Thank you @iXDehh a.k.a. Rukenshia (also known as an active member from several World of Warships Streams) Sourced from: REDDIT (please upvote the Reddit topic/post if you like it)
  23. Hi all, What is your estimate for earning of "Steel" & "Coal" in upcoming "Snowflakes" event? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0712-holidays/ If my calculations are correct I hope/think I will get: 2.500 Steel 30.000 Coal Leo "Apollo11"
  24. Hi all, From Reddit: "Wargaming Response to Steel Concerns": Leo "Apollo11"
  25. I have noticed a few days ago that when you want to buy coal ship and you are short of coal an auto conversion of steel can be applied. Prior that change the coal needed was shown and you could go and manually convert steel to coal(not if I advise you to do so) So BEWARE!