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Found 41 results

  1. KarmaQU_EU

    A topic borne of desperation

    It is past the time of egos and stuff, I don’t care if I make an [edited]of myself as long as there is even the slightest chance the CV concept can be helped. I have in the past made a large amount of highly wishful and far fetched thinking on concepts for the CV rework, including straightforward but drastic suggestion of measures such as removing all torpedo bombers and solely balancing/designing CV gameplay (at least initially) around the other less dreadful types of bombers. Other examples included separating CV tech trees into smaller escort carriers and larger fleet carriers, which have broad implications including MM fixing and fine tuning. But I digress. Recently I am beginning to follow WG’s line of logic better, keeping the game simple while just playable and interesting enough. And here lies a critical flaw. One of the most difficult yet critical systems in this game, the Vision System, is an Achilles heel in the whole design structure. And the disproportionate effect the CV has on this area was already well known even before the rework, from DD griefing, torpedo spotting, surprise torpedo-insertion on BBs due to planes having stealth range as well, and last but not least, CV sniping using plane stealth. While I cannot make a hasty conclusion on whether stealth and vision system for surface ships is good or bad, though it was copied off WoT systems and not custom-made for naval combat, it certainly was not very compatible with CV gameplay at all. And a critical flaw of the current rework is how few direct improvements, or even adjustments, were made to the way CVs interact with the vision sphere in the game. While torpedo spotting was outright removed, and ship spotting nerfed, the reverse which was plane spotting was not, and in fact as they themselves mentioned in their public address, stealth torping (with TB!) was still a minor “exploit” turned tactic. In more conclusive terms, the very essence of CV gameplay in a strategic or tactical sense which was area and info control aka. ‘Spotting’ was not fixed nor improved into their rework, and CV interaction with the surface sphere in this sense was also outright ignored or shoved aside (just remove their total spotting ability and interaction). And you don’t fix a faulty part by simply removing the part, or completely isolating the part from the rest of the system. It’s just not good practice. In complex systems like this, balancing is also a larger job than just making sure the AA maths and don add up. There’s “qualitative” things too, like fuzzy maths, like capabilities that can’t be simply summarized into numbers, and how actual human thought processes work. - Furthermore, in poetic irony, in their rush to make WoWs, and CV, compatible with consoles, they neglected the zeitgeist of console gameplay, which is a very heady, rushing, flow-based kind of gaming. A confounding mechanic like the vision system is not something a console player would enjoy while they are trying to have fun, they simply can’t be bothered to put in the extra mind-power, and the separate category of mental processes needed for that particular form of thought. Thus, I believe, they will not enjoy getting surprise-rudder insertions by planes materializing out of nowhere (or in reverse, getting jump-scared by a DD suddenly hammering your CV out of nowhere), nor enjoy the game much with ships that adversely rely on the vision system at all, because even on PC it’s a fine dance of managing your pathing and constantly doing distance-tallies and mental notes of what ships are all around you (including enemies). But on console on a big screen it’s just not that kind of experience, if you get this. - So in conclusion, even if the current rework gets the go-ahead, and it is still playable after all, there is still this theoretical danger that WoWs on console will not be very popular, and one of the key reasons could be because of how vision works in this game, and how this game is adversely affected by this hidden factor, just as how CVs were adversely affecting the game due to how their mechanics worked, and this is making the console experience far less than ideal. This is the key danger. The secondary danger is that due to how detached and incompatible (unintegrated) the CV reworked gameplay is from the practical intricate workings of the present surface ship system (such as the example given how all vision related things were just swept under the carpet), that even after 1-2 months of “balancing”, CV gameplay will still be a sore thumb in this game, and a far cry from what some of us in our heart of hearts had dreamed it would bring to WoWs, a breath of fresh air, masterful and creative design, to not just save CV, but save this game, and give it second wind to continue improvements in its very design. (I would like to call for an emergency stop in this rework, and the reasons in writing above is why. I understand I have no authority nor proven knowledge to make such a call but I am doing it shamelessly anyways, because I will shamelessly claim that I as a player love the CV as a concept and what it’s gameplay could have been, and this rework as it is, as a concept, is not something that someone could love. I am incapable of expressing with concise grace exactly why, but it just feels very wrong. So wrong that I am desperate.)
  2. NOTE: I posted this earlier in the suggestions thread but since (1) the OP there is not updated and people in the recent replies are talking about submarines, (2) other people have made similar posts outside of the suggestions thread and because (3) it's now an active topic of discussion & focus of development, different from all the hypotheticals and wishful thinking, I decided to make a separate post. I love the preview, and I'm really eager to see some of what was shown brought to any testing environment ASAP. I've been playing CVs, and I can say I'm mediocre-ish: got a solid grasp of the fundamentals, I've had my moments and some luck. I've been paying attention to the constant drama surrounding CVs, and I'm pretty sure I understand WG's position in all of this. However I do think some sort of compromises ought to be considered: - MAKE FIGHTERS A DEPLOYABLE, NPC-like, drone-like blob, that receives commands to either escort your strike squadron, or be sent around the 3D world (not the minimap) to fly combat air patrol (CAP) over an area, over a friendly ship, or stay "home" and fly CAP over your carrier. This could be done by having a radius around your strike squadron, within which you can POINT & CLICK (or press a key) to set the fighters' target location or object. Maybe add a good amount of cooldown time, for how often they can receive a new command. "Summoning" fighters out of thin air just seems kooky to me. - NERF ALL CARRIER PLANES' SPOTTING ability by having enemy vessels spotted by just carrier aircraft (including the strike craft) ONLY APPEAR AS "OUTLINED" SHIPS to the rest of your team, giving a rough location on the minimap, but not visible in the 3D viewport - no target lock, no aim-assist mechanics, someone has to go and deal with the threat the old fashion way. This would negate the current, much lamented mechanics of CVs planes being omnipresent & spotting those ships which really don't want to be targeted. Realistically, I imagine that a group of planes trying to avoid AA and focusing on their attack runs would have a really hard time walking friendly artillery onto its target in the chaos of battle. - ADD LOW, STATIC CLOUD COVER - plumes scattered over the maps (maybe randomized?), to give planes a hiding place. The concealment on these would work both ways - diminish the effect of incoming enemy AA, but the planes would lose sight of all enemies around them. Make RADAR penetrate these clouds or maybe add a separate AIR RADAR consumable. Also make CYCLONES limit planes abilities in a similar way, or even more (affect accuracy, speed, maybe get damaged, etc). This to add to the feeling that you're controlling an air asset, navigating through different features, not just a Z-clipped surface asset. Also because the airspace looks bland with the current "skybox above, water texture below" situation. My main reasoning about fighters and spotting here is that instead of completely removing some features, we should keep them to retain an authentic feel to the CV role, but nerf them to the point where they require luck and strategic foresight, instead of who's got better ping / RNG / clicks per minute. The same goes for people's concerns on the Twitch stream regarding CV sniping and side-rushing DDs: you won't be caught with your pants down if you pay attention and have a bit of foresight. What do y'all think?
  3. Just trying to imagine if supportive role, such as tanking damage for your team, or spotting enemy constantly, resetting caps etc... would actually give more exp than doing direct damage to enemies. How do you think WOWS would be different from todays game meta? Write down below what YOU think WOWS gameplay would be like if this become true. Would there be more teamplay? Or perhaps more campfest? Maybe the game meta would be the same as today? Guys, time to use our imagination !!
  4. moin zusammen, die neuen ribbons für aufgeklärte schiffe find ich cool. dabei wird nur deutlich, daß es mehr ribbons für aufklärungen gibt, als final nach dem gefecht als anzahl aufgeklärter schiffe aufgeführt ist. hier kann man sich über das wording streiten, ob ein mehrfach aufgeklärtes schiffe auch zählen sollte. die ribbons beantworten die fragen mit ja, die aufklärungsanzahl mit nein. hier wäre es glaub ich sinnvoll, ein konsistentes system zu haben. dabei frag ich mich nun auch, wonach die xp-vergabe für aufklärung erfolgt: nach ribbons oder dem counter der aufgeklärten schiffe. so richtig rund ist das noch nicht, aber die philosophie dahinter gefällt mir und ist glaub auch ein schritt in die richtige richtung.
  5. vipersocks

    Spotting Ribbons

    So, does anyone know if we get xp for spotting now or is it just a ribbon?
  6. wilkatis_LV

    BBs that outspot cruisers

    Obviously BBs outspotting cruisers isn't anything new (as evidenced by the fact that NC has that same 11.8km detection as Conq), decided to make a list of all BBs which outspot cruisers that they can meet in their games, I mean - how many there could be, right? 39. That's how many All the comparisons are at max concealment or those ships, so with camo (if applicable), with concealment expert skill, as well as concealment module (if applicable)
  7. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Suggestions for changes of plane dynamics

    Hello all, a few thoughts crossed my mind recently regarding the way air planes work in the game. Now in before anyone gets his panties in a twist, the following are just mere suggestions for changes which I think could benefit the game. Please point out aspects I have overlooked or consequences I have not foreseen. Also, let's keep this a civil discussion. Without further ado: 1. Ships should always counter spot the plane that is spotting them (possibly excluding carrier strike craft). I guess we have all been in a situation in which we were plane spotted without knowing where exactly the plane in question was. I believe it would be beneficial and allow for counter play if one could at least see the plane. 2. Ships engaging planes with aa (outside of smoke) should be spotted regardless of distance. Yes, Minotaur players, I'm looking at you. The idea that a ship should be able to shoot down planes without getting detected by those is possibly one of the worst game mechanics that wasn't addressed yet. Same as invisi firing this should be removed from the game and air spotting distance should at least the equal to aa range. This would make aft a double edged sword, but prevent severe frustration for high tier cv players. 3. I'm expecting a lot of you to have a gripe with this, since it would change competitive cv play. Torpedoes should only be air spotted if a plane is in spotting range. Once the plane moves out of spotting range torpedoes should become unspotted again (I would include torp spotting by ships into this as well). This would make the game more demanding and dynamic, while improving the value of destroyers in competitive play. As it stands, a great cv can pretty much deny any sort of torpedo hits on his team mates by simply patrolling the corridors they are likely to pass through. This would be fine, as long as a once spotted torp wouldn't remain spotted forever. It would put a bigger strain on ships in the direction the torps are headed and increase the overall skill level. What are your thoughts on this :)?
  8. Hi all, I don't recall seeing this on forum (and it is very interesting to know and great read)! From April "LittleWhiteMouse" @LittleWhiteMouse - "Spotting, Scouting and Experience Gains" http://shipcomrade.com/news/365/spotting-scouting-and-experience-gains.html Leo "Apollo11"
  9. johy2

    DDs 20sec

    Hi guys, i would like to hear your opinion on 20 secs of extended spotting range after fire when you play DDs. I dont have anything against this mechanic but i think 20 secs for DDs is too much. For other clases it is not so important, but for DDs, oh boy. You fire that one shot to finish enemy, and get 20 secs of pounding with low HP. Disgusting.
  10. Hookeys, began playing (or trying to) BB's after a loong pause (1 year or more) and of course immediately noticed that the much vaunted Spotting Aircraft were just as useless as they have always been Why even bother putting them there? This matter is even more annoying, since I have recently received 4 of the awesome "Spotting Aircraft Modifications" in sk. super containers (admittedly i fail to notice, what is so super about them), all of which are pretty much useless as well and the exchange of mounting them instead of the main armaments mod, for example, just is not worth it. My points, which everyone probably knows already: The range increase they offer, is pretty much useless, unless the target is fully stationary and does not move, as the lead, you have to take for such long ranges means that you are likely to miss (since the target would have to travel in straight line for ages, which is not very likely. Also the atrocious dispersion at long ranges likely guarantees that none of your shots will hit. If you hit anything with AP, it will likely bounce from the hilariously "thick" deck armor of any ship it might hit so HE is the only choice of ammo, which in turn causes minimal damage thus removing the incentive to even bother (why break concealment for a likely failure anyway). So a proposal, what IF we could make those aircraft useful again in a few easy steps?: Make it so, that while the spotting aircraft is airborne, ship's dispersion ellipse will be a little tighter, say by 2% or something at any range. Thus temporarily improving the BB's chance to hit something. This would of course only work as long as the aircraft is airborne. Spotting aircraft could actually "spot" (I know Woah!) and Increase the effective detection / spotting range of the BB for a short while, for example so that they would temporarily be able to detect an approaching DD, which has a concealment of 6km from 6,6km away (so +10% buff). This would also work on other ships, while the aircraft is flying. PS. I normally play DD, so I fully know this would increase the challenge, but then again a plucky and attentive DD player could still just observe that AHA! There are spotting aircraft about, wait for a while and approach again after they are gone and in cooldown, then torp the fiendish BB or then just torp it from a bit further away. Just thinking, I have so many of the dratted SUPER spotting aircraft mods and absolutely no use for them or even for the regular kind... Oh yeah and before anyone says so, I know they could help in spotting incoming torps a little earlier but that just ain't enough.
  11. A new (or new-ish) problem has been spotted above the horizon - people getting hit without being spotted. First signs of this (that I noticed) showed up in late 0.6.6 or early 0.6.7, slowly ramping up and becoming more and more... popular. Basics are quite simple - you are not spotted, but you are getting hit by someones main battery fire. Initially I always wrote it off with one of the following "explanations": -Long range fire, it was fired at the last moment and then took 10...20 seconds to reach the ship after it was spotted -Lucky blindfiring into a smokescreen (without any tracers to aim for) -Ridiculously bad aim at someone near me who was spotted, and it just happened hit my ship I started to pay more attention to this when I heard other players starting to talk about this, as well as saw more and more people writing in chat about it. While some situations could be explained with the points I made, they often just don't fit. Wasn't in smokescreen, was maneuvering after getting de-spotted, there are no allies nearby... This video is the best example I've got as of yet. The Maass, played by my clanmate, hadn't been spotted when at around 1min 20 seconds into the game enemy suddenly fired a reasonably accurate salvo at him (no hits scored, but all 4 shells splashed around his ship). And as you can see towards the end of the video - the spotting marker still works when you are actually spotted. Happens both - with and without - "Priority Target" trained on your commander, as well as both - with and without - any mods installed. My best guess is either it's a serious bug randomly showing the enemies some ship that shouldn't be visible or (most likely) some kind of a new exploit. Please do share any information / evidence you have about this, all of it could help to get rid of this problem before it's massively widespread.
  12. Hallo WoWS-Kollegen, manchmal erlebe ich es, daß ich schon längere Zeit ungespottet bin, und dann: Fokusfeuer vom Feinsten. Die "Entdeckt!" Warnung erscheint nicht, der Ping ist stabil um die 35, und die Lag Anzeige leuchtet auch nicht auf. Ok, also Replay angeschaut - und da ist die "Entdeckt!" Anzeige plötzlich an, bevor der Feuerzauber los geht. Ok, kein Onlinespiel ist perfekt, auch Offlinespiele haben oft ihre Macken. Andererseits wundere ich mich manchmal über stark angeschlagene Gegner, die ich sehen kann, ich ziele ein und warte auf den Reload der Geschütze. Der Gegner rührt sich kein Stück, als ob er sich sicher und unverwundbar fühlt. Erst nachdem meine Granaten bei ihm eingeschlagen sind, bewegt er sich - oft genug auch als Brezel nach unten - und manchmal kommt dann die Beschwerde im Chat, ich sei ein mieser kleiner Hacker, teilweise gefolgt von mehr oder weniger wüsten Beschimpfungen. Also hatte er wohl auch keine "Entdeckt!" Meldung, als ich ihn gesehen habe. Das kommt in den letzten 6 - 8 Monaten ab und zu vor, manchmal bis zu 3x an einem Spieleabend. Dann wieder tagelang gar nicht. Die Framerate ist immer stabil und schwankt im üblichen Rahmen, fällt aber nie unter 40 FPS. Für mich sieht es so aus,als würde mein Client manchmal die Spotting-Informationen nicht korrekt empfangen oder daß sie serverseitig nicht korrekt gesendet werden. Daß da vielleicht ein kleiner Bug in der Spielmechanik steckt. Natürlich ist es ärgerlich, wenn man sich im Schlachtschiff für Reparaturen zurück gezogen hat, gerade den ersten Heal gezogen hat und dann buchstäblich aus dem Nichts massiv Schaden frißt. Oder im Zerstörer im Nebel sitzt und ungespottet auf den Reload der Torpedos wartet, und dann aus dem Nichts heraus durch Fokusfeuer versenkt wird. Ich meine jetzt nicht die Situationen, wo man gerade in der Tarnung verschwunden ist und die schon anfliegenden Mumpeln noch in die Zitadelle des Kreuzers rauschen und dort Party feiern. Ich meine Situationen, in denen man 20 - 30 Sekunden oder länger laut der Anzeige ungespottet ist und sich dann plötzlich im Fokusfeuer mehrere Gegnerschiffe wieder findet. WoWS ist sicher nicht ohne Bugs, und das akzeptiere ich. Da sitzen schließlich Menschen dran, die Fehler machen können. Habt ihr auch ab und zu solche Erlebnisse, und wenn ja, wie sehr beeinflussen sie euer Spiel? EDIT: Mods benutze ich gar nicht, habe nur Replays und Übungsraum aktiviert.
  13. dasCKD

    Team (doesn't) work

    Bottleship Report #004 - The teamwork sucks, and the game isn't helping. Before you ask, this isn't a rage thread provoked by a series of bad games. Since the changes made to tier 4 and 5 carriers as well as the breaking of the carrier control system beyond what it was before, I have been at a constant level of simmering rage that one day threatens to simmer its way through my skull. Crawling out from the smoldering hole in my head, it will claw its way to the closest piece of machinery, a primal force let loose upon the world. It will then rise up, a horrific chimera of the machinery of modern society and fated to destroy it. The rage personification shall rise up into the atmosphere, forming a second red moon. As the inhabitants of earth gathers around the eldritch nest, the rage and the machinery of war shall be melded into the core that only grows more resentful and more massive. Then, when the day of the prophesy dawns the egg will - I - umm... Where was I? Ah yes, teamwork. Teams & Divisions Spotting Consumable use Knowing when to use consumables, and when to save them. Intermission Linguistic barriers This is probably more of a problem that is restricted to Europe and Asia, but a problem it is. Function keys Spotting target marker Well, that was this week's Bottleship Report. Perhaps next week I'll talk about something less serious, like implementing missile cruisers and destroyers. Now that this is done, I can finally get back to playing World of Warships.
  14. Zenthon02

    Honorable Service: Mission 3, Task 4

    Auf meinem Weg zur Shinonome bin ich bei Mission 3 auf den Task Nr. 4 gestoßen. Dieser besagt: "spot 2 enemy Aircraft Carrier" Mit der Begrenzung auf Zerstörer. Es gibt zwei Dinge, die mich an dieser Mission stören: -Sie behindert das normale Spielen als Zerstörer -Es scheint nur zu gelten, den CV als erstes zu spotten, was die Mission beinahe unmöglich macht, da (zumindest bei mir) immer der verbündete Carrier diesen zuerst aufdeckt hat irgendjemand einen Vorschlag, was man da machen könnte, bzw: Bin ich einfach zu blöd dafür? Ich bin da jedenfalls überfragt!
  15. Daylot_Usta

    Experience for Spotting and Scouting

    Devs, I have few ideas to encourage spotting and scouting in the game. Just ask if you want to read.
  16. Hallo zusammen, ich spiele seit dem Update sehr viel die Briten und frage mich des öfteren "Woher wissen die wo ich bin?". Beispiel 1: Ich zünde den Nebel und nach 2 Sekunden verschwindet das Ausrufezeichen, trotzdem kommen auch in den nächsten 10 Sekunden noch sehr exakte Salven an. Im Nebel stehe ich nicht komplett still, sondern fahre rückwärts oder mit 1/4 vorwärts(der Nebel ist 2 "Puffs" groß). Klar schiesen die Leute auf gut Glück in den Nebel, aber dafür ist es eigentlich viel zu exakt. Beispiel 2: Ich bin nah den den Gegner dran und bin sichbar. Die Salven prasseln nur so auf mich ein und ich drehe ab und das nächstgelegene Schiff ist ausserhalb meines Spotting-Kreise(es sind auch keine versteckten DDs da). Das Ausrufezeichen verschindet nach ein paar Sekunden, aber für die nächsten 20 - 30 Sekunden prasseln trotzdem sehr exakte weitere Salven auf mich ein, obwohl ich fröhlich Zick-Zack fahre. Die Frage ist also: Wie lange bin ich für die Gegner noch sichtbar, nachdem das Ausrufezeichen(egal ob normal, Flugzeig oder Radar) verschwunden ist? Schon mal vielen Danke für die Antwort :-)
  17. Hatte gerade einen seltsamen Moment in einem Gefecht... ich stehe mit eine Lo Yang im Nebel. Kein Spottingsignal aktiv und trotzdem bekomme ich permanent von der Bismark Secondary auf die Mütze. Wenn die Bismark Sonar genutzt hätte - auf 7,8km und mich entdeckt hätte, würde ich dann nicht ein Ausrufezeichen bekommen ???? Wenn dem so ist ... ballert die Secondary dann einfach auf die letzte bekannte Position oder muß sie ein Ziel haben ??? Nein, habe leider kein Replay - aber die Fragen sollten auch ohne beantworbar sein.
  18. Charger76

    Spotted, cannot work out how

    Just playing in a Ranked battle there. I was in smoke, had not been seen entering smoke. Seconds later I get a "Spotted!" warning yet nothing is able to see me from any angle, I cannot spot anything (am in Benson with camo & CE), nothing is on the map and I am not within 2Km of any body. Nobody has sonar or radar, this is in any case a standard "Spotted!" warning not an air or sonar / radar spotted 3warning. How then am I spotted? Not an error either, had a deluge of fire hit me. As I drive out of smoke there is an enemy Benson just under 3Km away. How did he spot me?
  19. HI all, Dear WG, is there any info/date when will spotting & tanking damage be added to game mechanics? In past v0.5.10 and current v0.5.11 there is post battle info (that WG collects about this as we were told) but we didn't get any presumable date when this will be actually used... Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  20. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Is it worth spotting as a DD?

    As a DD is it worth spotting enemy ships, and keeping them spotted? It could mean not firing torpedoes or guns in order to stay undetected which would end up in zero xp. Would it not make sense to introduce a similar spotting mechanic as used in World of Tanks?? It means a tactical choice needs to be made, fire guns/torps and have the enemy aware of you being nearby thus reducing your effectiveness at spotting...or keeping your itchy finger off the left mouse button and stay hidden, keep the enemy guessing as to how and where they are being spotted allowing your team to "rain the pain" more effectively ?? As it is now, only one choice will result in xp, however the other may well give your team a tactical advantage and increase the likelihood of a victory. Surely it makes sense to use DD`s in a scouting role as well as a damage role, and reward them for either choice. And here`s a novel thought...maybe, just maybe a little bit more teamwork may stealthily creep into the gameplay. I have tried both in my own DD games and have found both to be rewarding, just a shame that firing torps/guns is the only way to gain xp.
  21. Ubertron_X

    Spotting XP and gameplay

    Hello fellow captains! As many of you already know keeping the enemy spotted in World of tanks will net you additional credits and XP as any damage from a tank that can actually not see the target himself is shared with the spotter. For World of Warships we do not have such a system in place, and the my big question is: Why not? Let me elaborate why I think it would be a good idea to implement spotting damage for WoWs too: I think everybody agrees that active gameplay is the desired form of gameplay and should be rewarded properly. However this is currently not the case in WoWs. There are absolutely no rewards for taking the risk of being spotted and shot at, which to me is somewhat strange. Why would anyone risk getting hit and sunk if he can snipe from safety instead? Thinking about it I see many benefits and very few drawbacks of sharing $ and XP in between damager dealers and spotters: DD: Promotion of team play as you don't have to rely on your own raw damage in order to receive decent $ and XP. Either fight as spearhead (when on the attack) or rearguard (defensive action) and get rewarded for keeping the enemy spotted enabling your team to continuously deal damage. At the moment one suicide charge can net you more reward than an entire game of masterful destroyer action which is plain wrong. CA: Promotion of may roles that require to close the gap to the enemy as you will now get rewarded for the risk you take. So regardless if you are searching for DDs in a hailstorm of BB shells, going in for a cap or approach the enemy fleet in order to use your own guns you will get rewarded for any ship damaged while you put your life in danger by getting close and personal. Snipers still enjoy relative safety but will now 'lose' damage to the front line ships taking the beating for them. BB: Promotion of brawling / secondary builds and brawling play style as you will not 'lose' damage to other ships if you are close enough yourself and can actually see what you are shooting at. Snipers still enjoy relative safety but will now 'lose' damage to the front line ships taking the beating for them. CV: Promotion of team play (e.g. keeping those pesky destroyers spotted), especially for AS builds. Fighters do not become 'useless' anymore as they potentially can still net $ and XP if you keep the enemy teams ships lit up enabling your team to continuously deal damage. So in my opinion spotting $ and XP would address many inherent flaws of the game and should therefore be given a second thought. It may be no cure, but may very well be a remedy. How to correctly implement spotting damage is an entirely different topic and needs to be discussed / decided separately.
  22. I started a similar thread on the NA forum after a discussion I had there and I thought I share it here as well.
  23. This has bothered me since the early Closed Beta testing. World of Warships is the latest entry in the Wargaming suite of games. World of Tanks has spotting damage, to include, several missions which require spotting damage to succeed. Many of us notice, and frequently complain, about players who decide to stay on the back line of the map and wait....for those of us who play DDs and CAs, who put our own match at risk of a quick end by spotting and lighting up the enemy fleet so the back line players can get the damage shots....what do we get for it? Do the developers really intend for battles to remain as they are? It should be a relatively easy programming fix to reward players for spotting damage. I'd even go so far as to reward CV players (although on a reduced spotting damage percentage) for spotting enemy ships. Come on now, it's not that hard to do - and you already do it in WoT...so what are you waiting for? Add a spotting damage game mechanic into WoWS!
  24. Masternaut


    I find smokescreens a bit confusing, and it is because of 2 things: 1) It is hard to tell where the smoke begins/ends when you are close or inside one. Maybe it is because I am a noob (1 day played) but I would like more visual feedback on where the boundries of smoke are. 2) Ships dissapearing in fron of you. This is something related to the one above. I find it confusing when enemy ships (even BB) dissapear 2km in front of you.
  25. Let me explain through a situation. I was the last ship alive in my Minekaze, came around an island and ran into an enemy CA. I popped smoke, she used her hydro/radar (I don't know which ship has which but that's not important here, because as far as I know they work similar), the logical thing and I have no problem with that. But as I got deeper in my smoke I was unable to SEE the CA but she kept me spotted by her radar/hydro, and I have zero problem with staying spotted, smoke was a bit OP. In my case alone against multiple ships I was spotted but I couldn't SEE anybody because of my own smoke. The change I suggest is when somebody gets spotted by hydro/radar they should spot back the ship that used the consumable. Almost like HEAR where the hydro/radar comes from. This counter spot should only be possible within the hydro/radar range. It wouldn't be unbalanced because I had multiple kills against DDs while they were in their smoke because I saw where the smoke was->few torps in their smoke and just wait for the results. With this I mean everybody can see where a DD is when it uses smoke generator for obvious reasons but there is no negative sideffect on hydro/radar. I see a pattern emerging in consumables (or in basic features), almost everything has a positive and a negativ side. For example nitro:+speed -increased spotting range (edited) non carrier launched fighter/spotter plane: +the function of the plane -the plane can give your position away smoke: +decreased spotting range -very visible fighter strafing (the stuff you can do with fighter planes): +increased dmg -just in one locked direction automatic return of planes to carriers: +fastest way -gives your general position away (DD torps: +deals huge dmg -can give your general position and travel direction away) I hope you understand my idea and I'm open to any suggestions (sorry for my bad english)