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Found 4 results

  1. TL;DR or "short version" Strike planes (Attack plane, TB, DB) losing the ability to spot for teammates, only minimap spotting. Reconnaissance aircraft is the only plane type, which can spot Reconnaissance aircraft has a "special attack", where the plane can observe other ships and decreases the max. dispersion for teammates. The reconnaissance aircraft adds 50% of the damage done to an observed target caused by teammates to the CVs damage counter, while observing a target. The Observation run could also reveal information about the target like the current speed. Reconnaissance aircraft are single planes with small HP pool. DDs (counter) can handle them easily. CVs can't strike and spot the DD and other ships. Only spot or strike. Reconnaissance aircraft has special spotter consumables. Table of content Introduction Reconnaissance aircraft for Hakuryu Possible consumables Observation flight (attack run) Gameplay Bonus: Reconnaissance aircraft on second branch CV (Support CVs?) Introduction Many people complain about perma spotting. I'm more neutral about that, but what I really don't like: At the begin of a match every ship is bunched up and attack there would only cost many strike planes. So generally it's more about to scout with the strike squad. But only scouting is kinda boring and weird with strike planes. Thus I would prefer, if there would be a plane type made for this role, which would also solve the "perma spotting" issue. My idea is to add reconnaissance aircraft for CVs as a 4th option. The strike planes would lose the ability to spot for other teammates and would be only possible to spot for themself (they could scout on the minimap only), while the reconnaissance aircraft would be able to spot for the team. The reconnaissance aircraft would also have an "attack run" and I will call it observation flight (tell me, if you have a better name for that) and it works like the a normal attack run with left mouse button. Reconnaissance aircraft for Hakuryu Aircraft type: C6N Saiun Hit points: 1257 Max. speed: 241 Knots (with boost) Squad size: 1 Flight deck reload: 182 Sek. Concealment: 7.5 km Flight deck size: 2 Possible consumables (not all, just a collection of ideas) Crewman: Spotter I (alternative name: Binoculars I) Increases the concealment to sky of enemy ship for the reconnaissance aircraft by 20%. Also the reconnaissance aircraft is able to spot the last known position of firing ships (even smoke firing ships). Duration of the consumable: 30 seconds Cooldown: 80 seconds Charges: 3 Crewman: Gunner I Reduces the damage taken from fighters by 75% and the rear gunner starts to shot at planes behind the reconnaissance aircraft. (Kills ~1 plane) Duration of the consumable: 10 seconds Cooldown: 80 seconds Charges: 3 Patrol flight I The reconnaissance aircraft starts to patrol in an area (Like the fighter consumable). The player loses control of the reconnaissance aircraft and can return to the CV with the 'F' key. Duration of the consumable: 30 seconds Cooldown: 120 seconds Charges: 3 External fuel tank I Using Engine boost or air breaks won't cost any energy, but the aircraft takes 33% more damage, while it lasts. Duration of the consumable: 20 seconds Cooldown: 80 seconds Charges: 3 Observation flight (attack run) The Observation flight works like the attack run of an attack plane or torpedo plane. But instead of attacking a target, they go into an observation mode - a bit like the periscope of the submarines at the Halloween event. Thus the recon aircraft observes a target with binoculars and is able to mark a target for the team. If the enemy ship is targeted/marked by the reconnaissance aircraft (IJN) the max. dispersion is reduced by 20% for team mates and 25%, if it's an USN reconnaissance aircraft. Additionally the damage done by team mates while observing the target will be added to 50% to the CVs damage counter as well. So the CV gains base exp for being a spotter only and gives team support by reducing the max. dispersion. As a userfriendly help, there are two indicators for the teammates. First the observed/targeted/marked enemy will get a graphic indicator, that the teammates can see it in-game. The other indicator is a chat message similar to the chat messages of using a radar. Something like "The reconnaissance aircraft revealed a weak target on D4. Focus fire!" Gameplay In randoms and especially in clan battles the CV would have a better gameplay in the first minutes. The CV starts a reconnaissance aircraft to spot the enemies movements and if there is a good target, he will aim for that ship, so the teammates can shoot at it. The early spotting would be way more fun and not only flying around and do nothing. It would be more engaging, if the spotting is more active, less passive. The dds won't have much trouble with the reconnaissance aircraft, because there is only one with low hp, thus it will be shot down pretty fast and the CV would try to avoide DDs. If the CV decides to start a strike squad against a DD, then he won't spot the DD for his teammates and he would have to deal with the DD alone, thus the DD can focus on dodging the CVs aircrafts The USN are considered to have a better reconnaissance aircraft, because the IJN have long range torps, which can be used out of the AA range, this shall give the Midway more value and make her to a good alternative choice. Bonus: Reconnaissance aircraft on second branch CV (Support CVs?) We know, that there will be a second branch in the future and Wargaming mentioned some ideas of Support-CV. The reconnaissance aircraft could be also implemented on those CV but a stronger variant. The reconnaissance aircraft on Support-CVs are in a squad of 3, or 6 planes and could also carry bombs for example. The Support-CV would be a better and way more effective spotter than the Strike-CV Actually, my reconnaissance aircraft idea would solve the alternative line. The Strike CVs would have: Attack aircrafts Torpedo bombers Dive bombers Single reconnaissance aircrafts The Support CVs would be still have strike potential, but more focused on the spotting mechanic So Support CVs would have: Reconnaissance aircrafts in squads with HE-bombs Torpedo bombers AP-dive bombers (USN) / HE-dive bombers (IJN) weak attack planes (Kaga sytle)
  2. ylven999

    Spotting aircraft

    Hi, Does anyone know, what type is the spotting aircraft on the A hull of the Richelieu? Up until now I was quite successful in identifying even the lesser known aircraft on WOWS ships, but this one I cannot fine anywhere.
  3. auf den deutschen Schlachtschiffen T8-10. Am merkwürdigsten finde ich dabei die Bismarck, da ja das Schwesterschiff das Flugzeug ja ordentlich zeigt. Ist etwas bekannt,ob und wann das geändert werden soll? Ich finde es jetzt nicht wirklich schlimm aber es nimmt ein bisschen von der Atmosphäre.
  4. As above, there are multiple types of US spotter planes Curtiss SOC Seagull (Omaha) Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher (Every cruiser from Cleveland up) Curtiss SO3C Seamew (Battleships Collorado and North Carolina) and Curtiss SC Seahawk (Battleships Iowa and Montana.) But every Japanese ship seems to have the Mitsubishi F1M. It'd be nice to have a bit more variety here. I know for example the Mogami should actually have Aichi E13A scout planes. And I've found records saying the Furutaka should have the Kawanishi E7K. and that Kongo should have either Nakajima E8N or Kawanishi E7K scout planes. I've not found any more specific examples yet, but I'm sure there could be a little more variety to the spotter aircraft on Japanese ships. They definitely did not all use one type.