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Found 14 results

  1. Turion1979

    Sound Bugs / Problems since new Patch

    Hi there, i just want to ask if its already reported with the Sound Issues since the New Patch. While it plays "Defeat" Music while you press Exit Battle Button (if you died do early) or it plays Random "Victory" Sound somehow even if you are defeated. And the same goes for the Port Music. I can switch to every possible Port but i still got the same Music (for me it sounds like CBT Port Music - while der was only one Track without a Prem Account) guess that will be fixed in the next Patch?
  2. What the actual **** WG? Why does my Yamato sound like hes shooting airsoft guns, and not a massive roaring monstrosities? Imagine my face when I started playing Yamato and heard (literary) "pfffft pffft pfffft" when I fired my guns Audio Ambient sounds will now be chosen for playback depending on the map Improved sounds of main gun shots for some ships "improved"
  3. Usual the team tell us where they record the sounds or where they get this new stuff and why they changed. this new sound that everyone is complaining and speaking off, with i noticed too ingame. Could we get few answers about it? Was it intended? Why they sound like this? on irl was similar? Where did you fech/read the info about this kind of sound? How does the Devs feels about this new sounds regarless the community complains? Knowing some questions cant be answered, though think theres always a reason behinde what Wg dev does, if theres a post or official statement about this matter please redirect me there did appreciate. And sorry for anything that this post may cause. Thanks for your attention.
  4. i used to always leave all to default in the sound options, and was totally fine with it... ( i play with headphones by the way) but since update, seriously, the volumes are all over the place all of a sudden! it's really , really Bad WG... and the sound options are sadly not detailled enough to allow you to fine tune it right.... -when i play as carrier, i can barely hear the voice of my squadrons... but the system voice ("ennemy ship sunk!", "the ship is on fire!" ect...) is far too loud in comparison -you can't hear anymore hear the little "click" sound when you switch rudder or give an order to a squadron (important feedback!) -from the Tab carrier overview camera, you can't hear any sound effect or explosions anymore even if you zoom all the way near an ennemy ship when it gets hit -you can barely hear the sound of nearby explosions (hitting the ground or a ship near you).... -but if your ships get hit the sound is so loud out of nowhere, it made me flich everytime! it makes sence that it's louder if you get hit, but why is it 4X louder than the other sound effects all of a sudden, it wasn't that loud before! -obnoxious "radio" sound fliter added to the voice clip makes them feel digital and out of place... as if adding loud and annoying censor "Bliips" last patch wasn't enough.... seriously, why did they censor "Son of a Gun!" and "what rotten luck!" ?? was "Son of a Gun!" really that offensive to anyone?? -the ultra shrill and loud whistle when you get heavy dammaged, that will litteraly make yours ears Bleed every time if you're using a headphone, is still not changed after so long... -the default music is WAYYY too loud... like, you need to cut to at least Half of the slider to even be able to hear the rest of the game. at least that you can change in the options tough, unlike the rest EDIT: what the hell is up with the new BB gun sound too ?! you cannot be serious! it's just a like a mellow rumble now the former one had much more "thump!" and punch to it. the 203mm guns of heavy cruisers sound louder, and more impressive too now for godness sake
  5. As the title says, the little piece of music that plays as a match ends plays even when music volume is set to zero.
  6. Allemachmaschine

    Das Sound-Update ist ja wohl der Hit

    Das gequitsche bei einem Treffer ist ja wohl nicht zumutbar. Laut aussage von WG soll es im nächsten Patch behoben werden. Aber jetzt kommt meine Frage: Wird bei WG die neuen Patches oder Schiffskorekturen nicht von Spielern getestet bevor sie eingebunden werden, sprich auf dem Server gebracht werden???? Wenn man es getestet hätte,wäre es einem doch aufgefallen das der Ton doch nur scheiße ist bei einem Treffer.
  7. Calapine

    Nagato gun sound in

    Since the todays hotfix patch the sound of the Nagatos main guns is different. It actually sounds so weird I am not sure if this is intended or some kind of bug? Did anyone else notice a difference? And if yes, what's your opinion?
  8. elStevieRay

    Soundprobleme seit 0.4.0

    Hi, habe seit dem Reset arge Soundprobleme wärend des Kampfes, sowohl High, als auch Low-Quality. Der Sound fängt an zu knirschen und zu kratzen, sobald etwas mehr Schlachtgetümmel aufkommt. Flaut das Getümmel ab, verschwinden auch die Soundprobs wieder. Habe bereits den Clienten neu installiert, auch meine Soundtreiber und den directX... Noch jemand mit dem Prob?
  9. First of all - great feature! Yet... it feels incomplete. I believe everybody would enjoy more immersive experience where music actually corresponds to the situation. I was playing today having some ACDC in the background and this continuous solution ain't really what I would imagine. So, here is my proposal: 1) Separate music folders for: - Port (possibly even enabling unique soundtracks for each...) - Matchmaker + preparation for the battle - Game (possibly even separate playlists for classes/nations) - Victory/Defeat screen Folder structure could look like this Music - Port (play that while in ANY port. Play Music if empty) -- Port 1 (play that in Port 1. Play Port if empty) -- Port 2 (play that in Port 2. Play Port if empty) - Matchmaker (play that on the MM screen and during battle warm up. Play current port if empty.) - Battle (Play after battle start) --BB (Play when playing BB. Play Battle if empty) ---USA (Play when american BB is played. Play BB if empty) ----Iowa (Play when Iowa is played. Play USA if empty) ---Japan.... ---.... --DD (Play when playing DD. Play Battle if empty) --CV (Play when playing CV. Play Battle if empty) --CA (Play when playing CA. Play Battle if empty) - Victory (Play when Victory screen is shown) - Defeat (Play when Defeat screen is shown) This way if somebody doesn't want to 'customize' soundtracks simply drop stuff to music folder and have it current way. If however one feels like having Imperial March playing battleships and some oriental stuff particularly for Yamato - here you go. What do you think guys? I guess this is like few minutes to implement and could possibly be very cool.
  10. RobanBrauer

    Music im Hafen

    Hallo WG-WoW Team, ich weiß nicht wohin damit, aber ich möchte es gerne loswerden: Mir gefällt die Hintergrundmusik sehr gut, die aktuell im "Hafen" dudelt. Nicht das ich die jetzt auch noch die nächsten 5 Jahre hören möchte, aber sie eines Tages nicht mehr hören zu dürfen, würde mich traurig machen. Sind da Möglichkeiten angedacht die Sounds öfter bzw. beliebig zu hören? (Soundtrack etc.) Danke
  11. MassTahh

    Sound problems

    After the patch it seems that game went silent EXCEPT for destroyed fighter plane message. Having in game chat with other players suggests that majority is having various issues with missing sounds - with me being extreme case.
  12. Sir_Tramalot

    Sound issues

    I am having weird sound issues in the game, it is ok to start, and then after about 30 seconds, the sounds start getting garbled until it just sounds like white noise. Any ideas?

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  14. PunktPlusKomma


    Servus Kapitäne, ich habe ein Problem mit meinen Sound-Einstellungen, mehrfach hin und her probiert.... aber ich gestehe ein dass ich immer noch nicht 100% weiß, welcher Einstellungsregel genau was bewirkt. Mir geht es darum, dass mir die musikalische Untermalung sachte im Hintergrund reicht, das Abfeuern der Kannonen ruhig gut zu hören sein soll und ich die Audio-Kommandos wie "Fire-Request", also dem Team mitteilen auf ein bestimmtes Ziel zu gehen, oder die Meldungen der Flieger vom Katapult-Flieger/Fighter Squads vom CV sehr gut zu hören sind. All das bekomme ich nach ein wenig tüfteln hier und da hin.... aber leider zerreißt es mir die Ohren bei den Melden "The enemy team has taking the lead" etc... Ich habe keine Ahnung wie ich das "minimieren" kann. Jedesmal wenn ich versuche das leiser zu drehen, dann höre ich die anderen Meldungen gar nicht mehr. Anbei ein Bild von den momentanen Einstellungen. Hier höre ich die Kommandos gar nicht mehr, dafür zerballert es mir nicht die Ohren, wenn wir oder das gegner Team die "Führung" übernommen hat. Deswegen meine Frage, ob mir einer bei dem Problem helfen kann?