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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, The "Situational Awareness" and "Incoming Fire Alert" icon currently occupy the same exact spot on screen and they are never ever shown both at the same time. Is this, possibly, MODable? Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Leo_Apollo11

    The "Situational Awareness" is gone...

    Hi all, The "Situational Awareness" is gone... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. After making the SA a game-mechanic instead of a skill, the indicator started flashing again, ergo, the 3 second rule of it being 'on' after you stopped being officially spotted is not there. So am I now visible for 3 seconds after it disappears, or am I instantly invisible as soon as it is gone?
  4. And here I though there wouldn't be a reason to slam WG for the 0.5.5 considering how many good things it introduced. Thankfully, I was wrong. So, did you per chance notice while playing your DD that there seem to be a lot more of shots getting tossed at you event though you are sitting in smoke or out of spotting range? Maybe you noticed a lot more [edited] DDs just sitting there in the smoke at standstill while spotted and without any need to move? If yes then congratulation, you just witnessed the brand new spotting mechanics in 0.5.5 that are suppose to prevent DDs 'popping in and out'. What it actually does is that you are spotted for something like 20 seconds more than you are suppose to. For example you popped smoke and the 'Situational Awareness' tells you are hidden, right? Wrong, the enemy can still see you for a brief amount of time, and boy let me tell you a slowing down DD catches a LOT of attention. This is obviously a DD nerf, but I don't have a problem with it. With what I do have a problem is the 'Situational Awareness' perk not reflecting that very fact of still being visible. It tends to be highly confusing.