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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, there is quite a strong opinion lately about game beign very forgiving (silver and XP topic only). I am interested how you would like to fix it. As we are discussing it for a purpose of "giving WG reason to make changes" please be civilised. They can ignore many things but if we demand game to be economically harsher they will comply as there is gain for them ;) I can just say that my biggest lost before changes to battle fee was a 300k silver battle in Yamato (I have made 2k+ damage with two overpens and died). After changes my biggest loss was 200k silver in Yamato (I shot down 17 planes, if memory serves, and was sunk by Midway - old RTS times). As I have some event camo for Yamato it is almost impossible to lose silver now. My recent loss was 12k silver in Moskva (I am as bad in it as I was in Yamato). As I am permanently runing premium account in reality I have lost less as prices above are given without premium. I am looking at non premium income to know if I am good enough to play without it. Answer is I am good enough, but now I can be more careless (that is a bad thing actually but makes game more enjoyable.) I am not giving my opinion on subject because I do not have any good idea to share.
  2. Looking for a good T7 CA/CL and DD to play. I already have some favorite BB's at T7 and I want to play some other ships at that tier as well. Something for the average players to also learn in. Can be silver or premium. My favorite CL/CA lines are the German, French and USN ones. As for DD's I like the USN lines and the Russian ones.
  3. Hi all, Introductory note: This is not a rant of any sort - I am just interested in our opinion and similar experience with this! Here are few "OK-ish" () battles from last weekend that I had with my brand new "North Carolina"... Setup: Almost stock "North Carolina" (I only unlocked "Propulsion" module for time being) 12 point captain Regular account No economic flags Premium Repair" + "Premium Heal" consumables (without those it is almost impossible to fight Tier VIII / IX / X)Cammo from reserve (when I spend accumulated ones - the additional Silver will be needed for every battle) #1 #2 #3 So... what do you think guys? Is this OK (even with recent 25% repair cost discount)? Do you have same experience? BTW, I am now playing one battle in my "Tirpiz" for every battle in my "North Carolina" to cover the cost.... Leo "Apollo11"
  4. So after last patch I noticed less income, especially at Tier 5. Today I did my first game of the day (Patch in a kirov, was a decent game with about 50k damage done and a win. Last patch that would give me at least 130000 plus silver. A few patches ago good to decent games in the Nicholas or so would give me about 250k silver. Today I recieved 800xp on the winning side and a measly 88k sliver for a 50k damage-top-of-my-team win in the Kirov. I don't see anything in the patch notes about this stuff?
  5. Hi all, What is the formula to calculate the award in Silver after a battle? Does anyone know (at least roughly)? Thanks in advance (I searched but didn't find much though)! Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Spezct

    Game economy needs to change!

    Jeah, economy is just awful in this game. I have seen that now when I got Amagi and Mogami. Short example: I have now 70 games on Amagi and avg XP 1600+. I need about 78000 XP to open Izumo, so that is 78000/1600 = ~50 matches. Same time I can make after repairs+ammunition about avg 150 000 silver from a good game (dmg +75 000 and 2-3 kills). Izumo price is 16 million and with better hull 20 million. I got now 5 million. In these 50 matches I can make 7,5 million, if I can play those good results... So I'm short over 4 to 8 million!!! All these numbers are calculated on premium account! If you not have a premium account, you can just divine silver earnings by 2! This just means that you have to play one single line to somehow match enough silver + XP to next ship and with premium! WG please change economy (repair costs, earnings, etc.), that I don't need to play +50 extra matches to just get enough silver to next ship! Ps, I have had for a long time four other ship just waiting to bought, but just cannot to that now. I put my anchor down and waiting if something happens... BR, Spezct
  7. VelocityTracer

    World of money grinding

    One thing i have noticed about World of Warships is the increased income of credits and the extra rewards for doing well, even on a defeat, which has been a nice change of pace from the other game where income is decided based on how the team performs as a whole. But there is still that dark cloud looming over the economy, if you want to upgrade your ship, progress to the next, or generally want to re-buy an old ship because you ran out of Port-slots. Selling price is also severely reduced from the price you bought the ship for Upgrades for ships in the higher tiers have a tendency of costing more than a ship as a whole, take the last hull upgrade on the Izumo for example, it almost costs as much as the tier 7 Colorado So in hindsight we're back to square one, World of Tanks pricetags for upgrades and at quadruple the price for a new ship. And then there is that decade long XP grind which should be covered in a stand-alone topic of itself
  8. gekkehenkie50

    I am nearly broke!

    I have been playing in the closed beta, reached tier 8 in the japanese dds, and then everything got wiped (which i knew was coming). However after reaching tier 3 (again) in nearly all the lines I now have exactly 124 coins . I must say the the way economics work on wows has changed alot! 3 000 000 for the best upgrade in the game... For example in WoT you would pay 600 000 for the most expensive upgrade, thats about 30 games on a non premium account (after subtracting repair costs, and dont tell me that "ow well im a MUCH better player than you so for me its different" i have totally average stats In WoWS 3 000 000 is about 75 games! Thats more than double the amount. And even upgrades on tier 3 ships cost up to 1 000 000, while i get games when i earn 30 000- 100 000 in them I remember just before the wipe i was also losing money after battles in my tier 8 ships. So firstly, please DO something about the economics at the moment, and secondly, how can i build up my ingame piggy bank again? (PS) The game itself is great, and just like other users on this forum, I WANT TO PLAY IT. The problem is just these little frustrating issues. (there are full topics with that name)