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Found 28 results

  1. Hello everyone, as I was playing with my Fuso VI battleship, I noticed that one cruiser and another battleship (both from Japan I believe) were using a flag that remined me of Great Britain. First of all, I would like to ask for the meaning of that British or English flag on a Japanese cruiser, and how can I obtain it too? also, what happens if I use it or not? Is it permanent, or just another consumable like signals? I also have other questions that I would like to ask to the european community, here they go: 1. Since I am a battleship lover, I do in most matches at least 4 to 5 citadel hits, mostly on enemy cruisers and battleships. Although, I have noticed that citadel hits can be easily executed by firing the shell so that it can land on the ship just above the waterline in order to penetrate it in the enemy ship easily. Am I correct? 2. What are ranked battles and team battles? I would like to someone to give me detailed information about those, and the releasing date for both of them. 3. How can I add an existing signature in this forum? I would like to know how does it work. Thanks in advance. TakedaYabu.
  2. Scipio_Africanus1829


    I do hope we get this ship in the German tec tree at some point. And just to wet your appetite a little, some rare film of the Prince Eugen at the Battle of the Denmark Strait. The gunfire is spectacular shame there is no sound.
  3. What do You think about this ship and would you like to been introduced to the game? In my opinion the ship is weak But I would like to be was added to the game If I made mistakes that I'm sorry for my English but I do not know him very ORP Grom Career (Poland) Name: ORP Grom Namesake: Thunderclap Laid down: 17 July 1935 Launched: 20 July 1936 Commissioned: 11 May 1937 Decommissioned: 4 May 1940 Fate: Sunk in the fjord Rombaken nearNarvik in Norway General characteristics Class & type: Grom-class destroyer Displacement: 1,975 tons standard 2,183 tons normal 2,400 tons full Length: 114 m (374 ft) Beam: 11.3 m (37 ft 1 in) Draft: 3.3 m (10 ft 10 in) Propulsion: Two Parsons' steam turbines of 54,000 shp (40,000 kW) altogether, 3 boilers and 2 shafts Speed: 39 knots (72 km/h/45 mph) Range: 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 km/4,000 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h/17 mph) Complement: 192 Armament: 7 × 120 mm (4.7 in) Bofors wz. 34/36 guns 2 × double 40 mm (1.6 in) AA Boforsguns 4 × double 13,2 mm AA HotchkissHMG 6 × 550 mm (22 in)/533 mm (21.0 in) torpedo tubes 2 × depth charge launchers, 20 wz. BH 200 bombs 44 naval mines
  4. Zenthon02

    WWII Ships built in Minecraft

    I've started a Thread in the german forum showing our constructions. Since some players did like them, i decided to show them here as well. So, let's get started: These are some pictures of ships I (or rather: our Clan) built in minecraft. Maybe you can guess some of them! I hope you like what we did.
  5. Hi, Have we any idea on what kind of schedule there is for British Destroyers/Battleships and Heavy Cruisers? Also, we have a lot of talk about the splitting of the tree for the japanese destroyers but this has been dragging on for ages, surely we are near to the release of this change??? I am keen to start adjusting my lineup and knowing what I can focus on. Also what kind of compensation I will get for removals of hull mods and ship adjustments. Am holding of converting for shimikaze from kagero until then. Loving the game, can't get enough, keep up the good work WG. Thanks
  6. delete this plz gg wargaming!
  7. Voskoulis_GR

    Italian/American ships Greek Camo

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to say that it would be great for the Greek community of WoWs to see some Greek ships into the game.There are 2 Greek ships that made a good impression in WWI&WW2. 1)HS BELOS D-16 (DD) Fletcher Class American Destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Charrette 2)HS G.AVEROF (CA) Pisa Class Italian Heavy Cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof Because of their initial construction in other countries the only implement for us would be a Greek CAmo. That Camo (GReek FLag,Colors,Captain name,etc),could be in wargaming store and everyone interested in that could buy it.That would be really great and appreciated by the Greek community of WoWs. What is your opinion?
  8. Tiger1940

    Austro-Hungarian Navy

    Hi, My question is, along with the remaining nations, I know probably after we'll receive the US Battleships, and Japanese Aircraft Carriers, probably new nations will be added, when is the Austro-Hungarian Navy will be in? Also my opinion it could be a whole tech tree although it didn't have any aircraft carriers in WW1. I can't wait to play its ships, like SMS Szent István battleship.
  9. davixu

    Armada Española

    Buenas, España durante muchos siglos fue la potencia naval número 1, lamentablemente en los años en los que esta ambientado World of Warships su 'armada' sufrio la crisis económica y fue decadente. Sin embargo hay un puñado de barcos que podrían formar la 'rama Española'. ACORAZADO PELAYO Casi 10.000 toneladas, 105m x 20m x 11m Cinturón blindado 298-450 mm• Cubierta 70 mm• Barbetas 298-399 mm• Mamparos 152 mm Armamento • 2 cañones Hontoria de 320 mm• 2 cañones Hontoria de 280 mm• 1 cañón Hontoria de 160 mm• 12 cañones Hontoria de 120 mm• 3 (más tarde 5) cañones Hotchkiss de 57 mm• 13 cañones de 37 mm• 4 ametralladoras• 7 tubos lanzatorpedos https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acorazado_Pelayo ACORAZADOS TIPO ESPAÑA https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espa%C3%B1a_(1913) 15700 toneladas 140 m x 24 m x 12,70 m Cinturón blindado: 203-102 mm• Cintura alta: 152 mm• Barbetas: 254 mm• Torretas: 203 mm• Cubierta: 38 mm• Torre de mando: 254 mm• Bulgues antitorpedos: 38 mm • 8 cañones Vickers de 305 mm/50 VSM Mark H• 20 cañones Vickers de 101 mm/50• 2 cañones AA de 47 mm• 2 cañones de desembarco de 70 mm• 2 ametralladoras Maxim CRUCERO PESADO CARLOS V 9235 toneladas116 m x 20,8 m x 12,35 m Blindaje • Casco de acero Martín-Siemens• Cinturón en zona central: 84 mm• Barbetas: 250 mm• Cubierta y laterales: 62 mm• Torres: 25 mmArmamento • 2 cañones González Hontoria 280 mm• 8 cañones González Hontoria 140 mm• 4 cñ García Lomas de 100 mm • 20 cañones ligeros • 6 tubos lanzatorpedos• 2 cañones de desembarco de 70 mm Sarmiento • 4 ametralladoras https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_V_(1898) CRUCERO LIGERO BLAS DE LEZO 6312 toneladas140,2 m x 14,02 m x 7,00 m Armamento • 6 cañones Vickers 152/50 mm• 4 cañones 47/50 mm• 4 ametralladoras• 12 tubos lanzatorpedos de 533 mm. (4 × 3)• 1 cañón de desembarco de 76 mm. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blas_de_Lezo_(1924) CRUCERO LIGERO MIGUEL DE CERVANTES 9240 toneladas176,62 m x 16,61 m x 5,03 m Blindaje • Cinturón blindado entre 50 y 75 mm• Cubierta de 25 mm• Torres con manteletes de 12 mm Armamento original:• 8 cañones Vickers de 152 mm/50• 4 cañones AA de 101'6 mm/45• 12 tubos lanzatorpedos de 533 mm (4 × 3) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_de_Cervantes_(1930) -------------------- Todo esto sin entrar en analizar todos los buques que se perdieron en la guerra de Cuba que igual podríamos rescatar alguno. Me gustaría que gente más documentada en estos temas ampliara el tema y tal vez con un poco de suerte, si hay una rama Polaca, pueda haber también Española.
  10. DumbleDerp

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    So just started a build of the Bismarck and thought I'd post the progress in here. It's a 1/350 Tamiya, so not the official, sponsored WG model, but we'll see how it goes. I'll post more updates as I go along, would like to hear from any other people doing similar stuff. I'll also try and get better pictures too
  11. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Limited time buying - Premium ships

    Hi all, I want to get your guys opinions on what you think might happen with the upcoming premium ships that WG are planning to release sometime soon. My question is do you think that WG will release these ships with a timer? A release like the Tirpitz or the Warspite last year each came with timers say 1 week to 1 month. From what i've seen recently with ships they have released such as the Indianapolis, Texas and Arizona they haven't put exclusive timers on the ships themselves but have on the exclusive offered ones and after that timer has expired they have put the standalone ships in to the premium shop with no other benefits to it. So coming back to my original question do you think with the release of the much awaited Scharnhorst, Dunkerque and another possibility of a German cruiser do you think that they will add them to the premium ship tab without timers of availability or do you think that they will be exclusive timed ships?
  12. Is it a favourite ship of yours, is it a tech tree or some concept you hope wargaming will add in the future. Whatever it is post and explain why you look forward to it. Personally I have a couple ships I can't wait to see what WG has in store for Agano-Class Light Cruisers Now I might be a little biased on this one because it is my favourite class of ships ever (don't ask why, I don't know either), but hear me out. In most threads I see people writing off the Agano-class as a tier 5 Cruiser, and well looking at the guns I agree. With some tweaks and a smoke though I can see the Agano working in tier 7-8, as it has okay AA and very good torpedoes. The Agano is also pretty small so I could see it almost being a kind of DD/CL hybrid. Most of all though I'm mostly just excited to see what Wargaming does to it, write it off as a tier 5 cruiser or make it work somehow in tiers 7-8. Alaska-class "Large Cruiser", IJN super type A-class "Supercruiser", Dutch project-1047 "Battlecruiser" How Wargaming will handle these ships really excites me as they all blur the line between Battlecrusier and Heavy Cruiser. Wargming could also just write these off as low tier battlships, but I'm hopefull they can make them work as high tier CC/CA hybrids. I guess you could group up the panzerschiffe with these ships, but I dunno. Ise/Fuso-class Hybrid Carriers There are tons of threads on these so I won't go into detail, but if and how wargaming implements these excites me to the bone. tl;dr It looks like what I want to see is the the ships that blur the line between the classifications. Any thoughts?
  13. Silvir

    Ship controls

    So having started playing today i have noticed something that is bugging me quite a bit. Turret controls. 1: the aim is a bit iffy forcing me to change zoom a lot and at times fire each turret at a time to make sure i actually hit where the cross-hair is aiming. Parts of it getting used to but the whole zoom in and out just so that the turrets will aim correctly is a bit weird or is that intended??? 2:This is my main concern!! - Rear, Front and side turrets. Does anyone know why there isn't an option to divide controls between these.?? I have many times ended up with ships firing at me from different directions but i can't properly divide my firepower or properly plan my movement, because all turrets are trying to aim where i am looking this is very VERY frustrating!!! Loving the game so far though. and has there been topics about this before...Is there any information on the turret controls??
  14. RavenSCO

    USS S

    Why cant we buy sims from the premium shop I WANT THIS SHIP ......
  15. ID_79

    HMS Belfast - eure Eindrücke

    Moin, heute ist mein absolutes lieblings Schiff nach langem Warten endlich rausgekommen *_* . Leider bin ich derzeit etwas skeptisch: sie verliert unheimlich schnell an HP. Eine Salve von ner Tirpitz oder Scharnhorst reicht aus, damit sich die Belfast den Meeresgrund anschauen kann. Was haltet ihr von diesem majestätischem Schiff? Gruß ID_79 PS: Ich suche einen maritimen Clan also könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben ;)
  16. Take a break between a 406mm gun and a torpedo salvo and let's talk about one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) ship in the world in service.(the Vasa isn't in service i'm sorry) we can begin in the calm of the Mediterranean water 1962 "who are you?" "Training ship Amerigo Vespucci of the Italian Navy" "you are the most beautifull ship in the world" These are the words between USS Indipendence and the Amerigo Vespucci. In the land of Pasta and Pizza in 1931 the Regia Marina ordered a second Training ships, the first one was the Cristoforo Colombo , named after the one that descover the american continent and the second after Amerigo Vespucci , the first that realize that the American continent wasn't India (Yes Colombo was convinced that he was arrived in India). After the second world war she remain alone after that the Colombo was taken by the Russian Navy (she will burn in an accident in the 60') but she continue as a training ship until today and is one of the biggest sail training ship in the world and can have 450 people with sailors ,officer and cadets (yes the recruit are the cadet of the Accademia navale (Naval academy)) she is also "armed " with 2 6pdr gun but they are used only for cerimonial thing. This is in my opinion a beautifull ship and what about you? some ship (sail or training) that you love a part the one in this game?
  17. pzkpfwv1d

    Introduction of new ships

    I have a multiple question as follows: - When will WG be releasing Royal Navy ships into general game play (rather than the single premium ship we currently have) given that the Royal Navy introduced the concept of the Dreadnough, the concept of the battle cruiser and the concept of the angled flight deck into naval architecture Will Michigan make it into the US inventory as a T2 ship in some form Will we see such oddities HMS Agincourt, HMS Courageous and Glorious (as designed), HMS Furious (As designed) Can we have some armoured cruisers such as HMS Warrior or HMS Black Prince Given the recent introduction of the Blyskowisc - will we be seeing the introduction of HMS Caroline as a veteran (Built 1914, decommissioned 2009) Will we be seeing Argentinian, Brazilian Italian, Austro Hungarian, Turkish, Spanish, French and other nationality ships Are we going to see the IJN Aki/Satsuma introduced as premium T2 ships
  18. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Ships are way too rusty

    This is to be like an open complaint to Wargaming, I've seen battleships and Warships In general in real life, Including the USS Iowa and pictures of it while in service in the Iowa Museum in the United States, None were even close to be as rusty as you've made ships ingame, Ships look ATROCIOUS, and for no apparent reason! Not only you've removed the Color schemes(Which ships had in CBT) But you've made them overly rusty, Ships look like literal rust buckets, I understand your desire to make people buy camo but this is way too much rust, It is unrealistic and even ruins me enjoying the graphics and the ship's aestheticity. Ships could look way better, And be way more realistic, I doubt any wartime ship looked as rusty as the ships ingame, Hell even the Bismarck's wreck seems to be less rusty than the games ships doused in orange, I for one do not enjoy sailing a ship that looks worse than the United States' Mothball fleet. EDIT: Rant starts at 20:43. If anyone wants I can post a comparison of my Iowa in CBT and my Iowa in OBT just so you guys can get the feel.
  19. cosmin

    Ramming. Good or Bad ?

    Hi guys . As I don't have a chance to play the game ( not yet ) , I want to satisfy my curiosity so I am asking you . How does ramming works in WoWs , what parameters are taken into account and what can the results be after a successful ram : BB vs CA , BB vs DD , CA vs DD , CV vs CV , etc.
  20. gekkehenkie50

    Help for the Iowa

    So, I know there is already a post for this, and yes, I have been looking around internet, but I cannot find any help for the Iowa that seems to work for me. The problems I encounter: She turns like a brick Often I find myself in situations where it is simply impossible to angle towards every ship, and I must decide between angling towards that Nagato or the Amagi etc. When I do go head on I feel trapped, once commited, I'm on that path until I'm dead, there is not turning back because, unlike in the NC, Iowa takes MASSIVE damage to her broadside Often when fighting my team does indeed use me as a tank, which I'm fine with because that's my role, but then they take that as a bail out option; when 1 ship turns for whatever reason, my entire back-up just routes, they all run away whilest I soak up the damage... (But, of course, this is just asking for team work in a Random battle, which is very rare as it is) The guns do not seem to be more accurate then the NC, despite everyone telling me they are It's AA seems worse than the NC Usually when tanking I lose atleast 1 of my frontal turrets, sometimes both Overall, I would really like to be able to be of assistance to my team, but I have no idea how I should handle Iowa. I tried sniping one game (I know I shouldn't) and, it actually got me more xp and credits than when I tank. I did notice however, that I am less accurate in the Iowa because it shell flight times are different (I think) compared to NC. Any tips are welcome, but my main question is how do I tank efficiently, without taking too much focus fire from multiple flanks and angles? Tier Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Iowa 9 3 0% 16 24 460 0 2
  21. It would be great if players could set their country's flag on their ship and then they would sail with it with more pride and valiancy !!! For example : I'm from Greece and i would LOVE to play with my flag behind me .... there would be so emotionally "charged" moments that i personally like to have, in this type of games!!!! But of course this type of item would be not free-of-charge..... pretty much the same feature as WoT has . I believe this is a MUST feature for the players !!!!!!! What do you think about it ?
  22. Question for any devs who might be reading this. I am a premium fan, I just love the premium ships but you guys can't make them fast enough!!! And I would really love to see a Cruiser IX or X tier premium ship being released, for any of the faction countries, although Russia or Japan would be nice. Are there any plans for a premium ship of this tier to be released soon? I am loving the game and wish for more content and addons for the WOW series. Please make them available to purchase.
  23. Amrumer1000

    Ideas for Premium ships

    Hey lads! In the last weeks I often thought about new Premium vessels WG could add to the game. Just because I think some special ships deserve to be in the game & also because some important ship classes aren't even in the game yet. Of course they could also try to add a 2nd tree but for some nations it will be hard to find enough for 2 trees (some even 1). So I think all Premiums should share some important aspects: 1.They should be different from their "normal" sisters, especially in terms of the gameplay style. Every Premium should be special in their own way. 2. It is definitely nice when ship got an interesting background (history). That would make the Premium way more attractive to collectors. 3. Balance is key. It should still be strong in it's own gameplay style but it should still be worse in some aspects than her "normal" counterpart. What I mean is it really shouldn't be to strong but also of course not to weak. So enough of that. Let's finally begin with my ideas. If you got any ideas as well it's of course appreciated for you to write a comment or suggestion. My first idea was the US Destroyer - USS Pringle [DD-477]. It's a Fletcher-class DD & so obviously Tier 9. I know, I know. Tier 9 Premium... are you mad?! But hear me out. Some time ago they revealed the USS Black [DD-666], which is a Fletcher-class Premium as well. Many suggest it's a reward ship for ranked or team battles. The Black itself seems to be nothing special compared to the "normal" Fletcher from the Stats. It may get a different consumables combo but the only "interesting" thing is that the ship number is 666. When you won so many ranked or team battle seasons I think you earn a special ship that is more different than the "normal" Fletcher. I won't throw the Fletcher-idea away but I chose a more unique one of the class. USS Pringle is such a unique ship. (& I love the name by the way) The USS Pringle was one of the few DD's that got a floatplane catapult mounted on her. But she lost 1 127mm turret, some AA & also 1 of her Torp launchers. That is of course pretty bad & some aspects should get a buff. WG could for example buff the HP from 17,100 to 18,900. Then maybe buff speed & rudder shift a little bit & also give her more concealment. The torps should also get a buff since you only get 1 launcher. (Maybe drop the reload a little bit or give them more speed for less range) Then they could also switch up the consumable combo (Maybe give her Hydro or Radar) You may ask why a floatplane on a destroyer is any useful. First of all it would be something really special since there is nothing like that in the game yet. But it could also be used for stealth fire, when you drop smoke & the plane can spot targets for you. If it's a fighter it will also attack enemy planes. Maybe WG could give the Pringle a special plane. One that gives more range but also attacks enemy aircraft. Since it's a special reward ship she should be very good so people will look forward to unlock her. But of course she shouldn't be overpowered. The USS Pringle also got a quite interesting background story. She did a lot of escort missions but sadly sunk by a kamikaze attack in April 1945. There is even a memorial site: http://www.usspringle.org/ I think it would make a great reward ship for ranked or team battles especially because it's something special.
  24. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Grand Naval Battles - Ships on offer

    So i've been wanting to collect some of these ships for a while now that they have put on offer in the treasures tab in the Grand Naval Battles section. To get all 4 ships on offer it is required to get 1350 diamonds. Is it even possible to get that many diamonds within the allotted time that the event runs? I know it's possible to get 100 diamonds from beating the Armchair Admirals in a team battle but let's be honest what are the chances that you will bump in to them and also win. From what i've heard it is only possible to get 1000 diamonds from all the missions that will run during the event.
  25. I'm from Chios a very beautifull island in Greece and EVERY year we have an event which is very popular worldwide!!! I think you guys will love it .... Every neibourhood build ships a whole year and at the new Years eve we show it to the people of chios and they decde which is the best ... !!! I will leave u a link of how awesome is it and how proud am i that i ve been born in an island with sooo many Sailors, Captains !!! This video is in greek language ... u can watch additional videos if u search this : " αγιοβασιλιατικα καραβακια χιου " u wont regret it