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Found 5 results

  1. As the old Desync thread is archived in beta section, i think this one should be brought back to the release side as it still is problem for many. This issue can also be refferred as the same issue in WoT as Ghost Shells So what is it the desync causes? 1. Your shells will fly thru the enemy ships aft/midsection, usually whitout anykind of contact at all splashing behind or inside the texture of ship. (Also enemy shells going thru your ship in your game if they aimed bad.) 2. You are never hitting citadels as your aim is completely off. 3. When enemy ship dies you will see it will warp to the actual position where it is at the server side. 4. Torpedoes will go thru your and enemy ships. 5. Your shells will be fired from front of you, at position you have not yet reached in your game but you actually are there at the server end 6. Gets gradually worse as the match continues. Heres some links to other threads that i find quite informative on the matter: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/53090-severe-delaylag/ US Forum thread, their support has answered it is at WGs end and they are looking for fix. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9489-visible-ship-position-vs-hitbox/ Archived topic on beta forums. Indicates problem whit bigworld edngines visibility check counter. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7998-repeat-of-client-server-de-synch-thread-per-conans-request/ >WG asia forum thread of the same bug where moderator is on it. Im quoting next the most important messages from the old topic, if you are more interested you can check it out here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/24414-wrong-display-of-ship-positions/ I asked before in one thread and i ask again, could everyone who does have desync PLEASE post your PC configuration! As WG is not going to make this a big priority, we must figure out workaround probably ourself. Mostlikely this is gonna end in that, the client has problem whit some processors. My bet is Intel i7 family or any multithreading units. Free template here: Cpu: GPU: RAM Size/speed: OS: Installation drive same as OS: Core temperatures:
  2. As the title of the post asks... Does anyone know if Victor Lima Flags count towards AP shells as well as HE shells? Thanks
  3. MassTahh

    Pyromania skill aint working?

    Hi there, So I mainly play with Fletcher and Gearing and thought it could be interesting to set everyone on fire. HE shells have by themselves 5% chance to set on fire (statistically 1 out of 20 shells will cause fire) and additional 5% from pyromania should be giving us 10% chance (statistically 1 out of 10 shells will cause fire)... problem is that it doesn't and at those fire rates it should be less tank 10 sec of good shooting. Either RNG hates me badly or couple of games in a row I was trying to set ships on fire pumping sometimes 40 shells in them with no sign of that happening. Eventually I retrained my captains for torp acquisition... anybody had similar experience ?
  4. Excavatus

    Basic Newbie Question

    Hello community, I am starting to ask my question in my first ever post with the high hopes of the WOWs community being friendly, Because as a new player in low tiers, the in battle communication and TK/TD incidents put me through awe! Anyway, after 15k battles in wot (with acc excavatus), I decied to take a break and try Wows instead, I am happy now because there is much much much much less frustration here. Although I presume that becomes from bein in tier 3 max and having less then 100 games has a factor in that.. I have a specific question regarding the shell types, but please feel free to add any kind of information that you think I should know about. for example, how is the high tier battles? how about the game balance? MM looks good, does it do good in high tiers? grind looks like worse than tonks am I right? Credits looks like flowing like a river does it stays like that etc etc.. whatever you can say about the community and the game is good for me. And the question, I read about the HE and AP shells in Wows.. and I made a rule for myself according to the info I gather from the guides (%70) and my ingame experience (%30) as I still haven't decided which class I am gonna follow more intensly, I am trying everything at the moment.. so my rule is, DD: always use HE, CA: use HE on BBs and DDs, and use AP on other CAs and lower tier BBs (If I see them in the future) and use AP at around the max shooting range (because of the shell drop) BB: AP on most, HE on DDs and higher tier BBs.. I dont care about the CVs that much because I dont see them much, and If I happen to see one of them to attacking range I will be most likely in my DD.. so.. these are my rules for shell type preference.. Yes HE doesnt do much damage, but fire looks like a consistent way of giving damage and If you are firing HE from for example a Dresden, the enemy ship will continue to burn.. no matter what. even in BB's.. HE seems much more consistent.. and for hitting.. I dont know If I feel right or not, hitting with HE looks like easier.. AP misses much more.. Yes I got some insane AP salvos.. but I dont feel like it is good enough.. On the other hand, yesterday in a tier 3 BB, score screen showed me that I hit the enemy 105 times.. 40 of them were pens.. the rest, non-pen, richoche or overpens.. So, please tell me what am I doing wrong, what should I try to do first to get more consistent damage with AP.. Because we laugh people in wot when they fire HE from meds or heavy tanks.. and really dont care about them after the first HE.. especially If we are in a well armored tank.. Thanks in advance..
  5. Taking apart the shells velocity, angle, etc mechanics in this game, the penetration values are based on the gun only? Asking this due when i play withn F.Der grobe the guns between 406mm or 420mm i realy dont notice much of diference between, only abit when i do citadels. Although i do thing 406mm has more performance at least at this boat than 420mm itself. Thanks for ur attention.