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Found 2 results

  1. zeroingflying

    WTF why is there rust on my ship :D

    I have been admiring the amazing in game models of the ships in the game, I am not against the rust I like it makes my ship look like a badass war veteran which I suppose they are; dose the rust get worse as you use your ship in battles? If not I thick it should you should get them all shiny and new looking then have them "age" with rust, I would like to see a "clean my ship" option in the port that would repaint the ships like they do real world warships. I don't know if you have seen a warship come home after a tour, they are rusty as heck but the crew and workers will quickly repaint them and have them looking immaculate in a matter of days so that official visits and public openings can take place and then people can have nice pictures. here's some random shots of the former Royal navy flag ship HMS Ark Royal. in port with new paint; and at sea a bit rusty enjoy hope to see you out there some time
  2. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Ships are way too rusty

    This is to be like an open complaint to Wargaming, I've seen battleships and Warships In general in real life, Including the USS Iowa and pictures of it while in service in the Iowa Museum in the United States, None were even close to be as rusty as you've made ships ingame, Ships look ATROCIOUS, and for no apparent reason! Not only you've removed the Color schemes(Which ships had in CBT) But you've made them overly rusty, Ships look like literal rust buckets, I understand your desire to make people buy camo but this is way too much rust, It is unrealistic and even ruins me enjoying the graphics and the ship's aestheticity. Ships could look way better, And be way more realistic, I doubt any wartime ship looked as rusty as the ships ingame, Hell even the Bismarck's wreck seems to be less rusty than the games ships doused in orange, I for one do not enjoy sailing a ship that looks worse than the United States' Mothball fleet. EDIT: Rant starts at 20:43. If anyone wants I can post a comparison of my Iowa in CBT and my Iowa in OBT just so you guys can get the feel.