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Found 71 results

  1. RN Cruisers - jump from T7 to T8

    I'm not that experienced in PVP (playing Random) but I managed to get up to Fiji without problems and I quite enjoyed that ship. I was hardly the terror of the seas but I often could contribute to games. As I upgraded into Edinburgh, it feels as if I hit a brick wall. Sure, the ship is powerful but so is the enemy. But that's not my issue. The problem is that people are suddenly very hostile to one another without taking into account what each ship can or can't do. So Molotovs are berated for not hunting DDs at caps and so on. For me it's usually one of the two: I'm not "forward enough" between the battleship van and enemies OR I'm "too far forward and die too quickly" and it seems like suddenly the difference between those extremes is minuscule. Is there anything you can suggest to get into the right mindset of how far forward/back I should gravitate? I'm using smoke, hydro and weapons as appropriate and reacting to the situation but it seems like everyone is complaining about everyone all of a sudden while high tier enemy ships make any mistakes fatal.
  2. Como algunos sabrán, mi gusto por los barcos británicos es enorme e incluso yo diría desmezurado.Quizás se deba por su diseño, su historia o su hermosa bandera que flamea en la proa del barco. El tema que nos convoca hoy es porque a raíz de la inminente llegada del Hms Duke of Yorck(asignado en noviembre de 1941), el acorazado de línea y hermano de este último, el Hms King George V, queda notablemente disminuido en AA. Para principios de 1942, el King George V, ya llevaba prácticamente la misma cantidad de baterías AA que las de su hermano Duke of York.Entonces, lo que molesta y soy bastante intransigente en esto, es que al King George V, le tienen un tumulto de botes bastantes feuchos a la vista. También hay que considerar que Wargaming, cuando lanzo la ficha técnica del KGV, lanzo la versión de 1941, prácticamente igual que el Duke of York, y luego se retractaron de esto. Para concluir solo le pido amablemente a wargaming que haga algo simple, saquen esos botes de atrás de la segunda chimenea del KING GEORGE V. ¿Qué opinan?
  3. Nerf Royal Navy High Explosive

    As the name of this thread implies. RN high explosive, especially on battleships, needs to be nerfed majorly.
  4. In 1871 a booklet was published in the United Kingdom, authored (initially anonimously) by British Army officer George Chesney, titled "The Battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a Volunteer". Written as a reaction to the stunning defeat of France by Prussia and its army, it was meant to lobby the cause for a stronger army, and to admonish not to rely solely on the Royal Navy as a means to avoid an invasion of the Isles. Taking the form of a work of fiction when technical analysis was rejected by newspapers and journals, the novella has this plot: In 1872, a "free translation" of the novella was published in Italy, with a similar, yet opposite, objective, titled "Il racconto di un guardiano di spiaggia traduzione libera della battaglia di Dorking". Instead of advocating a strengthening of the army, the book was meant as a warning of the sad state of the Regia Marina. Despite both it and the Regio Esercito being hit hard by the budget cuts after the unsuccessful Third War of Italian Independence (fought in 1866), it was the former that got hit the worst, as the latter, despite a humiliating defeat at Custoza, kept enjoying the favour of the King, the court and several politicians, unlike the Navy (whose lack of political protection also showed in the way only Admiral Persano, commander at the Battle of Lissa, was put under process for its defeat, despite similar responsibilities weighing on many generals). Here is the plot, very similar from its British inspiration: Other than its obvious aim, this booklet is interesting from many points of view. First, it shows how much the example of Lissa had been absorbed, as what little is said about the naval battle bears a strong resemblance (implying that the Italian squadron mirrored the tactics used by Von Tegetthoff at Lissa, keeping his ships tight and going straight for the enemy). In the rendition of the naval assault against La Spezia and the subsequent invasion of Italy, it reminds of the discussion had before the war among the Regia Marina (which echoed in parliamentary works and discussions) about a possible use of Italian seapower to assault positions (chiefly, Venice, despite its strong defenses) in the Adriatic Sea, instead of a mere orthodox role of achieving supremacy by defeating the opposing fleet. Moreover, it's also interesting in its pointing at France as the chosen enemy, as this would become a mainstay of Italian military thought after the decline of Italo-French relations then in progress and that would continue in the following years and decades. In fact, the Roman question had much strained relationship and, together with Italy's bad financial situation, had effectively nullified the chance of Italy coming to France's aid during the Franco-Prussian War; however, this didn't stop some Frenchmen to resent Italy's seeming "ingratitude", nor didn't it prevent the novel Third Republic from inheriting some rust from previous issues (as late as 1874 the French paddle frigate L'Orénoque remained anchored at Civitavecchia, in case the Pope decided he wanted to leave Rome). The possibility of having to challenge the then-largely superior French fleet, and the chance of a possible seaborne invasion (and the mouth of the Arno river would be long considered one of the most likely places for it to happen) would become staples of the discussions among the Regia Marina for the next forty years, up to the Great War.
  5. Conqueror... without 419's?

    Ok, so I'll cut to the chase. Do you think the removal of the 419mm's would help me balance the Conqueror? On top of her detection nerf that's incoming (and IIRC fire chance too?) if we remove the 419's which are just too good frankly, do you think this would bring her more in line? The 457's have a higher base fire chance, but with dispersion and a 1/3 less guns in real terms you're less likely to be starting as many fires through a reduced hit rate %. As it stands, there's literally no reason to use the bigger guns which were supposed to be one of Conquerors main points IIRC when we were all comparing her to the Yamato. Just thought I'd throw it out there, WG might happen to see it and have a good idea for once.
  6. RN Destroyers

    Hi, Ok, with the fully fledged British BB and Cruiser tree, I know there is the Pan-A fleet which I have little interest in, when do you think the British Destroyers be out, any rumours of what ships will be in the tree. Any wishes or desires for this selection? Looking forward to some decent gunships. Regards
  7. About royal navy pack at sale

    So i have belfast currently so if i buy this UK4 Pack that has belfast,hood,warspite and cambletown i get doubloons instead of belfast as i already own belfast?
  8. Update 0.6.10

    Captains, The update 0.6.10 is upon us. It will require a server downtime on August 31/08 between 07:00 and 10:00 CEST (UTC+2). You can find the detailed patch notes on the portal by following links below: British Battleships | New Effects | Sound Changes | Interface | Technical Updates | Improvements and Fixes | New Content Or you can view them in the 0.6.10 Dasha video! Action Stations!
  9. Repos, cadets! Aujourd'hui, et avant qu'il ne sorte, j'aimerai qu'on discute un peu du futur freemium : le HMS Nelson. Vu que c'est un peu dans les tuyaux, les quelques banalités que je vais sortir n'apprendrons rien à personne, mais comme il y en a toujours deux ou trois qui dorment dans le fond, on va quand même faire les présentations de base du navire. Alors, quid du HMS Nelson? Le HMS Nelson (baptisé d'après l'Amiral Horatio Nelson , pour ceux qui ne s'en serait pas douté.), historiquement, est le premier cuirassé britannique de la classe Nelson (sans blague?) mis au point entre les deux guerres mondiales. Et que s'est il passé d'important pour les marines du monde entier dans cette période là? Le traité naval de Washington, définissant tout un tas de truc, entre autre "qui a droit à combien de navires?" "c'est quoi, exactement un croiseur léger? un croiseur lourd? un porte-avions? un cuirassé? un sous marin?" et la célèbre règle qui dit : "pour dire, les navires de telle classe ne peuvent pas dépasser ce tonnage et leur armement ne doivent pas être plus gros que ça. Sinon, c'est de la triche, et je vais le dire. Na." (oui oui... vraiment... bon, pas au mot près, mais oui quand même.) Ainsi, cette règle de cours de récré à forcé toutes les puissances navales du monde à revoir leur copie pour faire des navires performants sans dépasser certaines mesures, parce que sinon, c'est de la triche, et ils vont le dire. Na. (et d'ailleurs, y'a eu des tricheurs. Coucou le Yamato!) La classe Nelson est LA réponse Britannique à ces contraintes (dans le cas des cuirassés, les contraintes sont les suivantes : 35 000 tonnes maximum, armement de 16 pouces (406 mm) maximum. Débrouilles vous. Je veux pas le savoir, faut qua ça rentre. En gros, pour bénéficier de performances optimum, les ingénieurs se sont dit que mettre tout au même endroit faisait gagner de la place, et donc du tonnage. Du coup, au lieu d'avoir, comme c'est un peu le cas partout, deux tourelles à l'avant (et la soute à munition qui va avec) et une à l'arrière (avec sa propre soute à munition, et le blindage nécessaire, et tout et tout), ils ont tout mis à l'avant avec un grosse soute à munition en dessous. Et on gagne en place, en blindage, bref, en tonnage. Youppi, ça rentre dans les chiffres (en trichant quand même un peu... à bon? fallait compter le carburant et l'eau dans le tonnage? z'êtes sûr? ha mince. Bon, trop tard, tant pis, hein?) Tout ça donne donc au classe Nelson un aspect trèèèèèès.... comment dire ça poliment?.... particulier! On aime ou on n'aime pas, hein. Les égouts et les douleurs, ça se discute pas. Même quand on a des goûts de m...e! Cet aspect particulier lui donnait d'ailleurs de faux airs de pétrolier ravitailleurs. Pour la petite histoire, les navires pétroliers britanniques ont tous un nom qui finit en -ol (pour oil), ce qui a donné les surnoms "HMS Nelsol" et "HMS Rodnol" par les marins britanniques eux même. (et qui en jeu se déclinera sûrement en "Nelslol", ou un truc du genre. pas facile à dire quand même...) Comme quoi, les Brits n'ont besoin de personne pour se moquer d'eux même. Voilà pour l'aspect du machin. Je veux dire du navire. Historiquement, ils ont fait quoi? Outre le HMS Rodney, sister-ship du Nelson qui a participé à la traque du Bismarck, et qui restera dans l'histoire comme le premier et seul cas de cuirassé touchant un autre cuirassé avec une torpille, le HMS Nelson, puisque c'est de lui qu'on parle, a eu une carrière moins marquée. Trois torpilles dans le nez (sans explosion), une mine mal placée, une protection de convoi, du soutien d'artillerie dans quelques opérations (Torch, Husky, bataille de Normandie)... voilà... on a fait le tour. Honorable, mais sans anecdote fascinante. (D'ailleurs, je trouve étrange que WG ait choisi le Nelson au Rodney. D'une part, le Nelson a moins brillé, d'autre part le Nelson est le navire nominatif de sa classe, ce qui est assez rare pour un premium. D'habitude, les Premiums sont des navires particuliers et nominatifs (ex : Missouri), là où les navires de branche portent le nom de leur classe (ex : Iowa). Y'a des exceptions, mais quand même... curieux...) Boooon, après ce petit cours d'histoire, parlons un peu du HMS Nelson en jeu! Il s'agit d'un cuirassé de la Royale Navy de tier 7. Et en plus, c'est un Premium! Mais pas n'importe quel premium! un Freemium! Deuxième navire à disposer de mode d'acquisition, le Nelson ne vous coûtera pas un sou si vous avez l'expérience libre pour l'acquérir! Le Missouri à beaucoup fait parler de lui à sa sortie, notamment puisqu'il était tier 9, mais là, on a un tier 7, plus classique, et pour ainsi dire gratuit. (peut être qu'ils avaient peur que trop peu de monde ne veuille dépenser de l'argent pour un pétrolier... je veux dire, un navire aussi particulier.) Combien d'XP Libre? 375 00! C'est beaucoup, ce n'est pas trop non plus. Je vois mal un joueur débutant se l'offrir directe. Performances : Vitesse max : 23 nœuds. Pas le plus vif. Juste plus rapide que le coloraté. Heu... Colorado. Armement principal : 3x3 406mm. Le calibre est commun à ce tier, il n'y a pour le moment que le Gneisenau et le Scharnhorst à en avoir un plus petit. Mais il est aussi plus important que le Tier7 régulier de la RN quand celui ci sortira. Du coup, en armement, il est assez classique. Même la configuration des tourelles ne changera pas grand chose : contrairement à l'Izumo, qui a le même placement de tourelles, les canons du Nelson sont tous pointés de base vers l'avant. Avantage : la tourelle la plus à l'arrière n'aura pas à faire un 360° pour tirer de l'autre bord, et sera opérationnelle en même temps que les deux devant elle. Blindage : Pas terrible. Non seulement le blindage de proue est de 25mm, ce qui ne laisse, en cuirassé, que le Dunkerque à ne pas pouvoir l'overmatch . Eviter le Bow tanking, donc. Essayez toujours d'être anglé. Mais évitez le broadside à tout prix, car contrairement aux autres BB RN (qui sortiront! WIP), sa citadelle est au dessus de l'eau, et donc assez vulnérable. Attention, donc. Anti-air : Restons poli, n'en parlons pas. Bon, au niveau des stats pures, ça n'a pas l'air génial. "Hélas, pauvre Yorick! Je l'ai bien connu, Horatio!" Je tiens à mettre en avant ici ce qui est, à mon sens LE point fort du navire : Son HEAL! Pour ceux qui n'ont pas entendu parler des Super-heal des BB RN de tier 8-9, disons simplement que...le Heal du Nelson est capable de vous faire passer de l'état d'épave à celui de "à peine entamé". Voyons maintenant ce que quelques Youtubers en disent : Oui, les vidéos sont en anglais, à quoi vous vous attendiez? On parle d'un Navire RN! A vous, maintenant! Le Nelson, vous en pensez quoi? à première vue? Il vous fait envie? il vous fait vomir? il vous en touche une sans toucher l'autre? Est-il compétitif? ou pas du tout? Allez vous l'acquérir? Ou pas-du-tout-plutôt-crever? Bref : Sortie du Nelson : Évènement important? ou coup d'épée dans l'eau? Vous me rendrez vos copies demains à l'aube. Rompez, cadets!
  10. British Battlecruisers

    Hi all, I know we haven't even got the British Battleship tree yet, but I was thinking about some of the Battlecruisers that Britain designed. I'm not sure on their tiers, so i'll just list a few that could be part of a split line. Invincible class: Lion class: Courageous class: Renown class: G3 class: Thanks for reading, I hope the post wasn't too long (definitely felt that way ) Feel free to list any other ships that I may have missed, or could work in this line.
  11. Pan Asian Tech tree DD branch

    So we have a new DD tech tree Branch. Will have Fletcher class DD RN M(correction) N class DD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J-,_K-_and_N-class_destroyer RN R class DD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-class_destroyer_(1916) Will update this thread as i get more information
  12. Hey Guys, We are currently recruiting for our clan [RYLNV] The Royal Navy Elite Fleet. We are a British speaking clan of 9 strong, We are a mature bunch of guys (no kids) who love to play and most importantly have a laugh at the same time. We have a paid TeamSpeak channel, so if you wish to join the Clan and want to join in on the fun then please ask us for details of the server details. Thanks, Ice_Marine - Commander Royal___Navy - Deputy Commander SHUG_Sco - Deputy Commander
  13. British Battleships - Which update

    When do you guys think Royal Navy BB's are going to be added to the live server? No mention in 0.6.8 patch notes.
  14. Royal Navy Battleship line suggestion

    WG probably already have a Battleship line for the Royal Navy as a WIP project, in which case this proposal would probably be useless speculation, however I just wanted to share my idea for a Royal Navy Battleship line, which splits off into two different lines at tier VII, meaning two tier X battleships: Players have a choice between choosing the classic-style Battleships with 2 front turrets and 2 rear turrets in the form of HMS Revenge, HMS King George V (exception as it only has 1 rear turret), HMS Vanguard and HMS Lion. Alternatively, players could choose the Nelson-style Battleship with 3 front turrets and 0 rear turrets starting with the Battlecruiser HMS Anson at tier VII (Similar to HMS Hood and therefore being an exception to the Nelson-style) moving to HMS Nelson at tier VIII, the G3 Class Battleship at tier IX and the N3 Class Battleship at tier X with 18-Inch guns. So what does everyone think?
  15. The first part of a series about the hunt for the Bismarck. The video is sponsored by Wargaming. Quote video text box: During World War II, the Bismarck was the pride of the German navy - and the nightmare of Great Britain. It was enormous, overpowered, and a constant threat to the seas. So when they got word that the Bismarck had mobilized, the British raced to stop it.
  16. British Battleship line WOWS 2017 Predictions at higher tiers. Tier 3-6 wealth of designs to choose from, battlecruisers may also have seperate line up to tier 6 ending with HMS Renown or Tier 7 if Hood is not premium. Tier 7- HMS Rodney. Logical contemporary of Nagato, poor speed, moderate guns and good armour for the tier. Tier 8- HMS KGV. Reasonable fit, problematic in firepower department that could be aided by superchargers or given planned 15” guns although unlikely. Probably compensated with excellent consumables to reflect advanced systems, reasonable speed and well protected even against Bismarck class. Tier 8 Premium/ Tier 9- HMS Vanguard. The last battleship ever launched could work at tier 8/9 once again firepower is somewhat lacking at Tier 9 that makes her more welcome in Tier 8, good speed and reasonable armour at either tier. Tier 9- HMS Lion 1938. Well suited design that holds water in every department despite being lower tonnage than contemporaries at the tier, good speed, reasonable firepower and good protection level. Tier 10- HMS Termarmerie/Thunderer 1942/44. No other battleships beyond Lion were conceived, however numerous iterations were designed throughout the war increasing the protection, secondary firepower and overall displacement by more than 10,000 tonnes. These later designs are difficult to pin down but wargaming have no problem taking liberties with exact specs in favour of a well fitting ship for the tier and this is doable with later lion designs, adequate firepower, good speed and protection once again. Overall theme of higher tier battleships appears to be very good armour protection unlike the British Cruiser line however quality and size of firepower varies wildly. Interested to see what others might predict!
  17. HMS Hood gesichtet

    https://thedailybounce.net/2017/03/24/world-of-warships-hms-hood-tier-vii-british-battleship/ https://worldofwargamingnews.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/wows-hms-hood-gesichtet/#more-11399
  18. The Emergency War Programme destroyers of the Royal Navy were ordered under the Wartime programmes of 1939-1942. They effectively form a bridge between the last of the Interwar Standards, the G, H & Is, and the Weapon class destroyers that followed them in the 1943 Programme. In in-game terms, that places them at tier VII. However, there are 112 destroyers, in 14 different classes. There is a great deal of variance between the first and last. As only one slot exists in the sub branch for a regular ship, which class(es) will be in that slot is a matter for debate. To help you make an informed decision, data sets for the classes have been provided below Things like rudder shift time, detectability & consumables are part of fine balancing, and thus are not mentioned. O&P: Q&R: S, T, U, V & W: Z & Ca: Ch, Co & Cr: The data shown above is stock. What do you think? Many thanks to Phoenix_jz for the HP & shell damage numbers.
  19. As you can probably tell from my name, I'm hoping that the Battlecruiser HMS Lion gets introduced into the game at some point, hopefully with the next load of British Ships. Recently I've been thinking about what the hull upgrades might look. Here's the ideas I've had: Stock Hull: 1912 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 13.7km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor, 4-9 inches, top speed 24.4 knots, 46000 HP) 1st Hull Upgrade: 1918 historic hull (8*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 16.0 km), 16*4 inch Mk 7 secondaries, citadel armor 4-9 inches, top speed 27.5 knots, 46000 HP) 2nd Hull Upgrade: 1930's fictional rebuild (along similar lines to HMS Renown (6*13.5 inch Mk 5 guns (Light shell) (max range, 18.3 km), 12*4.5 inch Mk 3 QF, citadel armor, 9 inches throughout, top speed 30.5 knots, 50000 HP) (in my fictional history, Lion, Princess Royal, and Tiger were kept in service up to and into WW2. In response to the development of the Deutschland class cruisers in Germany, Lion and her sisters were rebuilt as heavy cruiser hunters, with improved armor protection, new engines and boilers to increase speed, aircraft hanger and catapult, new superstructure, and improved secondaries and AA defence, with Q turret removed to save weight and make way for aircraft hanger and catapult. Basically she'd look like a smaller Post-1939 Renown). On all three hulls, she'd have good (i.e. low) dispersion on the main battery guns and good range, but slow turret rotation speed, and slow shell velocity, so you'd need to add plenty of lead (see here for more details on shell velocities for 13.5 inch gun, also where I got my ideas for gun ranges. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_135-45_mk5.php). I'd also give her decent rudder shift, but with a large turning circle, and poor torpedo protection (keeping with history, and to keep her balanced). So, what do you guys think? What are your ideas
  20. The "RN Cruiser Smoke Bug" - Myth or Reality? In a Belfast game two days hence, I popped smoke going just a teeny bit too fast, and ended up sitting still in the water looking stupidly back at one, lonely puff of smoke hovering a cable-length or so astern. Then I died to a massive hail of shells from a grateful cruiser and battleship community (but that's beside the point, really). I assumed this was the infamous "RN Cruiser Smoke Bug" at work. I didn't die because of it, since I would have sailed out of a second puff of smoke as well, if it had been there - but as it was, there was no point in even bothering to go into reverse. Yet now I read, in a number of posts, that there is no RN Cruiser Smoke Bug. So, it's right up there with Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil?
  21. Film of HMS Terrible 1899

    Is about the 2nd Boer War so you need to skip to about half way through
  22. how to smoke, rn cl workaround

    as it not seems anyone yet made this info easy accesible: - hard break and reduce speed from full or 3/4 with reverse speed - ON AROUND 20kts. START SMOKE (like approximately inbetween 21.0 and 19.0) while still on hard reverse - keep on hard reversing and set engine on stop around 0kts (or when smoke runs out) u'll end up approxiamtely close to/on the end of the second puff. hope this helps, sorry if already widely known edit: worked for me from leander at t6 on, didn't played the lower tiers edit: read next post for official statement, or here note-edit: edit:..... i'll just take any approach posted into op, so easily accessible ;):
  23. Heya, I have been enjoying the Royal Navy cruiser line immensely so far. I think they are a great piece of work despite their limitations and they fill a role in the game that wasn't there before. I did notice there were a lot of mixed opinions on them in general though. I figured I would make my first video entries about what are quickly becoming my favorite ships It will be a series featuring replays of each RN ship from Tier V and up where I go over the details of the line and how I think you can get the most out of them I uploaded my first one yesterday Edinburgh T8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wai0IlQpWlo Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Making videos is new for me and I will have to learn along the way
  24. Video series on the Royal Navy CL line

    Heya, I have been enjoying the Royal Navy cruiser line immensely so far. I think they are a great piece of work despite their limitations and they fill a role in the game that wasn't there before. I did notice there were a lot of mixed opinions on them in general though. I figured I would make my first video entries about what are quickly becoming my favorite ships It will be a series featuring replays of each RN ship from Tier V and up where I go over the details of the line and how I think you can get the most out of them I uploaded my first one yesterday Edinburgh T8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wai0IlQpWlo Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Making videos is new for me and I will have to learn along the way
  25. Hello all! I've taken some of my time to start working on some no rust skins for the Royal Navy cuiser line! so far i have done: Belfast Fiji Edinburgh Neptune I will make the next skin tomorrow, stay tuned! I also included the PSD files with layers so you can create your own skin! HMS Belfast Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UM2FCOXhiRG9GRUE HMS Fiji Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UVVBCRDRVcURMVTg HMS Edinburgh Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UWkxISHpaR3FwZEk HMS Neptune Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-J7AyxlHj0UNWlJUFE4S203MVk I am open to suggestions and correct my if i made a mistake! Have fun and good hunting!