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Found 12 results

  1. Kenliero Ship Reviews - Wakatake Review Tier 3 Destroyer Guide+Gameplay
  2. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review: Katori

    The following is aimed at new(ish) players looking to find a little more information about various ships from events, for premium currency or for real-world cash. The goal is to allow players to make an educated decision before parting with their time and money and to find premium vessels that suit their chosen style of play, whether that is competitive, cooperative, or simply for fun. The idea here is to elabourate on information not commonly available through reading statistics and provide some (heavily) biased anecdotal evidence to encourage or dissuade you from making your purchase. The usual disclaimers apply: everyone knows the Matchmaker clearly loves me because I spend money so that's why I occasionally get really good games, not because I have any particular skills of note. Without further ado: Yeah, you better run, Iowa. I'm busy. Quick Summary: The original tier 1 Japanese cruiser with her historical armaments restored, bumping her up to tier 3. Slow, fragile, under gunned, but armed with torpedoes, a float plane fighter and given access to the Aiming Systems Modification 0 module to compensate. Patch & Date Written:, November 24th, 2016 Closest in-Game Contemporary: Yubari, tier 4 IJN Cruiser Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister Ship / Related Class/ Similar Role / Unique I struggled to find a similar ship. I wanted to compare the Katori to the Hashidate -- the tier 1 cruiser that replaced her but I think the Yubari's a better fit. They're both soft skinned. They're both using a rather similar combination of weapons. But the Yubari has agility on her side while the Katori is ... well, she's a hippo with a [edited]problem is what she is. PROs: Healthy hit point pool of 22,000hp. Has access to Aiming Systems Modification 0, which greatly improves weapon performance and handling. Great range, able to reach out to 13.5km with her rifles. Guns are accurate and reasonably hard hitting combined with a modest ranged torpedo armament. Has a float plane fighter which can be helpful with helping spot enemies. Decent AA rating for a tier 3 cruiser. Great agility, with a small turning circle and fast rudder shift. CONs: She has no real armour to speak of save on the roof of her citadel. Otherwise, she has less than 10mm of steel plate anywhere. Horribly under gunned. Slow turret traverse. Torpedo armament is reliant on the enemy making mistakes to able to use it. The Katori is painfully slow at 18.0 knots. The Katori finishes off the USS Burns with her secondaries. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the Katori was the tier 1 IJN Cruiser. When you first started World of Warships, this was the ship that greeted you in your first matches as you started on the Japanese tech tree. To fit her into the tier 1 slot, the Katori had to have much of her historical armament stripped away. Her secondary battery was rendered inactive and her torpedoes were removed. That didn't sit well with some purists who wanted to see the vaunted IJN Cruiser which went toe to toe with the Iowa-class Battleships restored to her historical armament. Thus, we have the tier 3 premium cruiser Katori, in all of her glory. Those tier 9 American Battleships had better watch out. This ship first went on sale on the North American server in a $400 Black Friday bundle that included every other premium ship currently available. Lert is coming by to provide a second opinion, because I think I might have problems reviewing this one with a straight face. The Lertbox Hello and welcome to another Lertbox in one of LWM's reviews. Let's get straight down to business, today we'll be talking about the Katori. What used to be the highly nerfed Japanese tier during beta has been restored to its full - ... uhm ... 'glory'. I use that word very loosely. I'll be comparing her to St Louis and Bogatyr. Why those two? Because they're the gold standard for tier 3 cruisers, if you can't hold your own against those two on even a basic level, you're not a player. I'll throw in Tenryu as well for good measure because Japanese. Options, Upgrades & Consumables The Katori, just like the Yubari and Iwaki, has access to the Aiming Systems Modification 0 upgrade. This godly mod is an absolute must-have. Make sure you equip it. Consumables: Damage Control Party Catapult Fighter Module Upgrades: Two slots, has access to Aiming Systems Modification 0.Premium Camouflage: Tier 2-5 Standard. This provides 30% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Firepower Primary Battery: Four 140mm rifles in 2x2 turrets mounted in an A-X configuration. Secondary Battery: Two 127mm rifles in a 1x2 turret mounted superfiring over X turret. Torpedoes: Four tubes in 2x2 launchers, one to each side. The Katori is armed with the same guns found on the Yubari, Tenryu and Kuma. These guns, particularly with the inclusion of the Aiming Systems modification, are laser accurate and rather hard hitting for their tier. Their HE performance is especially good, with a 10% chance to set fires and a rather high alpha strike for their shell size. She will feel underarmed though, an affliction that besets both the Yubari and Tenryu to a lesser degree due to their ability to deliver their torpedo armaments to compensate. While her gun handling isn't awful (it's not good, but not awful) you'll feel like you're struggling if you can't bring both turrets to bear on a target. The rear turret has a 76' blind spot to the front, with the forward turret having a 68' blind spot to the rear. This will force you to present much of your sides to bring both weapons to bear. The Katori also has torpedoes, sporting the same fish found on the Tenryu but in double instead of triple launchers, but she lacks the speed (and her torpedoes lack the range) to set up attack runs. She's rather reliant on enemies making mistakes to allow her to use them. Where her weapons really perform well is as a long range sniper. By keeping the Katori at range, this mitigates her fragility and allows her to pepper larger targets with impunity. The accuracy of these weapons, especially with the aiming module, cannot be understated. The only limitation is the somewhat slow muzzle velocity, leading to quite a bit of float to targets at a distance. Still, when picking on Dreadnoughts and protected cruisers, this usually isn't an issue. Thankfully (?) her slow speed will facilitate keeping enemies at arm's reach as she will often show up late to whatever engagement you choose to pursue, giving her plenty of time to drop shells on distant targets while she attempts to close. Hopefully your team will still be there by the time your fire begins to add up. One surprising little note is that her single secondary battery ends up with a 4.2km range when you add the Aiming Systems Modification 0. If your Captain has Advanced Fire Training, this will reach up to 5.0km and will be stupidly accurate. I actually managed to kill someone with this little weapon which is downright hilarious. Bet you didn't see that one coming, USS Bradford! USS Minneapolis burns in the background, powerless to stop the Katori's awesomeness. Rivals: Versus the St Louis You've got better range and are more agile. That's about it. St Louis has better armor, more hit-points, higher volume of fire, more powerful guns, better speed. Short of the St Louis driver being a noob and allowing you to 'sneak' up to use your torpedoes or being too distracted with other people, you're not going to beat him. His HE will mess you up, his AP will rend you asunder. St Louis is a bit of a tug-boat in maneuverability though so as long as you can manage to stay at the extremes of your range you can wither him down with relentless 140mm fire from your four barrels. Just be aware that he is faster than you, so the moment he gets annoyed enough to chase you, you've got your work cut out for you. Keep wiggling, keep turning, keep dancing to dodge as much as possible from his massive volleys and you might stay alive long enough to put a dent into his health pool. Maneuverability Top Speed: 18.0 knotsTurning Radius: 430mRudder Shift: 6.5s Like many low tier ships, the Katori has a lot of wiggle in her tush but not a lot of speed. Her 18 knots is on the slow side, even for low tiered vessels. This makes her the slowest cruiser at tier 3 and tied for the slowest ship overall at tier 3 alongside the South Carolina. This rather limits the effectiveness of her torpedo armament as, short of enemies coming to you, you'll struggle to find opportunities to use them. Any touches to her rudder makes her speed plummet which will only slow her approach further. This can make dodging very difficult as she may answer her rudder immediately, but it will take a long time for her to complete the turn due to her slow speed. DurabilityHit Points: 22,000 Citadel Protection: 10mm horizontally, 50mm from vertical fire. Yes, really.Bow & Deck Armour: Minimum of 6mm (No immunity) The good news is that the Katori has a pretty healthy hit point pool at 22,000hp. The bad news is that she doesn't have armour... at all. Well, except for that 2" steel plate welded to the roof of her citadel. This means she won't be able to bounce any AP shells that hit her. The only AP shells she can bounce off her bow are 76mm AP shells from the Smith and Tachibana... which is kinda hilarious. The only good news is that if people are throwing AP at you, they're likely to overpen (if they're not British). Her citadel is completely submerged, so there's some hope you won't get your machine spaces blown out each time you take fire. Some, but not much. The Katori is a rather large, soft skinned pinata of hit points waiting to be cracked open to gush forth that juicy credits and experience for the enemy team. Rivals: Versus the Bogatyr It's almost like Bogatyr was made specifically to counter Katori, because it has the exact right set of tools to do so. High volume of fire, potentially superior range, better speed by a considerably margin, enough agility to make you work for your hits and enough hitpoints to tank damage. A stock Bogatyr or one using the 152mm guns isn't as dangerous as a fully upgraded one with captain skills, but even against a stock Bogatyr, everything I said about fighting a St Louis applies here as well. Against a 130mm armed Bogatyr captained by an AFT trained commander though? Kiss your aft goodbye. 'Avoid at all costs' is my recommendation. He'll outmaneuver, outrun and out-gun you. Your only real hope is to be able to sneak up when he's not paying attention and drop fish into his side, but with a sub-500m turn radius on the Russian folk hero, good luck getting them to land. The USS New Orleans sacrifices herself in a vain attempt to slow the Katori's rampage through the US Fleet. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 11.0km Air Detection Range: 5.5km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 9.60km Concealment Penalty while Firing: +4.20km (vs 13.5km gun range) The concealment values on the Katori aren't bad. They're not great, but they're not bad. It can be said that at least her surface detection range doesn't outstrip her gun range, which is something. I would have preferred to see it about 2km less, personally, and open up more opportunities for her to use her torpedoes in an ambush capacity, or maybe provide some stealth-firing. But it is what it is. Thankfully, there are a lot of islands in low tier play and a Katori parked behind one is a pain to dig out. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 127mm, 25mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km, 3.1kmAA DPS per Aura: 10 / 20 Access to Defensive Fire: Not available. Let's be clear -- you're not going to encounter a whole lot of aircraft in the Katori, but she's ready for them if she does. Unlike just about every other tier 3 ship out there, the Katori has some reasonable anti-aircraft ability from not only her flak guns but also from her float plane fighter. While this won't shoot down a squadron of biplanes, it can mess up their approach and maybe pick off one or two of their number as they return to their ship. Given the low capacity of low tier carriers, these will be sorely felt casualties. Neat. Rivals: Versus the Tenryu On paper this is a much more even fight. She has the same torpedoes, though less of them on Katori, the same guns, though in 2x2 mounts instead of Tenryu's 4x1. The thing is though, Tenryu is faster. Much faster. As in, 80% faster. She can run circles around you. And that speed doesn't really come at a big cost either, Tenryu is not that lacking for agility. She has less HP than you though, but that's off-set by actual belt armor which will make your AP start bouncing at anything more than a 45 degree angle. One benefit you have is the ability to fit ASM0, to make your guns more accurate than his. Keep wiggling, and you can use this accuracy to lay more fire on him than he can on you, a long as the fight remains at a range for you to do so. Once again you need to pray that he doesn't take a specific interest in you or has some reason not to chase you. Tenryu is faster than some tier 2 destroyers and will run up and smack you in the face. TBF Avengers panic in the face of the Katori's overwhelming AA firepower and flub their torpedo drop. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Playing the Katori isn't hard. Like many low tier ships, a lot of the decision processes have been removed for you. You may have torpedoes but short of baiting an enemy to come dig you out of cover, you're not going to have many skill based decisions on when to use them. You cannot angle your armour. Your ammunition choices are straight forward. You don't have the speed to dictate engagement ranges. She's a very reactionary vessel rather than one that sets the initiative for a given match. The Lertbox What we have here is an overtiered relic with gimmicks that are interesting, at best. At tier 3 you won't find aircraft carriers, and her AA suite and float fighter won't significantly dent or deter tier 4 strike squadrons. What does live at the same tier are venerable warboats like St Louis and Bogatyr, which - given equally competent captains - will just eat you for breakfast in a few broadsides. Or ships like Tenryu, which can dictate the engagement with speeds that a Katori captain can only dream of. I wish WG had foregone the floatplane, nerfed the gun handling slightly, got rid of ASM0 and put her at tier 2. There she would've been a contender. Right now though she's a tier 2.5 because of gimmicks that are useless 95% of the time. Mouse's Summary: About time I got to play the Katori. No really, do you know how long I've been bugging Wargaming about her? What do you mean she's $400!? It was probably around March or April of 2016 that I started running out of Premium Ships to review. It became a bit of a challenge to try and "complete the set" as it were, and I began digging through stat tracking websites and checking out the Premium Shops on other servers, looking for vessels that I hadn't covered yet. This is how the Katori came to my attention and she immediately became a bit of a white whale for me. Around the same time, Wargaming provided me with a Press Account which comes chalk full of just about every ship you could ever imagine. And there she was: The Katori. Ooh, I could just TASTE finishing off all of my reviews and being able to proudly declare I had covered them all. But no, I wasn't supposed to touch her. Like the green Kamikaze, she was off limits on the North American server because she was not available for sale here. I can understand the reasoning -- how much of a tease would it be to see me parading about and talking about a ship that no one could ever have? Well, Black Friday 2016 has finally made this ship (and the green Kamikaze) available here so the limitations came off. Was the wait worth it? Oh, heavens no. This ship is awful. It's a Yubari wearing a Bogue-costume. She's a lot of fun in Co-Op, but I would never consider her to be a successful ship when it comes to facing anything other than bots. Now, my impressions might be slightly sullied by the $400 price tag presently associated with her. Funny how that can put some people off. Would I Recommend? Umm, do you not like money? For Random Battle Grinding: Mouse: No, I can't recommend grabbing the Katori for Random Battles. She's too fragile, too slow and she struggles to do damage against anyone with half a brain in their heads. Unless your opponents will either a.) Sit out beyond their range and let you pew pew them for hours on end or, b.) race suicidally-close while abstaining from shooting at you to let you hit them with torpedoes, you're going to struggle to tack up damage totals sufficient to be worth joining the queues in the first place.Lert: There are way better options out there that can fight on a more even footing and thus are easier and more comfortable to earn bank and XP with. Aurora comes to mind, if you must have a premium tier III cruiser. St Louis or Bogatyr if you're content with a tech tree one. For Competitive Gaming: Mouse: Haha! No.Lert: Hahahahaha. No. For Collectors: Mouse: There is a lot of history about the Katori. She has the distinction of being one of the few surface ships engaged by and sunk by the Iowa-class Battleships on the attack on Truk. If that inspires, then go right ahead. For everyone else that's looking to add her to your collection, if her current price tag doesn't throw you off, then by all means. Lert: She has the distinguished honor of having been torn asunder by Iowa. If this is reason enough for you to want her then, sure. Other than that, the IJN Katori's only claim to fame is having been the tier I in WoWS during beta. For Fun Factor: Mouse: You know, in Co-Op, she's a real hoot. The bots are dumb -- they'll get in close and let you hit them with torpedoes and even make her secondary gun feel useful. If you love your low-tier Co-Op battles, then you can probably find a lot of amusement with the Katori. I really couldn't find it elsewhere though.Lert: Success in Katori depends a lot on enemy stupidity, since she can't fight any other even-tiered cruiser on anything resembling even terms. Bots in coop are very stupid, and playing katori against them can be fun. Against anything else? No. Katori isn't 'fun'. She's a tugboat. You got lucky, Iowa. Outfitting your Katori Recommended Modules Well, this one is pretty much a no brainer. Make sure you equip Aiming System Modification 0 in your first slot. For your second slot, they're all pretty terrible. Damage Control System Modification 1 is probably your best choice but I would seriously debate if just saving the credits would be better. Recommended Consumables The Katori has only two consumables. Keep in mind, your finances can really hurt if you equip any premium consumables at low tiers. The Katori doesn't tend to earn a lot of bank, so be doubly careful. Still, the premium version of your Damage Control Party is probably an alright choice as HE is thrown everywhere in those matches. That should do you. Recommended Captain Skills There's nothing really surprising when it comes to the Captain Skill choices for the Katori. From the first tier, Basics of Survivability is arguably better than Basic Fire Training, but either one would be a reasonable selection for your first skill. Next, I would reach for either Expert Marksman or Last Stand. The latter will take the pressure off your Damage Control Party as the soft skin of the Katori will prompt her to take a lot of engine and rudder damage. Still, the former will improve her slow gun handling. At tier 3, Vigilance or High Alert are your best choices. I would lean towards the latter, as most salvos dropped in low tiers are short ranged enough that you'll see the destroyer before they dump their fish. Still, some Japanese destroyers and the Campbeltown can stealth-drop, so it may be worth taking. At tier 4, Demolition Expert is your best choice. And finally, at tier 5, Concealment Expert remains the best of the bunch.
  3. Kenliero Ship Reviews - Lo Yang Review Tier 8 Premium Destroyer Guide+Gameplay
  4. LittleWhiteMouse

    Ship Preview: Mouse in the Shiratsuyu

    Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period. These are subject to change before release. Like, poi. Whatever. Quick Summary: A very slow IJN destroyer with guns that contrast good handling, shell flight time and range with poor DPM. For an IJN destroyer, her torpedo armament remains as powerful as ever but with the added bonus of having a consumable which can prompt a lightning quick reload. Patch and Date Written: November 23rd, 2016. Gameplay Example: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/22775 Premium Ship Shortcut Closest Premium Ship: The tier 5, IJN Kamikaze-class Destroyers (Kamikaze, Fujin, & Kamikaze R) Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique While related, the Kamikaze-class really is something of a dinosaur when you compare her to the new IJN destroyers. So you'll find them to appear quite odd by comparison with very short ranges on their guns with individually hard hitting shells for their caliber. The Kamikaze is a pure torpedo ship with guns as a mere afterthought. What they do share with the Shiratsuyu is good torpedoes with decent concealment values on the ship itself. But really, they're kind of night and day different when it comes to the ins and outs of their play style. The Shiratsuyu, even with her low DPM, can fake performing some gunship duties, including the ability to stealth fire at range. Also, the Kamikaze-class isn't as slow as a one-legged wiener dog dragging a cinderblock. So there's that. PROs She has a decent gun range of 11.0km with high velocity shells and a flat gun arc. This can be improved with Advanced Fire Training to 13.2km. Her torpedo armament is very powerful, with eight Type 90 torpedoes with a 10km range, 17,233 alpha strike and 62 knot speed. Reasonable agility with a 590m turning circle and 3.1s rudder shift time. The Shiratsuyu has a 6.7km surface detection range which is one of the best at her tier. Combined with her gun range, this leads to many stealth-firing opportunities with the correct skill set up. Her Torpedo Reload Booster rearms her torpedoes in 5 seconds. Yes, really. Premium camouflage is available for purchase to increase experience gains. Poi. CONs Low hit point total for a tier 7 Destroyer. The Shiratsuyu has the lowest gun DPM for a destroyer of her tier. Her turret traverse is painfully slow at a mere 6' per second. Gun performance is trapped behind acquiring a well trained Captain to enjoy it fully. It takes 101s for her torpedoes to rearm normally -- which feels downright punitive at times. She is very slow. Like, painfully slow. Her maximum speed is 34.0 knots and she bleeds speed like no one's business in a turn, often dropping below 30 knots. Many ships, including some cruisers and Battleships can and will overtake you if you're not careful. As nice as her camouflage is, she will often face tier 8+ destroyers with similar or better camo ratings thanks to their 5th module slot. Poi? The Yudachi of Kancolle fame is a Shiratsuyu-class. Fans rejoice! The Shiratsuyu surprised me. For the IJN Destroyer relaunch, I had wanted to do a comparison between the Old Fubuki (at tier 8) and the new Fubuki (at tier 6) as this was one of my favourite destroyers in the IJN line. I figured the changes might be pretty dramatic and, if nothing else, would provide a good deal of conversation between those who loved and those who were frustrated with Japanese Destroyers. But it wasn't meant to be. I was instead given the four new Destroyers to play with initially. These included the Akatsuki, Yugumo, Akizuki and Shiratsuyu. So this put me at a bit of a loss. I decided instead to try and do a comparison between the old tier 7 Hatsuharu and the two new ships coming in to replace her. The Akatsuki was alright, but I quickly fell in love with the Shiratsuyu -- like to the point of finding myself wasting a lot of potential writing time because I was playing her over and over for funsies instead. Ironically, I would be given the tier 6 Fubuki so I could have gone back and done my original idea but the Shiratsuyu had her claws in me at this point and I couldn't put her down. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I dunno what is. In an effort to not look like a total slacker, I put together this full review at the eleventh hour to at least explain why you're not getting that Fubuki draft. NoZoupForYou puts together a nice summary of the differences between the three tier 7 ships. You can see it here. Options Unlike the Hatsuharu, the Shiratsuyu gets access to the Torpedo Reload Booster without having to swap out her Smoke Generator. This consumable is different from versions we've seen previously. On the Hatsuharu, this accelerates your reload to 30s from whatever state it was currently. On the Shiratsuyu, this is accomplished in a mere five seconds. Yes, really. Five seconds. This allows the Shiratsuyu to temporarily go Super Sayian and transform into a Shimakaze for a brief moment and dump as many as sixteen torpedoes at surprised enemies. Enjoy! Consumables: Four slots Damage Control Party Smoke Generator Engine Boost Torpedo Reload Booster Module Upgrades: Four slots, IJN destroyer standard options.Camouflage: The Shiratsuyu, like the Hatsuharu, has access to premium camouflage. You can purchase it for 2,000 doubloons. This provides the standard 3% camouflage bonus, 4% disruption bonus, a 5% reduction in repair costs and a 50% increase to experience earning for the ship. Firepower Primary Battery: Five 127mm guns in three turrets. One bow mount, one stern mount. The second is a forward facing stern mount, back to back with the #3 gun with a single rifle.Torpedo Launchers: Eight Type 90 torpedoes in 2x4 launchers. I think the Shiratsuyu is supposed to be a gunship, but don't quote me on that. You can understand my confusion when you begin plugging the numbers and taking a look at how the IJN guns have changed. Their 127mm gun mounts were previously known for having individually hard hitting HE shells with a good chance to start fires but crippled by a low rate of fire, slow traverse and very short range. Now they're ... well, they're different. Are they better? Umm, well maybe-sorta? The changes work out to the following: Shell damage reduced from 2,100 to 1,800 Fire chance reduced from 9% per shell to 7% Turret Rotation: Reduced from 7' per second to 6' per second. Rate of Fire: Increased from 6.67rpm to 8rpm. Stock Range: 11.0km When you compare the Shiratsuyu to the old Hatsuharu-class, this is a definite improvement. But let's keep things in perspective. The Hatsuharu has suffered considerably at the hands of power creep and measuring the Shiratsuyu up against her isn't really fair. The old IJN Destroyer is a four-gun warship with a 9.3km range and nine second reload. She's more of a victim than a gunship. So let's look at the Shiratsuyu when drawing her up alongside her contemporaries at tier 7. Thankfully, there's a lot of ships to look at now so we can get a pretty good idea of her standing. Ship Name Armament Range (Stock / AFT) Reload Damage (AP/HE) DPM (AP/HE) Fire Chance FPM* Stealth Window** Mahan (B-Hull) 5x 127mm 11.7km to 14.0km 4.0s 2,100 / 1,800 157,500 / 135,000 5% 3.75 3.3km Sims 4x 127mm 12.9km to 15.5km 3.3s 2,100 / 1,800 152,727 / 130,909 5% 3.63 5.1km Kiev 6x 130mm 12.3km to 14.8km 5.0s 2,500 / 1,600 180,000 / 115,200 8% 5.76 1.2km Leningrad 5x 130mm 11.6km to 13.9km 5.0s 2,500 / 1,600 150,000 / 96,000 8% 4.80 1.6km Blyskawica 7x 120mm 12.0km to 14.4km 6.5s 2,200 / 1,700 142,154 / 109,846 8% 5.17 4.1km Old Hatsuharu 4x 127mm 9.3km to 11.2km 9.0s 2,200 / 2,100 58,667 / 56,000 9% 2.40 1.5km Akatsuki 6x 127mm 10.1km to 12.1km 7.5s 2,200 / 1,800 105,600 / 86,400 7% 3.36 1.8km Shiratsuyu 5x 127mm 11.0km to 13.2km 7.5s 2,200 / 1,800 88,000 / 72,000 7% 2.80 3.5km *FPM = Fires Per Minute with 100% shell accuracy. Note based on fire calculations in game, the actual value is dependent upon the target selected. This number reflects only the upper maximum. ** This is the concealment window from which these ships can fire from open water without being detected. The distance listed here is the difference between the ship's maximum range and their surface detection range when firing their guns. This assumes the ship is equipped with concealment camouflage and the captain is using Advanced Fire Training and Concealment Expert skills. Two things immediately stand out when you look at the Shiratsuyu in this manner. First, her DPM is appalling and she has a very low chance of setting fires with her guns. These are not guns that are going to stand out and rake up huge amounts of damage. But there's another factor which becomes apparent -- she can potentially have one of the largest stealth-firing windows of all the tier 7 destroyers. So while her guns might not hit hard individually, you can use them quite safely at range without worrying overmuch about being detected. When you combine this with the 915m/s shell velocity and flat firing arcs, even at range, the Shiratsuyu's gunnery is very comfortable. This can make them the ideal tool for finishing off low health targets that may have survived a mauling at the hands of your torpedoes. Please note that this only really comes into play if you elect to specialize the ship in this manner. Right out of the box, her guns aren't going to be anything spectacular. But lemme stress the comfort level these guns inspire. Those ballistic arcs make it possible to engage targets at range in a manner you couldn't dream of doing with a USN destroyer with any real effectiveness. At a range of 12km, the lead time on your HE shells is a mere 8.7s while USN ships are tacking at near (or over) 1s per km at those ranges. This can allow you to outgun a comparable USN destroyer provided you can keep them at arm's reach (which is easier said than done). In addition, the fire arcs of her turrets are nice -- especially her #2 turret with its single gun. Though mounted on the stern, it faces forward allowing it to more quickly address targets from one side of your ship to the other. This helps compensate for the slow turret traverse speeds. So while her guns aren't good, they're not bad either. She's no gunship, that's for sure. But enemy ships had better respect the fire she can put out. Torpedoes Let's get to the meat of the matter. The Shiratsuyu has a pair of quadruple launchers mounted dorsally. Stock, she starts with the Type 8, Mk2 torpedo with a 59 knot top speed, 10km range and 16,267 alpha strike for fish with a reload timer of 94s. This is then upgraded to the Type 90 torpedo which provides a 3 knot boost to speed and a bump up in alpha strike to 17,233. This comes at the cost of a further 7s tacked onto your reload. The Type 90 is the same torpedo that's presently equipped on the Old Hatsuharu. So IJN players that have spent time in the current tier 7 ship will find this armament to be quite comfortable, if it were not for that awful reload timer. You can see why this matters when you measure her up against the other torpedo ships. Mahan (quadruple launchers): 87s reload Leningrad (quadruple launchers): 92s reload Blyskawica (triple launchers): 70s reload Old Hatsuharu (triple launchers): 82s reload Akatsuki (triple launchers): 76s reload Shiratsusyu (quadruple launchers): 101s reload So while her individual salvos are devastating, the Shiratsuyu really falls behind in the ability to continually spam fish. The Akatsuki, also at tier 7, is a much better boat when it comes to delivering a constant stream of torpedoes onto targets. But that's where the Shiratsuyu's Torpedo Reload Booster comes into play. This consumable is insane. When activated, it reloads the Shiratsuyu's torpedoes in five seconds which opens up all sorts of fun game play opportunities. In effect, enemy ships must always treat the Shiratsuyu like her tubes are already reloaded. To do otherwise is to invite disaster because they effectively can be at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the Shiratsuyu can use this consumable as a form of area denial, putting sixteen fish in the water in very short order across a wider spread. I scored a couple of double-kills this way early on in a match, tossing a torpedo wall into the Red team as they approached a cap circle. Summary: Very low DPM on her guns. Her gunnery has the potential to be fun and effective, but it requires a well trained Captain to unlock Torpedo reloads are very long and feel punitive at times Her Torpedo Reload Booster is insane and makes for some very fun moments (for you -- not for the enemy) Double Kill. With her Torpedo Reload Booster, the Shiratsuyu can temporarily transform into the equivalent of a Shimakaze. This allows her to saturate an area with torpedoes and net some easy damage. Out of sixteen torpedoes launched in this double salvo, five hit. This sunk a Sims and Nurnberg. A fifth struck an unidentified third ship. Torpedo soup, anyone? Maneuverability Top Speed: 34.0 knotsTurning Radius: 590mRudder Shift: 3.1s How can something that travels at over thirty knots ever be called 'slow'? The Shiratsuyu's top speed of 34.0 knots is downright painful. While adequate, if annoying, at tier 4 with the Isokaze, by tier 7 this is a severe handicap. This is probably the greatest flaw of the ship. It makes her dangerously vulnerable and potentially inflexible. It's a good thing she's a stealthy ship because otherwise this would likely have crippled her as a destroyer otherwise. Let's put this into perspective: All IJN Heavy Cruisers are faster than the Shiratsuyu. Most of the Soviet Cruisers are as well. When the Shiratsuyu goes evasive, her speed drops down as low as 28 knots in a turn. This creates the awful question when being pursued: Is it better to try and dodge incoming fire or risk being blown out of the water by trying to get out of detection range by driving flat out in a straight line? This introduces a whole new level of pants-soiling terror when you see a tier 8 Bismarck gaining on your Destroyer while you try and run away. This lack of speed makes it very difficult (if downright impossible) to dictate engagement ranges against an alert enemy. In play testing, it was only the Shiratsuyu's Torpedo Reload Booster that kept me alive when a determined opponent wanted to close with me. As this consumable becomes better known, the Shiratsuyu will lose this trump card. I lived in fear when facing ships like the Belfast and Bismarck inside of 10km ranges. Success with this ship, like with slow ships of other classes, will be largely determined by choosing your avenues of approach and lines of retreat well in advance. Durability Hit Points: 12,800Maximum Armour: 16mm side plating, 15mm of deck plating. While an improvement over the 12,100hp of the Hatsuharu, the Shiratsuyu's hit points are still very much on the low side for a tier 7 destroyer. With the changeover, she will be tied with the Kiev as having the lowest hit point totals at her tier. Otherwise, there's nothing out of the ordinary to report here. I'm not trying to sail in formation with this tier 6 Leander. My Shiratsuyu simply wasn't fast enough to outpace this friendly British cruiser to any appreciable degree. She doesn't make a very good scout as she often struggles to outpace the bigger ships following behind. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 6.7kmAir Detection Range: 3.5kmMinimum Surface Detection Range: 5.85kmConcealment Penalty while Firing: +3.81km (vs max potential range of 11.0km to 13.2km) Great news, everyone! The Shiratsuyu is the stealthiest destroyer at tier 7. This is on par with the Old Hatsuharu's concealment rating which should immediate raise a couple of caution flags. The first thing to note is that the Shiratsuyu needs every single meter of concealment she can get. Her low top speed is going to lead to a lot of close calls when it comes to being spotted on the surface by enemy ships. Your life will often be on the line as you scramble to try and escape from enemies trying to run you down. It pays to keep hydrophone and radar ranges in mind too and upon which ships they will be found. These detection tools are becoming increasingly common and on shorter reset timers. More than any other destroyer at tier 7, the Shiratsuyu is dangerously vulnerable to these consumables. The second cautionary note is that while the Shiratsuyu has the best concealment at tier 7, this doesn't make her the stealthiest ship out there by a long shot. A fully upgraded, tier 8 Benson will have just as good concealment as you do. Lower tiered IJN Destroyers can be even more sneaky and you can find yourself unfortunately lit up by a Fujin or Minekaze if you're not careful. What is interesting about the Shiratsuyu is her stealth-gunship capabilities. While her guns are lackluster, she does present an excellent platform from which to shoot at enemies undetected -- provided her Captain has been specialized with the proper skills, such as Concealment Expert coupled with Advanced Fire Training. Outside of the premium Sims and Blyskawica, the Shiratsuyu will have the largest stealth firing window at tier 7 at a very comfortable 3.5km. This sort of makes up for her slow speed which can make this distance shrink faster than you might like. I enjoyed considerable success using and abusing this window of opportunity to take out low-health ships with a few volleys of her 127mm rifles without fear of reprisal. It's always fun to see several ships run away from a stealth-firing destroyer. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 25mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 3.1kmAA DPS per Aura: 59 The 127mm rifles of the Shiratsuyu are not dual purpose. Compared to the Old Hatsuharu, this is a step down in terms of AA defense, both in range and the damage output. The medium range of her AA batteries doesn't compare well to her aerial detection range of 3.5km. Acquiring either Advanced Fire Training or Concealment Expert will address this disparity but as with most destroyers, it's usually best to just keep your AA guns disabled. When under air attack, retreat to the protective umbrellas of your battleships and cruisers. You won't be shooting down anything quickly in the Shiratsuyu. I found this to be a particular pain when ships I had just sunk had a float-plane still circling their corpse, keeping me lit. I could never shoot them down fast enough. While the Shiratsuyu does have better AA power than the Akatsuki, it's still nowhere near sufficient to dissuade enemy air attack. Cuddle bigger ships when the planes start coming in. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple/ Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme On the surface, the Shiratsuyu is pretty forgiving. Let's face it, having the ability to derp sixteen torpedoes out while not being detected against mid tier opponents is going to yield some pretty spectacular results on occasion. This will be enough for many players to espouse the Shiratsuyu's charms and cry out Poi in pleasure. Getting her to perform beyond that will take a little bit extra, especially if her low top speed isn't properly respected. Still, with her good surface detection range, her low speed isn't crippling, it's simply not good -- taking a small measure of her carry potential away from her. Still, it's hard not to see that she'll be considered a very powerful and very annoying ship to play against. Her stealth fire abilities, her heavy torpedoes and her fans will all drive opponents up the wall and make neutralizing this ship a high priority goal for the enemy. Mouse's Summary: Effectiveness of this destroyer jumps tremendously with Concealment Expert. I cannot stress enough how disgustingly powerful Torpedo Reload Booster is. This may diminish as it becomes more well known, but man... the amount of abuse and the number of trick shots I could perform with this was absolutely revolting. Dump 8 fish at a Battleship, watch them turn to avoid and then put another 8 into them. As low as her gun DPM is, when properly upgraded, it's almost passable. By using range and the good shell ballistics, you can outfight some USN Destroyers. At the very least, her gunnery is comfortable to use, even with the slow turret traverse. God, is she slow. Poi. I seriously wonder for how long the Shiratsuyu will be a fun ship for me. I don't want to say that my enjoyment of the Shiratsuyu was entirely based around the use of her quick torpedo reload, but that certain was part of it. I suppose that really, she's just a very comfortable ride. Her guns are fun to use. Her torpedoes hit like trucks. She's stealthy enough. I can almost forgive her speed. Put that all together and she's a fun ride. I think a lot of my confidence with this ship comes from her decent concealment rating. I had a 15pt Captain I could use with her and this let me drop her surface detection range down beneath 6km. This made her rather forgiving though I quickly learned to give most ships a 10km berth. As a replacement for the Hatsuharu, while she may not be everything anyone could ever want, she's certainly my preferred ship when compared to the Akatsuki. This second tier 7 ship is as big as a house to pay for her heavier torpedo and gun armament. Generally speaking, the Akatsuki is much less forgiving, while the Shiratsuyu is an IJN destroyer with training wheels. The big question is if she'll be overpowered? At present, she definitely is. No one knows what she can do and being able to dump sixteen 10km fish out when no one is expecting it is the stuff of nightmares. As people become more experienced with facing her, this gimmick will lose some of its teeth. Some, but not all. I still think it will remain quite powerful. However, for as dangerous as this ability is, the liability of her 34.0 knot speed will also begin to show too. I don't think her low top speed will be a crippling flaw. In truth, it only becomes an exploitable weakness in specific situations -- normally when the Shiratsuyu has over extended. Just about any ship that over-extends is a dead ship, so that doesn't really say much though. The difference with the Shiratsuyu is that she won't be able to successfully disengage as readily as some other destroyers can. This is definitely a ship to keep an eye on when the line gets released. I, for one, will be racing towards reacquiring her on my personal account. I do love some fun IJN Destroyer game play and the Shiratsuyu presses all of the right buttons for me. Let the Poi spam commence. Smoke guns and fish -- the Shiratsuyu can do it all. For an IJN destroyers, she's rather well rounded. Outfitting the Shiratsuyu Kitting out the Shiratsuyu will be a little different form what you might be used to with IJN Destroyers. Time will tell if this becomes a more common build with the "gunship" destroyers in the future. Only time will tell, I suppose. Recommended Modules The Shiratsuyu has four module slots. I recommend the following: For your first slot, take Magazine Modification 1. I've happily divorced myself from taking any other upgrades in this first slot for my destroyers. Detonations become very few and far between without the need to attach a signal to the mast. And let's be honest -- if you're taking enough fire to knock out one of your weapons, you're pretty close to dead anyway. For the second slot, Aiming Systems Modification 1 is the best choice. For slot number three, take any of the upgrade you want. They're all terrible! I personally went with Propulsion Modification 1 to try and reduce the number of engine critical hits. Really, Damage Control System Modification 1 is probably the best but the gains are really, really marginal here. For the last slot, take Propulsion Modification 2. Your rudder shift time is already excellent. The gains from trying to improve it aren't significant enough to bother. The propulsion mod will give more pep to your engine when you're starting up from a dead stop which can save your life. Recommended Consumables Consumables can get pretty expensive on the Shiratsuyu if you're not careful. She has four consumable slots and each one that you gussy up to the premium version will take a 22,500 credit bite out of your earnings. If you have a poor game, this can push you over towards seeing a net loss in credits earned. As much as I love my premium Damage Control Parties, I am beginning to think it may not be necessary on my IJN Destroyers. The damage sources I take are very intermittent. That said, when things go bad, they go bad in a hurry and a shorter reset timer could mean the difference between an early trip back to the port or not. Your mileage will certainly vary. For your Smoke Generator, don't skimp out. Get the premium version to reduce the reset timer and to give you an extra charge. With your slow top speed, you're going to be reaching for this often. I don't normally go for a premium version of the Engine Boost consumable. Maybe it could be considered worthwhile here. This will jump your speed up over 36 knots for a short period of time, but that's not really worth 22,500 credits to me. Yeah, pass on spending coin on this one. As for your Torpedo Reload Booster, get the premium version. The standard version has a SIX MINUTE reset timer. The premium version has a four minute reset. For signals, taking Sierra Mike (+5% to ship speed) is very handy as this will nudge up your speed to 35.7 knots. While still not great, at least you can keep up with all of the cruisers on your team... unless they also take this signal. There's nothing so embarrassing as having a cruiser overtake you at the start of a match. Sigh! Recommended Captain Skills There's an overhaul of the Captain Skill tree coming, but until that time, here's the skills I recommend for the Shiratsuyu. As ever, Basic Fire Training should be the first (and only) skill you grab from the first tier. At tier 2, there are three great skills to pick up. First, take Last Stand. Destroyers lose their engines and steering gears if you look at them funny. Torpedo Armament Expertise is also very worthwhile. This will reduce your reload time from 101s down to 91s. Finally, Expert Marksman is nice to have but should be considered a tertiary skill and the last one you pick up for your ship after grabbing all of the other skills. Next, grab Superintendent at tier 3. You can and will go through all of your consumable charges in this ship regularly. At tier 4, Advanced Fire Training seems like the best choice. This increases your main battery range up to 13.2km. Alternatively, Demolition Expert is also a great selection. While this will shorten your maximum potential stealth firing window down to 1.3km, it does provide a healthy boost to your chances to start fires. Finally, Concealment Expert is essential for success in this ship. Grab it as soon as you can. This will help mitigate the flaw of her low top speed, improve her gunnery and make launching torpedoes that much easier.
  5. TheDodgerRoger

    Avast me hearties!

    Well time for me to introduce myself to the World of Warships community, I'm a long-term gamer having played on various computers and consoles over a 30 years period (or so); the list of games I've played is quite staggering which gives me quite a lot of experience. I've studied warfare throughout history and find the battles throughout World War 2 very interesting; which is where I've spent most of my time with regards to research and gaming. Needless to say, I'm fairly new to the game and will obviously make some mistakes whilst getting to grips with it. This doesn't mean I'll be creating bad-game content and will try to concentrate on the better games I have whilst on World of Warships. As well as creating video content for Youtube I also stream via Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/thedodgerroger anyone is welcome though I do try to stick to the rules I've put in place. The first video I've produced is a brief introduction along with some gameplay (video below), having been an avid War Thunder player some of you may know me and my content from that game and I do draw some comparisons between the two games; I feel this is relevant since they're both MMO-type games and Gaijin have announced recently and rather comically the release of "War Boats" )))) aka their Naval forces addition. I've just released the first three videos from gameplay footage on the NA server, these can be found below...
  6. LittleWhiteMouse

    Ship Preview: Mouse in the Akizuki

    Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period. These are subject to change before release. So the IJN Destroyers were nerfed, were they? Quick Summary: A destroyer making a credible attempt at being an AA Cruiser. Slow (for a DD), with eight machine-gun like 100mm rifles and 10km torpedoes to back them up. It's like a Flint without a citadel, or a Khabarovsk that shrunk after being left in the dryer too long. Patch and Date Written: November 24th, 2016. Premium Ship Shortcut Closest Premium Ship: Flint, Tier 7 American Cruiser Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Imagine you could have the USS Flint but remove her citadel at the cost of some hit points. Comparing her directly to an anti-aircraft cruiser is a bit reckless but it's not that far removed. The Akizuki spits rainbows of High Explosive death onto enemies -- sometimes with the cover of smoke, sometimes without depending on what she's engaging. Get too close and she'll wallop you with a salvo or two of fish right up your nose that are extremely powerful in their own right. Trying to sniff her out with aircraft is a loser move because it will cost you planes from her tremendous (for a DD) AA power. PROs Enormous hit point pool of 20,400hp, higher than any other tier 8 or tier 9 Destroyer. Armed with eight, rapid fire (3.0s reload), 100mm rifles with fearsome potential DPM and excellent stealth-fire capabilities. Amazing destroyer hunter against DDs tier 7 and below. She possesses a torpedo reload booster consumable that rearms her torpedoes in 5s. Amazing AA dps for a destroyer, comparable to some "good" anti-aircraft cruisers. CONs Her high explosive shells are unable to do direct damage to any areas with over 16mm of armour. This results in a lot of zero damage hits. Horrible destroyer hunter against DDs tier 8 and above. Low base fire chance per shell of 5%. She lacks Defensive Fire to make her a truly excellent flak platform. Very slow for a destroyer, with a maximum speed of 33 knots. Very large turning circle of 730m. Largish surface detection range of 7.6km stock. Eight guns, four torpedoes and twenty-thousand hit points. At a glance, she seems more of a cruiser than a destroyer. This is the ship that got a lot of people's attention. She's not my favourite of the line -- that honour goes to the Shiratsuyu (which is why she got reviewed first). But the Akizuki is definitely the most interesting of the new ships. On paper she looks meh. Slow. Fat. Cumbersome. She has only a single quad launcher. The eight guns look neat. I mistook her for a light cruiser pretending to be a destroyer, erroneously thinking her a destroyer lead until I looked up some basic history about the vessel. It doesn't take long playing her to see her charms. Those guns are incredible, in both good ways and bad. Lemme show you what I mean... Options Like the Shiratsuyu before it, the Akizuki has access to the strange (but awesome) Torpedo Reload Booster that will rearm your torpedoes in 5s as opposed to the 30s timer previously associated with this consumable. With only one set of tubes, this is less powerful on the Akizuki than the Shiratsuyu, but it's usefulness cannot be understated. That you don't need to swap out another consumable to have access to this is also wonderful. Like all of the new IJN Destroyers, you have the option of purchasing premium camouflage for her. At the time of writing this article, I don't know if the Akizuki will link back to the main line in some fashion, so this may have dubious merits towards assisting in grinding the line faster and should generally be regarded as being used to help accelerate crew training and reward container collection. Consumables: Four slots Damage Control Party Smoke Generator Engine Boost Torpedo Reload Booster Module Upgrades: Five slots, IJN destroyer standard options.Camouflage: Like all of the new IJN Destroyers, the Akizuki has access to permanent, premium camouflage. You can purchase it for 3,000 doubloons. This provides the standard 3% camouflage bonus, 4% disruption bonus, a 10% reduction in repair costs and a 50% increase to experience earning for the ship. Firepower Primary Battery: Eight 100mm rifles in 4x2 turrets in an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration.Torpedo Launchers: Four Type 90 torpedoes in 1x4 launchers. Primary Battery Performance of Tier 8 Destroyers, the Tier 7 Cruiser Flint & the tier 10 Destroyer Khabarovsk. * with the use of Advanced Fire Training. Oh. My. Gawd. The Akizuki's guns are hellafun to use. Rapid fire, high velocity, good turret traverse -- they tick all of the right boxes for gun handling. With a decent range, you can comfortably engage targets up close or at a distance depending on your needs at the moment. Their flat trajectory makes leading targets even at the extremes of your range a simple task, but they have just enough arc to be lobbed overtop of low, intervening terrain. You can easily sweep the decks, even at range, walking your fire from bow to stern on an enemy vessel in no time at all. While her shells may individually have a low fire chance, you're spitting out between 160 and 176 rounds per minute. Lastly, they add a mere 3.0km to your surface detection range while shooting, opening up all sorts of module / skill combinations without necessitating them all in order to be able to fire from concealment in open water. Well, there's the high explosive penetration mechanics for one. For those unaware, it's quite possible (and even commonplace) for high explosive hits to inflict no damage. Setting damage saturation aside for a moment, these hits are caused by the high explosive shell striking armour that's too thick for its charge to damage. This is calculated by a rather simple formula. If an HE shell strikes armour roughly 1/6th its diameter (1/4th for German HE shells) or greater, it does no damage. For the Akizuki's 100mm shells, this means the maximum armour thickness her HE shells can inflict damage upon is 16mm or less. As such, there's a long list of ships within her matchmaking spread she simply cannot damage with her HE shells at all. You can rain hundreds of shots for days and short of starting fires, they will take zero damage. This precludes you from being able to do any damage against any tier 8+ Battleship currently in the game. Against most cruisers you'll face, only their superstructure is a viable target. But where this gets most concerning is against high tier destroyers. Shots directly into the hull of the tier 8+ Destroyers will also register zero damage hits. Your shots must strike the tiny superstructure of these destroyers to do damage -- good luck with that. This makes this armament absolutely phenomenal against tier 7 ships but lackluster against tier 8+. It's important to keep this list of targets in mind. As fearsome as the Akizuki's potential DPM looks, you'll seldom realize it. You'll have frequent matches where you've done in excess of 400 hits yet the lion's share of these shells have shattered on impact. It's important to change up ammunition types depending on the moment. So it's not hard to land hits with these guns. The challenge becomes making sure they do damage. Stacking fires isn't difficult but it won't kill anything quickly and this can be quite problematic when facing same tier or higher enemy destroyers in a duel. AP is necessary to stack damaging hits against these ships, or landing bullseyes on their small bridge and funnels with high explosive. But if they angle even a little, your AP damage will fall away. My experience taught me to switch ammunition choices on the fly, varying between HE and AP as my needs demanded regardless of the size of target I was engaging. If vessels have large sections of 16mm armour, the Akizuki can rely on a homogenous wall of HE fire. If they don't, well things get interesting. Finally, to facilitate all of the carpal tunnel clicking that you'll be doing, the Akizuki has a large stealth fire range. With proper choice of skills and modules, this can be in excess of 3km. This lets you begin opening fire with impunity at 8.9km with an optimized stealth build. Torpedoes Backing up her incredible guns is a single launcher's worth of torpedoes. This may seem off-putting from the harbour but you'll often be so busy with her guns that you won't miss the second launcher's worth. Her fish are hardly anemic, inflicting nearly 21,000 damage per at a 10km range with a 67 knot top speed. If this four torpedo spread seems insufficient to deal with the targets at hand, the Akizuki is also armed with the same Torpedo Reload Booster we all came to love (or fear) in the Shiratsuyu at tier 7. This puts her torpedo tubes back in action in five seconds when this consumable is activated, allowing her to double up her initial launch if needs be. This comes with a four-minute to six minute reset timer depending on if you purchased the premium version or not. With nearly a two minute reload to her tubes, otherwise, the Akizuki makes a rather poor torpedo boat. However, her fish should not be ignored in favour of her guns. A combination of the two makes her truly frightening while reliance on only the one really hurts her potential. A Tier 6 German Bayern burns in three places, raked from superstructure to stern with a constant barrage of high explosive shells from the Akizuki. Walking her fire forward, she set her bows ablaze by the time the bridge finally went out. The new IJN gunship is an excellent fire starter, but her individual high explosive shells aren't likely to do much damage in of themselves, if any at all. Maneuverability Top Speed: 33.0 knotsTurning Radius: 730mRudder Shift: 4.6s Well now, this is sobering. The Akizuki feels more like a large cruiser than a destroyer when it comes to her handling. While her rudder shift time is acceptable, if slow for a destroyer, her turning circle and top speed are downright disastrous for a tin can. The Akizuki is a blue water vessel. She's not comfortable in the usual DD hiding places which are chalk full of islands and obstacles due to her poor handling. That 730m turning circle makes maneuvering in tight spaces downright prohibitive. If you wouldn't take an Atago into a given area, you're not likely to want to take an Akizuki in there either. During playtesting I received some rather colourful criticism of where I was sailing my destroyer -- or, moreover, where I wasn't comfortable sailing her. This lack of agility also makes brawling with other DDs problematic. Dodging fish salvos becomes exceedingly difficult and requires quite a bit of forethought to be able to dance to the torpedo beats. What's more distressing than her turning circle is her lack of speed. At tier 8, 33 knots is what we've come to expect of a slow cruiser and not a destroyer. While this is still passable for moving from A to B in a timely manner, this severely limits the Akizuki's ability to dictate engagement ranges when something wants to close with her. About the only saving grace is that few things will want to close with her when they start taking a rain of invisible high explosive shells, even though this is exactly what they should be doing instead of running away. 33 knots is more than sufficient to keep up a stern chase and continue harassing an enemy battleship that unwisely turns tail and runs but it falls short of doing the same to most cruisers you'll face. Durability Hit Points: 20,400Maximum Armour: 19mm side plating & deck plating (272mm+ required to overmatch) At 20,400hp, the Akizuki has a boat-load of hit points for a Destroyer. This gives her the highest hit point total of any destroyer until you reach tier 10. I wish I could say this was all gravy but in my experience in the Akizuki, this hit point total becomes entirely necessary in exchanges with enemy destroyers. Her guns really do struggle with putting damage onto enemy DDs that are tier 8+ and these extra hit points buy her the time needed to drive off her aggressors. Still, I do feel that her hit point total might be a little too generous. The Akizuki limps away from the initial scrap at the center cap circle on Islands of Fire. The smoke screen behind her was left by the Benson she engaged. The Akizuki came off worse from the fight, with her engine knocked out and inflicting only minimal damage to the tier 8 American Destroyer. When her targets are angled, the Akizuki struggles to do any damage to high tier destroyers and will fare poorly in such duels. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 7.6kmAir Detection Range: 4.4kmMinimum Surface Detection Range: 5.97kmConcealment Penalty while Firing: +3.00km (vs max potential range of 10.2km to 12.2km) The Akizuki's base surface detection range will appear on the large side, but it's important to keep in mind that as a tier 8 vessel, she has access to the Concealment Modification 1 upgrade which immediately shaves off 10% (760m) from this value if a player chooses to install it. This immediately puts her on better footing than any tier 7 destroyer she's likely to encounter (short of a Shiratsuyu). This doesn't quite hold up so well when you start measuring her against the tier 8+ destroyers and you can expect to be spotted before they spot you, though this distance is usually within 100m or so with full concealment options. Still, it's a far cry better than the massive Soviet DDs, so there's that. The Akizuki wins out when she fires her guns, gaining only 3.0km worth of surface detection range. This compares exceedingly well against the Soviets (5.9km) and reasonably well against the other Japanese and American Destroyers (3.81km). In practical terms, this gives her a comparable base value to the USN Destroyers when it comes to stealth firing at about 9km when fully rigged for concealment. With Advanced Fire Training to boost her range up to 12km, this provides a 3km buffer from which to shoot. With care, an Akizuki can shadow a larger ship and rain an incessant barrage of shells without fear of being detected. Alternatively, you can use her stealth to travel from A to B without being spotted, making approaching and contesting cap circles possible. Just be aware that the Akizuki does not dodge torpedoes anywhere near as adeptly as other destroyers and that close range brawls should generally be avoided without backup. However, this stealth approach can allow her to set up for some surprise torpedo runs which can help prompt an enemy capital ship to blow their Damage Control Party early and facilitate setting them ablaze as a follow up. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 100mm, 25mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km, 3.1kmAA DPS per Aura: 83, 75 The Akizuki has the best AA values of any destroyer currently in the game. If she'd had the option of Defensive Fire, she would have been the perfect Destroyer Escort for capital ships (if carriers ever come back to being commonplace in matches). Still, this is a welcome feature of the Akizuki. Not only does it open up the option for more team-based play -- being able to add your considerable AA umbrella onto beleaguered ships being targeted by attack planes, it also provides the Akizuki with a bit of autonomy. Any Destroyer driver will tell you that being constantly lit by enemy planes is a real nuisance. Her AA-power gives the Akizuki the ability to knock down shadowing aircraft, albeit slowly. Annoying. A Saipan keeps its F4U Corsairs in proximity to the Akizuki, keeping her lit and preventing her from approaching the enemy fleet and engaging. Her flak was sufficient to swat one of these pests and drive them off. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme The Akizuki is one of the most exciting destroyers to be introduced with the new line. She's a difficult ship to evaluate in terms of Skill Floor. I decided on Casual, simply because you can choose to spam nothing but HE and you will see results -- the fires set will hoover up enough damage to encourage players to continue this act without ever having to reach for AP shells. Couple this with her low detection range and this creates a pretty forgiving environment for modest levels of success. However, to get the most out of the Akizuki, it requires very dynamic play. She has the potential to be disgustingly overpowered with the proper selection of skills, modules and play style, making her quite capable of shredding just about any opponent that dares wander into her range. The meta, as ever, involves keeping track of not only the targets you can see but also those you can't. Knowing that there's no enemies within your stealth firing range opens the Akizuki to fire with impunity. Pulling the trigger hastily on a German BB that secretly had a DD or spotter aircraft providing eyes will only get your ship blown out from under you as your spotted butt gets tenderized by shell-wall coming off their secondaries. And that's your own darned fault. Mouse's Summary Gunnery feels phenomenal. Gunnery performance is lacking. Easy to land gun hits, the challenge is doing damage with said hits. Her poor maneuverability and speed is unfortunate. Her AA power is surprisingly effective. She makes a decent AA picket ship to help thin out approaching air waves and pick off the stragglers as they return. Place her in the right hands and she's disgustingly powerful. Just wow. It's rare that you get to drive a ship that feels so completely broken-powerful when top tier. The big weaknesses of the Akizuki, primarily the difficulties of her guns to inflict damage, absolutely falls away when facing off against tier 6 and 7 opponents. Suddenly your HE shells can penetrate the superstructures of Battleships, the bows and sterns of cruisers and the entire length of destroyers. The Akizuki absolutely wrecks face in these engagements, like it's not even fair. I'm reminded very much of previous monstrous seal clubbing favourites like the St.Louis, Kongo and Kiev. Yet this advantage melts away when she's facing her own tier or higher, at least to a degree. Like these previously mentioned ships, they still maintain their teeth and can catch the unwary with some surprising strikes. The Akizuki does this by stacking fires, swapping to AP to pepper targets where they're softest and dumping fish at the unwary that try and stop her rampage. I cannot stress enough how important it is to switch your ammunition choices while in the Akizuki. Firing all one ammunition type or all of another will get you some nice numbers, but it's when you flip flop between them, often against the same target, that the numbers really add up. The most frustrating targets to engage were always same tier or higher enemy destroyers for me. Even with the high rate of fire, the Akizuki really struggles to put down a tier 8+ DD that wants to brawl. When word gets out that you can bow-tank an Akizuki in a Benson+, the Akizuki's in for some rough times. And this will probably be the dichotomy with this ship. I can see some largely polarized opinions forming about the vessel. Those that suffer beneath her guns will think her overpowered. When they take her out themselves, they'll probably feel that her guns are worthless as they cannot stack direct damage effectively. Yet there will be those players with skill and experience that can seem to do no wrong in her. They'll bully and assassinate with seeming impunity, sliding through the ineffective pickets made by a floundering enemy team that can't coordinate the hunt of this dangerous ship. Yeah, I think she's overpowered. She's hellafun to play but I can't imagine the Akizuki being very popular for people who have to play against her. Still, she comes in second place for me behind the Shiratsuyu for my favourite ship in the new IJN line. She's an exciting addition. I wonder how long it will before we see her take some stat adjustments to balance her out? I guess it all depends on how the masses do with her. If enough players struggle with inflicting damage, then the purple unicorns may have this chariot left untouched for a long time, giving them an overpowered boat to enjoy for some time. Teamwork is overpowered. Work in close proximity with your allies to truly maximize your performance in the Akizuki. She can't brawl well, but she can certainly distract an enemy. Her large hit point pool makes her great for tanking shells, so by sticking close with a friendly Benson, she ensures that short of the whole enemy fleet showing up to a cap point, she can help ensure local dominance. Outfitting the Mini-Khabarovsk Recommended Modules The Akizuki is pretty straight forward to kit out. Take Magazine Modification 1. Really, just take it. In all of my play-testing games, taking tons of fire, I was never detonated with this module equipped. I only lost a single turret. The reality is, you're more likely to have your destroyer shot out from under you than to have your gun turrets permanently knocked out. For the second slot, Aiming Systems Modification 1 is the best choice. For slot number three, they're all terrible! Take your pick. For your fourth slot, you may be tempted to take Steering Gears Modification 2, but don't be fooled. This will drop your rudder shift time down by 0.9 of a second which isn't very much. I find Propulsion Modification 2 to be much more worthwhile for that extra bit of pep when you need to get up and go. This can be very helpful when fish are inbound to your smoke. Do I need to say it? Take Concealment Modification 1 for your fifth slot. This will drop your stock 7.6km surface detection range down to 6.9km. Recommended Consumables Like the Shiratsuyu before it, with so many consumables on board, you can find yourself quickly running up an expensive tab if you splurge on premium consumables. That said, they are very helpful, especially on this ship. The Akizuki get spotted often and takes fire often, mostly because she's continually giving herself away with her main batteries. Take a premium Damage Control Party to help put out fires and keep your engines running. Even with Last Stand, you'll want to repair your engines almost as soon as they're out to keep your speed up. Like most destroyers, it's super worthwhile to grab a premium Smoke Generator. The extra charge and reduced reset timer are both too good to pass up. Don't be cheap here. Your performance will suffer if you try and save some pennies. It's hard to say no to a premium Engine Boost consumable, but if you need to cut costs, this would be the consumable to stick with the regular version. Keep in mind, that 33.0 knot top speed is going to hurt your face. Engine Boost can help get you into position faster or outrun trouble. It will save your life. As for your Torpedo Reload Booster, get the premium version. The standard version has a SIX MINUTE reset timer. The premium version has a four minute reset. Don't forget to equip some form of Concealment Camouflage. Combined with the Concealment Modification 1 from the upgrade section above, your surface detection range will now drop down to 6.6km which is nice. In terms of signals, if you can swing it, the Sierra Mike signal is great for giving a bit more pep to your engines. This will nudge up the speed from 33.0 knots to 34.6 knots. Still terrible but almost what I would call destroyer-speeds. Victor Lima and India X-Ray signals are also helpful in an offensive sense, bumping your chance to start a fire by 10% over their base value (to 5.5% or 6.0% if you combine the two). Watch out for those detonations though. Recommended Captain Skills As I said with the Shiratsuyu, there's a Captain Skill tree overhaul on the horizon. Some of these new skills look very interesting, with one in particular (HEAP) worth having a discussion about in regards to how this will affect ships like the Akizuki. For the time being, we just get to play with the old one. Here's the skills I recommend: It's a no brainer to take Basic Fire Training. This will nudge up your RoF up to 22rpm per gun (176rpm total from 160rpm). At tier two, Last Stand is the most valuable. You will take a lot of fire in this ship and the last thing you want is your rudder locked hard over while you struggle to repair it or being caught dead in the water. Expert Marksman is a great alternative to speed up the turret rotation of your guns. This will drop it from 11.3s for a 180' turn to 9.6s. Next, Superintendent is hands down the best choice. More smoke, more engine boosts, more torpedo reloads. Personally, I find it worthwhile just for the extra smoke charge. Vigilance is pretty handy to have to help spot torpedos well in advance and give you more time to dodge. At tier 4, you've got a choice to make. First, Advanced Fire Training may look like the most optimal as this will nudge your engagement range from an admittedly short reach of 10.2km up to 12.2km. But you shouldn't discount the importance of taking Demolition Expert to nudge up your fire chance form 5% to 8% (or 9% if you stacked those signals we talked about earlier). Lastly, at tier 5, don't feel like you must take Concealment Expert. Without it, your concealment range is still a very healthy 6.6km -- 9.6km when you open fire. With Advanced Fire Training listed above, this still gives you a 2.6km stealth-firing window and it will allow you to take Demolition Expert too. So it's really up to you.
  7. Kenliero Ship Reviews - Isokaze Review Tier 4 Destroyer Guide+Gameplay
  8. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Disliked Guide #4: Atlanta

    Disliked ship guide #4: Atlanta - Underpowered or Overpowered? (For final comparison to other cruisers of the tier, skip to the 'Overall' section) At a glance: USN Tier 7 1941 Super light cruiser, won't stand up to punishment very well but can hand it out in droves! Most similar to the Cleveland, you share the extremly strong escort AA and punishing HE characteristics of this tier 6 US cruiser; interestingly, though, you also share its maneuverability. Is a specialist DD hunter, will rip any Destroyer to shreds if it's unfortunate enough to be detected near her; the sheer quantity of AP you'll broadside can also one-shot many cruisers. Extremly good credit earner, though only if you play to her strengths. She's downright punishing otherwise. Available at the store or in-game, for £31. This is a lot of money for a CL and more than HMS Belfast. First- An Opinion If you're squeamish about fragile cruisers, Atlanta probably isn't the ship for you and there's no shame in this; the same goes for many others. If, however, you love a stupid amount of firepower; you're not alone either! And so the argument of Atlanta either needing a nerf or buff come in. 'Underpowered' because she can so easily be killed by both Cruisers and Destroyers alike; 'Overpowered' because she can so easily make life a living hell for the enemy team, especially given her recent radar buff. I will say this though; I thought I'd regret dropping so many gold doubloons to buy her. I'd read so much about it being an unreliable 'troll' of a ship, yet seen so much excellent gameplay by certain CC's that I was torn down the middle. Being a US Destroyer man and loving all US cruisers, I took the plunge; and to date she's my most successful ship by kill rate and credits earned; not to mention the most used. I love Atlanta; and I hope by the end of this guide you'll have decided whether or not you will too! DISCLAIMER: Be aware of the price though. That's a lot of gold and if you feel it'd be better used converting free xp or buying camo/consumables, do that instead! Atlanta isn't for the faint of heart and if you don't get consistently good results with her she'll punish you severely. Survivability In this respect, Atlanta is a big Destroyer. Her health pool is fairly low; on a par with Omaha, meaning you need to be careful when choosing engagements. However, while her armour is pretty poor in almost every respect, the reason it remains effective isn't because it actually 'stops' shot, but more because it doesn't allow the shells to arm. Being a cruiser, Battleships will lick their lips when seeing a broadside Atlanta; 'Easy kill' being the first thing to enter their thoughts. But this is where I must crush your Battleship ego. Atlanta is surprisingly capable against battleships. 'Cowper you bloody idiot! This is the most ignorant thing you've said yet! Atlanta tanky against battleships? PAH! I one-shotted it in my cruiser just this morning!' Thing is though, imagine that was a Soviet Cruiser you'd fired at...chances are you'd have either done the same damage or more. Even against cruiser shot, Atlanta will overpen the vast majority of what you throw at it. Not to say she's particularly 'strong' against cruisers; as this is not the case at all; but rather, that she isn't as utterly pathetic against them as everyone seems to believe. Atlanta's armour scheme with only critical components selected; clearly showing a near enough non-existent armouring of the forward and upper citadel: Still don't understand what I'm getting at? Ok. So, let's put this into some context against, say, her notoriously under-protected USN tech tree counterpart. The Tier 7 US Cruiser is the CA Pensacola. She mounts ten powerful 8-inch guns and suffers from a mix of bad concealment and armour scheme. While I won't be mentioning Indianapolis much during this guide (mostly for the reason that I don't own it), it's important to deeply analyze, with great detail, where Atlanta stands with Pensacola. So here goes: Atlanta can one-shot Pensacola with more ease than Pensacola can one-shot Atlanta. No, seriously. Atlanta, while very poorly armoured, has a smaller citadel and will generally bounce/over-pen more shot than Pepsi (no, really!). Pensacola, on the other hand, if presenting Atlanta with a broadside will eat at least 6-7 citadel penetrations from a well-aimed shot of your 127mm puff guns; making one-shotting or inflicting severe damage very much a possibility. I do this more regularly than you'd expect, and it's a real shame for the Cola players but really highlights how Atlanta's armour works. Basically being a Destroyer in all ways but size and gun number, Atlanta's mostly made up of paper-thin plating. Her citadel, while protected by 85mm, will eight times out of ten overpen the majority of Battleship shot. While same or lower-tier cruisers can make breakfast out of you, if you're packing AP you can generally finish them off first. Due to this, I don't think lack of armour is a very big problem on Atlanta. Yes, you'll take a LOT of damage in 1 v 1 encounters with other cruisers; yes, giving your broadside to ANYONE is still a very, very bad idea; as with any cruiser. But angling is surprisingly effective on Atlanta; anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't own one or hasn't even tried angling. I've outlived Scharnhorsts in 1v1 duels before simply by angling with my stern up against an island (no, really!). I think it has more to do with over-pens and super slim profile than it does with the armour actually stopping the shells, but I'm not complaining! Gameplay Strategy: Atlanta is just as soft as any other cruiser; the exception being the fact she'll overpen battleship shot with a lot more ease than thicker cruiser armour would, making her arguably better than many cruisers versus this class. Just keep the range open and dance when facing BBs; you *will* come out on top if playing smartly. Against cruisers, however, your best bet is to wait for support or use cover. Atlanta has extremly high arcing guns, meaning you can use island armour far more than they probably can. Failing all the above, angle bow-in. Not to say you can't still take great damage doing so, but you'll last far, far longer than you would at any other angle. Attack Strategy: An Atlanta on the enemy team should ALWAYS be a priority target, as their harassing fire can burn down Battleships and wreck Destroyers with radar. When fighting an Atlanta, use HE; regardless of the ship you're in but especially in a Battleship. You *won't* get all those juicy citadel hits you're expecting. In a cruiser, catching an Atlanta out in the open is best as near islands she can become highly problematic. While it is true she'll always out-spam you, 8-inch High Explosive spam can be a real problem for the low health pool Atlanta player; meaning generally they'll see their disadvantage and disengage (if they don't...well...more fool them!) Lower tier cruisers and ALL Destroyers should avoid engaging this ship completely unless they have support or no other option. NOTE: I am unaware of any changes in gameplay associated with British Cruisers. As of writing this guide, I have no experience against them with Atlanta. However, I would guess that their posh AP is fairly bad news for her thin armour when you're not angled. Caution is your best option and bombarding them with HE will probably still work! Don't forget you have radar too, negating their smoke. All in all, Atlanta is likely to be a decent British CL counter. Artillery Sorry for the length of that section, but it's vital I address longevity in this ship as it's key to understanding how to play to its strengths. Afterall, you need to know how to survive if you're going to be using the DPM machine that is Atlanta! Armed with 8x2 5-inch turrets (identical to those found on the T8+ BBs as secondaries) which have a reload time of less than 3.5s and 180 degree turret traverse of less than 6 seconds, it's fair to say you can take any enemy on through DPM alone. Having been on both the sending and receiving end of her fury many times, I can honestly say that to underestimate Atlanta, regardless of what ship you're in, is a seriously bad idea. Your bread and butter in this ship are the following: Large or isolated Battleships. Higher tier KMS and all IJN ships are perfect for this. However, US ships or BBs with support tend to be much harder to spam down range. All Destroyers. Atlanta has the capability of totally ignoring smoke when hunting. She can kill any DD in the game (including Soviet gun-boats) with ease and is dedicated to this role. All Aircraft Carriers. God-tier AAA, speed, small size and stupidly high rate of fire makes you the dread of all Carrier players. It's fair to say that there's no shortage of firepower as far as Atlanta's concerned. The AP can be beastly if fired en-masse, and the HE can whittle down even the largest, most armoured ships. This does however come with considerable drawbacks. Prepare for more death by bullet....points! Your base range is just 11km. Bismarck's secondaries almost reach further than that...and they're bigger! (AFT is an option for a 2km boost, but the presence of demo expert makes this a surprisingly difficult choice without a 14-point cap). They have the most parabolic firing arcs in the game. Ok, so this one can be advantageous if, say, you're using islands as cover. But most of the time the shell flight length is a downright annoyance. They can be knocked out fairly easily. This isn't as bad as it used to be, but be prepared to lose at least one or two turrets in the course of a good firefight. You have plenty in reserve, though! At least one wing turret will always be out of action. Not a big issue, as again, there are plenty more where that came from! I can fire at least four broadsides before the first one lands on my Atlanta. BFT and AFT make this achievable, but even on a stock captain you'll be firing almost three before the first lands. This means it's possible to have a constant stream of lava being fired into the enemy. Gameplay Strategy: You are an extremly devastating ship if given the chance to rain fire on an enemy team. Use islands for cover or let allies tank for you, while peppering the enemy from behind. The way I use this ship...imagine she's a cohort of archers firing on the enemy from behind a line of spearmen. Let your team get between you and the enemy team, only exposing yourself if absolutly necessary. The damage you add to your teams' overall attack is not inconsiderable. In fact, I'm often the one doing the most damage when focusing down an enemy ship. In duels with battleships, Atlanta can also excel given that there's an island nearby. Even if there isn't, though, dancing round in circles and only giving the enemy your broadside when they reload, all the while DPM'ing them to death is highly effective at bringing down even tier 9 BBs. Also bear in mind, that whilst you're not designed for melee, like an archer, you do carry a close quarters weapon in case you end up closer than you'd otherwise like to be... Gameplay TOP TIP: Don't just fire Atlanta's guns when you need to. Fire them CONSTANTLY, unless you intend on stealthing up. The effect the infinite stream of shells has on an enemy player's morale is enough to make even the most hardened Rank 1 veteran turn their ship away, saying 'Feck this crap, I'm out!'. Your spam is the most powerful area denial tool in the game; provided the enemy can't kill you first, that is, and I have a stupidly low hit-rate on this ship due to this (yet I'm still above the 23% average for MBH...which I guess illustrates that this is a common technique!) Your 'curtain of fire' can completely screw up the enemy team's plans; either by making them push harder to try to kill you, or by driving them away. Two or more Atlantas (or Flints, especially) can isolate enemy ships from entire halves of the map this way. Torpedoes Atlanta is one of only three US Cruisers to carry torps and the only higher tier US cruiser to mount them. While they're definitely less useful than those found on Phoenix and Omaha, it can be nice knowing they're there. Sadly, though, I can't recommend using them unless absolute need be; your guns are a much better go-to for any ship or battle type. Gameplay Strategy: It's important to note that these torps are not offensive in any way, shape or form. Not only does the 4.5km range kill any chance you have of doing this, but despite being numerous they are only mounted in one launcher per side...meaning they're a one-chance last ditch weapon to use if you find yourself hard up against an enemy with nothing left to live for. Don't get me wrong; I *have* used them offensively, albeit extremely rarely. Island ambushes are doable and given their relatively high damage output, you are very capable of putting the hurt on someone who may have forgotten Atlanta has torps (a lot of people do the whole; 'US Cruiser, that's cool it can't have torps, then' kind of thing), but beyond this I fail to see any offensive use they have. Their reload time and range also negates using them as a zone denial device (though in lower tier maps where caps are smaller, this could be an option just to keep an enemy at arm's length). AA A fully-upgraded Cleveland is capable of reaching in excess of a 75 rating on its AA guns. It'll not only ruin the day of any equal-tier carrier, but will also make higher tier carriers very, very anxious if they have to deal with one. She's legendary for this. So, imagine Atlanta as being what Pensacola and New Orleans *should* have been when it comes to AA! Atlanta is GOD-TIER.Thanks to mounting 16 5-inch dual purpose cannons, her long-range AAA has very few equals in the entire game; in fact, in per-match DPM alone she has the best AA in the entire game (yes...better than Flint! You have four more dual purpose guns than Flint can boast). This is because Atlanta and Flint both mount something nobody else can...infinite Defensive AA. You heard me, there's no limit to the amount of times you can use your AA consumable; like repair party, it's infinite! Premium makes it even more potent, allowing you to use defensive AA extremely regularly and throughout the entire match, regardless of how many planes come at you; and this alongside her DD hunting skills makes her class superior to absolutely every other cruiser from an escort perspective. If given an inch, Atlanta will take a square mile. Carriers should not mess with her under any circumstance. Combine this with her firepower, and you're the ultimate escort for Battleships. Provided you use cover wisely, you can usually out-live them too; as in this battle.It's all about finding and using strategic cover; especially when you have your AA guns going off constantly, alerting everyone to your presence! Gameplay Strategy: You'll find yourself putting the ship in harm's way just to shoot down planes. The AA really is that lethal! No CV will get a good drop on an Atlanta if it's being played smartly; even if they break through with enough birds left to make a strike (unlikely in itself), she presents such a small target you'll likely dodge pretty much all bombs and torps. Be aware, though, that losing main turrets will reduce AA effectiveness much more than on any other ship. Yes, there are Battleships with better AA ratings than Atlanta (mine has an 89 rating yet my NC is 100); but they can't mount infinite Defensive AA! That's what gives you an edge, especially long-range and against torp bombers so use it wisely and generously. A well-played Atlanta can keep half its fleet alive and totally shutdown enemy CVs. Maneuverability Atlanta is most comparable to Cleveland here as well; difference is though, in the last section that was a good thing, but here...not so much. Yes, she has a narrow profile allowing for a lot of stern wiggling and avoidance of shells; yes, she's fast enough to keep up with most other Cruisers and Battleships and yes, the helm is responsive enough to make successful torpedo beats fairly easy to execute. Sadly, however, that's it. For a ship of her weight class I find Atlanta to be extremly sluggish with an equally slow helm (even with the upgrade mounted). 32knots is what you'll make in a straight line, and even then it takes a relatively long time to get there; she'll bleed a lot of speed the second you touch the helm, too, meaning 26-29knots is what you'll in fact be making most of the time. At tier 7, you're frequently matched with ships like the Myoko which can boast a top speed that's in excess of 35knots...meaning this super light cruiser can in fact be chased down (fairly easily I might add), by heavy cruisers. In fact, Iowa has a good 1.5knots on Atlanta. I would say it's the biggest weakness of this ship; that alongside the Destroyer grade health pool, the average helm speed and the fairly noticeable silhouette the ship casts, Atlanta's speed/acceleration just isn't good enough and will get you targeted easily. This means it's out of the question to ever stop in Atlanta, as is it to go solo warrior in the hope that you'll outrun anyone who comes towards you. I blame her slow top speed on the majority of problems players have with this ship, and whilst it was hoped this would be addressed in her recent buff (in which she got radar instead), I guess you can't rewrite history. The real Atlanta's were, afterall, found to be unstable and a little unseaworthy in certain respects and that's reflected here in the poor handling characteristics Having said which, she's manoeuvrable enough to throw off battleship shot and fast enough to outrun all but the faster battleships in the game. She'll struggle to catch up with destroyers in most situations, sadly. Her helm is however faster than many cruisers around her matchmaking bracket, meaning you won't find yourself lacking too much when placed in a duel with an equal or lower tier cruiser. The recent addition of Helm Mod 2 for Tier 8's and above is undeniably a game changer, though your smaller size allows you to still be competitive to this end. Gameplay Strategy: Undoubtably her biggest weakness being maneuverability, you must play to this. Atlanta does not rely on speed to stay alive, but rather her firepower. Playing her is, then, all about using what cover you possibly can and judging accurately where you can be and how soon. Island hopping is by far the best way, as you're just fast enough to make yourself an undesirable target when jumping between islands. If caught in the open, either get behind allies or stealth up...this really is your only option. Concealment This is an area which tends to quite often split opinion. Is 10km concealment good enough on a slow, super fragile light cruiser? I tend to feel she could use a tiny bit more, personally. Certain ships, such as North Carolina and Edinburgh, for instance, which capitalise on stealth can be a serious problem. A concealment build NC or even Iowa will nuke Atlanta before it can even get the chance to fire a shot; I repeat, a 50,000 tonne battleship is almost as indistinguishable from the horizon as a 6,700 tonne light cruiser. Personally, I find this utterly ridiculous when looking at how much larger the British CL's are than Atlanta, but then as many have mentioned, WoWs isn't a very realistic game to begin with so let's instead focus on how this affects gameplay. If you don't have AFT on your captain you'll need to play extremly passively for at least the first quarter of the match. This is because your guns barely outrange your detectability. By air, you're surprisingly stealthy; which allows for some nice AA ambushes for CV's which may not be paying attention. However, I will simply reiterate what I said above; Atlanta relies on islands and allies for survival. 10km is 10km, so it's fairly easy to escape a wrathful enemy if they're slower than you and it's true, I bite off more than I can chew then stealth up very regularly and live to tell the tale. It's not awful. But it's definitly something to be aware of and I guess if she had it much lower, it'd make Flint's smoke less competitive when fighting an Atlanta; not to mention Destroyers who find themselves on an Atlanta warpath. So it's all about being intelligent with your positioning (moreso than with most other ships) and having an acute understanding of the game's spotting dynamics. Given that Ocean doesn't appear much anymore, you'll pretty much always have islands to use for concealment. Gameplay Strategy: Many argue that 10km may not be perfect but that it's enough for a ship as powerful as Atlanta, and for a skilled player I mostly agree that it is. Just bear in mind what I've said above; you're no destroyer and as cruisers go you can still be out-spotted by clever cruiser captains. This means you can not (and should not) rely on stealth in the majority of combat situations. Luckily, Atlanta will find herself on many larger maps at this tier, so a 'measly' 10km gives the enemy substantially less chance of spotting her than it would otherwise. Just ensure you use radar correctly if you suspect a DD is lighting you up; the 8.5km range gives you just enough to make their lives harder. It's important to note that DDs just love doing this to enemy Atlanta's as it makes them feel masculine and in control. Don't let it happen as they will get you killed! Radar No Atlanta overview would be complete without a small word on her trump card; Radar. Sadly, with the introduction of HMS Belfast and continued existence of USS Indianapolis, this is no longer such a unique trait at tier 7. Nevertheless, combined with the firepower discussed above, it can make her truly fearsome for any Destroyer or lurking cruiser. With an 8.5km range and fairly respectable activity length, it's a good idea to use this either when you have a lot of allies around you (to capitalize on their firepower in finishing off the DD) or if you have no choice but to enter a cap circle which is saturated with smoke. These are the two most likely scenarios, however, the ability to light up a Destroyer is always a welcome one and, as mentioned above, can negate their concealment if you find yourself being lit up by one. With her rapidly firing guns, well-aimed shots should be able to finish it off before the ability is on cool-down again. I see Belfast and Indianapolis players constantly using their Radar but not being able to utilize it as fully as Atlanta can, mostly due to their slower reloading guns. It's the combination of the two which makes Atlanta certain death for Destroyer and, in my eyes at least, more effective than Belfast or any British CL at this duty due to how rapidly and readily she can dispatch of Destroyers, negating the need for hydro or smoke for self-defense... Game-play Strategy: Dancing with Destroyers isn't a walk in the park with Atlanta, due to her bad maneuverability. Thankfully, it's good enough that once Radar is popped you shouldn't have much trouble at all finishing the little blighters off from range (>8k). Her slow shell velocity can make it hard to pin them down, but the sheer quantity can normally catch them out regardless. Overall Let’s see how she compares overall with Belfast, Pensacola, Indianapolis, Myoko, Fiji, Yorck and Schors (I class Flint as pretty much the same ship so I won't be counting her). Survivability: 4/8 – I'd say that she's definitely harder to kill than Pensacola, Myoko and Fiji, due to how overpen and angling works with her. BBs need to so much as look at these ships and they get penned; not so with Atlanta. Artillery: 6/8 – This is kind of like comparing a set of keys to a pen; you just can't, at least not accurately, as they're two totally different things. However, for raw damage-dealing and DPM potential, Atlanta can quite simply dish it out more than the other tier 7's, with the exception of the other two US Cruisers due to their super-hero AP. AA: 8/8 – Absolutely no contest, Atlanta's AA capabilities are heads and shoulders above the others. Maneuverability: 3/8 – I'd say she only beats Schors and Yorck for this. When I played those ships they felt very heavy in the turns, whereas Atlanta doesn't. Concealment: 8/8 – Again, this one isn't really fair on the other cruisers. Yes, Belfast comes close, but 10km/4km stock concealment puts her on top. Ideal Build (In my opinion; these are only recommended and you can do whatever you feel is best!) Captain Skills (Based on a 15-point cap) 1 Point: Basic Firing Training. This will buff your main battery ROF and AA to obscene levels. Very nice! 1 Point: Basics of Survivability. Not the most important perk here, but faster fire burn-out and turret repair is always fun on Atlanta. 2 Points: Long range Artillery Indicator. Atlanta is a slow turner for her size, so advance warning is always good to have. 3 Points: Vigilance. Hunting DDs makes this mandatory. 4 Points: Advanced Firing Training. This is an absolute must. Not only will it make your AA extend out to a whopping 7.6km, but also your main battery to a respectable 13.6km. Great for area denial. 4 Points: Demolition Expert. I tend not to ascribe to this on most other ships, but for Atlanta I can absolutely 100% see the difference it makes. Get it! You won't be disappointed... 5 Points (in lieu of a BoS and a 4-point skill) Concealment Expert. Worth its weight in gold on a ship like Atlanta which is meant to hunt stealthily. Upgrades 1st Slot: Main Battery Modification. Your Turrets can and will fall like flies. 2nd Slot: AA Modification. Because everything else available is useless on Atlanta and this'll make her AA truly lethal at range. 3rd Slot: Damage Control. Fires and torpedoes will sink you more than losing your helm or engine on Atlanta. I would however say that helm is more useful than Engine if you don't want Damage Control. 4th Slot: Helm Speed. Acceleration *is* an option on Atlanta, but personally I find a fast helm negates her awful maneuverability a little better, especially when avoiding incoming. I actually used stock consumables on Atlanta and do fine for it, but if you really must spend credits/doubloons and there are lots of CVs about, Defensive AA II is the way to go. Wise use of Radar means it'll be a very rare situation in which you're waiting for Radar cooldown; if you find the cooldown too long, you're not using it correctly. Having said which, the extra burst *might* come in handy if you find yourself cleaning up DDs at the end of every game. Signals and Camo I cannot recommend any flags in particular for Atlanta. Most of them will serve her well, especially if you're using her to train a captain for another ship. Repair cost reduction and XP boosters are normally a very strong choice, though. The first because she gets targeted a lot meaning surprise trips back to port aren't unheard of; the second because this ship will give you 15 point captains very fast, if used correctly. The premium camo she comes with is great and I wouldn't recommend mounting anything else unless you *really* have to. I would also heavily recommend against ever using a camo which doesn't reduce enemy dispersion, as this ship relies on that aspect of her camo. Conclusion Atlanta's a difficult ship to pin down, though I wouldn't say she need either a buff or nerf. On the one hand, she can devastate anything which she gets her paws on with the tenacity of a Cleveland with two Mahans strapped to each side. On the other, she's somewhat soft and easy to be found out of position in; especially if the MM is cruiser heavy. The best thing I can say is this; if you don't enjoy US Destroyer play, don't buy Atlanta. She shares a lot of their characteristics, especially higher tier, and whilst it's true she has more guns than she knows what to do with; they won't help you if a full-health Battle fleet catches you in open water. Her maneuverability is as much of a disgrace to the USN name as the low tier British CLs are to the RN name, and you'll find that most of the time you'll be relying on scaring the enemy off with a never-ending stream of lava for survival. All in all, I'd say: If you want a multi-purpose Destroyer hunter with fast guns and good capping ability, go Belfast or Fiji. If you want a gun-ship with excellent gun characteristics, radar and comparatively good longevity, go Indianapolis (Or Pensacola if you don't mind sailing a citadel) If you want a solo-warrior, capable of launching both long-range and short-range strikes with ease, go Myoko. If you want a balance of good guns, torps and AA, go Schors. If you want a high-calibre HE slinger, go Yorck. ...but if you want an absurdly powerful DPM machine with downright lethal AA, yet aren't put off by a high skill floor, buy Atlanta.
  9. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period. These are subject to change before release. The Mighty. Quick Summary: A modified Iowa-class Battleship with reinforced forward and rear citadel protection, a radar consumable and tremendous credit earning potential. Cost: 750,000 free experience. This works out to 30,000 doubloons for conversion, or approximately €100 ($110 USD). Patch & Date Written: 0.5.15, December 6th, 2016 Closest in-Game Contemporary Iowa, Tier 9 American BattleshipDegree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique I don't think anyone is surprised here. The differences between the Iowa and the Missouri are minor and well advertised. The Missouri loses the aircraft of the Iowa and gains radar instead. There's slight differences to their AA load out. Most telling, the Missouri has reinforced citadel armour along the transverse bulkheads, making her better at bow-tanking while avoiding citadel damage at this angle. PROs: Reinforced forward bulkheads, providing better forward protection than the Iowa. Versatile guns with tremendous AP hitting power for their tier. Guns can specialize for either the best medium range battleship accuracy in the game or for the best battleship DPM at her tier. Excellent range of 23.4km which can be increased to 27.1km with a module. Very good anti-aircraft firepower, especially at medium range. For a Battleship her size, she's very fast at 33.0 knots. Has the same radar as the tier 9 Baltimore-class cruiser. Choice of two camouflage patterns. Earns 100% bonus experience. Earns 50% more credits than a tier 8 Premium, 100% more than a tech-tree ship. Available for "free" just by playing the game. CONs: Extremely vulnerable citadel that sits high over the water. Bow is easily overmatched by the 460mm rifles of the Yamato. Poor torpedo defense with only a 25% reduction from hits. Large base dispersion values coupled with a low muzzle velocity on her AP rounds. Without the accuracy module, the Missouri is one of the least accurate ships in the game. Wide 920m turning circle and 19.4s rudder shift time. The amount of free experience required to unlock her is prohibitively high and will nominally require clever use of premium time, consumables or simply spending money to acquire her. The Missouri doesn't correct a lot of the problems found on the Iowa-class. In fact, for those accustomed to the Iowa, she will seem familiar -- perhaps painfully so. The Missouri is the twelfth premium Battleship to be added to World of Warships (not including the Arpeggio Kongo-class sisters) and she certainly tops all of the others for the attention she's grabbing. The promotion of a certain action-hero aside, the Missouri is an important historical vessel. Wargaming has paid a nod to both their Hollywood endorsement and the Mighty Mo's 15 minutes of fame with fun details visible on her decks in port. But perhaps most importantly to players of World of Warships, the Missouri represents a departure from premium ships that have come before it. This is a premium tier 9 ship with accelerated economic boons. She earns 50% more experience and credits than tier 8 premiums. It's this latter ability that made me raise an eyebrow. A lack of credit earning has long been the bottleneck in progression in World of Warships and the Missouri steps all over this. If you have her, earning a couple million credits in the span of an hour's worth of casual game play is laughably simple. Players with this ship will be at a marked advantage over those who don't when it comes to acquiring new vessels or simply financing premium consumables or high tier content. In fact, the Missouri could be an utter potato boat and she'd be worth looking at if only for these economic gains. But let's take a closer look at what Wargaming has cooked up for us and see if she's worth the astronomical sum of 750,000 free experience. Options There's two big points to mention in regards to the Missouri's options. The first, during testing we had two camouflage patterns to play with. These both did the same thing, providing a bonus 100% to experience gains as opposed to the 50% normally provided by premium ship camouflage between tiers 6 and 8. This is on par with premium camouflage purchased for tech tree ships at tiers 9+, though, so it's good to see the Missouri keeping pace. Note that the Missouri's credit earning potential isn't baked into her premium camouflage, but rather the ship itself. The camouflage also doesn't provide any reduction to repair costs. So your choice between the two is purely cosmetic. Or you could use some other camouflage in your reserves if you prefer. It won't hurt your credit earning. In addition, the Missouri has access to Radar. This has a 9.45km range with a 35 second active period. This is identical to the radar found on the tier 9 USN Cruiser, Baltimore. She does not have the option for any kind of aircraft. Consumables: Damage Control Party Repair Party Radar Module Upgrades: Six slots, standard USN Battleship options. Premium Camouflage: There are two versions of the Missouri's camouflage. Both provide a 3% concealment bonus, a 4% increase to enemy gunnery dispersion and a 100% bonus to experience gains. The two colour schemes for the Missouri. One nearly matches the colour scheme of the premium camouflage of the Iowa. Firepower Primary Battery: Nine 406mm rifles in 3x3 turrets in an A-B-X configuration. B is stationed in a super firing position over top of A. These have a stock range of 23.4km. Secondary Battery: Twenty 127mm dual purpose rifles in 10x2 turrets along the sides of the ship. The American 406mm 50-calibers Mk7 rifles are interesting. They combine some of the hardest hitting shells at their tier with some of the worst gun dispersion. Yet, thanks to the combination of modules the American ships can take, the Missouri can potentially be the most accurate Battleship in the game at ranges around 12km, and on par with the IJN Battleships at about 18km but at the cost of her rate of fire. It's that 6th module slot which unlocks at tier 9 which is the culprit for this. Every other nation in the game gets a 7% dispersion reduction module for their 2nd slot (found at tier 5+) with Aiming Systems Modification 1. The American Battleships instead have a range boosting module. It's only with the 6th slot where the USN can reduce their dispersion. Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 provides an 11% reduction to dispersion. However this comes at a price. The other module competing for everyone's attention in the 6th slot is Main Battery Modification 3 which provides a rate of fire increase. This forces USN players to choose between DPM and Accuracy. Player preference will largely dictate which setup they prefer. If a player chooses to accelerate her reload then the Missouri, like the Iowa, will have the best DPM of any of the tier 9 Battleships with her AP shells. At 13,500hp per citadel hit, these can quickly doom anyone rash enough to make themselves a target. I personally believe that the accelerated reload is the way to go though there's a firm argument to be made in favour of accuracy. There are two primary downsides to these guns. The first has been touched upon already. Their dispersion, unless properly mitigated, can be downright trollish. This is combined by a rather slow muzzle velocity for her shells of 762m/s with her AP rounds. They thankfully retain energy well due to their heavy mass but this still leads to a longer lead time than with the IJN guns, for example. The only other 'bad' point worth mentioning is that due to the overmatch mechanics, anything with 32mm of bow armour can tank the Missouri's guns and remains largely immune to her AP shells so long as they keep their prow pointed towards her. This includes all tier 8+ Battleships which can make for long, drawn out stalemates. The secondary gun batteries of the Missouri are regrettably forgettable. While deadly enough to a low health destroyer that strays within range, the Missouri doesn't put out the same fearsome volume of fire of the German or Japanese Battleships. While it's possible to specialize into their performance, this usually happens as a happy coincidence rather than a deliberate act, with skills such as Basic and Advanced Fire Training being taken primarily to boost her AA power rather than with an aim to increase her secondary potency. Summary: Versatile guns that can be specialized for either high DPM or high accuracy. Excellent range. Very hard hitting AP shell with excellent alpha strike potential. Struggles somewhat against angled enemy Battleships due to overmatch mechanics. Secondaries are adequate but weaker than her contemporaries With a range that can exceed 27km, the Missouri often finds herself engaging enemies from one extreme of the map to another. Without an accuracy modification, doing any damage at these distances is chancy at best. Like all Battleships, she really starts coming into her own at medium to close range, however her fragility makes getting this near to the enemy extremely risky. Sometimes the rewards are worth it. Maneuverability Top Speed: 33.0 knotsTurning Radius: 920mRudder Shift: 19.4s The Missouri has some very long legs. It's a shame she so seldom gets to flex them in the current high-tier meta. At 33 knots, the Missouri and Iowa are the fastest Battleships in the game, bar none. This should, in theory, allow her to dictate the range of any engagement with other Battleships while also allowing her to redeploy as needed. However, this straight line speed comes at a cost. Her handling is downright horrific with a 920m turning circle and a sluggish rudder shift to boot. So while you can navigate from point A to B with alacrity, you're not going to want to do so under fire as it will expose your Missouri to enemy artillery and torpedoes. Dodging the latter, never mind the former will be an extreme challenge. DurabilityHit Points: 78,300Maximum Protection: Up to 368mm + 38mm external citadel protection, 432mm turret faces, 439mm conning tower. Min Bow & Deck Armour: 32mm (immunity to 420mm rifles)Torpedo Damage Reduction: 25% The Missouri is much lauded for its improved forward protection with the reinforcements made to her transverse bulkheads. This beefs up her citadel protection to 368mm + 19mm at best or 297mm + 19mm at worst, depending on how high or low these forward penetration shells strike. The only ship that will severely be testing these forward bulkheads is the Yamato unless you over angle your Missouri. While this looks great on paper, it pays to look at the Missouri (and the Iowa-class overall) objectively where her durability is concerned. For people hoping that the Missouri would correct the errors in the Iowa citadel placement, don't hold your breath. It's still enormous. It's still extends well above the water line. She bow tanks decently, and that's about it. The buffs to her transverse bulkheads aside, the Missouri isn't the fixed Iowa-class some have been praying for. The German Battleships created a new standard for what "good" armour protection is back when they were introduced in the third quarter of this year. I hate to parrot my Iowa-review, but the Missouri doesn't have good protection. Her citadel is placed far too high in the water for that. If an enemy ship catches her broadside, you will take citadel damage -- it's almost a matter of course. Combined onto this, she has weak torpedo defenses with a paltry 1/4 reduction of torpedo strikes She also still has that enormous hole in her citadel protection directly to the rear, just beneath her #3 turret. In order to stay safe, the Missouri needs to bow tank -- keep all of her enemies directly in front of her. In this way, she can bounce an enormous level of punishment, forcing enemies to instead pick on her superstructure or switch over to high explosive fire in order to stack any reasonable form of damage. This isn't a trait unique to the Missouri or the Iowa-class as a whole. The Friedrich der Große is just as good at it, if not better with her improved deck armour around the turrets which can make even Battleship caliber HE explode for no damage. So what does this buff to the Missouri's transverse forward bulkhead mean, exactly? Well, it means it's a little harder for a Yamato to citadel you through the bow. It might occasionally come into play if you over angle and another battleship tries to bulls-eye your citadel from the front. I couldn't test this out in a training room to see for certain so pay close attention to this if you pick her up. Bow-tanking. It's not pretty. It's not historical. But it is effective. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 16.2km Air Detection Range: 14.2 km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 12.16km Concealment Penalty while Firing: +12.2km (vs 27.1km gun range) For a tier 9 Battleship, the Missouri has good concealment, particularly if she specializes into keeping herself undetectable by enemies. This allows her to finally make use of her speed and redeploy without nearly as much fear of having her citadel blown out the moment she's not presenting her bow towards her opponents. This all goes away the moment you fire her guns though, but that's to be expected with any Battleship. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 127mm / 40mm / 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.5km / 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 151 / 318 / 104 One of the most significant differences between the Missouri and the Iowa is her AA power. The Iowa has nineteen quad 40mm Bofors mounts while the Mighty Mo has twenty. The Iowa bests her with small caliber guns with thirty two dual-20mm Oerlikon mounts (for a total of 60 guns) to the twenty-nine single mounts found on the Missouri. It's these Oerlikon mounts which makes the difference giving the Iowa a 75dps advantage over the Mighty Mo up close. In practical terms? No CV player is going to want to get close to the Missouri when there are softer targets available, especially lower tiered carriers. Still, she shouldn't venture alone when there's an enterprising CV present. Midway and Hakuryu are more than capable of overwhelming even the formidable guns of the Missouri and ruining her day, especially with her general lack of agility to facilitate dodging a point blank drop. Nope.jpg. Try again, Hiryu. Overall Impressions Skill Floor:Simple/ Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling:Low/ Moderate / High / Extreme How patient are you? Patience and planning largely defines success in the Iowa-class and the Missouri is no different. Reckless aggression will get you sunk in a hurry. Being overly cautious may preserve your ship but it won't win you any battles as your guns keep idle for fear of reprisals. This is a challenging ship to do well in, largely because of her fragility and how the bow-tanking and passive meta found in high tier game play will make finding those juicy targets so much more difficult. When top tier, you carry the heavy burden of needing to punch at your weight class and do a lion's share of the damage, but the Missouri's fragility to being caught broadside makes finding those opportunities difficult. Much of what I said in my Iowa review holds true to the Missouri. She's not terribly forgiving. If you catch the enemy in a bad position, you will look like a total rockstar, farming enormous amounts of damage. But if you just opt to trade fire with wary opponents, your results will be very lackluster. The truly excellent Iowa players look for and create these opportunities to shine while the mediocre wait for those one off games which hand them great results. Mouse's Summary: Excellent guns. Her protection almost seems good enough until it isn't. Which is often. Turns like a pregnant Yak in a mud wallow. Very respectable AA power. Pees on the high-tier economy and laughs at everyone who struggles to afford their tier 10 boats like they were filthy peasants. I spent a lot of time in Co-Op with the Missouri trying to isolate her credit earning potential. I suppose I owe the few not-bot team mates a sincere apology for my lack of performance in said matches. The only way to reliably get a measure of just how much the Missouri earned compared to other premiums involved getting myself killed without doing anything of consequence. A half dozen matches in the Missouri and the same done in the Tirpitz, Atago and Mikhail Kutuzov helped pin down the value of the Missouri's credit income. I can say with confidence: She earns approximately 50% more credits than a tier 8 premium ship. This is before any expenses, of course. For repair costs, the Missouri will set you back 60,000 credits. Compare this to the Iowa with premium camouflage, which spends 96,000 credits to fix the ship and earns only half of what the Missouri does. In the days leading up to the Missouri's release, there's been a lot of talk about equivalents to the Missouri's earning potential. This naturally comes at a consequence of the very high cost of the Missouri. 750,000 free experience is nothing to sneeze at. If you weren't already sitting on a significant pile of free experience before the price was leaked, you weren't likely to see this as an affordable sum -- not without some herculean grinding tolerances. While ships like the Montana and Iowa can match the Missouri for experience gains, they cannot touch her where credit earning is concerned. Tier 8 premiums are comparable to her earnings but even they fall short. In terms of time spent to rewards earned, the Missouri will outpace the tier 8 premiums. You'll need to play 3 games in your Atago to equate 2 in the Missouri for income earned. For those players who feel perpetually strapped for credits, I cannot stress how liberating this ship will be for them once they own it. Bad games in Random Battles will net you 200,000 to 300,000 credits. Good games can score upwards of a million. Even Co-Op becomes economically feasible for grinding credits with the Missouri and a premium account. So long as you can earn a minimum of 250 to 300 base experience, you will make money (not much at that low experience, but a fair chunk at 500xp games or higher). Once you peel back all of this money talk, the Missouri is an Iowa-class at the end of the day. She can bow tank. She can spank enemies with her 406mm rifles just as well as the Wisconsin ever could. But the buff to her forward armour didn't solve the vulnerability problems inherent with the class. The Iowa-class has always been reasonably strong when bow tanking -- that's not where the problem was. It's that enormous, high-water citadel that causes so many issues for the ship and that's not corrected in the Missouri. If you were hoping for an improved Iowa, I'm sorry to disappoint, the Missouri is only an incremental improvement in that regard and not the big step forward some of us were hoping for. Cool stuff like this only happens when someone royally screws up. Would I Recommend? So let's talk about cost. The Missouri will set you back 750,000 free experience. This will make her largely inaccessible for non-veteran players in World of Warships and reflects a rather unique way of selling a premium ship. Theoretically, any player of World of Warships could earn her for free given enough time. Realistically and practically speaking, most players are going to end up spending some form of real-world money to facilitate acquiring this ship. There's some pretty ingenious suggestions out there, such as combining signal flags and premium camouflage onto an Anshan or tier 9+ tech tree ship with premium camouflage for maximum free-experience gains. For someone to pay for enough doubloons for the equivalent, the EU server has a bundle of 30,500 doubloons (500 more than needed) for €100 -- which is about $110 USD. Of course, said bundle isn't (currently) available on the NA server which means on this side of the pond, a player will be shelling out about $130 USD. For different players, this represents an obstacle of varying difficulty. Some will be able to throw that kind of quid at the ship without a second thought while others will see it as insurmountable. Few ships create such a change in the game experience as the Missouri, if only from trivializing credit earning. Let me be clear, it's not like the amount of credits she earns cannot be obtained by other means. She simply makes it easier and laughably so. Time is money, after all, and those with the Missouri will have time to spare. ForRandom Battle Grinding: I would absolutely recommend her for grinding. She is, hands down, the best USN training ship and credit earning ship in the game -- a fact that is unlikely to be challenged anytime soon. The only ship that comes close to her totals is the German Prinz Eugen for Captain Training, but the German ship doesn't come close to her credit earning potential. So if you want to earn bank and accelerate training up your Captains, the Missouri is a must have. For Competitive Gaming: Is the Iowa-class competitive? You'd be a fool to take her instead of the Friedrich der Große, IMO. But this whole question is sort of moot with there being a distinctive lack of tier 9 competitive game play. If it ever comes up? No, don't use your Missouri. Use the Friedrich instead. For Collectors: What's wrong with you? Yes, it's the Missouri. For Fun Factor: I don't like the current high-tier meta in Random Battles of World of Warships. So the Missouri wasn't fun for me. I prefer my action up close and personal and that's difficult to achieve in high tier games on the North American server. Most Battleships seem terrified of getting anywhere near the cap circles. Engagement ranges are usually up in the 18km vicinity. It's passive, dull and heart breaking. It involves waiting for one side to make a mistake and punishing those that try and make a move. Outfitting your Mighty Mo I'm totally cutting corners here and repeating what I said for the Iowa. When you're equipping your Missouri, there are two primary roles to consider. The first is whether or not you intend to fully specialize her as an AA-Ship or not. This is hardly an optimal build, but if you hate Carriers with a vengeance, it has its merits. If you decide against this, you can instead choose one of two gunship builds which focus on either accuracy or firepower. Recommended Modules If you are selecting an AA build, you want the following choices to best optimize your firepower. This will provide extra range and extra DPS off of your AA guns. In addition, this build also adds to your agility, reducing your rudder shift time. For your first slot, take Main Armaments Modification 1. Even if you're specializing for anti-aircraft firepower, you're still a Battleship and increasing your main battery survival should be near paramount. If you really hate detonations, you can alternatively take Magazine Modification 1. This will make the chances of it happening absolutely miniscule. For your second slot, take AA Guns Modifaction 2 to increase your AA range by 20% if you want to be a flak-boat. Otherwise, you should be taking Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1. This will boost your secondary range and accuracy by 5% and your main battery range by 16% which is huge. For your third slot, AA Guns Modification 3 is your next choice for an AA-ship. This will add an additional 25% to your AA power. If you're choosing to be a gunship, now you have the choice. If you want to go for rate of fire, take Main Battery Modification 3. If you want to go for accuracy, take Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2. All of the choices in the fourth slot are pretty terrible. At least Damage Control System Modification 1 will add 2% to your torpedo damage reduction, so take that one. You're again faced with a choice here for the fifth slot and each have their own merits. If you want to improve your rudder shift time, take Steering Gears Modification 2. If you would prefer to reduce the amount of damage you take from fires that are left to burn for their full duration, then Damage Control System Modification 2 is your best choice. And lastly, for your sixth slot, between the two options, Concealment Modification 1 is the better option for all builds. Recommended Consumables When it comes to premium consumables, it's easy just to splurge with the Missouri because of how many credits she tends to earn. The only players that need really concern themselves with their inherent costs would be those without a premium account looking to focus primarily on Co-Op. However, there are some that are just worth taking from a game play perspective. The premium version of both the Damage Control Party and Repair Party are both very important for mitigating damage in a Battleship. This reduces their reset timer considerably and it can (and will) save your ship on numerous occasions. Of less importance is taking a premium version of the Radar consumable. This will reduce the reset timer from three minutes down to two. I find the Radar on the Missouri to be highly situational. I went for a premium version, but to be honest, I seldom use it. Recommended Captain Skills Again, depending on whether or not you want to specialize as an anti-aircraft vessel or not will affect your Captain Skill choices. Optimally, you'll want to build towards specializing her for concealment and firepower, not for anti-aircraft duties. From tier 1, Basic Fire Training is your best choice. Basics of Survivability is a nice follow up after you've unlocked your 16th skill point. From tier 2, Expert Marksman is best. At tier 3 you've got a choice. Superintendent is nice for the extra charge of your Repair Party, but is only really worthwhile if you regularly find yourself going through all four charges that you have with the premium version of the consumable. Alternatively, Vigilance can assist with spotting torpedoes early which is of more importance on the Missouri without access to a float plane. Lastly, High Alert is handy for reducing the strain on your already taxed Damage Control Party. At tier 4 this is where you will differ between AA and gunship builds. For both builds, take Advanced Fire Training first. AA builds should follow up with Manual Targeting for AA Armament to make CV lives miserable. Lastly at tier 5, Concealment Expert is very handy for the Missouri. It gives her the opportunity to finally use her long legs and redeploy as needs be -- or simply fade from a gunfight she doesn't want to participate in anymore.
  10. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    The following is aimed at new(ish) players looking to find a little more information about various ships from events, for premium currency or for real-world cash. The goal is to allow players to make an educated decision before parting with their time and money and to find premium vessels that suit their chosen style of play, whether that is competitive, cooperative, or simply for fun. The idea here is to elaborate on information not commonly available through reading statistics and provide some (heavily) biased anecdotal evidence to encourage or dissuade you from making your purchase. The usual disclaimers apply: everyone knows the Matchmaker clearly loves me because I spend money so that's why I occasionally get really good games, not because I have any particular skills of note. Without further ado: Workhorse. Quick Summary: An almost-stock Fubuki-class Destroyer but with three, slow firing turrets instead of two. Her torpedo armament has an 8.0km range. Patch & Date Written: 0.5.15, December 1st, 2016 Closest in-Game Contemporary: Fubuki,Tier 6 Japanese Destroyer Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class/ Similar Role / Unique The Shinonome is the sixth ship of the Fubuki-class. Veterans of the IJN line will recognize her three-turret layout as being that of the A & B Hull Variants when the ship was a tier 8 destroyer. Her torpedoes are much more powerful due to their longer range over the stock Fubuki. Otherwise, she's very similar to her tier 6 stock-counterpart with only small differences here and there. PROs Armed with six 127mm rifles -- yay, old-school Fubuki is back! (Or is it!?) Guns have a flat arc with a high velocity shell that makes aiming up to maximum range a simple feat. Armed with three triple torpedo launchers which allows for all sorts of tactical options when it comes to torpedo runs. Good individual torpedoes with 14,600 alpha strike, an 8.0km range and 63 knot top speed. CONs Short reach on her main battery of 9.0km and very poor gun handling with a 6'/s rotation. Slow rate of fire (6.67rpm) with the new shell damage, resulting in only modest to poor DPM. Large turning circle for a destroyer at 640m and only a modest top speed of 35.0 knots. Almost no AA power. The Shinonome is a reward ship, joining the ranks of vessels like the Flint, Kamikaze R and Emden. With patch 0.5.15, any player can earn her by completing a series of missions through the campaign system. Overall, the campaign difficulty is quite low, with only two real hurdles to overcome. First, the missions require a tier 8 to 10 vessel. Second, completing the campaign takes a lot of time. Players can, if they so choose, simply repeat the same missions over and over at each stage. This lets them cherry pick the easiest missions, though this is where a lot of the time requirement comes in. Alternatively, they can attempt more challenging missions to speed up the process, but these may take multiple attempts to achieve. So acquiring the Shinonome becomes a question of inevitability rather than outright difficulty. The timing of the Shinonome's arrival is quite fortuitous as it overlaps the revamp of the IJN Destroyer tech tree. For players without any form of premium vessel, the Shinonome would arm them with a premium trainer ideally suited to helping them redistribute their Captains to the new vessels they would be adding to their ports. But would she be any good as a training ship? Could she perform? Did Wargaming give away a beautiful gem of a ship like the Kamikaze R or is the Shinonome more forgettable? Leading the way. IJN Destroyers make good scouts with their low surface detection range compared to the other ships they face. Sadly, they're rather undergunned for dealing with any enemy destroyers they encounter. The Shinonome is no different, despite having six guns to the usual four of IJN tin cans at her tier. The real struggle that most DDs encounter is in the opening minutes of match where so many of their number are culled early. Options There are no surprises to be found here. Consumables: Damage Control Party Smoke Generator Engine Boost Module Upgrades: Four slots, standard destroyer options.Premium Camouflage: Tier 6+ Standard. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Firepower Primary Battery: Six 127m rifles in 3x2 turrets. One on the prow, two on the stern in a superfiring configuration. Torpedoes: Nine tubes in 3x3 launchers mounted dorsally. Let me be a little different with this review and start with her torpedoes. As a Fubuki-class destroyer, the Shinonome comes with a very heavy torpedo armament that's guaranteed to make Battleship players poop themselves with rage and terror. She comes with three triple launchers, all mounted dorsally with good fields of fire. These tubes reload in a minute and twelve seconds each, making it very easy to keep a constant cycle of fish in the water. Sounds all pretty nice so far, doesn't it? Well, read on. The Shinonome uses the stock torpedoes found on the Hatsuharu and Fubuki. These do 14,600 damage each with a 63 knot speed and 1.6km detection range. These aren't as hard hitting as the upgraded tier 6 torpedoes found on the IJN ships which cap out at 16,267 damage, but they are faster. But what makes these fish memorable is their range. Unlike the stock torpedoes on the Fubuki and Hatsuharu which are limited to 6.0km, the Shinonome's fish reach out to a very serviceable 8.0km without any reduction in speed or damage for the upgrade. So short of missing out on a bit of alpha strike, you can perceive the Shinonome as having a nice compromise between the faster stock fish and the longer ranged upgraded torpedoes they eventually unlock. They even match well against the Anshan's, being faster, hitting marginally harder and reloading more quickly. I've found them to be a quite comfortable fit. The real danger of these torpedoes is just how many she can fire at a time. The Fubuki-class can dump two launchers worth and hold her third in reserve. Firing only these six still gives her parity with every other destroyer at her tier short of the Farragut. The flexibility of being able to hold back her third launcher is incredibly powerful. It opens up all sorts of opportunities to catch unwary ships with a blindside of fish when they think themselves safe for having avoided two full spreads already. Without going into length, a complacent enemy might commit to a turn to avoid the first salvos only to be struck by the third. Or they may assume that all of the fish have been launched only to be caught out by a surprise point blank ambush with the last launcher. The only real downside is that the Fubuki can make her torpedoes better than the Shinonome through the use of the Captain Skill Torpedo Acceleration. This would change the 10km, 59 knot Fubuki torpedoes into 8km, 64 knots torpedoes with their more powerful warhead. While the Shinonome would still enjoy a faster rearm process for her fish, it's hard to argue that these stealthier, faster and harder hitting Fubuki torpedoes aren't an improvement. Still, I am very pleased with the Shinonome's torpedo armament. It's quite powerful and unique. The Shinonome may seem like a fun throwback when it comes to her guns, at least for veterans of the IJN line. Players of the original Fubuki will recognize the weapon layout as that of the class before 0.5.15 if you used the A or B-Hull rather than the anti-aircraft C-Hull variant. I was more elated to see this than perhaps I should have been. Not only was her gun layout preserved but so too was her rate of fire. To say that her gun performance is rather lackluster is a bit of an understatement. * includes the use of the Advanced Fire Training Captain Skill where necessary. Gun performance values for tier 6 Destroyers. This lower rate of fire is combined with the nerfed shell performance from 0.5.15 which reduced HE damage per shell from 2,100 to 1,800. Her base fire chance is also reflective of the new shells at 7% per hit as opposed to 9%. While this does put her ahead of the Hatsuharu and Fubuki in terms of raw DPM and Fires per Minute (FPM), she lags considerably behind the Ognevoi, Anshan and the Farragut. In addition, she doesn't have that much of a lead on the IJN Destroyers. I was personally hoping to see the Shinonome with a Hatsuharu or at least a Fubuki's rate of fire. But being stuck at 6.67rpm instead of 7.5rpm or 8rpm is a big disappointment. This is compounded by the stereotypical poor gun handling of the mid tier IJN Destroyers. The guns take 30s to rotate 180' so you can forget brawling. The final nail in the coffin for me in regards to her guns is the 9.0km range. Their only saving grace comes from the good ballistics of her shells. Like all IJN 127mm Destroyers, her guns are very high velocity with very flat trajectories. This makes accuracy not much of a problem and it's more than sufficient to slap a prospecting hunter in the face. They can also be used sufficiently to finish off wounded prey if you're still in the vicinity after dumping your awesome fish. The Shinonome encounters a Hatsuharu inside a squall. Her primary battery allows her to battle from a position of superiority against other same-tier IJN Destroyers. Rivals: Hatsuharu The Hatsuharu doesn't come off looking to good in comparison to the Shinonome. Her torpedo armament is worse. She might have better rate of fire, but with only a 20% increase in reload speed compared to the 33% increase in available guns on the Shinonome, the Hatusharu falls well behind in that regard. Well, at least she has better range than the Shinonome. Sort of. That 300m is hardly decisive. About the only place where the Hatsuharu is hands down superior to the Shinonome is in regards to her agility and concealment. The Hatusharu is faster and she handles better. She's also got a 300m stealth advantage over the premium ship. Both of these traits are nice but when it comes to outright performance, I've got to give the laurels to the Shinonome in this comparison. Maneuverability Top Speed: 35.0 knotsTurning Radius: 640mRudder Shift: 3.2s The Shinonome nearly clones the Fubuki when it comes to her agility. This puts her on the slow side for a tier 6 destroyers, with a largish (but not unprecedented) turning circle and a rudder shift that lags behind the lead of her class by 0.7s. So while not terrible, the Shinonome doesn't have good handling either. She can and will out turn her sluggish turret traverse and you will find yourself tempted to touch the rudder to correct your aim or to speed up bringing your guns to bear. I find this to be largely a mistake as it can lead to all sorts of navigational problems, including often fatal beachings. DurabilityHit Points: 12,900 Bow & Deck Armour: Minimum of 12mm The Shinonome has less armour than the Fubuki, believe it or not. A few millimeters of missing armour plate aren't going to make a whole lot of difference, though. Any gun in the game can penetrate your bows with HE shells, so it's not like you'll enjoy any form of immunity to any kind of attack short of bouncing 152mm AP shells tossed into your face at point blank range. Her hit point pool is decent, though a far cry from the 15,500hp found on the Ognevoi or the 14,400 of the Anshan. Still this is on par with the Fubuki and it's higher than that found on any other USN or IJN destroyer at tier 6. This isn't really enough to make trading DPM with her main armament feasible, but it can provide a buffer to make picking on a damaged ship more worth risking. Rivals: Ognevoi & Anshan These ships are faster than you, tougher than you, with better DPM. These ships from the Soviet Block have the muscle to bully you off of objectives and drive you away from making attack runs on their big friends. They're anything but stealthy, however. And while their guns look more impressive, they're not that much better at slinging high explosive shells than you are. Properly equipped (with boosted hit points) and with the advantage of getting the first volley, you might be able to out trade these ships with your Shinonome. But beware if they switch over to armour piercing shells. They'll pull away on damage. Still, the only real contender for the Shinonome is the Premium Anshan, which preservers the gunship qualities of the Ognevoi but adds a potential 8km torpedo armament. This pales compared to the three triple launchers of the Shinonome, though. You can also console yourself that the Anshan has similarly poor gun handling, so neither one of you is going to want to adjust your heading while trading blows. Like a sick game of chicken, the first one to make a mistake or to veer away loses. Aware that she would be horribly outgunned and outclassed by the Akizuki, the Shinonome makes use of an island to keep out of line of sight of the fearsome IJN gunship. Pick your battles! Concealment and Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 7.0km Air Detection Range: 3.8km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 6.11km Concealment Penalty while Firing: +3.81km (vs 9.0km gun range) With her large hit point pool, it's perhaps not surprising that the Shinonome is a big boat. Her 7.0km surface detection range, while not so troublesome when the Fubuki was tier 8, is a little more problematic at tier 6. Thankfully she goes up against the likes of the Ognevoi (7.7km), Farragut (7.6km) and Anshan (7.2km). She really begins to hurt when up-tiered (as all sub tier 8 destroyers do) which face enemy tin cans that have access to Concealment Modification 1 which provides them with an immediate detection advantage. Still, her 7.0km is serviceable. Right out of the box with her premium camouflage, she has a 6.8km surface detection range, giving you a very comfortable 1.2km concealment window from which to deploy your torpedoes against larger ships. Fully upgraded, you can get the Shinonome's surface detection range down to 6.1km. This does open up a tiny opportunity to stealth fire from open water if her Captain takes Advanced Fire Training. Don't think that this will redeem her gunnery, however, as it's only a 900m window. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 12.7mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 1.2kmAA DPS per Aura: 4 Hahaha! No. Turn this travesty off and leave it off. You've got more hopes of Wargaming implementing mid-air collisions than getting the Shinonome to shoot something down. Rivals: Farragut The Farragut contrasts the Shinonome greatly. Faster, more agile, with nimble guns that unleash a blistering rate of fire -- out of all of the tier 6 Destroyers the Shinonome might encounter, the Farragut is her worst nightmare. Armed with up to five 127mm rifles which cycle once every four seconds, she can stack the hurt in a hurry and disable weapons and systems under her incessant volley. With a pair of quadruple torpedo launchers with a 6.4km range, you have to be wary of where and when you turn when a Farragut engages. You're not going to out trade a Farragut. In a straight line, you're not going to outrun her either. Your best bet is to point your stern into their faces and run, firing back with your four rifles. If she wants to keep up, the Farragut will have to go bow on and only be able to reply with two. But no Farragut should be fool enough to fall for that trick for long. Disengage when you see a full health Farragut prowling near you. You've got a very small stealth advantage over her. Use it and look for greener pastures. After encountering a Lo Yang inside of 6km, the Shinonome blows smoke and heads out to open sea after dumping fish. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme As an IJN Destroyer, the Shinonome is a pretty forgiving boat. While she struggles with her guns, it's just hard to argue the point that being able to spit out nine torpedoes from three launchers doesn't facilitate hitting targets and doing damage. I would say that the baseline difficulty for the Shinonome is higher than that of the Fubuki. Her extra guns are nice but not enough to provide a solid deterrent to would be aggressors. 10km torpedoes are easier to use than 8km torpedoes, if only from a survivability perspective. Efficacy remains up for debate. It's this same torpedo armament which in the hands of an expert player become a real nightmare. Three triple launchers provides a whole measure of control that's all too dangerous in the right hands. Combined with stealth and agility, a Shinonome, like a Fubuki, that's left unchecked into the later stages of a match can quickly spell the end for an unwary team that has lost their vision. Mouse's Summary: The Shinonome looks less impressive than she is. It's easy to get caught up on how she's not-quite a Fubuki. Her gun armament will disappoint many who are expecting great things from it. She's no gunship. Overall, she's a good workhorse premium, with no flash or pizazz. I was initially disappointed in the Shinonome. While I was working on trying to figure out a way to summarize her for people that asked me what she was like, I found it easiest to compare her to what people knew. She's a stock Fubuki, with three turrets instead of two. She reloads more slowly. She has 8km torpedoes instead of 6km. That really doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. In fact, it sounds downright lackluster. But that's undermining just how good the Fubuki is at tier 6 and how the Shinonome, as a Fubuki herself, does just fine as a result. I am delighted that they included this ship as a reward vessel accessible to anyone with a tier 8+ ship and time to grind out the Campaign Missions. This will give players who don't normally have access to premium content, and who might be newer and have missed out on previous promotions, a chance to grab a trainer and credit earning ship to assist them in playing World of Warships. The Shinonome will work well for anyone that's looking to help retrain their Captains, especially with the changes to the IJN Destroyer line. The only unfortunate part is that the time needed to complete the campaign may make their own acquisition of the Shinonome so delayed as to be moot for this purpose. Oh well, she'll be ready the next time she's needed. The Shinonome is a workhorse. Like the Kamikaze-class before her when the Minekaze still reigned king, she does not look that impressive compared to her non-premium counterpart. Don't let that fool you. You don't drive the Shinonome to be fancy or to be noticed. She's there to get the job done, and she's got all of the right tools to assist you in doing so from start to finish. Rivals: Fubuki The Fubuki outclasses the Shinonome in everything but main battery firepower. But let's be thorough and go over the specific differences compared to the upgraded ship. In parenthesis, the Fubuki will be first, Shinonome second. The Fubuki is better armoured (16mm bow vs 12mm) The Shinonome has a larger main battery (4 guns vs 6) The Fubuki reloads faster (8s vs 9s) The Fubuki is longer ranged (10.0km vs 9.0km) The Fubuki has better torpedoes (16,267 damage, 59 knots, 10km range, 1.5km detection vs 14,600 damage, 63 knots, 8km range, 1.6km detection) The Fubuki has better AA DPS (19 vs 4) The Fubuki has better Rudder Shift Time (2.5s vs 3.2s) The Fubuki is an excellent destroyer at tier 6 -- arguably one of the most powerful destroyers at her tier and certainly in contention for being one of the most powerful destroyers tier for tier in the game (provided we pointedly ignore the Gremyashchy). That the Shinonome compares so closely to this strong destroyer really speaks well for this premium ship. The Fubuki and Shinonome. The Fubuki has the busier camouflage scheme between the two of them. Visually, they are quite similar though still distinct. The Shinonome is easily identified not only the number of turrets but by their style, which are slender and boxy. Would I Recommend? The Shinonome is a free ship (for now). The only way to acquire her is to put in time to the Campaign and unlock her through the step by step process of completing Missions. Time is precious, and it's ultimately up to the individual how to spend their precious hobby hours. With this in mind, here are my recommendations: For Random Battle Grinding: Yes, she's worth it. As I said earlier, she a stable, reliable work horse. The Shinonome is perfect for helping grind out your IJN Destroyer Captains and she's no slouch for your cruiser Captains either. She synergizes well with most of the Captain Skills you could want for either the gunship or torpedo boat line for the destroyers. Do keep in mind that as a tier 6, she will be facing against higher tiered opponents more often than not. It will be rare that you're not facing off against tier 7 opponents at the very least. Make use of her concealment, sneak those caps where you can and put fish into their big stuff to gradually accumulate the experience and credits you need. Stay away from anything with radar. For Competitive Gaming: It's harder to recommend her here. The Fubuki is better. Still, she can be pressed into performing if needs be. Like I said, it's hard to argue with the merits of three triple launchers. Personally, she wouldn't be the destroyer I would reach for. For Collectors: The end of the historic Shinonome is a mystery. Even the whereabouts of her remains haven't yet been confirmed. Like the Arizona, she didn't have a wartime career and is more famous for the events surrounding her sinking than in any action in which she participated. For Fun Factor: For Captains who love their IJN Destroyers, the Shinonome is a good fit. She doesn't have any gimmicks to make her stand out. But if you like Fubuki-style game play and wish you could make a few more credits and experience while enjoying that style, then the Shinonome is a great investment. She will not convince someone who does not like Destroyer game play, particularly Japanese destroyer game play, to change their colours however. Outfitting your Shinonome Recommended Modules There shouldn't be any surprises in this section. For your first slot, I strongly recommend Magazine Modification 1 for all destroyers. This turns detonations from an uncommon (but jarring) occurrence to a statistical outlier. You will take gun hits in your destroyers and they can and will result in the complete annihilation of your vessel with some frequency (as much as 1 game in 20). This will reduce this down to almost 1 game in 67 at most. If you feel like living dangerously, or if you intend to always equip Juliet Charlie signals, then Main Battery Modification 1 isn't a bad choice. Just don't complain when someone asplodes your boat. For your second slot, it's a no brainer. Aiming Systems Modification 1 is best. The third slot options are still pretty terrible. Take whichever one you like. I usually go with Propulsion Modification 1 in the vain hopes that my engine might bust less often. It doesn't seem to be working. Finally, for your fourth option, Propulsion Modification 2 is handy, particularly if you find yourself accelerating and decelerating to take advantage of smoke. For aggressive players that like to ninja caps, this is definitely the best option. Steering Gears Modification 2 isn't bad, but this only nets you a 0.64s gain on your rudder shift which is hardly noticeable. Recommended Consumables The Shinonome isn't too pricey when it comes to maintaining her consumables. Due to her decent stealth window, you can eschew the use of a premium Damage Control Party if you wish. The 60s reset timer on the standard version is normally sufficient for a vessel that doesn't intend to use her guns that often. The same can't be said for your Smoke Generator. Don't skimp out on that and spend the 22,500 credits to increase the number of charges you get and to reduce the reset timer from four minutes down to two minutes and forty seconds. I wouldn't bother with a premium Engine Boost consumable. Its use is highly situational. You can just hold onto it until you really need it. Recommended Captain Skills With the way the IJN Destroyer tree has branched, it's not uncommon to see some skill choices that seem less optimal for select destroyer types. The Akizuki has very specific demands, for example. To this end, they may not mesh up perfectly with the Shinonome. Here's the skills I recommend for her optimal performance. For your first skill, Basic Fire Training is best. This will bump up her anemic reload rate from 9s to 8.1s. Next, grab Last Stand to keep your engine and steering gears operational after taking damage. Torpedo Armament Expertise is very powerful on the Shinonome, reducing her reload from 72s per launcher down to 65.7s and should probably be acquired on a subsequent pass through the list. Lastly, Expert Marksman is alright, but it won't suddenly make the guns amazing. I would skip it personally. At tier three, Superintendent is probably the best choice. This will give you an extra (and welcome) charge of your Smoke Generator and Engine Boost consumables. At tier four, you have three reasonable choices. Advanced Fire Training seems like the optimal choice, increasing your gun range from a pathetic 9.0km to 10.8km which is much more versatile. Alternatively you can reach for Demolition Expert to nudge the fire chance of this ship from 7% to 10% per shell which is respectable. However, I feel that Survivability Expert is probably best for the Shinonome, bumping her hit points up to 15,300. And finally, at the last tier, Concealment Expert remains too good of a choice to pass up for Destroyers.
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