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Found 1 result

  1. Republic Of Singapore Navy: All ships! Formidable-Class Frigates The newest addition to the RSN, the frigates are equipped with stealth technology to complement their advanced sensor and weapons suite. They are capable of dealing with multidimensional naval threats from the air, surface or underwater. They are to be equipped with organic naval helicopters which will significantly increase their war-fighting capabilities. Length: 114 meters Beam: 16 meters Displacement: 3,200 tonnes Speed: In excess of 25 knots Range: >3,500 nautical miles Crew: 72 + 19 air detachment Shipboard Helicopter: Sikorsky S-70B Weapons: HARPOON Surface-to-Surface Missiles, 76 mm OTO MELARA SRGM, ASTER Surface-to-Air Missile, WHITEHEAD A244S Torpedoes Victory-Class Missile Corvettes The Victory-class missile corvettes were commissioned in 1990 and 1991 and are equipped to deal with air, surface and underwater threats. They are the backbone of the RSN's strike capability and provide seaward defence and protection of Singapore's vital sea lines of communications. Length: 62 meters Beam: 8.5 meters Displacement: 530 tonnes Speed: In excess of 30 knots Range: 2,000 nautical miles Crew: 46 Weapons: HARPOON Surface-to-Surface Missiles, 76 mm OTO MELARA SRGM, BARAK Surface-to-Air Missile Fearless-Class Patrol Vessels The Fearless-class patrol vessels were built locally and attained operational status in 1997. They are propelled by waterjets instead of conventional propellers and are responsible for the coastal defence of Singapore. Length: 55 meters Beam: 8.5 meters Displacement: 500 tonnes Speed: In excess of 20 knots Range: 1,800 nautical miles Crew: 30 Weapons: 76 mm OTO MELARA SRGM, MISTRAL Surface-to-Air Missile/ TYPHOON Mk 25 Gun Bedok-Class Mine Counter-Measure Vessels These Swedish-designed Landsort-class Mine Counter-Measure Vessels are equipped with remotely operated Mine Disposal Vessels which are capable of detecting, locating, identifying and destroying modern sea mines. Length: 47.5 meters Beam: 9.6 meters Displacement: 360 tonnes Speed: In excess of 15 knots Range: 2,000 nautical miles Crew: 31 Weapons: 40 mm BOFOR Gun ​ Endurance-Class Landing Ships Tank The Landing Ships Tank (LST) are the largest vessels in the RSN and were designed and built locally. Equipped with a well-dock and a flight deck, they provide sealift capability to the RSN. The LSTs have contributed to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief in Aceh, Peace Support Operations and the Gulf of Aden as part of counter-piracy operations in the Northern Arabian Gulf. Length: 141 meters Beam: 21 meters Displacement: 6,000 tonnes Speed: In excess of 15 knots Range: 5000 nautical miles Crew: 81 Weapons: 76 mm OTO MELARA SRGM, MISTRAL Surface-to-Air Missile MV Swift Rescue The submarine support vessel, MV Swift Rescue, was launched by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) in November 2008. The RSN is the first in the Southeast Asian region to acquire Submarine Escape and Rescue (SMER) capabilities with the equipping of the MV Swift Rescue and the submersible rescue vessel, Deep Search and Rescue Six (DSAR 6). The MV Swift Rescue and DSAR allow for the rapid and effective evacuation of personnel from distressed submarines. Length: 85 meters Beam: 18 meters Displacement: 4,300 tonnes Speed: 12 knots Crew: 27 Challenger-Class Submarines The Sjoormen-class submarines were purchased from Sweden in the 1990s. Its excellent hydrodynamic properties is achieved by its tear drop shape. This minimises hull resistance when the submarine is submerged. These submarines now form the Challenger-class submarine squadron of the RSN. Length: 51 meters Beam: 6.1 meters Crew: 28 Speed: 10 knots (surfaced), 16 knots (submerged) Displacement: 1,130 tonnes (surfaced), 1,200 tonnes (submerged) Archer-Class Submarines The Archer-class submarines (ex-Vaastergotland-class) were acquired from Sweden in 2005. They were designed and built as single-hull, double compartment submarines, optimised to reduce noise and magnetic signature. The Archer-class submarines are also equipped with an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system, which enables them to have longer submerged endurance and lower noise signature, thus improving the submarines' stealth capability. Equipped with an advanced sonar system, the submarines are able to detect contacts at a farther distance; the torpedo system aboard also has a better target acquisition capability, allowing the submarines the ability to engage contacts at a farther range. Length: 60.5 meters Beam:6.1 meters Crew: 28 Speed: 8 knots (surfaced), 15 knots (submerged) Displacement: 1,400 tonnes (surfaced), 1,500 tonnes (submerged) Source: