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Found 11 results

  1. LinuxTrojan

    Player support

    Hi, so I bought from Armory with doublons Massachussets. After one battle I asked for a refund. This was the Wargaming answer: Hello LinuxTrojan‍, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Player Support. I am sorry to hear that your purchase doesn't match our expectations. After investigation, I confirmed that this tank was used in a battle. By doing this, the refund of your purchase has been canceled. So, I invite you to be careful in your next purchases and I invite you to use the Public test to try tanks you want to own. I hope this clarified the situation, Captain. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again. I wish you happy holidays and good luck on the seas. Kinds Regards, So I played a TANK in WOWS... Are they even bother to read the ticket? The policy for refund is "Purchases through the Armory can be refunded, when no more than one (1) battle is played with the ship." I have no words....
  2. michal1212PL

    Camouflage refund?

    Hi! During the space battle event i bought hellcarier camo for hakuryu, but there is no visiual effects what so ever. Rocket hits, bomb hits and torpedo hits look all the same like without camouflage. My question is, can i get refund (in doubloons ofcourse)? I'm just realy disapointed by this camouflage and there are some more issues how much i like Haku (especialy paper planes) but paying 8000 doubloons for camouflage (you cant see ship for 80% of the battle) without any visiual effects for me is a big waste. I should have bought permanent camo but not space one. One more thing, english is not my first language so there might be some mistakes.
  3. Well hello there fellow forumites. Another CV GC thread. To be more precise though an inquiry on what could be a reasonable way to a) rebalance premiumships while b) making sure that at the same time the player base doesn't get alienated. Primarily this thread was inspired by @Verblonde and @Tyrendian89. Also tagging @MrConway in the hope he find something that will help his colleagues resolve the upcoming issues at hand. And while this thread revolves primarily about the Giulio Cesare, it's aimed at being repeatable with other OP premiums. So. Where to start? With a few assumptions! Assuming that the mentioned TESTING (!) of putting a premium back into the game one tier higher ends with a balanced premium. Basically finding a version of the GC at T6 that is... Keep in mind though: This is all still in discussion and - according to Mr Conway, testing GC at T6 won't start before 0.8.1 Assuming that AFTER GC at T6 is balanced and fun WG wants to actually pull through with bringing a premium ships from one tier to a tier higher. Becaus remember: For those that missed it: The "if it happens" part is the relevant one! Further assumptions might follow down the post. Ok, the dreaded idea takes place somewhere down the road! What now? Talking about the two options that are available: Accepting the 'new' GC (then at T6) OR Getting a refund for her T5 dubloon value. And I see (in dozen posts) that - even acknowledging that OP ships must be rebalanced nerfed - neither of these options looks appealing to players. A lot of forumites, redditors or discord discussions revolved around: Getting cash as refund, not wanting to lose a T5 ship (rather nerfing at T5 than rebalancing her at T6), enjoying fighting T7 enemies more than T8 enemies, and so on. You know the common problems players uttered with the two mentioned options. Yeah, yeah, it's all a clown fiesta. We're stuck with something we don't want. Well, this post got me thinkging: Now, I'm not going to reiterate all that has been said (or thought) following this quite, so let me summarize it: It was WGs error that these OP ships found their way into the game in the first place, yet we all want a balanced game (Huh ... maybe that's another assumption I should add). But since it was WG's error it's not the players that should be held responsible for it Most players I've seen so far don't like the dubloon option because dubloons have been devalued rebalanced. WG is aware of that WG has been generous in the past regarding compensation for silver ships, so I see at least a chance that the same is possible for premium ships This one is specifically geared towards the GC: Nerfing her at T5 would gimp her too much Ok, with this in mind, let's think about two possible actions a player has on day X: 1. Accpeting the rebalanced GC at T6: Since most players complained about not having a T5 when they accept the T6 GC, my proposal on this one is rather simple. Give the player TWO ships. The rebalanced GC at T6 (with all the balance and fun WG deems acceptable) AND a (heavily) nerfed GC remaining at T5, that still fulfills her role as a roamer that rewards angling. My take on a nerfed T5 GC would be a +2km concealment nerf, a fire chance nerf from 35% (iirc) to 27%, an AP DMG nerf by 15%, a 3s reload nerf, a turret traverse nerf. Slap a special camo on - to immediately identify her as the T5 version - and rename her to "nerfed Mortadella" (or something more ... fitting like ... I don't know ... Giulio Cesare pre-WWII). Slap some goodies on top and I don't see an issue with that. 2. Declining the rebalanced GC at T6: This one is a bit more tricky since a pure dubloon refund will not cut the crepes. The very least I'd offer would be the nerfed T5 GC + her dubloon value as refund + some goodies on top. Or one of the options given here: Apologies verblonde for altering your quote a bit to match my option 2 (italic font). NOTE: While afterwards the 'new' T6 GC would be available in the shop, the 'old' T5 GC would ONLY be available for those that had her prior to her rebalancing. Creating - yet another - oportunity for ship collectors to distinguish themselves from the masses. As mentioned here: Conclusion: Does this look 'greedy'. I don't know? I tried to be somewhat reasonable, based on what I read from other forumites. I didn't ask for a night with Alena and Dasha coupled with a metric ton of finest Colombian blow, 20kg's of Vodka and Caviar (each) and a chance to whip Putin. For every GC owner. So, you tell me! Tell me what you think? What would you see fit. Especially given the fact that - no matter if a GC at T6 might or might not become reality - WG/Lesta is pushing towards rebalancing OP premiums. Which ... as much as it annoys me to see some favourite ships go, IS BETTER for the long term health of the game. So there might be a few more ships (My guess would be: Belfast, Gremy, Kamikaze sisters, Imperator) that will be rebalanced one way or another. And since cold hard cash is OUT as a possible refund option: We might as well aim for a more achievable solution. To bring a bit of reason in: WG gave away dozens of GCs as a welcome back gift. Sure this in and of itself was botched till kingdom come, but do you really think WG will send players money that never bought this ship in the first place? I highly, highly doubt that. Why should WG do this? Pretty simple. As said above. They botched up. If they manage however to keep players at bay and even bring players to accept to nerf OP ships with a reasonable token of appreciation, then I can see players living with the nerf of a few selected ships and the outlook of having a future where premium ships are frequently nerfed and buffed. Maybe on a more sensilbe basis than silver ships. But overall closer to a balanced approach than the heavy handed OP's we have now. Bascially adhering to a system outlined here: Also a route like the above mentioned is the only that I see fit to avoid setting nasty precedents. Anyways. I've talked ofr long enough, and it's getting late. Let me know what you think. And try to keep it civil!
  4. so, this hit me on the interessting info thread. question to me, as i absolutely think about scrapping like almost the whole of my cv fleet when the rework hits, what is about all the effort we did put into the progression of the commanders? for me this includes 1 captn with 19 pts., 2 with 14 and 1 with 13, so at least 4 in whole. in doubt might 2 more 19pters..... that's a lot of elite commander xp, as like all of em i pushed from 10pts on with elite xp. and i really have no need at all for any of them in other classes (aKa don't need anymore captns in the nations, rather would have put the elite xp on other lines/captns). besides ur opinions on this, i'd really would like to have a statement on this before anything is set in stone, even be it "that's a neg". edit: the progression logic is the wrong way round imho!!! it should be possible the keep the highest and scrap the ones below, not the other way round! this way i have to keep shokaku if i want to hold haku as well, while if i not own the ranger i can hold my midway though. atm it not seems possible to scrap shokaku and keep haku.... as said, imho, that's utter bollocks! edit 2: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-changes/ • "All the commanders of aircraft carriers of even tiers retrain and move to new aircraft carriers of even tiers." • "All the commanders of aircraft carriers of odd tiers retrain on the new aircraft carriers at a lower tier and are moved to the Reserve." • "All aircraft carrier commanders reset their skills." • "All the permanent camos of carriers on even tiers are replaced with similar permanent camos with the addition of new aircraft carriers from even tiers. [...] When you exchange or sell permanent Camos you will be reimbursed in the full value of doubloons." @MrConway
  5. The proposed carrier rework looks like this: This gameplay is very different from the current carrier gameplay. This is not what I expected when I bought the product of premium carriers from the WG premium shop. Will WG offer refunds for customers who are unhappy because of these changes?
  6. So my Cleveland moved to T8 and along with it my premium camo wich i bought with doubloons. Now i have a ship at T8 with a useless camo because i already had a ship with premium camo namely the Atago. So wy am i not offered the option to exchange that camo for doubloons or a premium camo for the T6 ship so my tree is balanced once more and i can play premium camo's along the tiers. If i would have known the Cleveland would end up at T8 i never would have bought that camo for it. So wy dont i have the fair option to exchange, sell it back for doubloons, but instead i am stuck with it at a for me useless ship at wrong tier? Just to be complete My replacement T6 ship the pensacola does not came with a premium camo. https://pasteboard.co/HnSXQGW.png
  7. Back during the Deep Dark Days of EU-missions pre November 2017, where rewards were meagre and requirements were ridiculous, it was very hard to earn premium goodies, like port-slots. So quite a lot of people had to resort to buying slots (at a discount) in order to be able to expand their ports and house their fleet of ships. Other regions had better chances at earning free portslots during those days. Now that events are harmonised, portslots are now quite easily and regularly earnable... with the issue being that in my case I'm now sitting with an abundance of unused port-slots. At this moment, I've got 21 at my disposal, and hardly anything to put them in. Sure, I can fill them with premium ships, but the ones in the premium shop already come with their own slot, and in the techtree there aren't much slot-less premiums left... So... Would Wargaming allow for an event where we can exchange some excess portslots for other stuff, like doubloons, or the new oil/coal/steel currency, or...?
  8. Jaja, noch ein Thread, ich weiß, aber ich dachte, das könnte wichtig sein, für die Leute, die eine GZ haben und nicht alle Threads durchschauen (wollen). WG hat die Graf Zeppelin aus allen Premium Shops entfernt und schickt sie noch einmal in die Development-Phase zurück. Alle Spieler, die eine Graf Zeppelin gekauft haben, können diese zurückgeben. Dafür muss einfach der Support angeschrieben werden. Falls man sich aber entscheidet, das Schiff zu behalten, wird man zu einer Art "Supertester nur für die Graf Zeppelin" und kann mit Community Contributoren und Supertestern an der Entwicklung des Schiffes mitarbeiten. Dafür gibt es dann eine eigene Facebook-Gruppe. Sobald die Graf Zeppelin dann fertig ist und released wird, kann sie zuerst drei Monate lang gar nicht gekauft werden. In dieser Zeit ist das Schiff dann zwar fertig und die Stats final, aber nur die Leute, die die GZ behalten haben, können sie auch spielen. Weiters bekommen alle Spieler die die GZ behalten eine besondere Permacamo für sie, an deren Design sie selbst mitarbeiten können. Source:
  9. I assume my account was not the only one affected by the last patch. All my teams for the "incredibly fun" team battles are gone. The feature was disabled for an eternity anyway. But since people actually paid silver and dubloons to create those teams, it would be nice to actually get some information what happens next. Silently removing them is one thing. There is no point in having team battles anymore when WG will release clan battles at some point. There was also next to no content provided for those team battles anyway. A full refund is in order in my opinion. We were basically charged for a team chat.
  10. As a person who bought perma camo for T8 Fubuki, as of today I will be given new T8 Kagero and T6 Fubuki. Both of which with permanent camos as a compensation. Problem is, I am not even slightly interested in them. Wasn't into Kagero before when it was T9, and not into the gutted T6 Fubuki. Even less now with the introduction of new ships on the same (old) and added (new) line. Therefore I have basically wasted 3000 dublons as if I have been buying consumables. Yesteday I sent a support ticket asking for a refund, saying that I shouldn't be given the new replacement camos. They refused. Hence my interest on public opinion here. Am I the only one who feels cheated?
  11. Stribog2033

    Doubloons Package Refund ?

    So, is it possible to get a refund for pack of doubloons ? I bought it and have not spent single doubloon but I want a refund because I in meantime I got additional money and I want to invest in better pack or prem. ship. I made a mistake...